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  1. Vallois and Moore top senatorial poll
  2. Gorst says he will consider standing as chief minister again
  3. Mezec win in St Helier gets him elected in eighth senatorial seat
  4. Clean sweep for Reform Jersey in St Helier two
  5. Sitting constable ousted by opponent

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Election 2018: A look back

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Just waking up and catching up on a night of election drama? Here's what you need to know...

Tracey Vallois

The new States Assembly: Senators, deputies and constables

Rob England

BBC News Online

This is the final list of new States members.


Tracy Vallois, Kristina Moore, John Le Fondre, Lyndon Farnham, Steve Pallett, Ian Gorst, Sarah Ferguson and Sam Mezec


Constable - John Le Maistre

Deputy - Carolyn Labey

St Brelade:

Constable - Michael Jackson

Deputies - John Young, Montfort Tadier and Graham Truscott

St Clement:

Constable - Len Norman

Deputies - Susie Pinel, Lindsay Ash

St Helier:

Constable - Simon Crowcroft

Deputies - Russell Labey, Judy Martin, Scott Wickenden, Geoff Southern, Rob Ward, Carina Alves, Richard Rondel, Mike Higgins, Mary Le Hegerat and Stephen Ahier

St John:

Constable - Chris Taylor

Deputy - Trevor Pointon

St Lawrence:

Constable - Diedre Mezbourian

Deputies - Gregory Guida and Kirsten Morel

St Martin:

Constable - Karen Stone

Deputy - Steve Luce

St Mary:

Constable - John Le Bailly

Deputy - David Johnson

St Ouen:

Constable - Richard Buchanan

Deputy - Richard Renouf

St Peter:

Constable - Richard Vibert

Deputy - Rowland Huelin

St Saviour:

Constable - Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard

Deputies - Jeremy Macon, Kevin Pamplin, Louise Doublet, Kevin Lewis and Jess Perchard


Constable - Philip Le Sueur

Deputy - Hugh Raymond

Deputy Kristina Moore: I want to continue as minister

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Deputy Kristina Moore, who got the second highest number of votes in Jersey's island-wide senatorial election, says she wants to continue in her current position.

The home affairs minister told BBC Radio Jersey that despite her impressive support at the polls, she wasn't considering running for chief minister, describing the incumbent Senator Ian Gorst as a "truly exceptional person".

Deputy Kristina Moore at a polling station

"I'm really grateful to everybody who has shown their faith in me by registering their vote. Given the amount of change that's going on in the States, I would very much like to continue at home affairs. I think there's a need for continuity. We've done a lot, and there's a lot more to do."

Deputy Kristina Moore

Who are St Lawrence's new deputies?

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

It's all change in St Lawrence, with two new deputies being elected.

St Lawrence

Deputy-elect Kirsten Morel topped the poll with 1,499 votes. On parish issues, the technology writer and business owner has promised to review speed limits, protect the environment, and to set up a "Parish Island Plan working group" to look at future development.

Deputy-elect Gregory Guida won 1,194 votes in second place. He's already served St Lawrence as both a Constable's Officer and Centenier. He's promised to defend the parish system against "further centralisation".

Change is happening says unsuccessful senatorial candidate

BBC Radio Jersey

Ant Lewis, who missed out on a senatorial seat by fewer than 300 votes, has released a statement.

He said: "A difference is what Jersey needs. I want everyone, disabled and able bodied treated the same. There is Progress.

"I would like to thank all those who took the time and trouble to turn out and vote, especially those who put their faith in me. It is Changing. In Jersey. I am Proud!"

Ant Lewis

Reform Jersey: 'People will come and talk to us'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

One of Reform Jersey's politicians says their increase in numbers will mean they wield greater sway in Jersey's parliament.

Deputy Montford Tadier, who narrowly retained his seat in St Brelade, said the 2018 election was a "rollercoaster", but a last-minute "result" for the party despite only gaining five seats from 18 candidates.

Party chairman Sam Mezec got the eighth and final senator's place, while the party had a clean sweep in St Helier two, where Deputy Geoff Southern was re-elected, joined by newcomers Carina Alves and Rob Ward.

Deputy Montford Tadier

Deputy Tadier said: "We've got five members now, we had three."

"We've got wider representation across not just the political spectrum, but across the demographics in Jersey, who are represented."

"Those five votes in the States will mean that people will come and talk to us when they need to win votes and we can have policy discussions and say look, 'if we vote for you as minister, what are you going to do to progress our policies to make the island fairer?'."

No change to female representation in the States

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

With two women topping the island-wide poll you would be forgiven for assuming the gender ratio in government was due to change.

However, although there will be three women serving as senators compared to one in the current term there are two fewer female deputies and the same number of female constables so overall there's no change - 8 of the 49 positions.

While the number may not be changing two of the female senator-elects are serving as ministers and would presumably hope to hold a senior position again.

With three women running ministries in the current States maybe more women will fill senior positions in the new government.

We'll have to wait until next month - when the internal States elections take place - to find out.

Jersey senator race: Analysis

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

It's the first time two women have topped the poll for Jersey senators.

Home Affairs Minister Kristina Moore made the early running, but was overtaken by Deputy Tracey Vallois, who eventually topped the poll with more than 10% of the votes.

It was a really close battle for the final elected eighth spot, with Reform Jersey's Chairman Sam Mezec pipping first-timer Moz Scott by just 123 votes after he topped the polls in St Helier.

Here's the overall vote:


Jersey senator race: The successful eight

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Here are the eight candidates who've been elected in Jersey's 2018 election on an island-wide basis:

1) Tracey Vallois - 15,518 - 10.16%

2) Kristina Moore - 15,292 - 10.02%

3) John Le Fondre - 14,204 - 9.30%

4) Lyndon Farnham - 12,417 - 8.13%

5) Steve Pallett - 12,114 - 7.93%

6) Ian Gorst - 12,068 - 7.90%

7) Sarah Ferguson - 11,297 - 7.40%

8) Sam Mezec - 11,007 - 7.21%

Chief Minister Gorst voted back in

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Jersey's chief minister has kept his seat as a senior politician.

Senator Ian Gorst was among the eight politicians voted in on an island-wide basis.

Senator Ian Gorst listening to election results

He told BBC Radio Jersey he would still consider taking on the chief minister position for a third and final time, but would need to speak with colleagues before deciding whether to put himself forward.

Guernsey deputy muses over party result

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

He might just be the most recognisable figure in Channel Islands politics.

Twenty-year veteran of Guernsey politics John Gollop is in Jersey and has been digesting tonight's results, with a particular interest on how Reform Jersey, the only political party, have done.

Five of their 18 candidates have been elected, including party chairman Sam Mezec, as a senator.

In Guernsey, a number of political groupings have begun to form.

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Senatorial election: Reform Jersey react to final results

John Fernandez

BBC Radio Guernsey

It's fair to say Reform Jersey are very happy their Chairman Sam Mezec has been elected as a senator.

The evidence for which you can see here:

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Vallois tops poll, Reform's Mezec sneaks in

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Deputy Tracey Vallois has been backed by more Jersey voters than any other candidates, in a close senatorial race.

Her 15,518 votes, at just over 10%, saw her beat Home Affairs Minister Deputy Kristina Moore, in second place with 15,292 votes, to top the island-wide poll.

Reform Jersey's Chairman Deputy Sam Mezec looked to be out of the senatorial race until the final count in St Helier, which he topped with 3,118 votes.

It means Senator-elect Mezec will be the party's first island-wide candidate.

Elsewhere, Deputy John Le Fondre, Senator Lyndon Farnham, Chief Minister Ian Gorst, Constable Steve Pallett and Senator Sarah Ferguson were also elected.

Vallois now leading senator race

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Deputy Tracey Vallois has overtaken Jersey's home affairs minister to top the senatorial race with just the St Helier count left.

Deputy Tracey Vallois

Deputy Vallois' strong showing in St Saviour saw her gather 291 more votes than Kristina Moore, taking her narrowly ahead.

In the overall count, it now means Deputy Vallois leads Deputy Moore by 407 votes, with just over 10% of the overall senatorial votes.

Senatorial hopefuls declared early, by accident

Rob England

BBC News Online

The senatorial race looked to finish early this morning as a St Clement Jurat declared several of the candidates had won... but they haven't yet.

Jurat Crill got the hopes up of Tracey Vallois, Kristina Moore, John Le Fondre, Simon Bree, Lyndon Farnham, Ian Gorst, Steve Pallett and Sarah Ferguson when she summoned them to the Royal Court to take up their new roles.

You can listen here:

The St Clement senatorial announcement

Eleven parishes have declared so far, with just St Helier left to declare.

St Saviour senatorial election: Vallois and Moore in front

Rob England

BBC News Online

Tracey Vallois leads the poll in St Saviour for the senatorial election.

The current deputy received a healthy 2,193 votes, with Deputy Kristina Moore in second at 1,902 votes.

St Saviour

Here are the full results:

  • Gerard Baudains - 814
  • Simon Bree - 1,289
  • Lyndon Farnham - 1,572
  • Sarah Ferguson - 1,418
  • Ian Gorst - 1,451
  • John Le Fondre - 1,684
  • Anthony Lewis - 1,494
  • Frank Luce - 300
  • Philip Maguire - 168
  • Sam Mezec - 1,542
  • Kristina Moore - 1,902
  • Stevie Ocean - 150
  • Steve Pallett - 1,439
  • Gino Risoli - 204
  • Moz Scott - 1,249
  • Gordon Troy - 653
  • Tracey Vallois - 2,193

St Lawrence senatorial vote: Le Fondre tops poll

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Counting votes in St Lawrence

Deputy John Le Fondre has topped the senatorial vote in his former parish, St Lawrence.

He got 1,207 votes, beating Deputy Kristina Moore in second (1,062) and Deputy Tracey Vallois (997).

The full result for St Lawrence, with a turnout of 43.98%, is:

  • Gerard Baudains - 405
  • Simon Bree - 738
  • Lyndon Farnham - 838
  • Sarah Ferguson - 792
  • Ian Gorst - 854
  • John Le Fondre - 1,207
  • Anthony Lewis - 667
  • Frank Luce - 154
  • Philip Maguire - 48
  • Sam Mezec - 545
  • Kristina Moore - 1,062
  • Stevie Ocean - 50
  • Steve Pallett - 807
  • Gino Risoli - 78
  • Moz Scott - 785
  • Gordon Troy - 305
  • Tracey Vallois - 997

Former honorary police head sets sights on home affairs

Rob England

BBC News Online

Hugh Raymond, the newly elected deputy of Trinity has confirmed he will be required to step down as the head of the honorary police in Jersey.

He lost the 2014 election to Anne Pryke.

The new deputy-elect is already looking at the possibility of a government post.

Hugh Raymond

I will have to step down from my former role. That I will miss without any doubt at all. I think we've got to make sure that we've got people coming through that will take over. With the work I've done with the honorary police with the work i'm doing with the emergency board and everything else I would very much like to look towards the home affairs set up."

Hugh Raymond

Jersey General Election: What happens next?

Rob England

BBC News Online

So a new States Assembly is taking shape.

There are 49 members of the States of Jersey with 29 deputies, eight senators and 12 constables.

So what happens after they've been elected?

  • Monday, 4 June - the new assembly will convene for the first time to elect a chief minister
  • Thursday, 7 June - members will vote for ministers and chairmen of committees and scrutiny panels
  • Tuesday, 12 June - politicians will elect the members of scrutiny panels and members of committees

Meanwhile, in St Lawrence...

Emma-Jayne Blackman

BBC Radio Jersey reporter

The parish is experiencing its longest count in living memory.. .and it's the accountants who are getting the blame.

Apparently the crack team of three are being "thorough".

St Lawrence