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  1. Jersey to check for ice contamination in restaurants
  2. More of the Bailiwick's most vulnerable children are being looked after close to home, report finds
  3. Worries that killer hornet is 'here to stay'
  4. Controversial Jersey 'lifts' Facebook group launches app
  5. Cruise ship Britannia cancels visit due to poor weather
  6. Updates for Friday 21 July

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New hospital inquiry to start in November

Sarah Scriven

News Editor, BBC Jersey

The inquiry into the plans for Jersey's new hospital is to start on 6 November.

An independent inspector will lead the week long review.

Jersey's new general hospital is to be built on its existing site on Gloucester Street and the surrounding area.

States of Jersey

Part of the plan is to knock down the Revere and Stafford Hotels on Kensington Place and nearby flats. During the public inquiry people will be invited to comment on the planning application.

The inspector Philip Staddon has reviewed schemes in Jersey before, including plans for homes on a greenhouse site at St Ouen.

The Minister says an inquiry is needed as the £460m scheme is a significant project and it has to be the right hospital for Jersey.

Financial ombudsman receives more than 100 complaints

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) received more than 100 complaints in the second quarter of 2017, new figures show.

During the period April to June 2017 the CIFO received 121 complaints.

During this period, 50 new case files were opened – these are complaints that are within CIFO’s mandate.

Most related to the sectors of banking, insurance, investments/funds, and non-bank credit with the top five products or services complained about being:

  • Current accounts (32% of case files opened);
  • Mortgages (10%);
  • Financial advice (10%);
  • Whole of life insurance (investment) (8%);
  • Health insurance (8%).

The top four issues raised by complainants related to:

  • Poor administration or delay (32% of case files opened)
  • Mis-selling (24%);
  • Non-payment of claim (14%)
  • Closure of account (12%).

The moths threatening Sark's tomato crop

BBC Channel Islands News

The moths threatening Sark's tomato crop

Public inquiry into new hospital should be completed before Christmas

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

States of Jersey

Jersey's planning department hopes to complete the public inquiry into Jersey's new hospital before Christmas.

The inquiry into the plans will start on 6 November. People will be invited to comment on the planning application.

Peter Le Gresley, the Director of Development Control, says even though it's a short time scale the work should be completed on time.

Latest weather: Showers continuing into the weekend

BBC Weather

The wind and rain will ease late this evening. Clear spells will develop, but we could see a few showers towards dawn. Minimum Temperature: 15C (59F).

Saturday weather

The showers will continue through Saturday, but they will become often heavy, with the risk of hail and thunder.

They will linger into the evening and it will be feeling rather cool. Maximum Temperature: 18C (64F).

Jersey to press on with plans for a children's commissioner

Chris Stone

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey will press on with plans for a children's commissioner - even if Guernsey rejects plans for them to serve both islands.

The role was proposed in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report, and the chief minister said he would begin the appointments process very quickly.

The inquiry report said that the role of care commissioner should cover all the Channel Islands, and not just Jersey.

Jersey Care Inquiry
Jersey Care Inquiry

Senator Ian Gorst told the states that he wanted Guernsey and the other islands to work together on the appointment.

He said the commission should serve all Channel Islands, as the report recommends.

But Guernsey already has a different system in place for looking after children; the chairman of its child protection committee said they would need to look very carefully at the plan before making a commitment.

A spokesman from Jersey's chief minister's office said the commission would have a Jersey focus to begin with, but there would be scope to focus on other islands in future.

Giving money for lifts not illegal as long as money is going towards cost of journey

BBC Radio Jersey

The Director for Transport Policy in Jersey says giving money for lifts is not illegal as long as it's going towards the cost of the journey.

The Jersey Lifts group, which sees people share lifts for no fee, is launching an app that'll let people easily contact each other to organise their journeys.

Tristan Dodd says the mileage allowance for Jersey is 60p a mile, so as long as the payment is within this figure the lift is still legal.

"Guernsey way" culture at hospital where two babies died

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

A midwife who worked on a scandal-hit maternity ward where the deaths of two babies could have been prevented had too much responsibility because of the "Guernsey way" culture at the hospital, a tribunal heard.

Tuija Roussel worked at the Loveridge Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital with fellow midwives Lisa Granville and Antonia Manousaki where the two children died.

Granville reviewed both cases and wrongly concluded that no further action was necessary after Baby A died on 30 January 2014 and Baby B died in September 2012, the Nursing and Midwifery council has heard.

Throughout an investigation by the local authority it emerged that a culture had developed where midwives acted on verbal orders instead of written prescriptions that has been referred to as the "Guernsey way".

Loveridge Ward

Roussel admitted that communication was sometimes problematic between midwives and consultants as the midwives were told not to contact them overnight with "unnecessary calls".

But she said she only worked well with one obstetrician during her time at the hospital and others were "challenging" personalities who midwives "had difficulty approaching".

Catherine Higgins, for the NMC, asked Ms Roussel: "Is it fair to say that you adapted your work practices as a result of the way the obstetricians behaved?"

Roussel replied: 'I would not say that, I came to the culture and it carried on.

"Obviously when reflecting over the years I started taking on too much responsibility on my shoulders because of the way we worked there and I stepped too far.

"I can see now that that is the case, but I was practising with other midwives not realising that that was unacceptable."

The hearing continues.

New chief executive appointed for States of Jersey

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

A new chief executive for the States of Jersey has been appointed - Charlie Parker - who is currently the chief executive of Westminster City Council.

In the last four years he has directed the reorganisation of council services, and overseen a successful Ofsted inspection in Tri-Borough Children’s Services which resulted in the only outstanding rating in the UK.

Charlie Parker
States of Jersey

Mr Parker’s previous position was chief executive at Oldham Council, where he led the council’s transformation from being the worst Local Authority in 2008 to the most improved in the country in 2012.

He brought an estimated £500m of investment into the town while introducing service improvements and efficiencies of £140m over a five year period, the States of Jersey said.

Cloudy skies above St Peter Port

BBC Weather Watchers

St Peter Port

The market building and Town Church frame this view of today's cloudy sky thanks to Brass, just one of the BBC Weather Watchers in the islands.

Police to 'monitor Jersey lifts' for potential risks

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's home affairs and infrastructure ministers say as long as Jersey Lifts is just a ride sharing service and not "commercial" then they would not get involved.

Jersey Lifts
Jersey Lifts

Deputy Eddie Noel, Infrastructure Minister, says he is responsible for the regulation of taxi services, illegal services and ride sharing services are not regulated and so would not come under his department's control.

He said any illegal activity would be a matter for the police who have said that proving the use of a private vehicle for commercial purposes beyond all reasonable doubt is very difficult and so securing a conviction would be difficult.

Deputy Noel says there is already provision to take action against illegal taxi services under the motor traffic law with strict penalties if a conviction can be secured.

Deputy Kristina Moore, Home Affairs Minister, said police would continue to monitor the group and the app to check for illegal activity and to ensure people were safe when sharing rides.

Asian hornet: No secondary nests found in Jersey

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

A third discovery of an Asian hornet's nest in Jersey on Wednesday doesn't necessarily mean the insects have permanently settled in the island, according to the States of Jersey's principle ecologist.

John Pinel, from the Department for the Environment, said they had destroyed a primary nest this week.

The nest differed, he said, from a secondary one, which would have indicated the hornets were firmly established in the island.

However, President of Jersey Beekeeper's Association Tim du Feu said the discovery, when combined with 20 sightings across the island meant "more than likely" the hornets were permanently established in the island.

Asian hornet

The danger will be if there's secondary nests created that we don't discover, and there could be a large number of queens released which could then go on to build new nests next year."

John PinelStates of Jersey Principle Ecologist

Guernsey wait on Fazakerley decision

James Law

BBC Sport Online

Guernsey vice-captain Josh Butler says they are awaiting permission from Leicestershire to allow Will Fazakerley to play in World Cricket League Five.

Seam bowler Fazakerley, 19, made his first-class debut earlier this month and has been named in Guernsey's squad.

Guernsey cricket

"We probably won't know for another couple weeks yet," Butler told BBC Radio Guernsey.

"Being a contracted player for a professional side he's controlled by them, so it's a tough one."

BBC Weather Watcher captures sunny Sark

BBC Weather Watchers

Thanks to BBC Weather Watcher the Sark Weather Man for this sunny picture of Sark.

The skies aren't looking so clear now!

Sark Weather Man

Adult education classes could see cost increases

BBC Radio Guernsey

Hobbyist adult education classes at the Guernsey College of Further Education could see huge increases in cost to help balance the books.

According to the president of Education, Sport and Culture the committee is going to find it very tough to hit its financial targets this year.

Deputy Paul Le Pelley says hobbyist adult education classes could be targeted by the board of directors at the college.

The proposals will be debated on Monday when potential costs will be decided.

Brexit high on agenda of Bailiwick Council meeting

The ongoing work with the UK government around Brexit was among the issues discussed at the sixth meeting of the Bailiwick Council.

Representatives from Guernsey, Alderney and Sark also talked about local issues, such as fisheries and transport.

With the negotiations well under way between the UK and the EU about the UK’s exit, it is more important than ever to have a strong relationship between the three islands of the Bailiwick."

Deputy Al BrouardGuernsey Policy and Resources Committee member with responsibility for Bailiwick matters

Jersey Lifts app 'safer for passengers'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

An app designed to offer "Uber-style ride sharing" for people in Jersey is based on the popular "Jersey Lifts" Facebook page. The developers say the app will make asking for lifts safer.

Jersey Lifts

Jersey Lifts has proved controversial with police, some States members and the island's taxi industry who say it allow drivers to avoid taxi regulations and standards, and could be illegal.

Police say it is only illegal if drivers are making a profit from offering lifts.

Developers say the app will show passengers what they should expect to pay based on the fuel costs and journey times. They say it is a ride sharing app not a taxi service.

Itineris, who produced the free app say it will make taking a lift safer than asking for it on Facebook as it will allow drivers and passengers to rate each other as well as log journey details, have cars registered and will allow for optional SMS alerts to family or friends when a passenger gets in the car.

Guernsey's annual inflation higher than Jersey and UK

Guernsey's annual inflation, measured by the changes in the RPIX in the year, at the end of last month, was 2.8%.

RPIX excludes mortgage interest payment, while RPI includes it and was 2.3% at the end of June 2017.

This compares to RPI 2.5% and RPIX 2.7% in Jersey.

The UK's inflation rate, which is based on the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) dropped unexpectedly to 2.6% in June, down from 2.9% in May.

Worries that killer hornet is 'here to stay'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Asian Hornet

The president of Jersey Beekeepers' Association has said he's worried the Asian hornet, an invasive species which eats bees, has established itself in Jersey.

A third Asian hornet nest was destroyed on Wednesday after being discovered in the east of the island.

President of Jersey Beekeepers' Association Dr Tim du Feu said: "There's a more general distribution, which infers they are here to stay."

"It's more than likely that they are establishing residence," he added.

There have been 20 Asian hornet sightings so far this year, spread across the island.

Jersey Dunkirk veteran to attend screening of new film

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

A Jersey veteran of the evacuation of Dunkirk will be at a special screening of a new film about it this evening.

Clive Kemp

Clive Kemp, 96, was one of more than 300,000 men who were taken off the beaches and harbours around the town after the Germans invaded France and Belgium.

Clive Kemp

There will be a red carpet and guard of honour for Mr Kemp, and other Jersey veterans of the war.

He says he expects to get emotional during tonight's film - because he still has strong memories of what happened.

Castle Night called off

Consumer Group relaunched by Aurigny

The Guernsey States-owned airline has reestablished its public feedback forum.

Aurigny says as well as providing feedback and ideas, members will be consulted on potential changes to services and act as 'mystery shoppers'.

This group will allow us to receive feedback from the people who matter most – our customers. Having this kind of insight will be invaluable to us and will really help us improve the service we deliver."

Malcolm CouparAurigny Commercial Director
Passengers getting on the Aurigny jet

The group, which will meet quarterly, held its first meeting earlier this week.

The airline says there may be opportunities for new members to join in the future and anyone who would like to register their interest should contact Paul Ainsworth:

  • Email:
  • Post: Aurigny Air Services, La Planque Lane, Forest, Guernsey, GY8 0DT

Busy year for the States of Jersey website

Nurse breaks down in tears at hearing into Guernsey maternity ward

Sian Davies

BBC News Online

A nurse broke down in tears and apologised for letting her practise "go over the boundaries of midwifery" at a hearing in London.

Tuija Roussel was working on the Loveridge Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey when Baby A was born in January 2014. The desperately ill baby required resuscitation and died.

A subsequent investigation revealed concerns about a similar case, referred to only as baby B, who died in September 2012, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has heard.

Ms Roussel said she wished she had challenged the culture at the hospital but said it was "difficult for one individual to challenge".

Loveridge Ward

She has admitted - in the absence of a doctor - to giving the mother of Baby A a drug called Syntocinon, which speeds up delivery and quickens the baby's heart rate, without a written prescription.

"I was told I was a good midwife," Roussel told the hearing yesterday.

"I always had good feedback from my peers.

"I am so so shocked and sorry how I let my practise go over the boundaries of midwifery."

Ms Roussel and midwives Lisa Granville and Antonia Manousaki all faces charges of misconduct at the NMC.

The hearing continues.

Rowing challenge in memory of Shay

Guernsey Press

A family came together to row from Carteret to Guernsey in memory of Shay Williams-Savident.

'Safer' walking and cycle routes for St Clement students

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

New "safe" walking and cycling routes are being installed in St Clement to help students at Le Rocquier secondary school and a number of primary schools get to and from school safely.

St Clement Parish Hall

Work starts on Monday on a shared cycle and walking route that will start at St Clement Parish Hall, pass through Le Rocquier playing fields and come out on to Pontorson Lane at the northern end of the playing fields.

There will also be traffic calming measures on Pontorson Lane, Rue de la Croix and Rue de Maupertis to provide a route from Le Squez and Le Marais housing estates.

This is because about 400 students come from Le Marais and Le Squez every day and that number could increase when the next phase of the Le Squez development is completed, creating hundreds of new homes.

There will also be a 12-month trial of closing Rue de Maupertuis to through traffic at the double bends.

The 'rules' of lift sharing in Jersey

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A team of developers in Jersey are launching a "ride sharing app" based on the popular Jersey Lifts Facebook group.

They say it will allow passengers and drivers to connect in a safe and more secure way than just asking for a lift on Facebook.

Jersey Lifts app
Jersey Lifts

Jersey's Department for Infrastructure said these are the rules around ride sharing...

  • Not-for-profit lift sharing is within the law and "good for the environment"
  • Accepting payment for hire or reward is a "cab service" and illegal without a cab licence
  • Apps should not encourage payment between passengers and drivers
  • Legitimate ridesharing will not affect car insurance but accepting payment will breach and invalidate private vehicle insurance
  • Jersey's tax office publishes a flat rate expense that can be charged to cover fuel, wear and tear etc. This is currently 60p/mile
  • In Jersey only PSV badge owners can offer hire for reward work

Car damaged while parked in the Bordage

Guernsey Police are appealing for information after a black Suzuki Swift was damaged while parked in the two hour disc parking zone on Le Bordage, St Peter Port.

It's believed the damage to the rear nearside bumper and wheel arch was caused sometime between 16:00 and 19:00 on Tuesday.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC 191 Hollingworth 725111 or to call the anonymous crime stoppers line on 0800 555 111.

How much more are you paying?

Jersey Evening Post

The cost of living increased by 2.5% during the last year, according to new figures from the States Statistics Unit.

Cruise ship Britannia cancels visit due to poor weather

BBC Radio Guernsey

Adverse weather conditions have meant the cruise ship Britannia has cancelled her visit, Guernsey Harbours has told the BBC.

More than 4,300 people are on board, but bosses felt the weather would be too rough to bring passengers ashore. The vessel is now on her way to Southampton.

Britannia cruise ship

Heavy and persistent rain is expected later accompanied by strong winds, with coastal gales.

Man fined for hotel bar headbutt

Jersey Evening Post

A 37-year-old has been fined after headbutting a man who made inappropriate comments about his mother and sister.

Sheep taking to the race track in Sark

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Starting today and running until the end of the week sheep will be taking to the race track in Sark carrying a toy rabbit jockey on their back.

Sark Sheep
Sue Daly

The annual Sark Sheep Racing event on Millennium Field has been taking place for more than 20 years, raising money for charities in the island.

It attracts hundreds of visitors to the island, which has a resident population of about 600.

It's one of a number of events for carnival day including a tug of war and pillow fighting.

Guernsey to examine Jersey care inquiry report

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey States will look at the Jersey care inquiry report to see if it can learn any lessons from it.

The long-awaited report found children in care in Jersey were still at risk and heavily criticised the States in the way it looked after the island's vulnerable young people.

It made eight recommendation, including the introduction of a children's commissioner which could serve all of the Channel Islands.

Care report

A children's commissioner might be one model but we may be able to do it through other means. The point is to ensure the voice of the child is heard.

Simon WestwoodChairman, Islands Child Protection Committee

Pressure for debate on £600k of savings

Guernsey Press

Pressure is being applied to get debated in the States a potential £600,000 saving through merging the fire and ambulance services.

Today’s weather: Wet, windy and feeling cool

BBC Weather

After a dry and bright start to the today, the cloud will soon thicken.

Heavy and persistent rain will then arrive from the west and it will be accompanied by strong winds, with coastal gales.

Maximum temperature: 21C (70F).





'I'll stop riding when I'm ready to stop riding'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Guernsey businessman Zef Eisenberg has revealed he nearly died in a high-speed motorcycle crash last year.

Despite the injuries the Maximuscle founder said he was now ready to race again.

If you missed it, you can also listen to the full interview here.

X-ray of injuries sustained by Zef Eisenberg
Zef Eisenberg
Zef Eisenberg revealed he broke both pelvises and a number of other bones in the accident

Controversial 'lifts' Facebook group launches app

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The Facebook group Jersey Lifts has launched an app to help people share car journeys together.

Jersey lifts app
Jersey Lifts

The controversial group lets people put a request for a lift from one place to another, and others will advertise that they are offering lifts. It is supposed to be for no fee but often users of the group will agree an amount of money in return for the ride.

The developers of the app, Initeris, say it will enable people to easily contact each other to organise their journeys. It adds the idea is legal because no money for journeys is agreed through the app.

It's been unpopular with taxi drivers who claim it's an unlicensed and unregulated taxi service, but police say it's not illegal unless money changes hands.

Cost of living up 2.5% on last year

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey’s Retail Prices Index (RPI) increased by 2.5% in June 2017 compared to the same time last year.

Household services and motoring were the largest contributors to the overall annual increase in the RPI.

This still represents a drop in the rate of inflation though as in March RPI was 2.9%.

States of Jersey

Most vulnerable children 'now looked after close to home'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Fewer Guernsey children are having to be looked after off-island, and fewer are being moved within their placements, the annual report of the Island Child Protection Committee has revealed.

It also says there is now greater stability in childrens' care.

The committee was established to coordinate the work of the various agencies safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. It says 2016 was a year of improvements across the board.

It found that only 5% of looked after children are having to be moved in their placements three or more times.

This compares with 6% of looked after children in Scotland and 10% in England.