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Live Reporting

Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. Goodnight from Holyrood Live

    Holyrood night

    That brings the coverage of the Scottish Parliament on the 20th April 2017 to a close.

    We'll be back on Tuesday.

    Have a good night. 

  2. The Scotland Act 2016 - Standing Order Rule Changes are agreed to

    The Scotland Act 2016 - Standing Order Rule Changes are agreed to.

  3. The Scottish government motion as amended by Labour is agreed to

    The Scottish government motion for the defence debate, as amended by Labour, is agreed to with 74 MSPs for and with 37 against.

    Government motion
    Labour amendment
  4. The Scottish Labour amendment is agreed to

    The Scottish Labour amendment is agreed to with 74 MSPs backing it and with 36 against.

    Scottish Labour amendment
  5. The Scottish Conservative amendment to the defence debate is not agreed to

    The Scottish Conservative amendment to the defence debate is not agreed to, with 31 MSPs for and with 80 against.

    Tory amendment
  6. Scotland Act 2016 - Standing Order Rule Changes

    Scotland Act 2016 - Standing Order Rule Changes

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson speaks to the Scotland Act 2016 - Standing Order Rule Changes

    Ms Adamson says a report sets out details of the changes being proposed in regard to votes on a Bill.

    She moves the motion in her name. 

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson
    Image caption: SNP MSP Clare Adamson
  7. 'There has been no engagement with the Scottish government'

    Veterans Minister Keith Brown says the UK government has never worked together with the Scottish government.

    Mr Brown says: "There has been no engagement with the Scottish government."

    Tory MSP Edward Mountain asks if there is one barracks in Scotland that the minister would accept is not fit for purpose.

    The veterans minister says the UK government should have made the case for the closures it has announced.

    RAF base at Leuchars
    Image caption: The Duke of Edinburgh visited one of the new army battalions which took over the former RAF base at Leuchars in Fife in 2015

    He says the Conservative position is that the SNP believe that all military personnel are dispensable which blows away the consenus about military personnel. 

    Tory MSP Maurice Golden clearly in reference to the way the SNP are treating this issue and asks how many military personel will there be in an independent Scotland.

    The minister says Mr Golden's comments were 'dispicable'.

    That' brings the debate to a close.

  8. 'This is about communities and people'

    Mr Brown says the Tory MSPs "cannot muster" opposition to the closures.

    The economy secretary says "this is about communities and people."

    Keith Brown and Mike Rumbles

    He says he has been minister for veterans for the past seven years. 

    Mr Brown says that Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles blamed the SNP for the closures which "makes no sense at all".

    Mr Rumbles intevenes to say the minister is "deliberately" misunderstanding the point he was making which was that the Scottish and UK governments should work together. 

  9. Minister says not one Tory MSP opposed military base closures in Scotland

    Veterans Minister Keith Brown
    Image caption: Veterans Minister Keith Brown

    Economy Secretary Keith Brown says these are far reaching defence cuts.

    The minister for veterans asks why there is not a single Conservative MSP who will oppose a single closure, whereas Tories down south fell they can oppose closures in their constituencies.

    Tory MSP Douglas Ross says he opposed the closure at Kinloss.

    Mr Brown says his understanding of what Douglas Ross is saying is this was a closure that was never going to happen but he prevented it anyway, which is bizarre.

    He says Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw will regret referring to the bases to be closed as a "heritage tour" which the cabinet secretary says was "dripping with contempt".

  10. 'We must deliver' for armed forces in local communities

    Douglas Ross

    Mr Ross says he sees the impact of the armed forces in local communities and "we must deliver for them".

    The Tory MSP says "we are all proud of the service personnel in Scotland" and he hopes that despite the political points made today that they are aware of this.

  11. Background: SNP MP concerned for future of Kinloss Barracks in Moray

    A Nimrod aircraft
    Image caption: A Nimrod aircraft at Kinloss before the planes were scrapped and site later closed as an air station

    In August the SNP raised concerns about the future of Kinloss Barracks in Moray.

    Moray MP Angus Robertson said he had been told by an "impeccable source" at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) the former air station could be closed.

    The MoD carried out a review of its property portfolio and land no longer needed is being sold off and the money raised invested in the armed forces.

    Kinloss is not among sites named in the review and the MoD said no decisions have been made about future ones.

  12. Tory MSP accuses SNP MP Angus Robertson of 'shameful actions' over Kinloss base

    Tory MSP Douglas Ross
    Image caption: Tory MSP Douglas Ross

    Tory MSP Douglas Ross says his home in Moray sits between Kinloss Barracks and RAF Lossiemouth.

    Mr Ross says he sees the UK government's investment in Moray day in and day out.

    He criticises the "shameful actions" of SNP MP Angus Robertson, who he says quoted an "impeccable source" saying Kinloss Barracks was to close, causing unnessesary worry 

    Economy Secretary Keith Brown says Mr Ross "deserted the battlefield" in the defence to retain Kinloss.

    Mr Ross ask if the cabinet secretary is accepting the SNP made up the claims of the danger to Kinloss.

  13. 'Future capabilities must meet new threats'

    Labour MSP David Stewart
    Image caption: Labour MSP David Stewart

    Labour MSP David Stewart says there are several MSPs with military experience and were able to use that for a depth of views.

    Mr Stewart says members have talked about closures in their own constituencies and the impact on local areas. 

    The Labour MSP says it needs to be considered how closures will be mitigated. 

    He says the "future capabilities must meet new threats." 

    Mr Stewart says Tory MSP Edward Mountain's idea about setting up a working party is a good one and he would very much like to sign up to it. 

  14. 'It is quite disgraceful' Glencorse Barracks is on the MoD 'hitlist'

    SNP  MSP Christine Grahame
    Image caption: SNP MSP Christine Grahame

    SNP  MSP Christine Grahame says she will visit the communities affected by the closure of Glencorse barracks in her constituency.

    The Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale MSP she finds the words about engagement of the UK government in the Tory amendment quite strange.

    She says: "There was no engagement."

    It is the decanting of families from which they are settled that is worrying, says the SNP MSP.

    Ms Grahame says Glencorse is a part of the Midlothian community and "it is quite disgraceful it should be on a hit list".

  15. 'Up our way we hold our military personnel in high regard'

    SNP MSP Graeme Dey
    Image caption: SNP MSP Graeme Dey

    SNP MSP Graeme Dey says the MOD's approach to Condor is "haphazard".

    Mr Dey says it is up to the MOD to make sure equipment is suitable for use and in a good state of repair and they have not been doing so.

    "Up our way we hold our military personnel in high regard," he says

  16. A 'once in a generation opportunity' to modernise military infrastructure

    Tory MSP Edward Mountain
    Image caption: Tory MSP Edward Mountain

    Tory MSP Edward Mountain says he was a soldier and his son still is.

    Mr Mountain says the SNP are showing their true obsession and it has nothing to do with defence.

    The Tory MSP says the Scottish government are showing indifference to military personnel. 

    He says solders in Inverness need to travel to England for training. 

    Mr Mountain asks if those who oppose the closures can honestly say that they are happy for military personnel to receive less training in favour of remaining at historic bases.

    He says this is a once in a generation opportunity to modernise military infrastructure and, he says, he "means a generation". 

  17. Communities across the country set to see their close ties with the military severed - Lib Dem MSP

    Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles
    Image caption: Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles

    Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles says many communities across the country are set to see their close ties with the military severed.

    Mr Rumbles says the SNP government has failed to hold much influence over the UK government and he wonders what the SNP MPs can achieve in Westminster.

    The Lib Dem MSP says he would like to see the SNP government and UK government working more closely together.

    He says it makes good sense to have three main military centres in Scotland. 

  18. Background: Defence review to see dozens of sites close

    Defence secretary Michael Fallon
    Image caption: Defence secretary Michael Fallon said new sites would be chosen because of 'employment opportunities in the community'

    The UK government will sell off 56 more defence sites by 2040, the defence secretary told MPs last November..

    Sir Michael Fallon said the sale of the sites - part of a review of Ministry of Defence land - was in addition to the sale of 35 MoD sites that had previously been announced.

    Unions called the plans "brutal" and promised to fight the closures.

    But Sir Michael said it would deliver better value for money and release enough land to build 55,000 homes.

    It is estimated that about £140m will be saved over the next decade by selling off the sites, which Sir Michael said would be reinvested in creating "areas of military expertise" in locations across the country.

    More than 32,000 acres of defence land will be released, including 10 surplus airfields and five golf courses.

    Read more here.

  19. There will be an impact on the local Stirling area says SNP MSP

    SNP MSP Bruce Crawford
    Image caption: SNP MSP Bruce Crawford

    SNP MSP Bruce Crawford says the Meadowforth Barracks are in his constituency. 

    Mr Crawford says this site has been listed for closure but there is no clarity on where the personnel will go. 

    He says the Forthside base is also in his constituency and this will move to Leuchars but, in his view, it is already in the right place.

    The SNP MSP says, as a result of the loss of this workforce, there will be an impact on the Stirling area.

    He says that these things do matter to people