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  1. Jersey women's manager Petulla quits 'untenable' position
  2. Jersey's biggest nursing charity 'pleased' its signed a £7m contract with the States - despite some of its staff facing redundancy
  3. A scrutiny panel claims the States of Jersey doesn't pay enough towards higher education for students
  4. Channel Islands donate £250,000 to help people in famine-hit East Africa
  5. Petition to keep seized puppy in Jersey has nearly 600 signatures
  6. BMX chains replace lighthouse lamp chain
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By Sian Davies

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    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

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  2. Brain tumour signs were 'clear in hindsight'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A woman whose husband died less than a year after their wedding said it was clear in hindsight that his brain tumour was growing before their nuptials.

    “His behaviour had started to become a bit erratic," Emma Cotillard said of her late husband Justin. 

    Emma and Justin

    "He would go off and walk around in circles on his own and sometimes his speech was a bit slurry.  

    “We all assumed it was pre-wedding anxiety - we never thought for a second that he might have a brain tumour.

    “But everyone in the congregation on our wedding day noticed that he wasn’t quite right.

    Emma and Justin

    “Looking at the wedding photos now, you can see that the right side of his face is droopy.”

    Emma is speaking out through  The Brain Tumour Charity  in support of Brain Tumour Awareness Month, which funds vital research and provides support to families like Justin, Emma and their baby Mia.

  3. Islanders encouraged to donate to famine appeal

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    The President of Guernsey's Overseas Aid and Development Commission is urging islanders to donate to an emergency appeal to help those on the brink of famine in East Africa. 

    Yesterday the States announced it was giving £50,000 to the appeal, and Jersey has given £200,000.


    Deputy Emilie Yerby believes the situation in East Africa is dire.

    She said: "It means at least 1 in 5 households are in the very worst situation of food deprivation, so for some of these households that's been going on for three years or more so they don't have the reserves to cope with any more shocks to their resources.

    "One in three children in the area are acutely malnourished and that comes with a whole burden of disease and delays to their development and it means a doubling of the regional death rates."

  4. Decline in funding affecting higher education students

    Chris Stone

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A scrutiny panel claims the states doesn't pay enough towards higher education for Jersey students. 


    In a new report it says the current house isn't to blame, as funding has declined for at least the past 10 years. 

    The panel says the states must consider a student loan scheme quickly, and that the tax system should be changed to allow more money to be made available to people who need it.

  5. 'Daddy is a star in the sky'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A little girl whose dad died of a brain tumour when she was a baby knows that daddy 'is a star in the sky'.

    Emma Cotillard's husband Justin died of a brain tumour aged 29.

    Emma said she talks often to their daughter Mia, now 18 months, about Justin and how much he loved her.  

    Emma and Justin

    “She knows that daddy was poorly and had to go away, and that now he’s a star in the sky. 

    "Every night before she goes to bed we go out into the garden and she looks up at him.

    “I truly believe Mia was sent to me to give me a reason to carry on. I miss Justin every single day but I know he would be so proud of her."

  6. Father dying of brain tumour 'held on' to know his daughter was well

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A father who died of a brain tumour "held on" to know his daughter was well before he died, his wife says.

    Justin Cotillard's wife Emma, who is speaking out to mark Brain Tumour Awareness Month, said: “Towards the very end, when Justin wasn’t conscious, the nurses kept telling me ‘This is it'. 

    "But he was hanging on for something and none of us could work out what it was.

    Emma and Justin

    “The only thing I could think of was that he hadn’t seen Mia for two days as she’d had chicken pox and wasn’t allowed into the hospice.”

    Staff at the hospice decided to waive the rule so that Justin could see his daughter one last time.

    “I went back into his room, lay down next to him on the bed and told him that Mia was on her way. That was when he let go. He died knowing that she was ok.”

  7. Care home expansion recommended for approval

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    An open planning meeting at Les Cotils next Wednesday will consider the expansion of Guernsey's Le Platon residential home. 

    Planners are recommending approval - with conditions - for extra accommodation, a courtyard and a new parking area. 

    But concerns have been raised over the development's impact on neighbours.

  8. Stress of brain tumour diagnosis caused young mum to go into early labour

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A mother went into early labour over the stress of her new husband's brain tumour diagnosis.

    Emma Cotillard gave birth to baby Mia five weeks early - and hours later her husband Justin had to fly from Jersey to Southampton for his first radiotherapy session.

    Emma and Justin

    At the same time, Emma fell dangerously ill with pre-eclampsia - a pregnancy-related condition that causes high blood pressure.

    “We had a new baby, I was sedated for three days and Justin was miles away undergoing radiotherapy,” Emma said.

    “For a month, Justin was only able to come home at weekends. Those days we all had together were so precious."

  9. Botterill to lead Jersey women on Saturday

    James Law

    BBC Sport Online

    Former Wales international Jodie Botterill will take charge of the Jersey women's side for their friendly with the Royal Navy on Saturday, following the resignation of Simon Petulla.

    Petulla stepped down this morning, alongside assistant boss Charlie Petulla, goalkeeping coach Jason Carpenter and performance coach Jimmy Kelly, due to disagreements with the Jersey FA (JFA).

    Jodie Botterill

    Botterill, who has been  named in the squad  for this summer's Island Games in Gotland, will lead the side alongside JFA community coach Daniel Seviour.  

  10. Seized puppy could be sent away from Jersey

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A puppy which Jersey Customs seized as a suspected pitbull-type banned breed could be sent away from the island.

    A Minister has granted an export licence for Gulietta whose owners claim she's an American Staffordshire terrier and they have the documents to prove it. 


    A States spokesperson says in the interests of the animal's welfare, the dog in question will be exported from Jersey in due course. 

    At the moment she's being cared for at the animals' shelter. 

  11. 'They gave me two weeks to take my husband home before he died'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A new wife was told her husband had two weeks to live after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 29.

    Emma Cotillard was initially told in June 2015 that her husband Justin might live for two years with surgery and treatment. 

    But by the October a scan showed the tumour had regrown and was spreading quickly.

    “They gave me two weeks to take my husband home before he died,” said Emma, who is sharing her story now through The Brain Tumour Charity in support of Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

    Justin defied the odds and survived for a further seven months to see his 30th birthday and then Christmas.

  12. BBC School Report: Pupils meet Olympic gold medalist

    BBC School Report

    It's  BBC News School Report  Day - where 900 schools across the country turn their classrooms into newsrooms.

    Sam Queck

    On Good Morning Jersey, Josh, Max, Liam and Logan from  Le Rocquier School  helped out with weather and travel updates, plus budding journalists Lilly and Betty met Olympic gold medalist Sam Quek.

    Here they are wearing her "heavy" medal!

    Sam Queck
  13. Petition to keep seized puppy in Jersey has nearly 600 signatures

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A petition asking for a puppy seized by Jersey Customs to be returned to its owners has been signed by almost 600 people.

    A total of 592 people have signed the petition asking for puppy Guiletta to be returned.


    She was seized after it was suspected she was a pitbull-type banned breed, and is being cared for at the animals' shelter.

    A States spokesman said she will be exported from Jersey in due course.

  14. Questions over items in Alderney being discussed behind closed doors

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A recently-elected politician in Alderney is questioning whether items should be debated behind closed doors ahead of discussions in the States chamber. 


    Tony Barnes says it's a problem that matters are discussed in private by the Policy and Finance Committee - which all Alderney States members are part of - before the public debate. 

    Mr Barnes was speaking after last night's States meeting. Politicians in Alderney agreed to adopt a report's recommendations on the state of healthcare in the island, giving authorities more of a say in the services islanders receive. 

    The report also suggested administering chemotherapy locally and establishing better systems of data collection. One of its authors, Professor Philip Wilson, has now been invited back to Alderney to conduct further research.

  15. Man, 29, diagnosed with brain tumour weeks after wedding

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    A Jersey woman has spoken about losing her husband to a brain tumour less than a year after their wedding - and vowed to help others affected by the disease.


    Emma Cotillard was on honeymoon with her 29-year-old husband Justin in June 2015 when he began to experience memory loss and confusion so severe that he did not recognise his new wife.    

    Emma and Justin

    “He woke up one morning and started screaming at me to get out of his room,” said Emma, 33.   

    The pair cut their honeymoon short and an MRI scan revealed Justin had a glioblastoma - the deadliest form of brain tumour in adults.

  16. School shares code words to help prevent online grooming

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A Jersey school has shared a set of code words with parents to prevent their children being groomed online. 


    Le Rocquier School has sent out a list of code words young people use to communicate which could also be exploited by predators. 

    They include codes for specific sexual activity, drug taking and requests for pictures and video.

  17. Analysis: Petulla quits as Jersey women's manager

    Tim Pryor

    BBC Sport

    Simon Petulla's decision to resign  as Jersey manager is a huge blow for women's football in Jersey, on the back of the cancellation of the Muratti.

    Petulla and his coaching staff have raised the profile of the women's game in the island to the extent that there's as much of a buzz around their fixtures as the men's matches.

    The team's first ever Island Games gold medal, achieved on home turf at Jersey 2015, was for many the standout, defining moment of the Games.

    Charlie Petulla and Simon Petulla

    They leave behind a big hole that the Jersey FA will now need to fill at short notice, with a friendly against the Navy just a couple of days away and then the defence of the gold in Gotland this summer.

    Perhaps former boss Tony Hoyland could step in at short notice, or JFA community coach Daniel Seviour, or experienced player Jodie Botterill might fancy the role.

  18. 'Little appetite' to set up radio station in Guernsey

    Rob Byrne

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    As BBC Radio Guernsey celebrates its 35th birthday today, the station manager when it was launched has told us the driving force behind the local service's creation was the States of Guernsey.

    Tony Talmage says there was little appetite in the BBC to set up comprehensive local radio stations in Guernsey and Jersey.

    Radio Guernsey

    He said: "The implacable force of the States of Guernsey, and Jersey to be fair, met the immovable object of the BBC and eventually they came to a compromise."

  19. BMX bike chains used to repair Corbiere Lighthouse in Jersey

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Bike chains have become a part of island history by replacing the original Corbiere Lighthouse lamp chain. 

    Lighthouse keeper Mark Turner was looking for a new chain as part of the restoration work. 

    The chain had not been changed since the lighthouse was built in 1874, more than 140 years ago.

    Chains from BMX bikes were found to be the only type that would fit. 

    Video content

    Video caption: The lighthouse chain was made out of five individual BMX chains that were joined together
  20. Jersey ales win medals at international contest

    Chris Stone

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Ales brewed in Jersey have won gold and silver at an international competition. 

    The Liberation Group's Craft Pale Ale claimed the top prize at the International Brewing Awards.

    The original Liberation Ale got silver. 

    They were up against more than 1,100 beers and ciders from more than 50 countries.