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  1. Le Gal trial: Sent a text to her son before collision
  2. Simulator changes after Condor mooring collision
  3. Aurigny review: Two reports and recommendations published
  4. New strategy launched to support Jersey's hidden carers
  5. Concern over Guernsey's mental health treatment waits
  6. Updates on Monday 12 June

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  2. Deputies move to stop runway extension being investigated

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Two deputies are calling for money not to be spent on investigating the pros and cons of extending Guernsey Airport's runway as they believe a decision in favour of an extension is "highly unlikely".

    A potential runway extension is listed for debate by the States later this month alongside other "pipeline" or longer-term projects.

    Deputy Peter Roffey and Deputy Heidi Soulsby have asked the States in order to "test the appetite" for the extension before "spending considerable sums of money in appraising the possible benefits".

    The pipeline projects named in the Policy and Resources Plan - Phase Two are:

    • Hydrocarbon Supply
    • Inert Waste Solution
    • Affordable Housing Programme (Phase 2)
    • Coastal Flood Defences (Phase 2)
    • The Education Estate Development (Phase 2)
    • Guernsey Runway Extension
    • St Peter Port Harbour Action Area Development
    • PEH Re-profiling (Phase 2)
  3. Public meeting over Guernsey election referendum

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    There will be a meeting later this week in Guernsey to give people a chance to find out more about the proposed electoral reform referendum.

    This is ahead of a States debate on the issue next week where politicians will be asked to approve the referendum plan, which would then likely be held next summer.

    It will set out a number of options for the future electoral system in Guernsey and could be binding on the States if the turnout is high enough.

    The meeting is being held in the Harry Bound room at Les Cotils at 19:00 on Thursday 15 June.

  4. Guernsey joins Jersey in Brittany partnership

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey, Jersey and the department of Ille et Vilaine in Brittany have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at promoting greater partnership between the jurisdictions.

    Jersey first signed a cooperation agreement with the French department in 2008 and they have met annually since.

    Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Jersey's Minister for External Relations, described it as "a profound success and a valuable forum to share knowledge and opportunities for the benefit of both our jurisdictions".

    Quote Message: Guernsey has important existing social and cultural links with the region of Brittany, and the department of Ille et Vilaine in particular, so this summit has provided the opportunity to begin to build on and strengthen these links as well as to discuss some new areas for potential joint working with some of our closest neighbours. At this time of change, as the UK looks to start negotiations to withdraw from the EU, it is important for Guernsey to continue to develop its existing relationships. from Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq Member of the Policy and Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations
    Deputy Jonathan Le TocqMember of the Policy and Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations
  5. Education, Income Tax moves will save up to £0.5m. a year

    Guernsey Press

    Vacating two significant States buildings as part of government’s wider property rationalisation will generate recurring savings of between £350,000 and £500,000, the chief executive has said.

  6. St Helier developments: 'Town cramming' warning

    Jersey Evening Post

    More parks are needed in St Helier to avoid ‘town cramming’, Constable Simon Crowcroft has warned.

  7. Aurigny review: Call for full economic analysis on runway extension

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Half of the Aurigny Strategic Review panel members have called for a full economic analysis of extending the runway at Guernsey Airport.

    Tim Robins, James Dent and Paul Smith's report suggests larger aircraft used for short haul flights would then be able to land.

    Quote Message: The current runway is only just sufficient in length to support the Embraer at its maximum operating limits and any increase in length would not only improve the safety margins for this aircraft but would also enable the operation of larger aircraft such as A319s, A320s and 737s, which are the standard short haul aircraft for many airlines. from Aurigny Strategic Review Report Two
    Aurigny Strategic Review Report Two

    Both reports from the panel suggest investigating improving the current runways with approach lighting systems "mitigate against the impact of fog on flight reliability".

  8. Latest weather: Dry and clear overnight

    BBC Weather

    After a fine end to the day, with some evening sunshine, it will stay dry overnight with clear spells. Winds will be light. Minimum Temperature: 10 Deg C (50 Deg F)


    Jersey weather


    Guernsey weather
  9. How do you get a picture of the space station and the sun?

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey-based astrophotographers David Le Conte and Jean Dean captured an incredible image showing the International Space Station passing over the sun from the observatory in Guernsey. But how did they do it?

    ISS over the sun

    It involved the 5in refracting telescope at the observatory of the Astronomy Section of La Societe Guernesiaise. It was fitted with a special solar filter, but also involved timing and a lot of patience.

    Mr Le Conte said it took 1.3 seconds for the station to cross the sun and during that time he got five images using a very fast exposure to "freeze" its motion as it passed through the middle of the sun.

    Jean Dean worked with those five images to "stack and process" them to create the image that has been a hit on social media.

  10. ‘Price tag for fuel security could be hundreds of millions’

    Guernsey Press

    Guernsey faces a bill that could run into ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ to protect its long term fuel needs.

  11. Body found off Hanois identified as missing French fisherman

    James Rabey

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The body of a man found off Guernsey's Hanois Lighthouse has been identified as Arnaud Goregues, a 48-year-old French fisherman.

    He was reported missing on 7 April after his boat Marina Flower ran aground on Nantouar Beach in Louannec without Mr Goregues on board.

    His body was spotted by a passing French yachtsman about 8.8 nautical miles south west of the lighthouse on 25 May.

    It was recovered after a coordinated search involving the Guernsey Coastguard, Channel Islands Air Search, the RNLI and Guernsey Police.

  12. Aurigny review: Call for improvements at Guernsey Airport

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Both reports - each penned by three members of the Strategic Review panel - suggest changes be made at Guernsey Airport.

    People waiting for passengers coming out of arrivals in Guernsey Airport terminal

    Report one; Deputy Lyndon Trott, Stuart Falla and Dr Andy Sloan:

    • Improved landing systems during limited visibility should be considered
    • The airport should remain open for longer on certain days and particularly at peak holiday times
    • Flights could be spread more evenly across the day
    • The airport could take charge of flight arrival and departure information (currently run by airlines)
    • Payment for parking could be made easier with modern technology
    • The introduction of a business lounge

    Report two: Tim Robins, James Dent and Paul Smith:

    • New landing system technologies should be be closely monitored, with emphasis on the cost/benefit analysis of each possible option
    • Both airports (Guernsey and Alderney) should be open for longer on certain days and particularly at peak holiday times
    • In Guernsey, the walkways to the gates should be upgraded and improved
    • Guernsey Airport should take charge of all flight arrival and departure information rather than relying on airlines to provide updates
    • The payment for parking at Guernsey Airport could be made easier with modern technology
    • A business lounge at Guernsey Airport should be reinstated airside and a possible Priority Access agreement negotiated
    • Liaison with incoming aircraft to ensure that sufficient taxis are available at the rank when the aircraft lands
  13. ‘Full States would have backed a ferry trial’

    Guernsey Press

    Had a proposal for a trial passenger-only inter-island ferry service been put to the States, it would have been approved, one deputy believes.

  14. 'Finishing is the goal' - Guernsey man ahead of world's longest kayak race

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Two Guernsey men are hoping to take on the world's longest canoe and kayak race later this month.

    George Smitheram and Edward Allen are believed to be the youngest crew taking part in the Yukon River Quest in Canada from 28 June to 2 July.

    Competing under the name Yukon Do It they are raising money for the Guernsey Alzheimer's Association.

    Mr Smitheram said the 444 mile course would involve about 60 hours of kayaking over three days.

    Yukon River

    "We've been training for six months and out on the water four to five times a week over the past two months," Mr Smitheram said.

    "We're on an island so we have all the tidal things to worry about, but over there it'll just be going downstream so there's less things to worry about.

    "Depending on the weather conditions you can get really high standing waves if it's really windy or you can be really lucky and have really flat still waters. There's a couple of points where there are rapids, which neither of us have gone down before.

    "Finishing is the ultimate goal."

  15. Aurigny boss welcomes strategic review report

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The boss of Guernsey government owned airline Aurigny welcomed two reports into its future.

    Mark Darby said the reports give them a clearer idea of what the States wants from the airline. He said they had been making up policy in a vacuum due to a lack of any clear direction in the past.

    He said some aspects of the reports, if implemented, would cost the States money up front, particularly in terms of subsiding unprofitable routes.

    Quote Message: We will take a few tough decisions but it is really looking at the funding oft the routes. We will look at each route and each group of routes and say 'we want that to be continued' and the States will fund that as required. from Mark Darby Aurigny CEO
    Mark DarbyAurigny CEO

    Mr Darby said the report gives them the clarity they need and shows the States "recognise what they want us to do and provide the money upfront to allow us to do it as a subsidy if needed".

  16. Public meetings over L'Ancresse East proposals

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    This evening the States of Guernsey will hold meetings at St Sampson's High School to explain plans for the beach, kiosk and coastline at L'Ancresse East.

    The 1km wide bay was backed by sand dunes before World War Two and the current proposals aim to restore a section of the Eastern part back to the way it used to be before development.

    The goal is to create a more natural beach environment while still protecting the existing kiosk and facilities.

    The meetings are at 16:00 and 19:30 tonight.

  17. Call for Aurigny to sell jet as part of fleet rationalisation

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    "Serious consideration" should be given to selling Aurigny's Embraer 195 jet in favour of leasing an alternative jet or jets, believe three members of the Aurigny Strategic Review panel.

    It is one of the areas Pilot Tim Robins, transport economist and Alderney States member James Dent and Guernsey International Business Association council member Paul Smith thought differently than the rest of the panel.

    They recommend:

    • Active consideration of disposing of the Embraer jet replaced by a "damp lease arrangement with another operator"
    • Consider the use of alternatives to the Dornier 228 - including the Cessna Caravan - on the Alderney service
    • A move to Aurigny's default position being to lease aircraft - rather than buy - to maximise flexibility
    Aurigny Embraer jet lands in Guernsey
    Quote Message: The current ownership of the Embraer is one of the factors that constrains the management's ability to rationalise and optimise its fleet. The panel has been advised that owing to favourable moves in the USD/GBP exchange rate the Embraer could currently be sold at a profit. from Aurigny Strategic Review Report Two
    Aurigny Strategic Review Report Two
  18. Cut your hedge or face a fine, warns parish

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Islanders in Guernsey have until Thursday to trim their hedges if they want to avoid a fine.

    Douzeniers will be inspecting island roads on Thursday and any hedges not cut by then are subject to an initial £50 fine and an additional £5 per day after that until the hedge is cut back.

    This includes any uncollected cuttings left on the roads or pavements.

  19. Homes plan for Ann Street in St Helier

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Old flats and a pub in St Helier could be knocked down to build 166 new homes if government owned Andium Homes is given planning permission.

    Andium has been hoping to get on with work at Ann Court for a long time - at one point it was even thought the site could become a car park - now it's put forward formal plans for housing.

    It wants to knock down the existing old flats, and the pub on Ann St and Providence St. It then wants to build five new blocks, with 131 one-bedroom flats and 35 two-bedroom flats.

    There would also be parking for visitors, and four shops. Its understood at least part of the site is listed for its special interest.

  20. 'First step taken in providing proper clarity' on Aurigny's role

    Quote Message: These recommendations are the first step in helping to provide proper clarity around what the States expects from Aurigny and the role that it plays for the Bailiwick. The uncertainty around these areas over the past year or so has created some difficulty for Aurigny in planning effectively for the future and the STSB is now working with the airline to support it in developing its forward plans. from Deputy Charles Parkinson President, States Trading Supervisory Board
    Deputy Charles ParkinsonPresident, States Trading Supervisory Board

    The States Trading Supervisory Board is responsible for carrying out the States' role as shareholder of some of the incorporated companies owned by the States, including Aurigny.