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Live Reporting

By Farouk Chothia and Lucy Fleming

All times stated are UK

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  1. Post update

    That's it for our live coverage of this historic vote. Counting has started in places, but in some areas voting will continue on Sunday because of technical problems. The BBC's Focus on Africa will have a round-up of the day at 19:00 GMT on the World Service and you can find the latest news on

    Election officials pull the ballots out of the box at the end of voting in one of the stations in Kaduna, Nigeria - Saturday 28 March
  2. Torchlight

    Here's a photo from the BBC team in Abuja of election officials counting votes by torchlight on a street in the capital city.

    Counting votes by torchlight in Abuja
  3. Pure courage

    Andrew Harding

    Africa correspondent

    We've seen the impressive patience, discipline - and in the troubled north-east, pure courage - shown by most voters in most areas.

    Voters show their cards, ahead of the vote for the presidential elections in Gokana on 28 March 2015
  4. Kano counting

    Counting ballots in Kano

    A picture of counting at a polling station in the northern city of Kano after dark, taken by BBC Hausa service's Yusuf Yakasai.

  5. Post update


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Darkness has fallen. #NigeriaDecides #shineyaeye

  6. So far so good


    Stephanie Hegarty

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Reports of ballot boxes being stolen.. And Inec observers kidnapped.. Not too widespread though, overall so far so good #NigeriaDecides"

  7. 'Huge national embarrassment'

    Nigeria's ruling PDP party says it is concerned by reports of under-aged persons being accredited to vote in some northern states, seen as opposition strongholds.

    In a statement, it also denounced as a "huge national embarrassment" the failure of card readers to verify President Jonathan and other politicians as voters and said it will demand a "thorough explanation" from the electoral commission.

  8. Post update

    Here's a video of the two main presidential candidates talking to the BBC after casting their votes.

  9. No driving


    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    tweets: "Does any country in the world go into the lockdown mode for elections like Nigeria? No-one allowed to drive on roads."

  10. Loads of people


    Kelvin Brown

    BBC News, Daura

    tweets: "Still loads of people waiting to vote in the neighbourhood where #Buhari grew up. #NigeriaDecides"

    Voters in Daura
  11. 'Shooting into the air'

    There are reports of electoral materials being snatched in an area of south-eastern Ebonyi state.

    "The hoodlums, wielding AK-47 riffles, emerged from the bush and shot into the air to scare voters and officials away before snatching the materials," Nigeria's Premium Times newspaper reports.

  12. Thumbs up

    A soldier in Mararaba in Nasarawa state

    Patrolling soldiers are snapped by the BBC's Chris Ewokor in the town of Mararaba in Nasarawa state, near the capital Abuja. Chris will be on the BBC's Focus on Africa at 19:00 GMT talking to voters about their experiences.

  13. Eating on the job

    An elector worker eats his launch next to ballot boxes in a poling station in Kano - 28 March 2015

    An electoral worker eats his lunch next to ballot boxes in a polling station in the northern city of Kano.

  14. Voting in Boko Haram's ex-HQ

    Military helicopters hovered above voters queuing at a polling station in Maiduguri, the former headquarters of Boko Haram, Reuters news agency reports.

    "I'm not afraid of violence. I don't even expect any problem," 27-year-old student Kaulala Abbas is quoted as saying. "I've decided like most people to effect a change in government and this can only be done through my vote."

    People queue to register to vote and cast their ballotsin Maiduguri, Nigeria, Saturday 28 March 2015
  15. Handcuffs


    BBC cameraman Jack Garland tweets, "Women in Lagos stare at an SSS (state security service) agent watching them queue to vote. #bbcnews #NigeriaDecides!

    Women looking at a security official holding handcuffs in Lagos
  16. 'Ink might smudge'

    Becky Lipscombe

    BBC News, Abuja

    Electoral official in Abuja

    "Don't fold your ballot like this," says electoral official Hamza Umar in Abuja, "or the ink might smudge and you'll end up voting for someone else."

  17. 'On course'

    After casting his ballot in Daura, Gen Buhari told the BBC's Abduallahi Kaura Abubakar that the voting process was "in order".

    Gen Buhari voting

    He added: "But I have been watching activities in other states which is disappointing, but overall it's on course."

  18. Post update

    The elections were postponed by six weeks to give regional forces time to recapture territory from Boko Haram. On Friday, Nigeria's military said the group had been driven out from virtually all the towns it controlled in the north-east. Boko Haram denounced the elections as un-Islamic.

  19. 'Beheadings by Boko Haram'

    News is coming in of 23 people being beheaded in the north-eastern town of Buratai on the eve of the election.

    The AFP news agency is quoting the lawmaker who represents the town, Mohammed Adamu, as saying that suspected Boko Haram militants carried out the attack.

    Homes were also burnt in Buratai, some 200km (125 miles) from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, Mr Adamu told AFP.

  20. 'Results filter in'


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Some results are already starting to come in. To quote @WillEdmundson "THIS IS VERY EXCITING". #NigeriaDecides

  21. Filling up


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Ballot boxes filling up at Garki Area 11. #NigeriaDecides #NigeriaDeciding"

    Ballot boxes filling up at Garki Area 11, near Abuja
  22. Post update

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Number killed in Gombe state attacks has risen to 24. It is still not clear if it was Boko Haram or hired political thugs - some Nigerians have been asking, "What's the difference?"

  23. Buhari has voted

    Charlotte Attwood

    BBC Africa, Daura

    Gen Buhari

    Opposition candidate Gen Buhari has voted at the polling station opposite his house in Daura, Katsina state.

  24. Post update

    Voting has started at about 75% of polling stations, according to main election observer body, the Transition Monitoring Group.

  25. Update on Gombe attacks

    AFP news agency quotes residents and an election official as saying that suspected Boko Haram gunmen burnt all voting material during an attack on polling stations in the neighbouring villages of Birin Bolawa and Birin Fulani in north-eastern Gombe state.

    "As soon as people saw them they began to run away but the gunmen opened fire on the polling station, killing one man," said Karim Jauro, a resident of Birin Fulani.

  26. Post update


    The largest observer group, Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), has tweeted this graphic showing the presence of party agents around the country.

  27. Post update

    Charlotte Attwood

    BBC Africa, Daura

    Opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari has arrived at the polling station to cast his vote.

  28. 'Not widespread'

    Inec's Nick Dazen has told the BBC that problems with voter accreditation are not widespread, but still of concern. Voting has been suspended in some areas, but the electoral commission spokesman did not give a number.

  29. Boxes ready

    Polling station in Daura, Nigeria

    The BBC team in Gen Buhari's home town of Daura, in the northern state of Katsina, says officials are finally getting ready for the vote.

  30. Lines in the oil capital

    Nigerian voters wait to cast their ballots in the oil rich Niger Delta, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 28 March 2015

    In Port Harcourt, the oil capital in the Niger Delta, there are long lines too as voters wait to cast their ballots.

  31. The first lady votes

    Patience Jonathan votes in Nigeria

    The president's wife, Patience Jonathan, casts her vote in the village of Otuoke, in the oil-rich south.

  32. Post update

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Electoral commission spokesman Nick Dazen says in some areas where accreditation had not begun by 13:00 local time (12:00 GMT), the whole process will take place on Sunday.

  33. 'Never mind the hiccups'

    Eugene, a voter in Lagos, has told the BBC that logistical problems have not dampened his enthusiasm to cast his ballot: "Never mind the small hiccups (late arrival of officials and materials, and the hacking of the Inec website). Nigerians are happy to be able to 'speak' with their votes. Let the votes count!"

  34. The VP votes


    Alexis Akwagyiram

    Reuters senior correspondent, Nigeria

    tweets: "#NigeriaDecides: Vice President Namadi Sambo casts his vote in Kaduna and greets the media"

    Namadi Sambo in Kaduna
  35. Focus on Africa


    Akwasi Sarpong

    BBC Africa, Abuja

    tweets: "Dr Amos Sawyer, head of AU observer team notes verification delays of about 1-2hours." You can hear his interview with the African Union observer at 19:00 GMT on Focus on Africa on the BBC World Service.

  36. 'Technical challenges'

    Election commission spokesman Chris Yimoga has been briefing reporters in Abuja on the decision to extend voting to Sunday.

    He said there had been "challenges" with technology in "many" areas.

    "In polling units where accreditation was suspended to the following day in accordance with the existing guidelines, arrangement will be made for voters to vote tomorrow [Sunday]," Mr Yimoga is quoted by AFP news agency as saying.

  37. 'I voted for myself'

    President Jonathan has told the BBC's Peter Okwoche that people have to be patient with the electoral commission because voting is taking place under a new system. He says he does not blame the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) for today's problems. When asked who he had voted for, he replied: "I voted for myself and for the PDP."

    President Jonathan voting
  38. Post update


    In a series of 11 tweets, the electoral commission has been explaining its decision to extend voting in some areas to Sunday.

  39. BreakingBreaking News

    Nigeria's electoral commission says voting has been extended to Sunday in areas where there have been problems with the accreditation process.

  40. Voting for a woman

    Chris, a voter in Benin city in southern Nigeria, told the BBC that he will be casting his ballot for Sangosanya Tolulope: "Virtually everyone is talking about President Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhamadu Buhari at the election.

    "I know that neither of the two has any answer to Nigeria's problems. In fact, they are likely to compound the problems. For this reason, I have decided to give my vote to the only female presidential candidate, at least to give her some moral support for the future."

  41. End of the line


    Kelvin Brown

    BBC News, Daura

    tweets from the home town of opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari: "Slowly getting to the end of accreditation. The line of men who still need to be processed before #Buhari can vote."

    Men in a line in Daura
  42. 'Soldier killed'

    Gunmen have shot dead a soldier in an ambush in the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt, the military is quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

  43. 'No glass'


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Drinks seller tells us no glass bottles near the polling unit. No sir, there will be no head breaking here. #NigeriaDecides"

  44. BBC Hausa service

    Charlotte Attwood

    BBC Africa, Daura


    The crowds in Daura, home town of opposition candidate Gen Buhari, are kept entertained listening to the BBC's Abdullahi Kaura live on BBC Hausa radio.

  45. Gombe attack update

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Eyewitnesses say 13 people have been killed in five attacks by gunmen in northern-eastern Gombe state. It is not clear whether the gunmen are Boko Haram militants or political thugs.

  46. 'More languages please'


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC Africa, Abuja

    tweets: "People hilariously asking for Yoruba, Igbo, and Efik voting instructions after English and Hausa at Garki Area 11 in Abuja. #NigeriaDecides"

  47. Roadblock

    A roadblock in Lagos

    An army roadblock in Lagos, pictured by the BBC's Jack Garland.

  48. The president has voted

    As President Jonathan prepared to vote, an official on a loud speaker reminded everyone to "make your vote very clear". After he voted, his wife Patience cast her ballot, reports the BBC's Louise Adamou.

  49. Better way?


    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    tweets: "Can't help thinking there has to be another way which does not demand Nigerian voters to queue twice for many hours."

  50. Greeting voters

    President Jonathan has arrived to cast his vote in his southern village of Otuoke and is greeting the people in the queue, says the BBC's Louise Adamou.

  51. Post update

    BBC Hausa's Yusuf Yakasai in Kano says that voting has started in most wards of the northern city but in others there are long queues with people still waiting to be accredited.

    Voters wait in line to register to vote in a polling station during elections in Kano 28 March 2015
  52. 40 minutes late

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa, Abuja

    Voting has started at the GSS Tudun Wada Abuja polling station in the capital - 40 minutes late. This is a photo of the first voter.

    Voting in Abuja
  53. Never-ending queue


    Kelvin Brown

    BBC News, Daura

    tweets: "A never ending queue in Daura where #Buhari will vote." All these women in Gen Buhari's hometown still need to be accredited, he adds.

    Women voting in Daura
  54. All set


    William Edmundson

    BBC World Service

    tweets: "Accredited and waiting to vote. Area 11, Garki, Abuja. Nigeriadecides"

    Queues in Abuja
  55. Post update

    Here's a photo of President Jonathan receiving confirmation that he had been accredited to vote. He failed on two occasions to be electronically accredited, and was then manually verified as a voter.

    President Goodluck Jonathan receives his voting credentials at a polling station in Otuoke, Bayelsa state, 28 March 2015
  56. Post update

    The BBC's Louise Adamou reports there are now two queues in President Jonathan's village of Otuoke - one for those who have not yet tried to be accredited, and one for those who have tried and failed.

  57. 'Most polling stations open'

    Eighty-one percent of polling stations were open by 12:30 local time (11:30 GMT), according to Nigeria's main election observer body, the Transitional Monitoring Group.

    It adds that card readers were available and ready for use at 91% of the stations.

    Voters in Yola
  58. Queuing under brooms

    Here's a photo of voters queuing under brooms, the symbol of the opposition APC, in Gen Buhari's home town of Daura.

    Voters queue under brooms in Daura
  59. Post update

    The Electoral Commission's website that was earlier hacked by a group called team Nigerian Cyber Army has now been restored. Here is the screen grab.

    INEC web page screen grab
  60. Taking a pew

    Abuja voters queuing to be accredited

    Voters read papers as they sit in a queue waiting to be accredited in this shot by BBC Hausa service editor Mansur Liman.

  61. How not to lose your card

    Voters in Lagos

    A voter's head gear snapped by BBC cameraman Jack Garland in Lagos.

  62. Post update

    Daura fingerprint reader

    The machine checking biometric data at this polling station in Daura, the home town of Gen Buhari, appears to be failing more than it is succeeding, says BBC cameraman Kelvin Brown.

  63. Post update

    Here's a photo of former President Shehu Aliyu Shagari being accredited to vote in his home town of Shagari in northern Sokoto state.

    Former President Shehu
  64. 'Policeman and civilian shot'

    More details are coming in of the attack on Birin Fulani village in Gombe state - a policeman and a civilian were shot by Boko Haram gunmen, according to monitoring group Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room.

    The attackers came in eight cars and two motorbikes, it says.

  65. Post update

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa, Abuja

    Accreditation has concluded at the GSS Tudun Wada Abuja polling station in the capital, despite starting two hours late. Voters are now queuing up to cast their vote which will begin by 12:30 GMT.

    GSS Tudun Wada Abuja polling station
  66. Post update

    The BBC's Nkem Ifejika just outside Abuja explains in this video that fingerprint readers have been causing delays.

  67. ET phone home?


    BBC cameraman Jack Garland tweets: "ET phone home or a modern Sistine Chapel? Actually a voter in Lagos using polling fingerprint reader #NigeriaDecides"

    Voter accredidiation in Lagos
  68. Obasanjo happy after accreditation

    According to Nigeria's privately owned Vanguard newspaper, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo says he is satisfied with the way the election process has gone so far in Abeokuta, the capital of southern Ogun state.

    He was accredited within 10 minutes of his arrival at a polling station, it reports.

    "We must allay the fears of those people who thought there will be violence or disturbance regarding this election," he is quoted as saying.

  69. 'Cyber Army' warns Inec

    Tomi Oladipo

    BBC Africa Security correspondent

    Here are some details on the hacking of electoral commission's website: A group calling itself the Nigeria Cyber Army has placed a message on the site warning the Nigeria Independent National Electoral Commision (Inec) not to rig the elections. So far, it is not clear if the breach is beyond the website.

  70. Post update

    The Transitional Monitoring Group posted this graphic on Facebook, saying that across Nigeria, 68% of polling units had opened by 11.30 local time (10:30 GMT).

  71. Post update

    According to Nigeria's Leadership newspaper, Rivers state Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has suspended the accreditation of voters in one area of the state because not all voting material has arrived.

  72. Post update


    Gabriel Gatehouse

    BBC News

    tweets, including an embedded video: "Scenes rarely seen in Lagos: totally empty streets. City on lockdown for the election #Nigeriadecides"

  73. 'Boko Haram raids polling stations'

    The AFP news agency is reporting that at least two people have been killed in a suspected attack by Boko Haram on polling stations in north-eastern Nigeria. It quotes residents and an election official as saying gunmen raided the villages of Birin Bolawa and Birin Fulani in Gombe state.

  74. Post update

    There are reports on social media that electoral officials are not removing the protective film from the permanent voters card readers and that is why they are not working properly - once removed fingerprints are registering.

  75. Business opportunities

    Young water sellers in Abuja

    Too young to vote, but there are business opportunities with all these people standing around in the midday heat, says the BBC's Becky Lipscombe in Abuja.

  76. 'I'll wait all day'

    Voter Jibrin at a polling station outside Abuja, Nigeria

    At a polling station just outside Abuja, patience is required as the card readers are having difficulty reading fingerprints. But voter Jibrin tells the BBC he'll wait all day and night if he has to.

  77. Post update

    Nigerian human rights lawyer Aminu Gamawa tweets: "Women in Maiduguri waiting for accreditation. There is no better evidence of rejection of Boko Haram."

    Photo of women in Maiduguri
  78. Post update

    The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Lagos says there were problems earlier on in the commercial capital with accreditation, but now the queues at polling stations are moving.

    Here's a photo of voting material arriving earlier in the day in the suburb of Surulere:

    Voting material arriving in Lagos
  79. Post update

    The team collating data form observers across the country is hard at work in the capital, Abuja, says BBC cameraman Ayo Bello.

    Transition Monitoring Group in Abuja
    Transition Monitoring Group worker in Abuja
  80. Post update

    The electoral commission has tweeted: "We are aware of the recent hack of our @inecnigeria website, we are currently investigating this incident #NigeriaDecides."

  81. 'Determined to vote'

    Delight Ekeh in Abuja

    Voter Delight Ekeh in Karshi, a suburb of Abuja, tells the BBC: "Everything's going fine. All the women are here, young and old, they're determined to vote. Someone will win. But we want Nigeria to win."

  82. Electoral commission site hacked

    The Independent National Electoral Commission's website has been hacked - here's a screen-grab of it:

    Screen grab of Inec site
  83. Asari's card rejected

    Ex-oil militant Mujahid Dokubo-Asari's voter card is rejected by the electronic card reader at his polling station in Rivers State, Nigeria's private Daily Trust newspaper reports.

  84. Atiku accredited

    Here's a photo of Nigeria's former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar being accredited in Jimeta town in north-eastern Yola state, which has been badly affected by Boko Haram's insurgency.

    Former Vice president Atiku Abubakar
  85. Smooth operation

    Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar

    BBC Africa

    General Buhari and his wife were met by a huge crowd, scrambling to witness them being accredited in Daura. The process was fast and smooth - in less than five minutes he was out.

    He is due to return at 13:00 local time (12:00 GMT) to cast his vote. Long queues of people remain at this polling centre, which is right opposite General Buhari's family home.

    Gen Buhari at polling station
  86. Homeless queues

    Voters from an IDP camp in Maiduguri queue to get registered for Nigeria's presidential elections in Maiduguri on 28 March 2015

    Voters from a camp for people made homeless by militant Islamist group Boko Haram's insurgency queue to be accredited in the northern-eastern city of Maiduguri.

  87. Post update

    Kelvin Brown

    BBC News

    tweets: "Just spoke to some foreign observers. They say so far the accreditation process is going fairly smoothly in #Daura. #NigeriaDecides"

  88. President Jonathan 'sweats'

    After struggling to be accredited at his polling station the first time round, President Jonathan joked: "Maybe it's me?" He added: "If I can endure, you see my sweat?

    He called for patience and said he was not worried about technical glitches. "It's the first time we are using this technology, PVCs (permanent voters card), card readers," the AFP news agency quotes the president as saying.

  89. Post update

    Voters in Daura

    The BBC's Kelvin Brown in Daura in northern Katsina state says men and women have to form separate queues to be accredited for voting.

  90. Observers chased away

    All observers are being chased away by agents of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) from a polling station in southern Akwa Ibom state, says Lazarus Apir, the spokesman of the Transitional Monitoring Group, the largest observer group in Nigeria.

    Similar incidents are being reported in two other southern states: Youths chased away observers in Delta and observers were threatened by a PDP member in Cross Rivers, he told the BBC.

  91. President manually registered

    Initial reports that the president had registered were incorrect - he left and came back to the polling station at his home village in Otuoke, reports the BBC's Louise Adamou.

    But the card reader has again failed to electronically register him and he has now been manually accredited as a voter, she says.

  92. Long queues

    Here are some photos of election officials and voters from the president's home village, Otuoke - courtesy of BBC Focus on Africa presenter Peter Okwoche.

    Officials in Utuoke
    Voters in Utuoke
  93. Post update

    Nasidi Adamu Yahya

    BBC Hausa

    tweets: "Abuja is so empty today that 'only' these cows and I have the roads. The cows were walking majestically. #Nigeria"

    Cows in Abuja
  94. Post update

    Listen to a report from the BBC's Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar in Daura town about accreditation of the APC's presidential candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari.

    BBC's Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar in Daura town
  95. Patience required

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Just over two hours after polling stations were meant to open in Nigeria's presidential and parliamentary election, some delays are being reported. At the polling station where I am outside Abuja, men and women are in separate queues.

    When they get to the front of the queue there are some problems with the card readers recognising thumb prints. The president in the south also had problems, taking about 30 minutes to register.

    There are some other logistical challenges, but they are not insurmountable - the big issue is patience, because the process is very slow and it looks like voters are going to be here all day.

  96. Post update

    The BBC's Jonathan Chapman in the capital, Abuja, says that the blast at a polling station in Enugu state is reported to have been a controlled explosion of a car bomb that had been discovered.

  97. Post update

    An elderly woman arrives in Daura, the home town of Gen Buhari, to validate her voting card using a fingerprint reader, prior to casting her ballot later in the day.

    An elderly woman arrives in Daura, the home town of Gen Buhari, to validate her voting card using a fingerprint reader, prior to casting her ballot later in the day.
  98. Post update

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa

    Accreditation has finally commenced at the GSS Tudun Wada polling station in Abuja, almost two hours after polls officially opened.

    Voters at GSS Tudun Wada Abuja polling station
  99. Post update

    Charlotte Attwood

    BBC Africa

    Gen Buhari has been accredited in Daura town, and told journalists. "I like the integrity of the system... If people are allowed to vote then rigging will be virtually impossible under the system."

    Gen Buhari in Daura
  100. Bomb blast reports

    Nigeria's privately owned Channels Television is reporting that there there has been a bomb blast at a polling station in Enugu state, in south-eastern Nigeria

  101. Post update

    President Jonathan has been accredited, his special adviser says.

  102. Post update

    Salim Kikeke

    BBC Africa

    Card reader in Goodluck Jonathan

    The voters card reader seems not to work as President Goodluck Jonathan waits patiently at the polling station in Otuoke.

  103. Post update

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa

    Accreditation yet to commence at Abuja's GSS Tudun Wada polling station. Voters are getting agitated.

    Abuja station
  104. Post update

    The BBC's Louise Adamou reports from Otuoke that the president is flanked by his wife, Patience Jonathan. There is a huge media scrum at the polling station, she adds.

  105. Post update

    President Jonathan has been trying but failing to register for the past 20 minutes, the BBC team in his home village of Otuoke reports.

  106. Post update


    Peter Okwoche

    BBC News

    tweets: "Pres Jonathan still waiting to be verified as card reader seems to be malfunctioning #nigeriadecides2015 @BBCAfrica"

  107. Post update


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC Africa

    tweets: "Accreditation paused at 37/06/01/018 Nyanya. Incidents reports have to be filed if fingerprint isn't recognised. They don't want a pile up."

  108. Post update


    Peter Okwoche

    BBC News

    tweets: Polling officers arrive in #otuoke nearly one and a half hours late. #nigeriadecides2015 @BBCAfrica

    Polling officials
  109. Post update

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Only one in five successes so far on reading thumb print here in Nyanya, outside Abuja. Have to compare photo on voter list to face where machine fails.

    Finger reader at Nyanya
  110. Post update


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC Africa

    tweets from Nyanya on the outskirts of Abuja: "Chief of Nyanaya verification failed, to be manually accredited. No fingerprint gone through so far. #NigeriaDecides"

    Chief of Nyanya
  111. Post update

    The BBC's Nasidi Adamau Yahaya tweets: "Long queues here in Abuja but @inecnigeria officials are yet to begin accreditation."

  112. Post update

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    tweets from Nyanya near Abuja: "Playing with the bottle tops as he queues with his mum"

    Playing with the bottle tops as he queues with his mum
  113. President Jonathan arrives

    The president has arrived in his home village to register, the BBC team there says.

    Goodluck Jonathan arriving
  114. Post update

    The BBC's Nkem Ifejika tweets from Nyanya on the outskirts of Abuja: "Great place to hold an election, palm trees, hills, and a chief's palace."

  115. Post update

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa

    Accreditation about to begin at GSS Tudun Wada in Abuja. The earlier confusion about status of polling unit has been sorted.

  116. Guard dogs

    Police stand guard with dogs at a polling station in Port Harcourt city in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

    Police stand guard with dogs at a polling station in Port Harcourt city in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

  117. Five days of training

    Electoral official with his card reader near Abuja

    This electoral official at Karu village junction in Nyanya, outside Abuja. Joseph says he is confident about using his card reader after his five days of training, reports the BBC's Becky Lipscombe

  118. Post update

    "Polling stations have opened. Accreditation has started," election commission spokesman Kayode Idowu has told AFP news agency, despite reports of delays to the start.

  119. Post update

    Ibrahim Shehu-Adamu

    BBC Africa

    Voters getting restless at a polling station in central Abuja. They insist they have voted here in previous polls but electoral officials say there has been a change and they might be moved elsewhere, not sure where.

    Poling station in Abuja
  120. Millions queuing

    Millions of people have queued at polling stations to vote in presidential and parliamentary elections, reports the BBC's Bashir Sa'ad Abdullahi from the capital, Abuja.

    Preliminary reports from across Nigeria indicate that voter accreditation is moving smoothly at some polling stations, but at others voting material has not yet arrived, he says.

  121. Buhari arrives

    Gen Buhari in Daura

    Gen Buhari has just arrived and is being accredited.

  122. Post update

    Some polling stations have opened across Nigeria - people will first queue to register and vote later in the day. This has been done to prevent fraud in the elections.

    Electoral officials in Daura
  123. Post update

    The postponed elections in Jigawa will now take place on 11 April, a security source has told the BBC.

  124. Words of wisdom

    Polling station, Nyanya

    Voters outside a polling station in Nyanya, near the capital Abuja - where some advice has been chalked up for voters.

  125. Post update

    The Independent National Electoral Commission

    tweets: We will be tweeting with and monitoring the hashtag #NigeriaDecides, please include it in your tweets and we will track your reports!

  126. Accreditation

    They have started the registration process in Daura in Katsina. Here's a photo of the first voter to go through the process.

    Voter in Daura
  127. Post update

    Peter Okwoche

    BBC News

    Here's a photo of the main road in the president's village venue.

    President Jonathan's village
  128. Post update

    Follow the BBC's Peter Okwoche on Twitter from the president's home village.

    Peter Okwoche
  129. Tight security

    Security officers in Daura, Katsina

    Security has been tightened at polling stations across Nigeria to prevent attacks by militant Islamist group Boko Haram, which views democracy as un-Islamic. Here security officers are on patrol in Daura, Katsina state.

  130. Post update

    Yusuf Yakasai

    BBC Africa, Kano

    Poll queue in Kano
    Election officials in Kano

    Hundreds of people are queuing in northern Kano city ahead of the polls opening when voters will have to first be accredited. Electoral materials have also arrived at a central polling centre before their distribution to polling stations.

  131. Post update

    The elections are being monitored by a large number of foreign observers, including those from the United Nations and African Union, to ensure a free and fair contest.

  132. Post update

    Akwasi Sarpong at a polling station in Abuja

    The BBC's Akwasi Sarpong, reporting for the BBC's Focus on Africa radio from the capital, Abuja, says that an hour before accreditation was to begin there was no sign of election officials at a polling station in the centre of the city, but voters had begun to arrive.

  133. Post update

    President Jonathan will vote in his home village of Utuoke in southern Bayelsa state, where he flew in on Friday night after weeks of hectic campaigning.

  134. Post update

    Elections for the House of Representatives have been postponed in northern Jigawa state because of a lack of voting material, a security source has told the BBC.

  135. Post update

    Some 68.8 million people have registered to vote in of Africa's most populous state.

  136. Post update

    Residents of Daura outside a polling station

    A BBC team is in Daura, in the northern state of Katina, where Gen Buhari will cast his vote. Here, some residents of Daura wait patiently outside a station ahead of polls opening at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT).

  137. Post update

    It promises to be a closely fought race for the presidency with incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian southerner, facing a tough challenge from Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim northerner.

  138. Post update

    Lucy Fleming

    BBC News

    Good morning and welcome to the BBC's coverage of presidential and parliamentary elections in Nigeria, bringing you live updates from across the country.