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  1. Guernsey Airport £2.6m fraudster 'has no cash', court hears
  2. Row after Jersey school closes most toilets during lessons
  3. Jersey deputy refused permission to ask Innovation Fund questions
  4. Questions raised over 'island needs' in Brexit talks
  5. Updates on Tuesday 28 March

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By Ryan Morrison

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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    That's it for Local Live for today, but we're back from 08:00 tomorrow with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather in the Channel Islands.

    Don't forget to tune in to BBC One at 18:30 tonight for all the latest headlines on  BBC Channel Islands News .

  2. Stargazing Live - what can you see from Guernsey?

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Stargazing Live returns to BBC Two tonight. 

    The annual show is coming from Australia for the first time and will focus on the Milky Way galaxy.

    Telescope setup
    Image caption: Jean M Dean shared this photo of her equipment at Jaonneause Bay in Guernsey as she prepares for a night of stargazing

    But what about stargazing in the Channel Islands? 

    Sark is a Dark Sky Island, with light polution kept to a minimum to help astronomers. 

    Then, in Guernsey and Jersey, there are active astronomy associations with telescopes to let people look up and see what is around.

    There is also a strong astrophotography group, that is for people who take photos of things visible in the night sky, and we've asked them to share a few of their favourite pictures from the past few weeks taken in the island.

    Stargazing Live  with Dara O'Brian and Professor Brian Cox is on BBC Two from 20:00 tonight.

    Orion Nebula
    Image caption: This photo by Peter Brown was taken from Guernsey showing the Orion Nebula
    The moon
    Image caption: It's not just far distant objects. This photo showing lunar features was taken from Guernsey by Attila Majoros
    Norsehead Nebula
    Image caption: This amazing image of the Horsehead and Flame Nebula was taken from Guernsey by Jean M Dean
  3. Latest weather: Turning cloudier and rain possible

    BBC Weather

    We'll see the skies turn steadily cloudier through this evening, with a little patchy light rain possible. There will also be a risk of some mist and fog patches by morning. Minimum Temperature: 10C (50F).


    Jersey weather


    Guernsey weather
  4. Le Rocquier School students 'can use toilets when they need to'

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Students at Le Rocquier School will be able to use the toilets when they need to, its head teacher says.

    Le Rocquier School

    Philip Slater has responded after the school was criticised on some online forums for closing some of its toilets during lessons to try to control how many students were leaving class to use them. 

    In a statement, Mr Slater said many schools had issues with too many students using the toilets during lesson time. 

    He said all students could use the toilets when and if they needed them, and they had special arrangements for students who had medical issues.

  5. Grandfather rights ‘indefensible and needlessly divisive’

    Guernsey Press

    Concerns that new residency rights differentiating between Guernsey families will "build discrimination into the fabric of our society" have been raised by a number of deputies .

  6. Government challenged to explain savings from e-Gov

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    A scrutiny panel has challenged Jersey's government to show what savings it will make when its operations become entirely digital.

    States of Jersey

    The Public Accounts Committee has been looking at the cost of what's known as e-Gov after it was revealed the project's £10m budget is already almost gone, and there's lots of work still left to do. 

    Panel Chairman Andrew Lewis says he's sure the investment was a sensible one - even though it's expected to go more than £2m over budget. But he added he was concerned that the government didn't know exactly what benefits there might be.

  7. Jersey States votes free TV Licences should only be for some over-75s

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    Jersey currently offers free TV Licences to some people aged 75 or over on a means-tested basis.

    The BBC had already agreed to take over paying for that from 2018, but there have been calls for it to provide free licences to all over-75s, as it does in the UK.

    Jersey States voted not to ask the BBC to pay for all of them.

  8. Guernsey Airport fraudster involved in scam letter

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    A fraudster involved in stealing £2.6m from Guernsey's government was part of a scheme which saw a bogus letter sent to the States, asking it to change the bank account details for payments to a contractor. 

    Despite Adrian Taylor making £56,260 from the scam, the 44-year-old from Kent had no money to pay compensation after the scam, a court heard today.  

    Taylor, and John Woodhatch, 59, from Essex, were  jailed at Southwark Crown Court in 2015  for five years each.

    The same court heard today that Taylor had no available assets left to pay compensation.

  9. Jersey e-Gov project 'could need a further £2m'

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A project to put all of Jersey's government services online could need an extra £2m on top of its current £10m budget to get everything done.

    Nearly all of the original budget is gone and, according to John Richardson, chief executive of the States of Jersey, more work is still needed.

    The e-Gov programme began in 2013, but the first major change to services won't be ready for another two years.

    Deputy Andrew Lewis
    Quote Message: There are significant benefits in terms of saving staff, being more efficient, greater access for the public. But there are lots of competing departments that need funds as well. from Deputy Andrew Lewis Public Accounts Committee
    Deputy Andrew Lewis Public Accounts Committee
  10. Aggie’s name lives on at The Burrow

    Guernsey Press

    A property close to Southampton General Hospital offering local families a place to stay while their young ones undergo vital care has been named in memory of schoolgirl Aggie Nicolle .  

  11. Jersey's national park covers 4,700 acres

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Did you know Jersey's National Park, which includes the Minquiers, covers an area of 2,093 vergees - which is 4,709 acres. That's according to Jersey Heritage.

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  12. Jersey Aircraft Registry 'will work', says minister

    Chris Rayner

    BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

    Jersey's Aircraft Registry will work despite a slow start, according to Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham.

    Senator Lyndon Farnham

    A Freedom of Information request revealed that just two aircraft have been registered since it was set up in 2015. It also found the registry had cost £860,000 since it first started.

    Senator Farnham said that, despite its slow start, business would pick up - especially if it began including commercial aircraft too. But he told the States it would be wrong to abandon the project.

    Quote Message: We targeted our registry to private and corporate aircraft when really we should have gone to the commercial sector as well. I will be coming back to the States to enable us to change our registry into that area. from Senator Lyndon Farnham Economic Development Minister
    Senator Lyndon Farnham Economic Development Minister
  13. All change because of new £1 coin

    Jersey Evening Post

    In just over six months’ time the Island will say goodbye to Jersey £1 coins, which will be replaced by the new 12-sided UK version, a coin that is already causing a headache for local businesses .  

  14. Guernsey Airport £2.6m fraudster 'has no cash'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A fraudster involved in stealing £2.6m from Guernsey's government has no money to pay compensation, a court has heard.

    Taylor and Woodhatch

    Adrian Taylor (pictured left), 44, from Kent, and John Woodhatch (right), 59, from Essex, were jailed at Southwark Crown Court in 2015  for five years each. 

    The same court heard that Taylor made £56,260 from the con but has no available assets left to pay compensation.

    Woodhatch was ordered to pay back £67,973 within the next six months. If he fails to do so, he faces a further year in jail after raking in £261,300 from the scam.  

  15. Electrical items stolen while owners slept

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    A MacBook Pro, guitars, cameras and a wireless speaker are among items stolen from a home in Gorey while the owners were asleep upstairs, police say.

    States of Jersey officers said those responsible also stole the keys to the householder’s car, a blue Nissan Micra, which was found abandoned submerged on Ouaisne Beach this morning.

    Property taken included:

    • A MacBook Pro 13in laptop computer
    • Two electric guitars, including a black Fender Squire bass guitar in a black and grey soft bag, and a white Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
    • A Canon digital camera and lenses
    • A Pentax camera and lenses
    • A blue Bose wireless speaker

    Officers said anyone offered any of the items, or with more information, should get in touch.

  16. Reds’ thriller win helps bring in ‘hundreds of thousands’

    Jersey Evening Post

    The Jersey Reds’ dramatic win on the rugby pitch this weekend has not only placed the team on course for the Championship play-offs, but may have also boosted the Island’s economy by hundreds of thousands of pounds, it has been claimed .  

  17. BBC 'discriminating' against Jersey over free TV Licences

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    The BBC is "discriminating" against people in Jersey by not offering to fund free TV Licences for everyone over 75 as they are in the UK, according to Deputy Montfort Tadier.

    Jersey currently offers free licences to some people aged 75 or over on a means-tested basis. Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst said the BBC had already agreed to take over paying for that from 2020.

    Deputy Tadier said that was discriminatory as the BBC would pay for everyone over 75 to get a free Licence in the UK, so they should also pay for everyone over 75 in Jersey.

    Deputy Montfort Tadier
    Quote Message: There should be no reason why we can't support this and say to the BBC that, in the view of this assembly, they shouldn't be applying a discriminatory policy across the British Isles. from Deputy Montfort Tadier Reform Jersey
    Deputy Montfort TadierReform Jersey
  18. Heavy vehicles could be banned from Langley Avenue

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Lorries and heavy vehicles could be banned from driving in Langley Park and Langley Avenue in St Saviour under proposals to improve the areas for local residents.

    Langley Avenue

    At a meeting at the parish hall last night, people told St Saviour's deputy, Kevin Lewis, that the roads were often impossible to drive or park on because of the number of wide vehicles using it. 

    The deputy has come up with several ideas to improve things, and said Liberty Bus had already agreed to use smaller buses on the route using those roads.

    He has also suggested banning vehicles over a certain width or weight, and possibly introducing a residents' parking scheme to stop people parking there for work.

  19. Report looks at impact of Brexit on the Channel Islands

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    A report into the impact of Brexit on the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man highlighted areas where the UK Government had responsibility for the islands.

    This includes defence, international representation and ensuring the islands meet their international obligations.

    One of the main findings of the report highlighted the need for the UK Government to outline what they would do during Brexit negotiations where the needs of the islands were different to those of the UK.

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  20. Jersey States shows support after UK terror attack

    Chris Rayner

    BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

    Jersey politicians have shown their support for MPs in Westminster and those affected by last week's terror attack .

    House of Commons

    Three members of the public and a police officer were killed in the attack on Wednesday.

    Deputy Bailiff Tim le Cocq read out a letter sent by the Bailiff to the Speaker of the House of Commons, which was followed by the traditional States of Jersey showing of solidarity: foot stomping.

    Quote Message: We in the States of Jersey stand united with the House of Commons and other democratic legislatures in rejecting violence, and upholding democratic principles and the rule of law. from William Baillhache Bailiff
    William BaillhacheBailiff