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  1. Guernsey radiographer 'did not spot holes in baby's heart' suspended
  2. Baby boy in Jersey put in foster care after suffering fractured skull at home
  3. Owners of empty or neglected properties in Jersey "should be fined" - constable
  4. Portugal fires: "People had little time to escape," Jersey woman says
  5. Condor's Liberation ferry taken out of service
  6. Guernsey's winter fuel fund could end
  7. Row over cancellation of Jersey boxing match
  8. Thirteenth Jersey Asian hornet nest being destroyed
  9. Updates on Tuesday 24 October

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    Rob England

    BBC News Online

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  2. Weather: Dry with sunny spells tomorrow

    BBC Weather

    After dry and clear spells overnight, it will be dry morning with some sunny spells, although it may become cloudier through the afternoon.

    Maximum temperature: 16C (61F).

  3. Film timeline: Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a film set in the island during the Nazi Occupation is due to be released next year, it has been announced.

    What's been happening in the run-up to this news?

    2006: The Mary Ann Shaffer novel is accepted by publishers, but needs a substantial re-write. Due to ill-health, Mary passes the book to her niece, Annie Barrows, who is listed as a co-author

    2008: Paula Mazur and Mitchell Kaplan acquire the film rights

    2011: Kenneth Branagh set to direct the film

    2012 (January): Kate Winslet said be cast in the lead role, with film-makers looking for Guernsey-based actors for other parts

    2012 (April): Project delayed by a year due to "continued casting and timing issues"

    2013 (February): Guernsey's commerce and employment minister says he's "doing his best" to get the project filmed in Guernsey

    2013 (September): Paula Mazur says she's trying to convince the backers to film in Guernsey

    2014 (January): High costs of filming in Guernsey said to be threatening the project's funding

    2015 (July): Annie Barrows (co-author) says there are signs the production is "back on track"

    2016 (February): "Wheels back in motion" with Rosamund Pike said to be "circling" the project

    2016 (October): Hollywood magazines report that the project was going ahead, with Mike Newell directing and British actress Lily James playing the lead part of Juliet

    2017 (May): Shooting wraps on the film

    Today: Release date of 20 April 2018 announced

  4. 'Majority will travel same day,' says Condor boss

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Despite changes to the schedule after faults were found with the Condor Liberation, the majority of customers will be able to travel the same day says Condor CEO Paul Luxon.

    Condor Liberation in harbour
    Quote Message: We believe that with this plan in place, the overwhelming majority of customers will be able travel on the day they had originally booked. We apologise that these regrettable, but vital, changes to our schedule will cause disruption to our passengers." from Paul Luxon Condor CEO
    Paul LuxonCondor CEO
  5. Understanding cyber threat 'can reduce attack risk'

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Island companies will be "better informed" about potential cyber security threats as a result of a new Channel Islands section of the UK Cyber Security Partnership, Jersey's assistant chief minister says.

    The UK Government-run Cyber Information Sharing Partnership helps companies get up-to-date information on potential threats.

    It is inviting island companies to register.

    Senator Paul Routier
    Quote Message: An incident at a single company has the potential to damage the reputation of the entire island, so it is in everyone’s interests for firms to cooperate. If businesses are aware of potential threats, they are better able to take steps to defend against possible attacks." from Senator Paul Routier Assistant Chief Minister
    Senator Paul RoutierAssistant Chief Minister
  6. Man fined £1,000 for resisting arrest after day trip

    Jersey Evening Post

    A man wrongly accused of assaulting a woman on a ferry at the end of a day-trip to St Malo had a violent struggle with police officers when they tried to arrest him, the Magistrate’s Court heard.

  7. Condor Liberation out of service: Your comments


    Condor's Liberation ferry has been taken out of service until 6 November after some damage was found, the company has confirmed.

    Here are some of your thoughts:

    Quote Message: Great so because this heap is not fit for purpose our overnight ferry is now disrupted, meaning we lose a day with family when we have only just got there! Will they pay to put us up in Portsmouth? The boat is now leaving at 08:00 meaning we would have to leave to get ferry at 03:00 and I am not prepared to do this!" from Cheryle Raphael
    Cheryle Raphael
    Quote Message: I want to cry....plans ruined yet again." from Jenny Mourant
    Jenny Mourant
    Quote Message: I cannot understand why they're thinking to sell Rapide unless its replacement is super-reliable. Just imagine the chaos if they didn't have a second fast ferry to fill in as and when Liberation is out of service. Also, what would have happened if Liberation had broken down during the month that the Clipper was in dry dock? It does not bear thinking about." from James Edgecombe
    James Edgecombe
    Quote Message: I'm having to pay two nights accommodation with no real valuable time either side! Not happy!" from Jan Aslett
    Jan Aslett
    Quote Message: I must have had about 20 sailings on this boat in the last few months, not one was ever cancelled or delayed - I must be the luckiest person in the Channel Islands!" from Robin Terminal
    Robin Terminal
  8. Film set in occupied Guernsey to be released in 2018

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a film set in the island during the Nazi Occupation, will be released on 20 April 2018.

    Guernsey Literary and Potato peel society book cover image

    The film, which was directed by Mike Newell, will be released in cinemas across the British Isles with a marketing campaign from distributors Studio Canal.

    It is based on the novel of the same name written by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

    The States said it put aside additional funding to capitalise on the opportunity to heighten awareness and exposure of the island.

    Mike Hopkins, from Visit Guernsey, said the organisation would be looking to "capitalise" on the release, to help market the island next year.

  9. Companies invited to join cyber security partnership

    Ryan Morrison

    BBC News Online

    Jersey companies facing a hacking attempt or information theft will be able to report it directly to the UK's National Cyber Security Centre in future.

    The UK Government-run Cyber Information Sharing Partnership helps companies get up-to-date information on potential threats.

    It is launching a Channel Islands section of the partnership and inviting island companies to register.

    Assistant Jersey Chief Minister Paul Routier said it was essential the island had the strongest possible cyber security protection.

    He said it would only take an incident at one company to damage the reputation of the entire island.

  10. Pensioners 'should not downsize to save on bills'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Pensioners who own homes in Guernsey and are struggling to pay their winter fuels bills should not be told to downsize, a charity has said.

    Guernsey's fuel fund, run by Age Concern Guernsey, helps islanders pay for coal, logs or oil to heat their homes.

    Deputy Lester Queripel, who chairs fund's committee, said some islanders, including those who owned their homes and did not qualify for benefits, were struggling.

    The deputy said asking older people to leave their homes could be "inhumane".

    "We're talking about pensioners that are over 80 and can't afford to maintain their own home, but were born there," he said.

  11. Thirteenth Jersey Asian hornet nest destroyed

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Asian hornet nest operation
    Image caption: Beekeepers used a red light, which they say is difficult for the hornets to see through

    The 13th Asian hornet nest to be found in Jersey is being destroyed, the States have confirmed.

    Originally thought to be the 12th nest, the Department of the Environment confirmed the nest at Bel Royal was the 13th, with the 12th being located at Jersey Zoo.

    Beekeepers had looked to block up and freeze the latest nest for research, but were unable to make it safe enough as anaesthetic they used to calm the hornets wore off.

    Pest controllers are spraying it with insecticide, and the dead nest will be analysed to see how developed the new queens growing inside were.

    Bob Hogge, from the Jersey Beekeepers' Association, said it was about 1m off the ground in bushes near a property in St Lawrence.

    Jersey Beekeeper
    Image caption: The two keepers who blocked the nest wore special 8mm thick suits designed to repel Asian hornet stings

    Recently, a UK Government-funded visited the island to experiment tracking Asian hornets with radar and radio waves.

  12. Rugby players accused of poor conduct on flight home

    Guernsey Press

    Auringy is looking into allegations that players from Newick Rugby Football Club acted in a ‘vulgar’ and ‘ignorant’ way when flying back to Gatwick on Saturday night.

  13. Graffiti sprayed over lighthouse

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    Graffiti was sprayed on the lighthouse behind Grosnez Castle, police said.

    It was discovered yesterday, but no information has been released on when the vandalism may have happened.

    Ports of Jersey said staff were working to remove it.

    Police are looking for more information.

  14. Weather: Sunny and clear spells

    BBC Weather

    This afternoon should continue to get gradually brighter, with some sunny spells.

    It will remain dry with clear spells overnight.

    Minimum temperature: 15C (59F).

  15. Radiographer who didn't see holes in baby's heart suspended

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A Guernsey-based radiographer has been suspended from practice for making a series of errors in her work at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and cheating in a training course.

    Princess Elizabeth Hospital

    Catherine Birnie was appearing before a Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) tribunal in London.

    She wrongly told a patient her pregnancy had failed and did not spot that another baby with Down's syndrome had two holes in their heart.

    The council heard Birnie also passed a training course by submitting a scan image she had not taken herself.

    Ms Birnie told the council the senior doctor in her department had assured her this was "common practice" in Australia and she just wanted to get accredited.

    She told the tribunal she was "horrified" that she had allowed this to happened, and that she had "never done anything dishonest in her personal or professional life".

    The HCPC panel found Birnie's fitness to practice was impaired and suspended her for three months.

  16. Baby in care after 'potentially life-threatening' injury

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A prematurely born baby was placed in foster after receiving a fractured skull at his home in Jersey.

    A Royal Court judgement said his mother, who was looking after him on 26 September, could not explain why he was hurt.

    The boy was taken to hospital by his parents where the injury was deemed to be "potentially life-threatening" and would have required "considerable force" consistent with a fall or blow.

    An attending doctor said the child could not have injured himself in this way accidentally, considering his developmental status.

    The mother said she had not noticed the child being injured or being distressed in any way. However, she conceded he could have injured himself on the bars of his wooden cot.

    Police were called and the parents were interviewed on 29 September. Investigations are on-going.

    The parents objected to the care order, which was given on 5 October.

    Royal Court Commissioner Julian Clyde Smith said the baby might be able to go home, depending on an assessment from Children's Services.

  17. Scientist 'told to say he was tourist in alleged con

    Jersey Evening Post

    An American scientist who uprooted his family to live and work in Jersey has told a court how he broke down in tears when authorities told him they were being evicted from their new home.

  18. Families of islanders imprisoned in Nazi camps attend exhibition

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    On British Soil exhibition

    The families of islanders who were imprisoned by the Nazis during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in World War Two have attended an exhibition in London documenting their struggles.

    The exhibition "On British Soil", created by historian Dr Gilly Carr, opened last week, and runs until the 9 February at the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide in London.

    Dr Carr said she saw the project, which told the stories of islanders held at a range of Nazi concentration, forced labour and internment camps, as a form of "rescue" of the memories of those brave men and women.

  19. Alderney collector on the hunt for rare postcard

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    An Alderney resident has asked fellow islanders to help him track down some rare postcards for his collection.

    Mick Barnes, who only started the hobby a year ago, said he already has more than 200 cards in his stash.

    But he is on the lookout for one card in particular, of Braye Beach, by the Braye Beach Hotel, which he has only seen in a book.

    Alderney postcards
  20. Number of pensioners needing help with winter fuel payments rising

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey's winter fuel fund, run by Age Concern, could come to an end due to a rise in the number of pensioners needing help with their bills.

    Deputy Lester Queripel, who heads the committee looking after the fund, said they help locals pay for coal, logs or oil to heat their homes and applications for help have risen year on year.

    The deputy said he expects the trend to continue and it is important for islanders to keep donating to the cause.