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By Tom Spender and Farouk Chothia

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    That's all from the BBC Africa Live page today. Keep up-to-date with what's happening in The Gambia and else where on the continent by listening to the Africa Today podcast or checking the BBC News website

    A reminder of today's wise words:

    Quote Message: One should look into what caused the elephant's tusk to break." from A Chewa proverb sent by Potipher Jacobs P, Lusaka, Zambia
    A Chewa proverb sent by Potipher Jacobs P, Lusaka, Zambia

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    And we leave you with this photo of young girls learning ballet in a poor neighbourhood of Kenya's capital, Nairobi: 

    Young ballerinas practice in a classroom at Spurgeons Academy, which provides education for free to about 427 orphans and less privileged children from Kibera slums through charity in Nairobi, Kenya, 18 January 2017
  2. Nigeria 'to deploy troops to The Gambia'

    The Nigerian military says it will deploy troops to The Gambia as part of a West African coalition force to uphold the result of December's presidential elections, Reuters reports.

    In a statement, the Nigerian army said:

    Quote Message: The Nigerian military will deploy its assets as part of [a] standby force to protect the people of the Gambia and maintain sub-regional peace and security."

    The Gambia's longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh has refused to leave office, despite losing elections last month. 

    President-elect Adama Barrow took the oath of office in Senegal today, leaving Gambia with two men claiming to be president.

  3. Ambassadors offer Barrow support

    Image caption: Mr Barrow meets US Ambassador to Senegal Jim Zumwalt

    Representatives from all of the UN Security Council member states were present at Adama Barrow's inauguration ceremony.

    Afterwards, US Ambassador to Senegal Jim Zumwalt told Senegal's RTV:

    Quote Message: For us it is very important to promote democracy in The Gambia. We are delighted to work together with Mr Barrow for the good of Gambians."

    UK Ambassador to Senegal George Hodgson said:

    Quote Message: This moment has been a long time coming, for Gambians and for the whole of West Africa. Here we have the president of The Gambia and he has called on the Gambian armed forces and people to follow the constitution and the democratic voice of Gambians. We hope it will not be long before he is installed in Banjul, where he should be."

    French Abassador to Senegal Christophe Bigot said:

    Quote Message: This is a historic day and a victory for democracy. It is important for The Gambia, Senegal and the whole Africa and will considerably change the relationship between Senegal and The Gambia. We will continue to offer support so that the ceremony here will be followed by a ceremony in Banjul and Mr Barrow can begin implementing his ambitious programme of reform.
  4. Barrow leaves ceremony

    The Gambia's internationally-recognised President Adama Barrow has left the swearing-in ceremony at the country's embassy in Dakar, passing crowds of cheering Gambians as his motorcade drove off.

  5. 'Timid celebrations' in Banjul

    A BBC correspondent has tweeted from The Gambia's capital, Banjul, following the controversial inauguration in Senegal of Adama Barrow as president  

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  6. Barrow : 'Enforce will of Gambians'

    A journalist at former estate agent Adama Barrow's inauguration as president of The Gambia has tweeted: 

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  7. Jammeh minister talks tough

    Yahya Jammeh's information chief has said his boss - reportedly entrenched in Gambia's State House - is not leaving office.

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  8. Barrow demands loyalty from armed forces


    Adama Barrow, sworn in as president of The Gambia at a ceremony in Senegal, has used his first speech in office to call on the Gambian security forces to "remain loyal to the constitution" and stay in their barracks.

    Soldiers found outside with firearms would be considered rebels, he said.

    "From today on I am the president of The Gambia regardless of whether you voted for me or not," he said.

    Mr Barrow added that his election was an opportunity for Gambians to "effect change that has been in the making for decades" and pledged "liberty and prosperity for everyone" regardless of ethnicity or gender.

    He also vowed constitutional and legal reforms and said his election was the start of a meritocratic Gambia where "what you know" will be count for more than "who you know".  

    Mr Barrow took the oath of office with the backing of foreign governments, despite the fact that Yahya Jammeh has refused give up power in The Gambia.  

  9. UK congratulates Barrow

    Boris Johnson
    Image caption: Mr Johnson says the UK will work closely with Mr Barrow

    UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has issued a statement, congratulating former estate agent Adama Barrow following his controversial inauguration as president of The Gambia:   

    Quote Message: The elections of 1 December 2016 were free and fair, and an orderly expression of democratic choice by the Gambian people. They represent a new chapter in the country’s history and an opportunity for change in The Gambia.
    Quote Message: The United Kingdom pays tribute to the decisive leadership shown by [the West African regional body] ECOWAS and the supportive role played by the African Union in ensuring that the democratic wishes of the Gambian people will be respected.
    Quote Message: It is vital that former President Jammeh now stands aside to allow an orderly transition.
    Quote Message: The United Kingdom has a long and historic relationship with The Gambia and I look forward to working closely with President Barrow’s government to further develop our already strong bilateral and economic links."
  10. Barrow: 'I am your president'

    Here are more details of Mr Barrow's speech, tweeted by a journalist who attended his presidential inauguration:   

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  11. Barrow: 'A victory for Gambians'

    A journalist has been tweeting the speech of The Gambia's internationally-recognised President Adama Barrow:

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  12. Barrow gives first speech as 'president'

    A journalist at the inauguration of Adama Barrow has been tweeting about his maiden speech as the internationally recognised president of Gambia: 

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  13. BreakingBarrow 'inaugurated' as Gambian president

    Image caption: Mr Barrow has been sworn in

    The Gambia's President-elect Adama Barrow has taken the oath of office at his country's embassy in neighbouring Senegal. 

    The ceremony was administered by Sheriff Tambadou, president of the Gambian Bar Association.  

    The tiny West African state now has two men claiming to be president. Its parliament voted earlier this week to extend Yahya Jammeh's rule by 90 days while he challenges his election defeat at the hands of Mr Barrow, a former estate agent, in the courts.

    Regional forces, led by Senegal, have threatened to enter the country to oust Mr Jammeh. 

    The Gambia, popular with European tourists because of its beaches, has never had a smooth transfer of power since independence from Britain in 1965. 

  14. Gambia bar association head to administer ceremony


    Sheriff Tambadou, president of the Gambian Bar Association, will administer the oath of office ceremony of President-elect Adama Barrow in Senegal 

  15. Nigerian military planes 'fly over Gambia'

    Nigeria's air force is flying over The Gambia, an official has said, as regional troops prepare to force Yahya Jammeh to quit after his December election defeat, AFP new agency reports. 

    It quotes Nigerian Air Force spokesman Ayodele Famuyiwa as saying:  

    Quote Message: I confirm that the armed reconnaissance air force are over Gambia. They have the capacity to strike."
  16. Barrow ready for big moment

    Gambia's President-elect Adama Barrow sent out this tweet - shortly before he was due to take the oath of office before diplomats and supporters from around the world: 

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  17. Barrow arrives for 'inauguration'


    The Gambia's President-elect Adama Barrow has arrived at his countrys embassy in Senegal for his inauguration. 

    Dressed all in white, he waved at crowds outside the building before being escorted inside.

  18. Huge diplomatic presence at Barrow's 'inauguration'

    All UN Security Council states are represented  at the inauguration of Gambia's President-elect Adama Barrow in Senegal's caital Dakar, Senegalese TV has reported.