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  1. Jersey Police using new advice in working with children in domestic violence cases
  2. Parents call for child car seats in Guernsey taxis
  3. Concerns over planned commercial waste charges in Jersey
  4. University of Winchester to charge island students UK-level fees
  5. Updates on Wednesday 29 March

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By Rob England

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  2. Stargazing Live: What can you see from Jersey?

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    The Channel Islands are a great place to stargaze. There are areas with very little light pollution and there are active astronomy clubs and associations.

    Stars moving over the island sky
    Image caption: This image shows stars moving across the night sky from Gorey

    Yesterday, we shared some amazing photos of objects in the night sky captured from Guernsey. 

    Since then we've been sent a selection of pictures by Neil Mahrer of the Jersey Astronomy Club showing that Jersey is also a great place to capture galaxies, nebula and more.

    If you've been inspired by BBC Stargazing Live with Dara O'Brian and Professor Brian Cox on BBC Two this week, why not go out and see what you can spot in the night sky from here in the Channel Islands.

    Craters on the moon
    Image caption: It isn't just far distant objects you can see - this image from a telescope shows the craters on the moon
    La Roque
    Image caption: Even without a telescope, there are some incredible views from Jersey - including this of the Milky Way from La Roque
    Orion Nebula
    Image caption: On Stargazing Live they suggested looking for Orion, well here is an amazing picture of the Orion Nebula taken from Jersey
  3. Latest weather: Staying dry

    BBC Weather

    It will stay dry, cloudy and mild overnight, though the wind will pep up again for a time. Minimum temperature: 11C (52F).


    Thursday will be dry, fine and remarkably warm with lighter winds. Maximum temperature: 20C (68F).

  4. Proposed commercial waste charges in Jersey 'the norm elsewhere'

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    An overflowing green bin

    The States of Jersey Department for Infrastructure has been considering how to introduce plans to charge businesses and commercial customers for waste disposal. 

    The proposals were agreed on last September. Businesses would be required to pay £150 per tonne for "solid waste", with recyclables’ charges varying. The waste water charge would be £2.27 per cubic metre, plus a standing charge.

    Concerns have been raised that the charges would lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

    The department said: "Although waste charges would be new for Jersey, they are very much the norm elsewhere in the UK and Europe, including Guernsey." 

    Should they receive final approval, the charges will be introduced sometime in 2018.

  5. Parents may decide to take their own child seat 'where practical' in taxis

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Parents have taken to social media, calling for Guernsey taxi drivers to be forced to provide car seats for children, which they are not legally obliged to do.

    But traffic bosses said parents should in certain circumstances take their own child seat.

    A spokesperson from the Traffic and Highways Services in Guernsey said: "In terms of the taxi operators, we would recommend they ensure parents are comfortable with arrangements for carrying children.

    "This could include allowing parents to use their own child seat, ensuring that a child is safely buckled into the vehicle if travelling independent of an adult, and driving more slowly and with due consideration when carrying small children."

  6. States sitting to follow abuse report release

    Jersey Evening Post

    A special States sitting will be called after the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry publishes its report on child abuse in the Island, the Chief Minister has said .

  7. Chamber of Commerce: Jersey waste tax could 'close businesses'

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    The Jersey Chamber of Commerce has described the new tax which may be imposed on businesses for waste disposal as "a very real threat".

    A spokesperson said the tax "could result in the closure of businesses, especially those in the tourism and hospitality sectors". 

    It added: "Clearly, this proposed tax flies in the face of the Visit Jersey aim to attract a million tourists by 2030."

    The plans were approved in principle in September last year.

  8. What's your favourite aspect of living in Jersey? We asked, you answered

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Had enough of Brexit yet?

    Just for a break, we asked you what your favourite aspect of living in Jersey was.

    Clearly the scenery came out on top, because here's some of what you sent us:

  9. Apology over delayed report on Guernsey sea connections

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey Economic Development President Peter Ferbrache has apologised to the States for a delayed report on local sea connections. 

    He promised the States a progress report on sea links back in November last year. 

    He said the consultation progress with Condor, Jersey and the Civil Service was taking longer than expected.

  10. Bus fare rise to pay for ticket system development

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    If you use a pay-as-you-go card to pay for your bus journey in Jersey, it will cost you an extra 5p per journey, going up to £1.55, from next week.


    Kevin Hart, general manager of Jersey's only bus company, LibertyBus, said this was to pay for the development of its payment system which will allow passengers to add small amounts to their pay-as-you-go card.

    Currently the smallest top-up amount is £10 but, according to Mr Hart, a lot of customers have asked to be able to add smaller amounts, to pay for just one or two trips.

    He said this development cost money and so the firm was increasing prices for pay-as-you-go customers slightly to cover that cost. He said prices would remain at £2 per journey if paying with cash.

  11. Concerns over planned business waste charges

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey business leaders say plans to charge companies to dispose of their rubbish could force some firms to close. 

    The Department for Infrastructure wants companies to pay £150 per tonne for waste disposal.

    Andy Jehan, from the Chamber of Commerce, said members were concerned about the proposed charges.

    The Department for Infrastructure said the plans included minimal or even free recycling charges.

  12. Child seats in taxis: 'Unrealistic' to ask drivers to carry seats

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A road with taxi written on it

    Parents have taken to social media calling for Guernsey taxi drivers to be forced to provide car seats for children. 

    There's no legal requirement for drivers to use car seats if they're not available, but some have described the laws as lax and accused police of being vague on the issue. 

    A spokesperson from the Traffic and Highway Services said there was "no specific conditions attached to a taxi licence regarding the carrying of children" but that it would be "unrealistic" to ask drivers to offer a wide range of seats.

  13. Approval given for new social housing estate

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Work will start on developing more than 150 new social housing properties on the former Le Squez estate after planning permission was granted by the environment minister. 

    Le Squez

    Dozens of flats and houses were demolished last year to make way for the new development but the first planning application was refused. 

    States-owned housing company Andium Homes appealed the decision. An independent planning inspector recommended that it should be allowed and minister Steve Luce has agreed.

    The design is for 151 homes in the form of one, two or three-bedroomed flats. There will be very little car parking above ground, and Andium claimed pedestrians and cyclists would have priority.

  14. Guernsey Brexit officials 'confident' States will have access to negotiations

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey officials negotiating with the UK about the States' Brexit deal have said they are confident good lines of communication with the British Government will remain open.

    In a statement following the triggering of Article 50 , the States said: "The Bailiwick is well placed to ensure it receives a deal at least on par with what the UK agrees." 

    The Policy and Resources Committee's lead on external affairs, Jonathan Le Tocq, said he was "confident" Guernsey should have access to the terms negotiated by the UK.

    Deputy Mary Lowe, whose Home Affairs Committee has responsibility for the immigration system and administering the customs regime, said maintaining free movement of people in the common travel area was a priority for the Crown Dependencies and the UK.

  15. Jersey Milk to go up by about 4p per litre from May

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    A litre of milk is going to cost more from the middle of May. Jersey Dairy announced it is putting up the wholesale price by 4% - the first rise since 2013. 

    This will see the average price in the shop go from £1.12 to £1.16 per litre.

    Jersey Milk

    The company said it was due to the impact of a weaker pound which had led to more expensive packaging, incredients and supplies.

    Jersey Dairy Managing Director Eamon Fenlon said: "We have taken the impact of the movement in exchange rates for the last eight months in the hope that there would be signs of a recovery, but this has not been the case."

    Some Jersey Dairy products will see an 8% price rise due to higher production costs.

  16. University of Winchester to charge island students UK-level fees

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    The University of Winchester is the first to confirm that it will not increase the cost of tuition fees for Channel Island students after Brexit.

    The university said it would fix tuition fees for undergraduate students at the same level as those for UK students, regardless of the outcome of Brexit. 

    In the past, some UK universities treated Channel Island students as overseas students, charging higher fees than those paid by UK students.

    A freedom of information request revealed that, after Jersey's Highlands College, more students went to Brighton University to study than any other. This was closely followed by Winchester.

    University of Winchester
    Quote Message: We hope that this will provide reassurance to students considering university about the future cost of their studies, and we look forward to continuing to welcome students from the Channel Islands to study here. from Joy Carter Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester
    Joy Carter Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester
  17. No threat to historical relationship, says May

    Jersey Evening Post

    The ‘historical and special relationship’ between Jersey and the UK will not change after Brexit and the British government will continue to engage with the Island during negotiations, the UK Prime Minister has said in a letter addressed to the Chief Minister .  

  18. Do you think taxi drivers in Guernsey should be legally obliged to provide child car seats? Your responses:

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Quote Message: In an ideal world, of course they should. But reality is different. Parents/guardians should take some responsibility and carry their own at least, then you know it's suitable for the age/weight/height of your child and is in good condition." from Alison Torode
    Alison Torode
    Quote Message: It's simple: when you book a taxi, ask if they have one. Or, if they are on a list of "child-friendly" taxis, they will have one - similar to wheelchair access taxis. Then the driver will pre-plan the pick up with a child seat." from Rosie Lawlor
    Rosie Lawlor
    Quote Message: 100% yes. Very simple solution. Taxi office/home keeps a range of seats in the office/home. Advertise that the seat is available on a pre-booked basis only. Driver picks up seat from office, before collecting fare. Sticks it in boot after, till returned to office. from Nigel Staples
    Nigel Staples
    Quote Message: Health and safety! Who fits it? Who is liable if something, god forbid, goes wrong? Who pays for the seat etc? Suggest if you need one, bring your own, I am sure most drivers would let you fit it, happy days! from Paul Mooney
    Paul Mooney