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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    Live updates for the Channel Islands have finished for the day, but we'll be back at 08:00 on Friday with the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

    Don't forget Spotlight for the Channel Islands on BBC One later. There will also be news through the night on your BBC Local Radio station.

  2. Jersey Air Display: Your stories

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    It was a family day out for Lindsay and Charlotte, from St Saviour, who brought their children along.

    Lindsey said he loved seeing the Avro Lancaster bomber in particular.

    The children seemed happy - after all, it's a day off school for them here in Jersey!


    The Lancaster has four of the famous Merlin engines, and was affectionately called the "Lanc".

    It was flown by a crew of seven during World War Two.

    And we'll leave you with the image of it in the sky above the islands today.

    Thanks for joining us.

  3. International Air Display: Breguet Br 1050 Alize

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Image caption: The Alize, being chased by the other French planes, the Zephyr and the Mourane-Salnier

    Making its debut at a British air display was the Breguet BR.1050 Alize.

    It is a carrier-based patrol and anti-submarine aircraft which served with the French Navy between 1959 and 2000.

    Although French-built, it's got a Rolls Royce engine, with a top speed of 292 mph (470 km/h).

    The Alize saw service in both the French and Indian air services, and was used in the NATO air campaign against Serbia over Kosovo.

    Breguet Br.1050 Alize
    Breguet Br.1050 Alize
  4. Latest weather: Showers continuing through the night and on Friday

    BBC Weather

    Scattered showers will continue through the evening and overnight. Skies will clear at times but it will stay rather breezy throughout.

    Minimum temperature: 11C (52F).


    Friday will be another day of sunshine and showers. Many of these showers will be heavy and may merge into longer spells of rain at times. Feeling rather cool, especially in the breeze.

    Maximum temperature: 15C (59F).

  5. Jersey Air Display: Your stories

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Vanessa and Lionel from St Saviour spoke to me about how they found the air show.

    They said although they enjoyed the aircraft, the weather was unfortunately quite windy and a bit cold.

    Lionel said he loved the smokey display from the S2S biplane in particular, where the aircraft seemed to stall in mid air before dipping down in to a dive.

    Vanessa and Lionel
  6. Jersey Air Display: It's not all about the aircraft (part two)

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Simon Dodkins is from the Jersey Military Vehicle Club and wanted to bring his Ford down to go with the military theme of today's air display.

    He is a reenactor, hence the smart uniform.

    He said it was painted in the tradition style of the British Army vehicles which arrived on the island on Liberation Day.

    Simon said it looks like a Jeep, it acts like a Jeep, but it is definitely a genuine 1944 model Ford.

    Liberation jeep
  7. Jersey Air Display: The Baltic Bees' routine in pictures

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Here is a few highlights from the Baltic Bees Aerobatics display earlier.

  8. Jersey Air Display: The Baltic Bees - 'You can be my wingman any time'

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    I caught up with the Baltic Bees Team Leader, Artyom Soloduha, who told me a bit about what he was expecting from the aerobatics team today.

    He said they have had a busy season this year.

    The Latvian team have just come back from Austria, and will be performing in France next week.

    Artyom Soloduha
    Quote Message: Our programme is 25 minutes. That includes formation flying and display flying. I call it flying theatre or opera because, with our music and smoke, the sky becomes like a theatre. For 10 minutes we do the six-man formation with all kinds of aerobatic manoeuvres. We are doing splits, solo flying, two-aircraft formation flying, hearts, knife edges. We love what we do." from Artyom "Maverick" Soloduha Team Leader, Baltic Bees
    Artyom "Maverick" SoloduhaTeam Leader, Baltic Bees

    His call sign is "Maverick" - a reference to Tom Cruise's character in the 1986 classic film, Top Gun.

    The team began calling him this when they discovered he was their youngest member.

    However, he doesn't have a pilot with the call sign "Goose" - Maverick's fellow flyer and radar intercept officer - to match.

    I offered, but I'm not sure he was keen.

  9. Fire in garage leaves building 'unsafe'

    Alexandra Spiceley

    BBC Radio Jersey, Reporter

    A man has escaped from a fire that broke out in a garage while vehicles were being repaired, the fire service says.

    Two fire engines and nine crew members helped put out the blaze in a St Helier garage at about 15:00.

    No one was injured but several structural beams were badly damaged, leaving the building in an unsafe condition.

    Watch commander John Le Cornu urged the public to check vehicle fuel systems before attempting any vehicle repairs.

  10. Health Department investing extra £4m in services for older people

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey's Health Department is investing an extra £4m in services this year for Jersey's growing older population.

    The number of people with dementia in Jersey is expected to double over the next 20 years.

    Dementia and heart failure were also expected to become more common, as well a big increase anticipated in the number of patients needing care at the end of their lives, staff said.

  11. Asian hornets likely 'to be an ongoing problem'

    Guernsey Press

    A number of queens were found in and around an Asian hornet nest discovered in Torteval last week, it has been confirmed.

  12. Jersey Air Display: The Baltic Bees in flight

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Baltic bees
  13. Jersey Air Display: Islanders shown Royal Navy's Merlin helicopter

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    This year we've had a bit of a treat, with a visit from a Royal Navy Merlin helicopter.


    The helicopter's crews were busy chatting to the people here about the stunning aircraft.

  14. International Air Display: Saab 32 Lansen (Lance)

    Rob England

    BBC News Online


    The last of the Saab family to fly today is the Lansen.

    The Saab 32 Lansen is the second oldest of the four Swedish aircraft at the display this year.

    It's a two-seat low wing attack and reconnaissance aircraft.

    First produced in 1953, the Lansen was in service until the 1970s.

    It has a top speed of about 711mph (1145km/h) and is supersonic in a dive, meaning it can fly faster than the speed of sound.

    The Lansen is being flown today by Per Weilander.

    Saab 32 Lansen
    Saab 32 Lansen
  15. Jersey Air Display: Still a great day for an ice cream

    BBC Radio Jersey

    It may be a bit chilly, and more than a bit windy, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a great day to enjoy an ice cream.

    Up in the commentary and air traffic control area, the BBC Radio Jersey team have indulged themselves.

    Ice cream
  16. Jersey Air Display: Saab AJS 37 Viggen

    Rob England

    BBC News Online


    After the Draken, the Viggen cut swathes through the sky in Jersey.

    Brought into service by the Swedish Air Force in the 1960s the Vigggen is a multi-role combat aircraft.

    It could fly with a host of weaponry and defence systems customised to suit each mission.

    The two-seat training version began to be used in 1962, but a more advanced version was brought out in 1980.

    It's powered by a Volvo engine, and can hit top speeds of 1,386mph (2,231km/h).

    One of only three aircraft of its kind still flying, this Viggen was restored by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight.

    Stellan Andersson is in the cockpit today.

    Saab AJS 37 Viggen
    Saab AJS 37 Viggen
  17. Jersey Air Display: Saab SK 35C Draken

    Rob England

    BBC News Online


    How do you know the Saab Draken is on its way? Well, you can't see it, but you can certainly hear it!

    Brought in to replace the beloved Tunnan, the Saab SK 35C Draken was put in to service by the Swedish Air Force as their new attack aircraft in 1960.

    Being flown today by Lars Martinsson, the Draken can reach staggering speeds of about 1,381 mph (2222km/h) - approaching twice the speed of sound.

    There's a Rolls Royce engine in this one too.

    Saab SK 35C Draken
  18. Jersey Air Display: Saab J-29 Tunnan, better known as the 'Flying Barrel'

    Rob England

    BBC News Online


    Now it's time for the Swedish contingent.

    The "flying barrel" is the eldest of the four Saab Swedish aircraft at the display today.

    It was designed after World War Two, when the Swedish Air Force decided they wanted their own single-seater, single-engined fighter aircraft.

    In 1948, when the first prototype flew, it was the first European fighter aircraft with swept back wings.

    It set a world air speed record in 1954 at 607mph (977km/h), but has a top speed if 659mph (1,060 km/h).

    It is being flown today by Ollie Noren, and is owned by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight.

    Saab J-29 Tunnan
    Saab J-29 Tunnan

    It also has a wonderful crest on the side of the fuselage.

    Saab J-29 Tunnan
  19. Jersey Air Display: Lancaster bomber in the skies over St Helier

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Jersey Air Display
    Jersey Air Display
  20. Jersey Air Display: Box clever - what are those markers in the distance?

    Rob England

    BBC News Online


    Do you see the small box in the distance?

    They are markers for the pilots, placed in a line across St Aubin's Bay so they know not to fly past, as it might be a bit too close for the people watching.

    They're quite a way out, but, as some of the aircraft we have been seeing today can travel at faster than the speed of sound, it's no surprise.