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Claudia Allen, Mal Siret and Sophie Williams

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all for now

    That's all for today's live coverage on the impact of the coronavirus around the world.

    Follow our top stories to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. To understand more about the virus, check out our helpful guides:

    Thanks for joining us. We'll be back with more live coverage tomorrow.

  2. Masks 'stolen' from French hospital

    About 2,000 surgical face masks have been stolen from a hospital in the southern French city of Marseille, health authorities say.

    The masks were removed from a part of the facility accessible only to staff and patients who have undergone surgery, the Marseille hospitals authority told AFP news agency.

    An investigation has been launched to "find the culprits", authorities added.

  3. France says adieu to 'la bise'

    The French Embassy in the UK has had some fun on Twitter sharing how to say hello without shaking hands or kissing.

    La Bise is the term given to a traditional French greeting, where a person is kissed on each cheek.

    Government officials in France have advised against it.

    France has reported 204 confirmed cases of coronavirus and four deaths.

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  4. More from WHO briefing

    Health experts believe the evidence from China suggests that Covid-19 is not generally transmitted by people who have no symptoms (flu can be), and that in general the virus does not transmit as efficiently as flu.

    The WHO has asked countries to test samples of their populations for the antibodies to Covid-19, which will give a more accurate picture of just how many people have been infected, and clarify whether many people have had very mild illness, or not even realised they were ill.

    First results from these studies should be available in the next few weeks.

  5. BreakingCovid-19 fatality rate for reported cases is 3.4% - WHO

    The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says about 3.4% of those confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus have died - which would suggest a much higher fatality rate than seasonal flu, at less than 1%.

    However, the figure is based on the number of deaths recorded worldwide so far, relative to total confirmed cases - and there are likely to be thousands of coronavirus cases that have not been recorded.

    Death rates may vary from country to country, too, as some are better at spotting the milder, harder to count cases than others.

    For more information on the difficulties of working out the death rate, see our helpful guide.

  6. BreakingItaly death toll rises to 79

    The number of people who have died in Italy's coronavirus outbreak has risen to 79 from 52, the country's civil protection agency says.

    The total number of people who have tested positive for the virus is now 2,502, up from Monday's figure of 2,036.

  7. WHO says supplies of protective gear are running out

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that protective gear such as masks and goggles used by health workers fighting coronavirus are running out.

    WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that “supplies are rapidly depleting". He added that disruption to supplies had been caused by rising demand, hoarding and misuse.

    He said that manufacturers need to increase personal protective gear supplies by 40% to meet the needs of the medical community.

    WHO estimates that, per month, 89m medical masks will be required for the Covid-19 response, as well as 76m examination gloves and 1.6m goggles.

  8. Borussia Dortmund cancels Asia tour

    German football club Borussia Dortmund has cancelled plans to tour Asia this summer due to concerns over the coronavirus.

    The club's managing director Carsten Cramer told the Sport Bild magazine: "We are very sorry because we know how much the people over there were hoping we would come over to them."

    He said a new tour destination would be chosen that "would be 100% risk free for the participants".

    Borussia Dortmund team members celebrate after winning a match against SC Freiburg in Dortmund, Germany, 29 February 2020
  9. London university cancels graduation ceremony

    The University of London is postponing the graduation ceremony for students participating in its "distance and flexible learning programmes".

    "Our international student community, along with friends and family, scheduled to attend the ceremony consists of some 4,000 attendees from over 100 countries," the university said in a statement.

    "We have taken the difficult decision to postpone the event due to the ongoing coronavirus issue... we felt it important to minimise the risk to our students and their guests."

    The ceremony had been due to take place at the Barbican Centre in London on Tuesday.

  10. Powell: Fed rate cut 'won't reduce infection'

    Jerome Powell

    Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is talking to reporters after the surprise Fed rate cut.

    He says: "The virus outbreak is something that will require a muti-faceted response" - from many actors, including healthcare providers and public and private sector bodies.

    "It won't reduce infection, it won't fix a broken supply chain - we get that," he says.

    But it will help to support confidence, he adds.

  11. Brazil investigates church's 'immunisation' gathering

    Authorities in Brazil have opened an investigation into an evangelical church - known as the Global Cathedral of the Holy Spirit - in the city of Porto Alegre.

    The church had promoted one of its gatherings as a way of "immunising" its followers against coronavirus, Efe news agency reports.

    A reporter for Spanish newspaper El Pais tweeted about the police investigation and included a poster image for the gathering that reads: "The power of God against the coronavirus."

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  12. Second coronavirus case confirmed in New York state

    A second person has tested positive for coronavirus in New York state.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo said the patient was a 50-year-old man with an underlying respiratory illness who has been hospitalised.

    Mr Cuomo said the man had not travelled to countries considered to be areas of risk; however he had recently visited Miami.

  13. Trump says interest rates should be cut further

    The US president says the Fed's move to cut interest rates by half a percentage point (see earlier post at 15:21) does not go far enough in protecting the economy.

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  14. Iran's supreme leader practises what he preaches

    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaking at a tree-planting ceremony
    Image caption: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was pictured wearing disposable plastic gloves

    It seems the Queen is not the only one taking coronavirus precautions (see the post from 15:31).

    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also wore gloves at a tree-planting ceremony in the capital Tehran on Tuesday.

    The 80-year-old appears to be mindful of the risk the virus poses, especially to people in his age group.

    Earlier, he called on Iranians to stick to hygiene guidelines to prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading.

    Read more: How is Iran responding to the outbreak?

    Iran is one of the worst-affected countries, with 77 coronavirus deaths reported so far - the highest number outside China.

    On Tuesday, Iranian health authorities said 2,336 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed there.

    But the ayatollah has sought to play down the outbreak, describing it on state TV as "not something extraordinary".

    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei planting a tree
  15. Bulgaria cancels liberation ceremony

    A monument to those who died for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 on Stoletov Peak near the Shipka Pass
    Image caption: The monument at Shipka Peak in memory of those who died for the Liberation of Bulgaria

    Bulgaria has cancelled its National Liberation Day celebration at Shipka Peak - a major monument - over fears of coronavirus infections.

    Bulgarian TV called the move "unprecedented".

    It is Bulgaria’s big national holiday, marking liberation from the Ottoman Turks in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.

    Despite no reported coronavirus cases in Bulgaria, the public gathering at the Shipka Peak monument was deemed too risky.

    President Rumen Radev is still expected to lay flowers there and make a speech, while ceremonies are scheduled to take place elsewhere in the capital, Sofia.

  16. Surprise rate cut move 'rare'

    Samira Hussain

    New York business correspondent

    Jay Powell

    The US Federal Reserve has made an emergency cut to interest rates by 50 basis points, as fears of the economic impact of the coronavirus continue to mount.

    It is a rare move by America's central bank, done outside of regular meetings.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the Federal Reserve said the coronavirus poses evolving risks to economic activity and it is cutting interest rates by half a percentage point.

    These kinds of emergency moves by America's central bank are rare.

    The last time the Federal Reserve took this kind of action was during the 2007-2008 financial crisis, when America's housing market collapsed and the US fell in to its worst recession since the great depression.

    Before that, it was after the 11 September terrorist attacks when the central bank made this kind of emergency cut.

  17. An audio guide to avoiding infection

    Here's an audio guide from BBC Radio 4's The World at One on ways to limit your chances of becoming infected - from singing while washing your hands to greeting people with fist bumps:

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  18. British woman in Tenerife tests positive

    Health officials in the Canary Islands have confirmed that the woman who tested positive for coronavirus at a hotel in Tenerife on Monday is a British guest.

    She is now in hospital.

    The H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel was hit by a Covid-19 outbreak. The woman is the sixth person at the hotel to test positive for coronavirus.

    On Monday, 148 guests left the hotel and went to the airport after local health authorities said tourists staying at the hotel on lockdown were free to leave if they tested negative for the virus.

  19. Queen wears white gloves while handing out honours

    Queen Elizabeth II wears gloves as she awards a CBE to Miss Anne Craig
    Image caption: Actor Wendy Craig received a CBE

    The Queen has been pictured wearing large white gloves as she handed out honours at Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday.

    She shook hands with recipients of MBEs and CBEs while wearing the gloves, which covered her wrists.

    The Queen does not typically wear gloves when awarding honours at investitures.

    She usually wears gloves when meeting members of the public on official engagements, however.

    Buckingham Palace has not commented on the Queen's decision to wear gloves for the event.

    D-Day veteran Harry Billinge, 94, was among those receiving honours, becoming an MBE.

    Health experts say the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk of contracting coronavirus

    Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the UK, with confirmed infections climbing from 39 to 51 on Tuesday.

    Earlier, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was "highly likely" the country will see further infection than at present.

    Read the full story: Up to fifth of UK workers 'could be off sick at same time'

    Harry Billinge from St Austell is made an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London
    Image caption: D-Day veteran Harry Billinge, 94, became an MBE
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