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  1. Search resumes for missing woman, Valerie Jehan, in Jersey
  2. Injured ski trip teachers recovering in the UK
  3. Health service 'should prioritise dementia care' in Guernsey
  4. The chairman of a Guernsey charity is insisting it was right to lodge an official conduct complaint against three deputies
  5. Guernsey wide referendum campaigns 'unlikely' to have spending regulated
  6. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Wednesday

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By Chris Quevatre

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  1. Local Live in the Channel Islands

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    That's it for today, but we're back tomorrow with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather in the Channel Islands.

    Don't forget to tune in to BBC One at 18:30 for all the latest headlines with BBC Channel Islands News.

  2. Cobo gigs set to return this summer

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    If you're a fan of the Cobo balcony gigs, then I have some good news for you... they're back!

    The events kick off with a "Tribute to Fleetwood Mac" on 30 April, and finish with a David Bowie special on 27 August, with three other gigs inbetween.

    They're always free to attend, but do raise money for a disability charity.

    Take a look at some of this amazing drone footage captured last summer...

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  3. Unemployment rose last month - but down on annual comparison

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The number of people unemployed in Guernsey rose by 15 in February this year.

    There were 386 people unemployed at the end of last month, compared with 371 at the end of January.

    However, in comparison with February last year, 36 fewer people were unemployed.

    Unemployment graph
  4. Guernsey could introduce poultry register because of bird flu risk

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey's States Vet says the latest outbreak of bird flu in the UK has highlighted the need for a local register of poultry keepers.

    Restrictions on live imports from low risk areas have just been lifted following a relaxation of precautions in the UK. But Guernsey's States Vet says there should be no let up in basic precautions to keep wild and domestic birds separate.

    He says it's been difficult to monitor the situation without a register.

    Quote Message: Avian influenza is going to be something that reoccurs every year, it's going to keep coming back. In the UK if you have a flock with more than 50 birds, it has to be registered. Jersey have just done a similar thing where any flock with more than 30 birds has to be registered. Now we're looking at that as a possibility - we could introduce something similar to that in Guernsey." from David Chamberlain States Vet
    David ChamberlainStates Vet
  5. Devil's Hole closed off to the public

    Julie Flanagan

    BBC Channel Islands News

    A path at Devil's Hole has been closed to the public while the emergency service have "increased activity" at the site.

    Earlier police said they had their first confirmed sighting of missing woman Valerie Jehan after she got off a bus at midday on Friday.

    Two people reported seeing the 75-year-old at 12:50 halfway down the path to Devil's Hole.

    Emergency service personnel at the entrance to Devil's Hole

    Police are not commenting at this time.

  6. Latest dementia figures in Guernsey relate to 2014

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The vice president of Guernsey's Committee for Health and Social Care has admitted that figures on dementia aren't up to date. 

    It comes following a visit of the head of the UK's Alzheimer's Society who is urging Guernsey to put early diagnosis as a top priority.  

    Dementia care

    The latest statistics on the levels of dementia in Guernsey relate to 2014.

    Deputy Rhian Tooley says the health committee is fully aware of the importance of being "dementia ready", and insists a lack of up to date figures won't make any difference to efforts to improve the service and prepare for the future.

  7. Having to correct tourists on Jersey Zoo is a 'silly situation'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The chief executive of Durrell Wildlife Park says the centre's name is confusing - and having to correct people calling it 'Jersey Zoo' is "a silly situation".

    Dr Lesley Dickie says study groups have shown that locals and visitors don't understand the difference between a wildlife conservation park and a zoo - and the name will be changed back to Jersey Zoo.


    It was originally called Jersey Zoo by founder Gerald Durrell - but was changed 10 years ago.

    Dr Dickie says she realised things had to change after a visiting couple apologised for calling it Jersey Zoo.

  8. New inclusion project to support more children at nursery

    Chris Rayner

    BBC Radio Jersey political reporter

    A project supporting children with additional needs at nursery in Jersey has won funding for a support worker.

    The Special Needs Inclusion Project supports 37 children, some of whom wouldn't normally be able to go to nursery.

    Emma Lawrence

    Nearly £24,000 has been given by the Lloyds Banking Foundation to help employ Support Worker Emma Lawrence.

    It means children with special educational needs can mix and develop alongside other children.

  9. Condor owners 'will want to sell' - president of economic development

    Mike Wilkins

    BBC Channel Islands News

    The president of Guernsey's Committee for Economic Development says the owners of Condor Ferries "will want to sell" the company.

    Condor is owned by the Macquarie Group, which invests in various markets around the world.

    Speaking to the Scrutiny Management Committee, Deputy Peter Ferbrache said Macquarie would want to sell, "because this is probably not their best ever purchase".

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  10. Channel Islands Air Search assist in Valerie Jehan search

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Channel Islands Air Search were called out this morning to assist in the search for a missing Jersey woman.

    Valerie Jehan, 75, has been missing since about 12:00 on Friday, and was last seen at Devil's Hole.

    The aircraft was flying for nearly two hours, searching the area between Plemont in the west, and Rozel Bay in the east.

    A crew member said: "An intensive search was made of this area including bays and gulleys but no trace could be found of the missing lady."

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  11. Pollution regulator taking readings at St Martins School 'hot spot'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    According to Deputy Sarah Hansmann Rouxel, the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation is taking air quality readings at the "hot spot" of St Martins School...

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    School children from all over the country have been rallying against drivers "idling" outside schools.

    Check out this video from BBC Breakfast...

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  12. Police make the move to new headquarters

    Jersey Evening Post

    The States police inquiry desk at Rouge Bouillon will close for the final time tonight ahead of the force’s move to its new £24 million headquarters on Route du Fort.

  13. Weather in the Channel Islands

    BBC Weather

    Let's take a look at the weather forecast for this evening.


    Weather chart


    Weather chart
  14. Breaking First 'confirmed sighting' of Valerie Jehan - but chances of finding her alive are 'remote'

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Police say they have had their first confirmed sighting of Valerie Jehan since she went missing after getting off a bus last Friday at 12:00.

    Two people believe they saw Mrs Jehan, 75, at 12:50 halfway down the path to Devil's Hole.

    A spokesperson for the police says they believe Mrs Jehan either slipped or stumbled in what is very difficult and slippery terrain even for a young walker.

    He says the chances of finding her alive are now remote.

  15. 'Lots of calls, but nothing positive yet' - search for missing woman continues

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Police say they've had a lot of calls from Jersey people trying to help find Valerie Jehan.

    So far they say they haven't been able to use that information to come up with anything positive. 

    Mrs Jehan's been missing since she got off the bus to Devil's Hole at 12:00 on Friday.

    Valerie Jehan

    The emergency services have used aircraft, lifeboats and police dogs in their search, and say Mrs Jehan's phone is definitely still in the area.

    This morning the Channel Islands Air Search plane searched the shoreline between Plemont and Rozel, in particular the bays and gullies, but found nothing.

    Ch Insp Chris Beechey says islanders have been very keen to help, even if it has been to say they'd been around Devil's Hole that day but hadn't seen her.

  16. 'Businesses want runway extension' says president of economic development

    Damian Wrigley

    Reporter, BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey's economy will be held back if no runway extension is built, according to the president of the Committee for Economic Development.

    Deputy Peter Ferbrache was speaking following the Scrutiny Management Committee's questions about air and sea links.

    Guernsey's runway

    Previously estimated at £30m, he says the project will be included as part of the capital prioritisation debate later this year.

    Deputy Ferbrache says businesses want the extension.

    Quote Message: If we don't have a runway extension sooner rather than later it would be a great bar to Guernsey developing as an economy. We've been spoken to by businesses from various sectors - particularly finance and hospitality as they're the ones who are affected the most." from Deputy Peter Ferbrache President of the Committee for Economic Development
    Deputy Peter Ferbrache President of the Committee for Economic Development