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  1. Geraint Thomas was the first Welsh winner of the Tour de France
  2. About 8,000 people gathered at the Senedd and Cardiff Castle for the homecoming celebrations
  3. "I just thought it was going be the wife and the dog," said Thomas
  4. Thomas and a group of young cyclists rode from St Mary Street to Cardiff Castle

Live Reporting

By Ben Frampton and Gemma Parry

All times stated are UK

Au revoir

That's it - the guests are all inside Cardiff Castle so we're wrapping up our live coverage.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you want the full round-up of today's parade, see our story here.

Now go and enjoy your evening - you could take inspiration from Geraint and go for a bike ride, or follow his lead on something else he enjoys.....

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From Alpe d'Huez to Caerphilly Mountain

Huw Bevan spotted a certain someone outside his home in Cardiff on Tuesday - did anyone get blown past on Caerphilly Mountain by a guy dressed in yellow?

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What an inspiration

Thousands of people have likely been inspired by Geraint's triumph, especially the next generation of cyclists.

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Proud parents

Geraint's parents were on the Champs-Elysees when he crossed the finish line in July, and his dad Hywel says his son has the bragging rights over his rugby star friends.

"I don't think the rugby players can touch his performance," he said.

"They'll have to beat the All Blacks if they want to be as good as Geraint winning the Tour de France!"

His mum Hilary has not seen much of her son since he won the Tour.

"Hywel saw him yesterday but I was in work," she said.

"It has been like a whirlwind."

Geraint's parents Hywel and Hilary
Geraint's parents Hywel and Hilary

Deal or no deal?

The question on every cycling fan's lips: Will Geraint stay at Team Sky?

The 32-year-old is yet to negotiate a new deal and has been made an offer by new Poland-based team CCC WorldTour.

But what does the man himself have to say?

"I know they [Team Sky] had a big meeting - I'm really happy there so I'm confident we'll get something sorted."

What it takes to be a champion

There have only been 10 days THIS YEAR when Geraint hasn't been on his bike - there are no shortcuts in cycling.

Geraint Thomas

Imagine having Geriant Thomas in your wedding photos

That's worth a hasty last-minute rewrite of your groom's speech.

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'Paris was a blur'

Sara Elen Thomas, Geraint's wife, said: "I still can't believe it. Paris was a blur - to see so many Welsh people in Paris was unbelievable.

"Genuinely, this morning we were worried about people turning up so I'm just blown away, it's so overwhelming."

The Boy Who Climbed A Mountain

You know you've done something a little bit special when Max Boyce writes and performs a poem about you!

Max Boyce reading his poem written for Geraint on stage at Cardiff Castle
Sport Wales
Max read out his poem The Boy Who Climbed A Mountain, written in honour of Geraint

'If you want something, go for it'

Sage advice from Geraint to all the young people in the crowd at the castle: "Just follow your dreams.

"Do what you love to do. Anything is possible with hard work.

"You're always going to have hard moments but if you really want to do something, go for it."

Best view in the house - thanks dad

Paige, seven, from Gorseinon, uses her dad to make sure she has the best view possible - very kind of her sister Scarlet, eight, to stay on terra firma.

A family at Geraint Thomas's homecoming

No stage fright here

After speaking to 3,000 people at the Senedd, it's the turn of the 5,000-strong crowd at Cardiff Castle to hear from the man of the hour/day/week/month/year/century!

Geraint Thomas on stage

He is human, after all

Because not even Geraint Thomas is perfect, all the time.

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Wonder wall

Artists Keiron and Dave Jones have created a 10ft-high mural in Geraint's honour, spray painted on the side of a building used by his old cycling club Maindy Flyers.

A specially commissioned mural of Geraint Thomas has been painted

Soaking it all up

Nothing beats a nice, leisurely bike ride (with thousands of people cheering you on)

Geraint Thomas cycles through Cardiff in yellow jersey

Roared home

At a pace much more leisurely than he's used to, Geraint arrives at the castle, roared home like the most passionate crowd on the Champs Elysees.

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Here he is!

Geraint cycles right onto the stage outside Cardiff Castle after leading cyclists down St Mary Street in that famous yellow jersey.

Geraint Thomas cycling onto stage outside Cardiff Castle
Geraint Thomas

Croeso to Geraint from far and wide

Geraint's homecoming has people from far and wide flocking to Cardiff to get a glimpse of that famous yellow jersey.

Sarah Tragear and her children have come all the way from Penzance to celebrate.

Sarah Tragear and her children
Sarah Tragear and her children

Best bike ride of their lives

Riding through Cardiff in front of thousands of people alongside a Tour de France winner? These kids will have a hell of a story to tell their friends.

Geraint Thomas

A hero's welcome

People are gathering in Cardiff City centre, where Geraint will travel to next to meet up with young riders, and lead a peloton up St Mary Street.

Lots of people are waiting there for him

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'We are really proud of him'

Karen Morgan from Pontypridd says Geraint's success will do more for cycling in Wales.

'We're all really proud of Geraint,' says fan in Cardiff

From the Senedd to the castle

Next stop... Cardiff Castle and the throngs of people there can't wait.

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'I thought it would just be my wife and the dog'

By his own admission, he's not great at speeches, after nearly forgetting to thank his wife when he won the Tour but this one goes down a treat with the home crowd.

He said: "I'm used to racing in front of thousands of people but to walk out of this, this is bonkers.

"Thanks for coming, I was a bit worried it was just going to be my wife and the dog!"

'Insane support'

Geraint > Carwyn

"In politics you spend a lot of time selling Wales to the world and Geraint has done more in 21 days than I could've done in 21 years," said First Minister Carwyn Jones.

"From the whole of the country, thanks for what you've done."

Carwyn Jones and Geraint Thomas

National anthem time

Time for a rousing rendition of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

The man of the moment

The man of the moment has arrived on stage to rapturous applause from the crowd.

He's thanked everyone for their support and the huge welcome that he's received.

Huge crowd

This aerial shot show just how many people are at the Senedd - I think Geraint has pinched a few people from the Eisteddfod nearby!

An aerial shot over the Senedd

Belle of the bay

What happens when yellow is the theme of the day and you don't have any clothes that colour?

If you're Phoebe Hooper, 21, from Llanelli, you go dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, obviously!

Phoebe Hooper dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A word from Geraint

Even his dog has a yellow jersey

Everyone knows outfit co-ordination is key...

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Dancing in the street - literally

This was the scene in Paris as Geraint Thomas made his way to be crowned Tour de France champion. Hopefully there will be similar celebrations in Cardiff this afternoon.

Dancing in the street: Geraint Thomas fans celebrate

Packed to the rafters

The crowds are packed in down at the Senedd, with more than 1,000 people waiting to see the main man.

Crowds at Geraint Thomas's homecoming in Cardiff Bay

Best bike in town

School of the stars

For a school nestled in a Cardiff suburb, Whitchurch High School has one very special quality - it has produced some of Wales' best sporting heroes.

The former school of Geraint Thomas also saw Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton pass through its doors.

So, what's its secret?

Gareth Bale, Geraint Thomas and Sam Warburton
Gareth Bale, Geraint Thomas and Sam Warburton all attended the school

Meet Geraint Thomas... no, the other one

When Geraint Thomas crossed that finish line in France, a man back in Wales saw his Twitter explode with notifications... all because he had the same name.

Meet Geraint Thomas, the lecturer at University of South Wales

"There's only two Geraint Thomases''

Geraint's in the building!

A world class cyclist on top of his game, and punctual to boot!

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Start 'em young

Among those to get name-checked in his Tour victory speech (in which he nearly forgot to thank his wife) were the Maindy Flyers, the Cardiff cycling club he joined as a boy.

Here's the story on how Thomas got the cycling bug.

Geraint Thomas as a 14-year-old cyclist
Debbie Wharton
Geraint Thomas winning while wearing yellow - not for the last time!

What fuels a champion? Welsh cakes!

What Geraint Thomas has done for cycling can only be matched by what he's done to promote Welsh cakes.

It was his celebratory snack of choice after the gruelling Tour de France stages, so if you want to be like Geraint, but are no Mary Berry in the kitchen, here's an expert guide on how to make Wales' favourite treat.

A baker from Swansea shows us how to make traditional Welsh cakes