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  1. The final challenge of the 100 Women season took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. #TeamPlay spent the week coming up with ways to fight sexism in sport
  3. Their solution was showcased at the American School of Rio de Janeiro
  4. BBC 100 Women names 100 influential and inspirational women around the world every year
  5. This season has seen teams focus on three other problems: the glass ceiling, female illiteracy and sexual harassment on transport

Live Reporting

By Sarah Buckley

All times stated are UK

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  1. Goodbye from Rio!

    And goodbye from all the 4 Challenges 100 Women have run over the last month. We have had groups of inspirational and innovative women tackle:

    • The glass ceiling in Silicon Valley
    • Female illiteracy in Delhi
    • Harassment on public transport in London
    • Sexism in sport in Rio

    You can follow us on the BBC 100 Women website, and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out how the ideas our teams came up with are being taken forward.

    Bia Vaz
    Image caption: And you can watch the stories of all four of the Challenge weeks on BBC World later this year
  2. T-shirts for the dads

    There have even been t-shirts made for the players' parents which say 'My daughter plays football'. Here is Ana Luiza, one of the inspirations for the Challenge week, with her dad.

    Ana Luiza, one of the inspirations for the Challenge week, with her dad.

    Video content

    Video caption: 100 Women: Brazil's football-loving girls defy stereotypes
  3. So are #teamplay pleased with the Challenge results?

    Maira Liguori, the director of female empowerment NGO Think Olga, says she is impressed with the week's innovative ideas. Maira is a member of #teamplay, who have been trying to improve the status of female football in Brazil this week. Women's football was banned in the country for more than 30 years between 1941 and 1979 and there is a still cultural hangover from that time - only 5.6% of football players in Brazil are women.

    The team created 3 solutions:

    1. T-shirts to improve girl players' visibility
    2. A youtube channel for young female footballers
    3. New rules for mixed gender football games
    'I play like a girl' 100 Women t-shirt
    Image caption: 'I play like a girl' 100 Women t-shirt
    Maira (near left), one of the four members of #teamplay pictured here at the start of the Challenge week
    Image caption: Maira (near left), one of the four members of #teamplay pictured here at the start of the Challenge week
    The #100Women trophy being awarded by 93-year old swimmer Nora Ronai
    Image caption: The #100Women trophy being awarded by 93-year old swimmer Nora Ronai
  4. And the final score is....

    ... 9-3 to the yellow team. One of our young girls who has had training during the week as part of the #100 Women Challenge looks a bit disgruntled! Ana Luiza (bottom right) is passionate about football and so is probably a bit disappointed with the score....

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  5. A reminder of the #100Women rules

    Will these rules for mixed gender football become popular as a way of levelling the playing field?

    #100Women football rules
  6. International player joins the match!

    Bia Vaz, a member of #teamplay and an international women's football player, comes on to play with the orange team for the last few minutes. Will that make a difference to the score?

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    Bia Vas
  7. Yellow team out in front

    Not much longer for our #100Women football match in Rio and one team is way ahead of the other. The skies may be cloudy but hopefully there will be sunny smiles when it is all over, no matter what the score. They are trialing brand new rules for mixed football created by #teamplay and so this is a game played like no other before!

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  8. Cheerleading is not just for women

    In Brazil, cheerleading has always been a mixed sport and there remain very few all-female cheerleading teams.

    But 20-year-old Dylan says he has still been teased for taking part in what is widely seen as a women's sport.

    Video content

    Video caption: 100 Women: 'Cheerleading is not just for women'
  9. A pro coach for our team

    Helena Pacheco (far right in this photo) is credited with coaching Brazilian superstar player Marta to success. She has been spending the week coaching the girl players taking part in today's #100Women football game in a Rio school.

    Helena Pacheco and the young players in the #100Women football game in Rio
  10. Solution #3 - Greater Visibility

    #Teamplay want to inspire girls who are interested in football - giving them both skills and role models. So they have developed a youtube channel which showcases great moments of women's football and tutorials so that girls can learn more moves.

    The logo of the teamplay youtube channel
    Image caption: 'Play like a girl' - the title of the new youtube channel
  11. Half-time score....

    A breather from the match showcasing suggested new rules for mixed football, designed by #teamplay - our group of experts working on the 100 Women Challenge tackling sexism in sport.

    It's a high scoring game, but who will win?

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  12. All to play for....

    It is a close score at our inaugual #100women mixed game, playing with the new rules created by #teamplay....

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    Maria Peck
  13. Solution #2 - Improving awareness

    #Teamplay have designed t-shirts for boy and girl football players to try and boost the status of female football players in Brazil. The girls' t-shirts say 'I play like a girl', whilst the boys' say 'I play with a girl. And you?'

    Children with the new #teamplay t-shirts
    Children with the new #teamplay t-shirts
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  14. Solution #1 - New Rules

    #Teamplay have created new rules for mixed football to encourage more participation by girls and fairer treatment of them by boys. They want a more even playing field.

    The rules are:

    1. Girls' goals worth two points
    2. Penalties, free-kicks and corner kicks should always be taken by girls
    3. If the referee doesn't feel girls on the team are getting enough ball possession they will stop the game.
    4. After the 3rd foul, there will be shootouts - boys and girls will alternate in taking them
    5. Keep equal ratios of boys and girls, even if there are substitutions
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  15. Who will be taking this home?

    The #100Women inaugural football match has started at the sports ground at the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (American School of Rio de Janeiro) which will showcase #teamplay's new rules for mixed football. They have been looking specifically at ideas around getting girls and boys to play football together more equitably.

    But who will win the #100Women cup?

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  16. 100 Women sports challenge reveal day!

    All week, five inspirational women in Brazilian sport and sports education (#teamplay) have been working in Rio on innovative ways to tackle sexism in sport. They have visited schools, heard from the coach who trained Brazilian women's superstar footballer Marta, brainstormed on the beach, and even tried out korfball, a sport which was designed specifically to be gender neutral.

    And now it is here - the day we find out what the experts have come up.

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  17. All-lesbian rugby team fights hate in South Africa

    In Cape Town's Khayelitsha township, a new rugby team has come together to fight hate and discrimination.

    The Khayelitsha Cats are an all-lesbian team determined to raise awareness of the targeted rape and murder of gay men and lesbians in South Africa.

    Video content

    Video caption: Rugby against rape in South Africa
  18. Women golfers defying the odds

    Two friends hit back-to-back holes-in-one on a golf course in Berkshire, UK.

    The National Hole-In-One-Registry calculates the odds of this happening are at least 17 million to one.

    Video content

    Video caption: Jayne Mattey and Clair Shine achieved the feat in consecutive strokes
  19. 'We invaded the pitch so we could play too'

    100 Women's #TeamPlay has been thinking up ways to help girls feel more integrated in Brazil's football culture as part of their challenge to fight sexism in sport.

    At one school in Rio, they met a group of schoolgirls who took matters into their own hands to win the right to play.

    Video content

    Video caption: 100 Women: 'We invaded the football pitch to win the right to play'
  20. Suzanne Lenglen - an inspiration?

    In the early 20th century, women's sports clothing was pretty restrictive - think hats, long sleeves, long skirts, and even corsets!

    But French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen, who dominated tennis in the 1920s, was revolutionary.

    She changed the style of women's dress - wearing short-sleeved pleated dresses and a trademark bandeau.

    Of course, women's sportwear continued to evolve, and what Lenglen wore now looks quaint in comparison to the tennis kit worn by top female players today.

    Find out more about how outfits have changed over the years.

    French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen wears a knee-length dress and a bandeau as she takes part in a competition in 1926.
    Image caption: Suzanne Lenglen's knee-length white dresses - seen here at a competition in 1926 - made her stand out on court