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Live Reporting

Anna Jones, Ashitha Nagesh and Saira Asher

All times stated are UK

  1. End of live coverage

    That's it for our live coverage of the impromptu and historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

    You can continue to follow the story here.

    All our coverage of North Korea can be found here. And if you're using the BBC News app you can add "North Korea" as a favourite topic.

  2. Chinese media: 'Beaming smiles'

    Chinese state media have now reported the meeting. Xinhua news agency said "South Korean President Moon Jae-in joined Kim and Trump later, talking with each other with beaming smiles."

    "Kim praised Trump for his extraordinary determination to pioneer a good future and liquidate a bad past," said Xinhua.

  3. Why this was a big deal

    The events of today were unprecedented in several ways.

    • The invitation came by Twitter - for decades, the US wouldn't even talk to North Korea, but the fact that diplomacy is now being done by Twitter - and that Kim Jong-un responded to a tweet invite - is a massive shift in the dynamics.
    • No binoculars at the DMZ - might seem small but previous US presidents who visited the border have all just looked at it through binoculars. Not doing so, and wearing a suit not more military attire, helps symbolise the friendship Mr Trump says he has with Mr Kim.
    • Trump walked into North Korea - the first sitting US president to do so. He didn't just step either, as President Moon did. He walked 10 paces and hung around for a bit.
    • Moon, Trump and Kim talked together - North Korea has always wanted to do its diplomacy bilaterally. Only this week it accused South Korea of "meddling" in its talks with the US. So a three-way talk is a huge change.
    • Kim took media questions - not quite a first, he also did this in Hanoi. But Mr Kim surrounded by a barely contained media scrum answering shouted questions is something we've not seen before.
    Trump steps over the military demarcation line
  4. What's North Korea hearing?

    A journalist at BBC Monitoring, which watches the world's media says that as expected, there's nothing about this meeting in North Korea media yet.

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  5. Stepping into North Korea

    Here is the video of Donald Trump becoming the first sitting US president to step into North Korea.

    He says he asked Mr Kim "would you like me to step over the line" and Mr Kim said he would be honoured.

    Video content

    Video caption: Trump and Kim Jong-un meet at Korean demilitarised zone
  6. Key points from Trump

    Here are the main points from Mr Trump's impromptu press conference after his talks with Mr Kim.

    • Negotiators from the two countries will meet in the next two or three weeks.
    • Mr Trump asked Kim Jong-un if he would like him to come across the demarcation line that separates North and South Korea and Mr Kim said he would be honoured.
    • Mr Trump thanked Mr Kim for meeting at such short notice, saving him some negative press coverage.
    • Mr Trump confirmed that he invited Mr Kim to come to the White House, but nothing has been formally agreed.
    • Mr Trump said he doesn't consider the missile launches by North Korea in May as missile tests.
    • Mr Trump said that sanctions on North Korea remain in place, though he would like to remove them.
    U.S. President Donald Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, in Panmunjom, South Korea, June 30, 2019.
  7. Media scuffle with NK officials

    The US media are reporting that there was a scuffle at one point earlier between the press corps following the US president and North Korean officials.

    CNN's Jim Acosta says Stephanie Grisham, Mr Trump's new press secretary, got caught up in it.

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  8. Trump ends his visit

    Mr Trump has wrapped up his press conference after sitting down for close to an hour with Mr Kim. We'll bring you the key points shortly.

    He is now travelling to the US Army based in Osan, from where he'll head back to the US.

  9. Trump: Main negotiator is alive

    A reporter put a question to Mr Trump about who will be on the negotiating team.

    There have been unsubstantiated rumours in recent weeks that Kim Hyok-chol, North Korea's main US negotiator, was executed after the Hanoi summit.

    Without confirming a name, Mr Trump told reporters: "I can tell you the main person is still alive, and I would hope the rest still are too."

    Read more: North Korea execution reports - why we should be cautious

    Kim Hyok-chol (archive)
  10. Sanctions remain for now

    When asked about the sanctions placed on North Korea by the UN, Mr Trump said they remained in place for now.

    Mr Trump said he was "looking foward to taking them off - I don't sanctions".

    North Korea has previously said sanctions must be removed before denuclearisation can begin.

  11. White House visit 'will happen' at some point

    Mr Kim is explaining the moment he crossed into North Korea.

    He says he asked Mr Kim: "I asked him, would you like me to come across the line? And he said 'I would be honoured for you to do so'."

    He also confirms he has invited Mr Kim to US but apparently has no timeline for that.

    "If it all works out at some point it'll all happen."

  12. Trump: Strong solid meeting

    President Trump and South Korean leader Moon Jae-in are giving a joint press conference after Mr Trump held talks behind closed doors with Kim Jong-un.

    "The meeting was a very good one; very strong very solid," Mr Trump said.

    South Korea"s President Moon Jae-in speaks to the press as US President Donald Trump looks on following a meeting with North Korea"s leader Kim Jong Un on the south side of the Military Demarcation Line that divides North and South Korea, in the Joint Security Area (JSA) of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized zone (DMZ) on June 30, 201
  13. 'You would have hit me hard'

    Mr Trump appears very relieved that Mr Kim responded to his tweeted invitation on Saturday. He has again expressed his thanks to Mr Kim for turning up telling reporters if he hadn't come: "You would've hit me, you would've hit me hard."

  14. 'Hope' for Korean peninsula

    Now President Moon Jae-in of South Korea is speaking. He said the 80 million people on the Korean peninsula have been given hope when it comes to denuclearisation and peace.

  15. 'Hanoi was a success'

    Mr Trump tells reporters after 50 minutes of talks with Kim Jong-un that for him the Hanoi summit was a success and the two leaders were able to maintain their relationship.

  16. 'Not as complicated as people think'

    Mr Trump says the North Korean and US teams will start working in the next two or three weeks "to see whether or not they can do something".

    He says there's some "very big stuff, pretty complicated" to discuss but that it's "not as complicated as people think".

    A lot of great triumphs have been based on relationships," he says.

  17. Trump-Kim talks are over

    The much longer-than-expected talks between Mr Kim and Mr Moon are over.

    Mr Trump said they had agreed to designate a team to "work out the details".

    He said "speed not object" but getting a "good comprehensive deal".

  18. 'A big announcement'

    Some long-time North Korea observers think the extended talks, and the high-level team gathered there by both sides, could mean a serious development is coming.

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  19. Trump's comments in full

    Here's the transcript of what Mr Trump said in his press conference with Mr Kim.

    "This was a special moment, this is I think really - as President Moon said - this is a historic moment, the fact that we're meeting.

    "I want to thank Chairman Kim for something else. When I put out the social media notification, if he didn't show up the press was going to make me look very bad, so you made us both look good and I appreciate it.

    "But we developed a great relationship, I really think that if you go back two and a half years and you look at what was going on prior to my becoming president, it was a very very bad situation, a very dangerous situation for South Korea, for North Korea, for the world."

    Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump