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  1. Good night - we'll be back tomorrow

    And that's it for today on the BBC Africa Live page.

    For the latest reaction to Gen Muhammadu Buhari's win in the Nigerian elections, visit - and we leave you with this photo of people celebrating in the northern city of Kaduna.

    People celebrating
  2. Listen in

    Have a listen to a special edition of the Africa Today podcast, marking a momentous day in Nigeria's recent history - presented by Bola Mosuro in London and Akwasi Sarpong in Abuja.

  3. Call for calm

    Gen Buhari's press office has sent out a statement asking for "sober" celebrations after he won the Nigerian election.

    Buhari said anybody happy with the victory of the APC in the presidential election should not be involved in the "molestation of opponents or the destruction of their property".

  4. Blackout

    BBC Monitoring

    Nigerian state TV didn't report the victory of opposition APC candidate Gen Buhari, reports BBC Monitoring. NTA TV broadcast the results of states where the incumbent PDP party was leading and then at 17:30 GMT went to a recorded programme called Telecom Today.

  5. The phone call

    Gen Buhari's press officer caught the moment when President Jonathan called up the APC's presidential candidate to congratulate him on winning the 2015 election.

    Gen Buhari on the phone
  6. 'Phone call happened'

    PR Nigeria, which sends out messages on behalf of Nigeria's PDP party, has confirmed President Jonathan's phone call to Gen Buhari accepting defeat in the presidential election, reports the BBC's Will Ross from Abuja. "No more doubting Thomases" is their message.

  7. Celebrating in Kaduna

    A resident of Kaduna state, north of Nigeria's capital, Abuja, sent in these pictures to the BBC Hausa service via Whatsapp of people taking to the streets to celebrate Gen Buhari's victory in the presidential election.

    people celebrating
    people celebrating
  8. Power of the ballot

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Since Nigeria's independence from the UK in 1960 there have been numerous coups and rigged elections.

    This poll has brought to the surface dangerous religious and regional differences.

    The outcome may be disputed by some and there is still a fear of violence. But many Nigerians feel for the first time they have the power to vote out a government that is not performing well.

  9. Five reasons Jonathan lost

    Nigerians are so used to the idea that an incumbent should win the presidential election that President Goodluck Jonathan's failure to beat Gen Muhammadu Buhari needs some explaining.

    So the BBC's Damian Zane has drawn up a list - at the top is the biometric voters cards that made the election harder to rig.

  10. 'Turned a corner'

    Will Ross

    BBC Nigeria correspondent

    Finally the long wait is over. The opposition's General Muhammadu Buhari has won this pivotal contest. His party says President Goodluck Jonathan has called to concede victory.

    This is a hugely significant moment in Nigeria's history. Never before has a sitting president lost an election and it feels as though Nigeria has turned a corner.

  11. 'Sweeping out the old'

    This APC supporter outside the opposition headquarters in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, told the BBC that Nigeria has swept out the old for new with the election of Gen Muhammadu Buhari. The broom is the symbol of Gen Buhari's APC party.

    For more about the man likely be Nigeria's next president when official results are declared later read BBC Africa's profile of him.

    An APC supporter holding a broom
  12. Kano crowds

    BBC Hausa's Yusuf Yakasai has just sent this photo of the crowds coming out on to the streets to celebrate opposition presidential candidate Gen Buhari's likely victory. It's in Kano - the largest city in northern Nigeria and a stronghold of Gen Buhari.

    Crowds in Kano, Nigeria
  13. All quiet at PDP HQ

    The BBC's Chris Ewokor is outside the headquarters of Goodluck Jonathan's party, the PDP, in Abuja. He told the BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme "on ordinary days this it is usually a beehive of activity, but it is very quiet here now, like a ghost town".

  14. Mapping the election

    A BBC graphic showing Nigeria's presidential election result at 16:45 GMT, when there were two states yet to declare. Delta has since been declared for President Goodluck Jonathan and Borno is expected to go in favour of opposition candidate Gen Buhari.

    Map of Nigeria
  15. 'Lagos to party'

    Veteran Nigerian journalist Sola Odunfa has told the BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme: "In Lagos here I'm expecting a big party at the house of APC politician Bola Tinubu, who was instrumental in bringing about the coalition that backed Gen Buhari."

    People react as partial results of the Nigerian presidential elections are released by Inec indicating the main opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate is ahead at a public viewing centre in Lagos on 31 March 2015
    Image caption: People in Lagos have been cheering the APC's tally
  16. 'So proud'

    Nigeria's opposition presidential candidate Gen Muhammadu Buhari has retweeted his wife Aisha, who appears to be implying that he has won the election.

  17. 'Loud music'

    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    The BBC's Nkem Ifejika is outside the headquarters of Gen Buhari's party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). He told the BBC's Focus on Africa's radio programme that "there is music, music, music here, it is so loud with people celebrating."

  18. Focus on Africa TV

    From 17:30 GMT, Peter Okwoche in Abuja and Lebo Diseko will co-present a special edition of Focus on Africa TV on BBC World News, with the latest from Nigeria's presidential election.

    The BBC's Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar will also be live from Kano, the northern Nigerian city where Gen Buhari's supporters are already celebrating.

    Also on the programme: Catherine Byaruhanga from Uganda's capital, Kampala, on aftermath of the killing of a top anti-terrorism prosecutor.

  19. 'Wait for it'


    Nigeria's opposition presidential candidate Gen Muhammadu Buhari is refraining from saying he has won the election in his tweets.

    Twitter screen grab
  20. BBC Focus on Africa

    BBC Focus on Africa is about to start on the World Service, bringing you the latest from Nigeria, where celebrations have already begun at opposition APC party headquarters although the official result from the elections are yet to be declared.

    This is the team, including presenter Akwaksi Sarpong, preparing for the broadcast in Nigeria's capital, Abuja.

    BBC Focus on Africa team in Abuja
  21. Two more hours?


    There is still one more state - Borno - to be declared in Nigeria before the results of the presidential election are official.

    The electoral commission, Inec, quotes its chairman Attahiru Jega in this tweet: "Under the circumstances, it's safe to assume that we will reconvene around 8pm when the results will arrive"- Jega #Nigeriadecides"

    That means a two-hour delay before Gen Buhari is likely to be declared the winner.

  22. 'Admits defeat'

    According to the head of the BBC's Hausa Service Mansur Liman, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan has called Muhammadu Buhari to concede election victory and to congratulate him

  23. Only Borno to declare

    With only one state to be declared in the Nigeria presidential election the results are:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 14,954,400
    • PDP's Goodluck Jonathan: 12,827,522.

    The only state to declare is the north-eastern state of Borno, which has been at the heart of the Islamist Boko Haram insurgency.

  24. Announcement has resumed

    The returning officer for Nigeria's southern Delta state is reading the results for his state at the electoral centre in Abuja.

  25. Songs about brothels

    BBC Afrique producer Genevieve Sagno has interviewed Nina Miskina, a rapper originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, about her controversial lyrics.

    Genevieve Sagno interviewing Nina Miskina (R)

    She said that her music is influenced by her difficult past - including the eight months she spent working as a prostitute in Belgium.

    "We need more female hip-hop artists because there aren't enough points of view from women reflected in rap," the singer said.

  26. 'Sexist tweets'

    South Africa's Channel 24 predicts comedian Trevor Noah may lose his job as the host of the Daily Show before he has even begun. A trawl through his old tweets show some dubious jokes.

    Here is one of the tweets he is being criticised for:

  27. Kano's streets packed

    The BBC's Charlotte Attwood in Kano says despite the fact that there are still election results to come from three states in Nigeria the streets of the northern city are already packed with supporters of opposition presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari.

    Earlier, newspaper vendors in Kano were doing a roaring trade.

    Newspaper sellers in Kano
  28. Clean sweep?


    Kelvin Brown

    BBC News

    tweets: "A guy holds a traditional broom, symbol of #Buhari's APC party as # Kano celebrates his win. #Nigeria"

    APC supporters
  29. Investors would welcome Buhari

    Investors have told Bloomberg News that the market will react positively to a Gen Buhari win in the Nigerian election. But there is a warning that this is dependent on President Jonathan accepting defeat.

    Francois Conradie, a political analyst at South Africa's NKC Independent Economistss, said that if Gen Buhari wins, he expects to see the most trouble in the oil-rich Delta region and in the northern states currently controlled by Mr Jonathan's PDP.

  30. 'Keep Jega and win'


    Yacouba Ouedraogo, who has been covering Nigeria's election for BBC Afrique, tweets in French that after former President Olusegun Obasanjo, if Gen Buhari wins he will become the second person to lead Nigeria as a military man and civilian.

    He also included this image in his tweet, in reference to the calm conduct of electoral chairman Attahiru Jega, who is being much admired on social media.

    Keep Jega and Nigeria wins
  31. Oil tanker accident

    A man in Nigeria's oil capital, Port Harcourt in the south of the country, looks on at an oil tanker carrying fuel that exploded after an accident. Officials at the scene said one person was killed, the European Photopress Agency reports.

    A Nigerian man looks over the scene where an oil tanker carrying fuel exploded following an accident in the oil rich Niger Delta, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 31 March 2015
  32. Marikana report handed over

    South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has confirmed he has received the report looking into the shooting dead of 34 striking miners by police in Marikana in 2012. But his office said he won't look at it until he is back from a visit to Algeria.

    Jacob Zuma
    Image caption: President Zuma is currently on a state visit to Algeria

    The killings reminded some South Africans of how the apartheid regime dealt with protesters.

  33. Stunt riders

    Nigerians celebrate the anticipated victory of opposition presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari in the city of Kaduna, north of the capital Abuja, by doing stunts on their scooters.

    Nigerians celebrate the anticipated victory of Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari by doing a burnout on a scooter in Kaduna, Nigeria Tuesday 31 March 2015
    Nigerians celebrate the anticipated victory of Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari on a scooter in Kaduna, Nigeria Tuesday 31 March 2015
  34. Reading up

    A South African reading project has won the world's largest children's literature award. Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa produced a series of books in different African languages.


    They also formed a network of reading clubs to encourage children to read and inspire parents, grandparents and teachers to read with them. For more details go to the BBC News story.

  35. Three more states to go

    BBC Hausa Service editor Mansur Liman predicts that the results from the northern states of Borno and Sokoto will cancel whatever majority is returned from Delta in the south for the PDP's Goodluck Jonathan.

    He says opposition APC candidate Gen Buhari is on course to win Nigeria's 2015 general elections.

  36. Mapping the vote

    Here is a BBC graphic showing the Nigerian presidential results by state up to 15:30 GMT today:

  37. 'Noah to steer comedy'

    Milton Nkosi

    BBC Africa, Johannesburg

    South Africans are still excited at the news that Trevor Noah will host the Daily Show after John Stewart leaves. This is the headline of The Star newspaper in Johannesburg.

    Newspaper stand in Johannesburg, South Africa
  38. Fried plantain


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets about the slow announcement of Nigeria's presidential election: "After this ordeal, I'll need fried plantain and/or pounded yam and afang soup. #NigeriaDecides"

    There are only three more states to be declared - and there is now a short break in proceedings.

  39. Latest Ebola figures

    The World Health Organization has released its latest data on Ebola cases. They counted 14,764 confirmed cases across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone two days ago.

    Sierra Leone health officials check passengers transiting at the border crossing with Liberia
  40. Nigeria results - nearing the end

    With only three more states to be declared in the Nigeria presidential election the results are:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 14,233,564
    • PDP's Goodluck Jonathan: 11,463,918
  41. '#NigeriaHasDecided'


    Influential Nigerian tweeter and columnist Tolu Ogunlesi tweets: "It's a historic day in Nigeria. And time, in my books, for a new hashtag: #NigeriaHasDecided"

  42. Carthage Eagles avoid ban

    Tunisia have avoided a ban from the 2017 football Africa Cup of Nations after apologising to the Confederation of African Football (Caf) for accusing the governing body of bias.

    Caf has, however, rejected the Carthage Eagles' appeal against a $50,000 (£33,673) fine for violent conduct by its players. For more details go to BBC Africa football has the story.

    Referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn is confronted by Tunisia players after the game against Equatorial Guinea
    Image caption: Furious Tunisia players tried to attack the referee after their defeat by Equatorial Guinea in January
  43. Extended coverage


    Vera Kwakofi

    Current affairs editor, BBC Africa

    tweets: "BBC Focus on Africa at 1500GMT has extended programme on Nigeria election with @akwasisarpong in Nigeria and @bbcBola in London @BBCAfrica"

  44. 'Furiously calculating'


    Stephanie Hegarty

    BBC World Service

    tweets from the Nigeria's counting centre in Abuja: "Everyone furiously calculating results. Is it over? #Nigeriadecides @mdliman @BBCAfrica @bbc_whys"

    People adding figures at Abuja counting centre
  45. 'Celebratory mood'

    Naziru Mikailu

    BBC Africa

    Gen Muhammadu Buhari's campaign spokesman, Garba Shehu, has told the BBC that the APC party is in a celebratory mood with just five states to be declared in Nigeria's presidential election.

    But he added: "We're not taking anything for granted because of the kind of government we have. We're waiting for the official declaration."

    People gather at a public viewing centre in the Obalende district of Lagos, on 31 March 2015 to follow developments as partial results of the Nigerian presidential elections are released by the Independent National Electoral Commission.
    Image caption: The Nigeria is on tenterhooks as the results are announced
  46. 'Defying Boko Haram"


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets: "Nearly all the votes in Yobe gone to APC, 421k more than PDP. One of the 3 in state of emergency. Defied Boko Haram to vote. #NigeriaDecides"

  47. Buhari close to victory

    Mansur Liman

    BBC Hausa editor, Abuja

    Nigerian opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari has taken a lead that is difficult to overcome.

    There is only one more stronghold of the PDP's Goodluck Jonathan to declare - Delta state. At the moment Gen Buhari has 13,763,769 votes compared to President Jonathan's 10,866,249.

    The votes from Borno and Sokoto states have not come through and they are key APC states.

  48. Ebola's impact

    This is Alice Mansaray who told the BBC "everything has just stopped since Ebola".

    Alice Mansaray

    She lost her sister to Ebola. Since the outbreak she hasn't been able to go to school and she can't even see her friends. People across Sierra Leone have been telling us how it's been affecting their wages, love lives and football viewing.

  49. Six states to go

    The BBC's Jim Saleh on the Nigeria election desk says with 30 states, plus the Federal Territory Capital Abuja, so far declared the presidential election results are:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 13,314,482
    • PDP's Goodluck Joathan: 10,840 723

    The remaining states are: Edo, Delta, Sokoto, Yobe, Borno and Taraba.

  50. Keeping count

    The BBC team in Abuja has sent these photos of Nigerian police officers in the rain outside the electoral count centre listening to the presidential election results on local radio.

    Policemen outside the electoral centre

    They are making their own notes of the vote tallies.

    Paper tally
  51. Outdoor butchery

    Nigerian men watch as the election commission announces presidential election results on a television at an outdoor butchers in the northern city of Kano, a stronghold for opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari of the APC.

    Nigerian men watch as the election commission announces electoral results for certain states, on a television at an outdoor butchery in Kano, northern Nigeria Tuesday, 31 March 2015
  52. 'Racism row' woman freed

    Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper is reporting that a Chinese woman at the centre of a racism row has been freed on bail.

    Zhao Yang is charged with being in Kenya illegally and of running a business in the capital, Nairobi, without a valid licence, it reports.

    Ms Yang was arrested after the newspaper published a report alleging that her Chinese restaurant in the city ran a "no-African after 5pm" policy.

    A Chinese restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya
    Image caption: The Chinese restaurant at the centre of the controversy

    The restaurant and Ms Yang have strongly denied the allegations.

  53. Prince campaigning

    Aspiring Fifa presidential candidate Jordan's Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein is in Zimbabwe canvassing support ahead of the elections in May. He met Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and is currently having a meeting with the Zimbabwe Football Association boss.

    Jordan's Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein

    He told the BBC's Brian Hungwe in Harare: "Africa is extremely important. It is such a wonderful continent with so much potential. I also come from a country and region developing in football… My whole project and platform is to develop and to take our talent to world class football."

  54. Rumours dismissed


    Nigeria's electoral commission, Inec, dismisses reports in a tweet that the security detail for its chairman Attahiru Jega has been removed: "Contrary to reports, Prof. Jega's security has not been withdrawn #NigeriaDecides"

  55. Result declarations continue

    Nigeria's electoral counting centre has resumed the announcement of presidential results. With 28 states declared and nine to go, the tally is:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 11,444,062
    • PDP's Goodluck Joathan: 10,349,929.
  56. Hot topic

    Laeila Adjovi

    BBC Africa, Dakar

    Karim Wade, the son of Senegal's former president, is still making headlines here one week after he was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption. He also received a $230m (£150m) fine.

    He was tried by a special anti-corruption court. Senegal's Sud Quotidien paper says even if his appeal to the Supreme Court is successful or if he receives a presidential pardon, he still has many months to spend in prison.

    Senegal paper headline
    Senegalese paper showing Karim Wade
  57. Post update

    Here are some comments on BBC Africa Facebook about Nigeria's tightly contested election:

    Nigerian Mbamali Chukwuebuka Vincent posts: "I've given up on who becomes our President for the next four years to avoid high blood pressure at my tender age of 29. Whatever happens, we will all suffer it together."

    Ethiopian Temkin Sheref Sh says: "I'm really proud of you my Nigerian brothers and sisters. My advice to you is don't let others take your vote from you."

  58. Neck and neck

    Nigeria's electoral commission is on a break. With 11 more states to go, this is how the main contenders stand:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 10,454,137
    • PDP's Goodluck Joathan: 9,953, 432.

    And here's a photo of PDP agent Godsday Orubebe, who disrupted proceedings at the counting centre earlier when he began shouting at the chairman, accusing him of bias.

    Godsday Orubebe,
  59. Carthage Eagles ahead


    Nick Cavell

    BBC Africa Sport

    tweets about the China-Tunisia football friendly: "Half-time: China 0-1 #Tunisia in an international friendly - Mohamed Ali Moncer (or is it Manser) with the goal."

  60. Uganda faces 'open war'

    Uganda's chief prosecutor Mike Chibita says "open war" has been declared on the judiciary following the killing of the lead prosecutor in the trial of 13 men accused of a deadly al-Shabab attack in 2010, the state-owned New Vision newspaper quotes him as saying.

    "The case will continue despite this happening. It was an open war on the judiciary, one which would be fought for the betterment of society," Mr Chibita said, after visiting the crime scene.

    Police stand guard at the scene where acting assistant director of public prosecution Joan Kagezi was shot dead in a suburb in Kampala, on 31 March 2015
    Image caption: Police stand guard at the scene where Joan Kagezi was shot dead on Monday evening
  61. Kenya debates corruption

    A list containing the names of 175 Kenyans, including cabinet ministers and civil servants who were allegedly involved in corruption, is being debated in parliament in Nairobi. They have already been forced to step aside for 60 days to allow investigations to be conducted.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta
    Image caption: President Uhuru Kenyatta handed a list with names of allegedly corrupt individuals to parliament last week
  62. APC lead narrows

    Becky Lipscombe

    BBC News, Abuja

    Twenty-six Nigerian states have declared their results in the presidential poll. The Rivers State result has given a big boost to President Goodluck Jonathan. Gen Muhammadu Buhari's lead has now narrowed to just over 500,000 votes.

  63. PDP boost

    Nigeria's electoral commission chairman, Attahiru Jega, has said the fact-finding team sent to southern Rivers state found there were some voting irregularities with the poll but not enough "to warrant a cancellation of the election".

    Results just announced for the state, where a dusk-to-dawn curfew has been imposed, give incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan a huge boost with 1,487,075 votes, his rival Gen Muhammadu Buhari got 69,238 votes.

  64. Cracking jokes


    Mansur Liman

    BBC Hausa editor

    tweets from Nigeria's electoral counting centre in Abuja: "Returning officer from #RiversState making the collation center lively by cracking jokes. Tension eased after Orubebe"

    Electoral centre in Abuja
  65. Giggles

    The returning officer for Rivers state has got the audience at the Nigeria electoral centre in the capital, Abuja, laughing as he says he cannot read his own writing.

  66. Making headlines

    Nigerians crowd around a newspaper stand earlier this morning to read news of the presidential election result in the oil capital of Port Harcourt in the southern Niger Delta region.

    Nigerians crowd around a newspaper stand to read news of the election results in the oil rich Niger Delta, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 31 March 2015
  67. Dapper dresser

    Andrew Harding

    Africa correspondent

    tweets from Abuja where the results of Nigeria's presidential election are being announced: "Dapper member of Buhari's team waits for final result."

    Buhari supporter in Abuja
  68. 'Midas touch'

    South Africa's top cartoonist Zapiro has paid tribute to Trevor Noah's "Midas touch" for the Mail and Guardian newspaper.

    For a more detailed look at the man who is taking over from Jon Stewart as host of the The Daily Show, read BBC's Milton Nkosi's profile of the Soweto-born comedian.

    Trevor Noah
  69. Twelve to go

    Twelve states yet to be declared in the Nigerian presidential election - here are the latest results:

    • APC's Muhammadu Buhari: 10,384,899
    • PDP's Goodluck Jonathan: 8,466,357.

    And here's the scene at the counting centre in Abuja:

    Audience at the Nigeria electoral centre
    Behind the scenes at the Nigeria electoral centre
  70. Number crunching


    Will Ross

    BBC News, Abuja

    tweets about Nigeria's electoral count: "Daily Trust's cartoonist on the number crunching"

    Daily Trust cartoon
  71. Tenterhooks

    BBC Hausa's Yusuf Yakasai says Nigerians in the northern city of Kano are closely monitoring the announcement of presidential results on radio sets and their mobile phones.

    Listening to radios in Kano
  72. Home win


    Nkem Ifejika

    BBC World Service, Abuja

    tweets about the results from the home state of Nigeria's incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan: "APC gets 5194 in Bayelsa. PDP got 361209. So APC got less than 2%. Wow. #NigeriaDecides"

  73. 'Titanic battle'


    Aliyu Tanko

    BBC Hausa service, Abuja

    tweets about Nigeria's presidential poll results: "A titanic battle in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Although an opposition state but the ruling party did well #Nigeriadecides"

    The opposition APC took 792,460 votes and the ruling PDP 632,327.

  74. Mandela guilty

    Nelson Mandela's grandson Mandla has been found guilty of assault, South Africa's Herald newspaper reports.

    Mandla Mandela

    He was accused of assaulting a teacher and butting him on the head with a firearm after he crashed into a car driven by one of his friends in 2013. He will be sentenced at a later date.

  75. Announcements continue

    The state-by-state announcements of Nigeria's presidential poll results have now resumed.

  76. 'Publish Marikana report'

    The commission looking into the shooting dead of 34 striking miners by police in Marikana, South Africa, is due to hand over its report to President Jacob Zuma today. The killings in August 2012 reminded some South Africans of how the apartheid regime dealt with protests.

    South Africa police
    Image caption: Some compared the police response to the Marikana strike with what how the police operated in the apartheid era

    The campaign group Amnesty International has called on President Zuma to urgently make the Marikana findings public. It says that the government "must... ensure full accountability and the re-establishment of lawful and impartial policing as a matter of urgency".

  77. Calm rebuff

    Nigeria's electoral chief, Attahiru Jega, calmly dismissed the complaints of PDP agent Godswill Peter Orubebe. He said he would only receive complaints through the proper channels and added that he was not releasing results to the opposition APC before declaring them publicly.

    Attahiru Jega

    "Let us be careful about what we say or do and let us not dispute a process that has begun peacefully," he said. Addressing Mr Orubebe, he added: "You're a statesman in your own right, you should be careful about your public conduct." After which the audience broke into applause.

  78. Refusing to budge

    Nigeria's PDP party agent Elder Orubebe is refusing to leave the microphone at the electoral counting centre in Abuja and will not allow the electoral commission chairman to respond to his complaints.

    Screen grab of Elder Orubebe
    Image caption: Elder Orubebe is sitting on the step refusing to move
  79. Post update

    Mansur Liman

    BBC Hausa editor

    There is chaos here at the Inec collation centre in Nigeria's capital as the PDP party of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan makes a protest accusing the chairman of the electoral commission of taking sides. He is accusing Attahiru Jega of bias and entertaining complaints from the opposition APC but not from the PDP.

  80. 'Tribalistic'

    PDP agent Elder Orubebe has told the chairman of Nigeria's electoral commission Attahiru Jega that he is '"partial" and "selective", he added "we cannot take it you are tribalistic, we will not allow".

  81. BreakingBreaking News

    PDP agent Elder Orubebe is ranting at the Inec chairman, Attahiru Jega, at the central Nigeria headquarters saying that he has lost confidence in him.

    "We have lost confidence in what you're doing, we don't believe in you anymore - you have compromised - and we will not take it from you."

  82. Nigeria apologies

    A spokesman at the Nigeria vote counting centre in the capital, Abuja, is urging patience. He said that returning officers have to come to the centre in person, which accounted for the delay. The Inec chairman, Attahiru Jega, has taken over the mic and has also apologised for the delay.

  83. Off to market

    Boats on the River Niger in Segou

    The BBC's Alex Duval Smith, in Segou to cover a story on farming along the banks of Mali's River Niger, sent in this photo of the boats that carry fishermen and market traders and customers.

  84. 'Where's Jega?'

    It's an hour since Nigeria's electoral chief, Attahiru Jega, was supposed to continue announcing results from Nigeria's election, but he has not turned up yet.

    Attahiru Jega

    The BBC's Jimeh Saleh, running our Nigeria election desk, says people on Twitter are getting anxious. "Apart from being a professor of political science, Jega must also be a professor of African Time," tweets Je Suis Tabawa. Another Nigeria tweeter, Hussaini Jibrin, says: "Where is Jega please? My generator is getting tired."

  85. 'Boko Haram captives' rescued

    Tomi Oladipo

    BBC Africa security correspondent

    Nigeria's army says it has freed women, children and elderly people "locked up" in homes by fleeing militant Islamists at their former headquarters in north-eastern Gwoza town.


    It is not clear how many have been released. The army said in a statement that those rescued were weak and in need of medical treatment. The army recaptured Gwoza from Boko Haram militants last week after a regional offensive.

  86. 'A true professional'

    Ugandan human rights lawyer Nick Opiyo has been reflecting on the life of the prosecutor Joan Kagezi, who was shot dead in Kampala on Monday. He told the BBC's Newsday radio programme, , that there was no better professional prosecutor and she "was one of the most unassuming prosecutors I knew".

  87. Camel milk

    On the road between Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, and the town of Afgoye, a man is snapped milking a camel this morning.

    A man in Somalia miliking a camel
  88. Tunisia 'apology deal'

    Matthew Kenyon

    BBC Sport

    We're expecting a statement from the Confederation of African Football (Caf) later which should clear the way for Tunisia to compete in qualifying for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

    Tunisian Fan

    Remember the Carthage Eagles were threatened with a ban if they didn't apologise for their claims of bias from Caf, after their controversial exit from this year's tournament in Equatorial Guinea.

    On Monday, the vice-president of the Tunisian Football Federation said a deal had been agreed. We're now waiting for the details to be published.

  89. Crying foul?

    It appears Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan's PDP party is crying foul, reports the BBC's Will Ross in the capital, Abuja.

    Wale Oladipo, the national secretary of the party, has been on television saying there have been irregularities in many areas including under-age voting in the north, where many states have supported the opposition APC candidate Gen Muhammdu Buhari.

    Women protesting in Rivers state
    Image caption: There have been protests in Rivers state about alleged irregularities

    He added that in Rivers state in the south, where the APC has alleged there was electoral fraud, the vote was fine.

  90. 'Long faces'

    Will Ross

    BBC News, Abuja

    In public the message from both sides of Nigeria's political divide is the same: We have won. But behind closed doors there are long faces in the President Goodluck Jonathan's PDP camp.

    Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) officer for Ondo State, Professor Olusola Oyewole (R) hands over the result sheet of presidential elections in Ondo State to Inec Chairman, to Inec head Attahiru Jega (L) at the national collation centre in Abuja, Nigeria, 30 March 2015
    Image caption: Returning officers from each state hand over the results to electoral chief Attahiru Jega (L)

    It looks like Muhammadu Buhari's lead may well prove too wide to be bridged. Unofficial results from most of the remaining states, which national newspapers are already publishing in contravention of the electoral law, show even if there are eyebrow raising turn outs from Mr Jonathan's strongholds in the Niger Delta, he is still in trouble.

    But this is Nigeria and predictions are dangerous. The biggest surprise would be if the result is not disputed by the losing side.

  91. Power chief steps down

    Zola Tsotsi, the chairman on South Africa's troubled power company Eskom, has resigned. He had been accused of interfering in operational matters.

    Eskom Duvha Power Station in South Africa
    Image caption: South Africans often experience power cuts because of load shedding

    South Africa's Business Day newspaper is reporting that Mr Tsotsi fell out with the government's Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown. The resignation has been welcomed by the National Union of Mineworkers saying it hoped it would bring stability to Eskom.

  92. Mozambique devolution proposal


    Zenaida Machado

    BBC Africa

    tweets about what is on the political menu in Mozambique, including an opposition federal proposal: "#Mozambique's Parliament opens today with an agenda of 25 points including Renamo's devolution bill, 2015 State budget & Gvnt 5 year-plan."

  93. Post update

    Catherine Byaruhanga

    BBC Africa, Kampala

    Today's scheduled hearing in the case of 13 men accused of taking part in two bombings in the Ugandan capital in 2010 by the Somali Islamists al-Shabab has been suspended.

    This comes after lead prosecutor Joan Kagezi was gunned down on Monday evening. Security in the Kampala has been increased. The judge asked for the suspects not to be transferred to the court until the authorities assess the situation surrounding the case.

    Police stand guard at the scene where acting assistant director of public prosecution Joan Kagezi was shot dead in a suburb in Kampala, Uganda, 31 March 2015
  94. Arithmetic

    At the moment Nigeria's ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has more votes than incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan:

    • Gen Buhari's All Progressives Congress (APC) party: 8,520,436 votes
    • President Jonathan's People's Democratic Party (PDP): 6,488,210 votes.
    Nigerian man looks at election figures on his smartphone
  95. Tense wait

    It was a nail-biting night for Nigerians, as the head the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec), Attahiru Jega, continued to announce results from Nigeria's presidential election - so far results from 19 states and the Federal Capital Territory have been declared. He is due to continue reading results from the other 17 states at 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT).

    People watch election news coverage on television at a street in Lagos, Nigeria, March 30, 2015.
  96. Post update

    Today's African proverb: "The best bed a man can sleep on is peace". A Somali proverb sent in by Shafi'i Abdullahi in Khartoum, Sudan.

  97. Post update

    Welcome to the BBC's Africa Live page - with final results due in Nigeria's presidential election it promises to be a busy day.