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  1. Gorst could make statement on Graham Power
  2. Brownlee brothers to compete in Jersey's Super League Triathlon
  3. St Helier taxi drivers protest over fare changes
  4. No gagging order on teachers says education in Guernsey
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Commercial vehicles damaged at St Peter works yard

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A number of commercial vehicles were "extensively damaged" and oil drums overturned in a works yard in St Peter according to Jersey police.

It happened at La Rue de la Presse works yard over the weekend and included smashed windscreens and damage to machinery.

Police are urging anyone who may have information to get in touch.

Taxi drivers association 'sorry' for protest inconvenience

BBC Radio Jersey

The head of the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association has apologised for any disruption caused by this morning's protest.

Mick Tostevin says more than 100 drivers gathered at the Weighbridge to show their frustration at proposed changes the infrastructure minister wants to make to pay and conditions.

The protest caused a number of delays in St Helier with changes to a number of Liberty Bus services which couldn't travel down Snow Hill.

We didn't know how many drivers wouldn't come out, I was surprised at how many did come out, it shows the strength of feeling. From our point of view it went very well. I know it is highly disruptive but I keep saying we are being pressurised into doing this.

Mick TostevinTaxi Drivers Association

Staff should 'feel they can speak out' over education reforms

BBC Radio Guernsey

Teaching unions say it's important staff feel they can speak out over planned changes to Guernsey's secondary education system.

The comments by NUT representative Sean McManus come after some teachers told BBC Radio Guernsey they felt they were subjected to a "gagging order" by the States.

A "staff engagement protocol" says staff can make their views public - but should not say anything that could appear to inhibit "loyal and effective service" to the States of Guernsey.

Education says this simply reminds teachers to express themselves in a professional manner and is not a gagging order.

Capricorn Beetle discovered in Jersey woodyard

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A large beetle usually only found in the Mediterranean has been discovered in Jersey at the Norman Limited woodyard.

The Capricorn Beetle was discovered by Norman Limited employees near wood recently imported from Italy and will now be stored as a specimen at the Societe Jersiaise.

Roger Long, an inspect expert with the societe says it is a lone male unlikely to ever meet a female. He says he has killed it as there is no way of it reproducing.

Roger Long

It is alone, it can't lay any eggs, it won't find a female over here and so has now found immortality in our collection.

Roger LongInsect expert

Pedestrians and cyclists should limit time in Jersey's tunel

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Pedestrians and cyclists should limit how much time they spend in Jersey's tunnel and drivers should keep their windows closed, that's the advice from Jersey's environment department.

It comes after an air quality test found the quality at peak time was poor with the amount of pollution up to seven times higher than nearby Snow Hill.

Environmental Health will work with the Infrastructure Department to review signs for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to include a clearer warning about pollution levels.

Tunnel entrance

Tonight's weather: Clear spells with risk of fog

BBC Weather

It will stay dry overnight with some clear spells at first, however there is an increasing chance of some mist and fog patches forming. Minimum Temperature: 17 Deg C (63 Deg F)




Licencing for leisure boat owners 'being considered'

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Licensing and safety training for leisure boat owners could be looked at by the authorities in Jersey.

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Economic Development, Sport and Culture Minister, said his department would review whether licencing should be introduced for all boat owners.

It follows an accident in St Brelade's Bay last weekend that led to a man suffering a "catastrophic, life-changing injury".

Senator Farnham said a review of how safety on beaches is enforced will start later this year.

Landlords could be encouraged to accept families with children

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Landlords in Jersey could be encouraged to accept families with children who apply to rent their properties.

Currently some refuse to accept children as they have had problems in the past that cost a lot of money to repair.

The comments came from Housing Minister, Deputy Anne Pryke, who is looking at reforms following issues raised by the Independent Care Inquiry.

Deputy Anne Pryke

We can't tell landlords who they should have as a tenant but we can make sure landlords who operate as a business are encouraged to accept tenants with children.

Deputy Anne PrykeHousing Minister

Midwife apologises to parents of baby who died

BBC Radio Guernsey

A Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing in London today heard an apology from a Guernsey midwife to the parents of a baby who died on Loveridge Ward.

Lisa Granville said she "deeply regretted" her failure to follow up on the death of Baby A in 2014 at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital on 30 January 2014.

Speaking for the first time at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Lisa Granville admitted she would have responded to the baby's death differently if a complete review had been made.

But she was adamant that the death of Baby B in September 2012 was properly investigated and defended the culture at the hospital, tagged by workers as the 'Guernsey Way'.

Housing law change would 'increase red tape'

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey landlords say new laws aimed at improving rented housing in the island are simply unnecessary red tape.

The environment minister wants to bring all accommodation in the island up to a recognised standard of health and safety, to make sure tenants have a safe place to live in.

The laws would give housing officers authority to enter homes to check up on them and landlords would have to be licensed.

Robert Weston, president of the Jersey Landlords' Association, says no politicians have a mandate to increase red tape as they all stood on a platform to reduce it at the last election.

Jersey's FOI law could apply to a wider range of organisations

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's freedom of information law could be extended to include any organisation that delivers functions on behalf of the States of Jersey.

Currently the law, first introduced in January 2015, covers the States of Jersey, States Police, Andium Homes, Ports of Jersey and the 12 parishes.

Science Photo Library

Politicians voted in 2014 to extend the law to all government owned companies including JT, Jersey Post, Jersey Development Company and others but the complexity of the move led to a number of delays.

Deputy Carolyn Labey asked the Chief Minister to explain why this still hasn't happened in a written question and he says it is because they plan to extend the law to a wider range of bodies.

This could include any group that is given a government grant or does work on behalf of the States including some based in other jurisdictions.

It's hoped a report will be published soon with more information.

Two abreast cycling in Guernsey questioned

BBC Radio Guernsey

A Guernsey lawyer is questioning the legality of cyclists riding two abreast on the island's narrow roads.

Thomas Crawfourd penned an article in Aurigny's in-flight magazine arguing that the Highway Code has only limited application in Guernsey and that while cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast, they should revert to single file around corners, or when cars want to overtake.

The article sparked a lively debate on the social media pages of the Guernsey Bicycle Group, with chairman Sam Field arguing due consideration and common sense should apply equally to all road users.

What do you think? Get in touch and share your views by emailing us.

Al fresco dining and outdoor cinema planned for Jersey harbour

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

There may be an al fresco eating area and an outdoor cinema built at Elizabeth Terminal in St Helier as part of the future catering offering at the St Helier harbour.

Al fresco dining concept
Ports of Jersey

If the Ports of Jersey planning application is approved the existing outdoor seating area will be upgraded with tables and seating to accomodate diners with three bespoke shipping container structures used to provide and serve food.

The plan is part of the overall catering proposals for Elizabeth Terminal which is to be called Terminal GBJ and will be managed by local catering company The Calvani Group.

Commercial projects officer, James Morris, said: “This proposal is a major step forward towards our ultimate aim of providing a superior catering offering that will appeal not only to sea passengers but will also benefit both residents and visitors alike."

Guernsey hit by thunderstorm as Jersey escapes the worst

Rainwater pours into harbour

As a thunderstorm hit Guernsey water poured in St Peter Port Harbour

Thanks to James Bentley for this video.

Thunderstorm produced almost 9mm of rain

Work to clear flooded areas under way

States debating charging for police services

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Despite a heavy workload politicians are still debating changes to the States of Jersey Police force law, particularly focusing on charging for some services.

If approved the police would be able to charge for a number of goods and services when policing major commercial events.

There has been a lot of criticism of the move from politicians speaking during the debate - particularly around the impact it will have on the parish run honorary police forces - which often send more staff to major events than the paid police.

The proposition also covers the introducing of independent custody visitors and allowing States employees and contractors to undertake police functions.

This is the first of 14 propositions members have to vote on during the last sitting before the summer recess.

Lightning strike but 'supplies unaffected'

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening

BBC Weather

The rain is pouring, the thunder is clapping and the lightning is striking over the Channel Islands.

If you get any good weather pictures we'd love to see them. You can email them to us and you can keep an eye on the thunderstorm using the Jersey Met weather radar.

Jersey weather radar
Jersey Met

Latest weather: Thundery showers

BBC Weather

There is a risk of thundery showers this afternoon, with some heavy downpours and hail possible.

However, it should be largely dry by this evening. Maximum temperature: 25C (77F).

Jersey sky

Super League Triathlon: Jersey to offer a 'challenging course'

BBC Sport

Jersey will host the Super League Triathlon this September and organisers say the island will pose a "real challenge" for some of the world's best triathletes including the Brownlee brothers and the UK's Vicky Holland.

The 200m swim course will go between the "mega yachts" in Elizabeth Marina and the five lap bike course will include hairpin turns, narrow passages through high-rise apartment blocks and a cobblestone surface.

Organisers say the route will include dead turns, varied surfaces and super-tight turns.

Super League Triathlon route
Super League Triathlon

Health and safety changes 'rejected' by landlords

BBC Radio Jersey

New health and safety rules for rented homes have been dismissed by Jersey's landlords who say they will simply result in higher rents for tenants.

The environment department says private rented homes should reach a minimum standard for health and safety. It wants to introduce a licensing system so landlords will have to prove their homes are up to scratch.

Robert Weston, president of the Landlords Association, says it could mean landlords at the cheaper end of the market decide to withdraw their accommodation.

States of Guernsey criticised over 'gagging order'

BBC Radio Guernsey

A number of people have criticised the States of Guernsey over the restrictions it places on employees.

Several teachers say a "gagging order" has been imposed on them by the States over proposed secondary education reforms. But the education committee deny a gagging order is in place.

It's caused a stir on social media. On the BBC Radio Guernsey Facebook page Lucia Faith Pagliarone said: "NO ONE who works for the SOG are free to air ANY views. Everyone knows this."

Claire Wakefield said: "The teaching staff are the people I actually WANT to listen to and in my opinion, the best source of knowledge."

Mark Page said: "They can only comment through their unions or members of staff authorised to speak to the media."

Town traffic disruption as taxi drivers protest

Jersey Evening Post

Traffic has ground to a halt in parts of town after taxi drivers launched a protest in response to recent changes to the industry.

Last States of Jersey sitting before the summer break

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

It is a busy agenda for the States of Jersey today with 14 propositions listed for debate.

These include:

  • Police force law changes including independent custody visitors, charging for States of Jersey Police goods and services and allowing for States civilian employees to undertake police functions.
  • The introduction of a liquid waste charge on certain companies including hotels, Jersey Dairy and restaurants.
  • Proposals to increase income support payments in line with the retail price index and an increase in the percentage of income ignored as part of an income support assessment.
  • A new ethical care charter proposed by Deputy Geoff Southern that would put rules in place for people providing personal care in people's homes.
  • There is also a proposal to introduce a commissioner for standards who would be responsible for handling complaints against States members.

Isabelle Vets opens up new practice at L’Islet

Guernsey Press

A veterinary practice based in St Peter Port has cemented itself in the community at L’Islet following a major investment in new premises.

Les Quennevais school planning delays 'won't increase costs'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Its claimed the cost of building the new Les Quennevais School won't increase, despite delays to the planning process.

New plans have been submitted reducing the scale of the building and change the flow of traffic after concerns raised by an independent planning inspector led to the earlier plans being rejected.

Those have been addressed in the revised design that'll now be considered by planners. But recent rain damage to the existing school highlighted the need for the new one which will cost £40m.

It's not thought the delay in planning will affect the project timescale, and head teacher Sarah Hague says even though the school had to close recently it will remain safe for pupils and staff while the new one is built.

Les Quennevais

Definitely not an earthquake - British Geological Survey

BBC Radio Guernsey

The cause of reports of earthquake like events across the islands was a supersonic plane, a seismologist has said.

David Galloway, from the British Geological Survey, said: "We received quite a few reports... we looked at our seismometers in the region, there is a signal which we believe to be consistent with a sonic origin.

"Anything that flies supersonic basically has the chance of a sonic event."

Earthquake waves travel quite fast, a lot faster than the speed of sound, so we can tell by the 'squiggly lines' essentially on our spacings that are recorded that it is definitely of sonic origin."

David GallowaySeismologist, British Geological Survey

He also said "the earthquake off the Aleutian Islands happened after what people felt in Jersey and Guernsey".

No 'gagging order' for Guernsey teachers

BBC Radio Guernsey

There is no "gagging order" in place to stop teachers commenting on planned changes in secondary education, Guernsey's Education, Sport and Culture Committee insists.

A number of teachers contacted the BBC claiming they're only allowed to make supportive comments about the plans.

Committee President Paul Le Pelley firmly denied that such a gagging order exists: "The idea there are gagging orders is absolute rubbish."

View more on facebook

Earthquake reports 'most likely sonic event'

Super League Triathlon coming to Jersey

BBC Sport

The Brownlee brothers will be joining 48 other top male and female triathletes including 25 Olympians when the Super League Triathlon comes to Jersey in September.

The event will offer a top prize of £100,000 for both male and female competitors and could be watched by up to 400m people around the world.

It is being held on 23 and 24 September and will feature some of the biggest triathlon stars including South African Richard Murray who won the Super League title in Australia.

Brownlee Brothers
Getty Images

The natural beauty of our island combined with our strong sporting culture lends itself perfectly to hosting such a prestigious global event.

Senator Lyndon FarnhamEconomic Development, Sport and Culture Minister

Jersey to host its 'biggest ever event'

Jersey Evening Post

A world triathlon event is to be held in Jersey later this year – and could attract between 2,500 and 5,000 fans and showcase the island to a global TV audience of up to 400 million.

Aurigny jet back in operation

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Aurigny's Embraer 195 jet

Aurigny's Embraer 195 jet is back in action, after an incident on Sunday left it grounded.

The disruption meant delays and cancellations for passengers during one of the busiest times of the year.

The airline confirmed the jet was flying again following the handling incident at Gatwick Airport.

Gorst could make statement over Graham Power

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Jersey's chief minister will consider whether the former police chief Graham Power deserves recognition for his efforts in dealing with child abuse.

He was asked whether he would apologise to Mr Power over the way he was treated by the Council of Ministers prior to his suspension.

Speaking in the States, Senator Ian Gorst said it wasn't appropriate to apologise, but some statement could be made about the former police chief.

Senator Gorst said he'd look at the way Mr Power was suspended in 2008 and consider how other individuals were treated.

St Helier 'at a standstill' after taxi protest

BBC Radio Jersey

A number of people called BBC Radio Jersey this morning to report "gridlock" on the roads in St Helier due to a protest by rank taxi drivers.

Drivers are protesting because Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Eddie Noel refuses to go into mediation with them over planned fare structure changes.

They were planning to "go slow" in St Helier between 09:30 and 10:00. This prompted a number of people to call and say things aren't moving in town.

Have you noticed traffic delays in St Helier this morning? Get in touch.

Brownlee brothers to compete in Jersey event

Luxmy Gopal

BBC Channel Islands News

Jonny and Alistair Brownlee will compete in the Super League Triathlon in Jersey this September.

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States of Jersey: Care inquiry and liquid waste charge

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry will be a big part of today's States of Jersey sitting with a number of questions for the chief minister to answer.

Senator Ian Gorst will also be answering questions without notice alongside Home Affairs Minister Deputy Kristina Moore.

Debates will cover a wide range of issues from the controversial liquid waste charge to a new ethical care charter for people providing home care in the island.

You can listen live to the last States sitting before the summer break here.