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  1. Weather: The risk of heavy showers tonight and tomorrow

    David Braine

    Weather Forecaster

    Tonight looks set to be mostly cloudy with the risk of a few showers moving up from the south.

    These could be heavy and thundery.

    Minimum temperature: 11 to 14C (52 to 57F).

    David Braine

    Saturday will be rather warm and humid with sunny spells, variable cloud and the threat of a few heavy and potentially thundery showers once again.

    Maximum temperature: 18 to 21C (64 to 70F).

  2. Mixed election option 'most pragmatic'

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    A deputy and former deputy are backing option C in Guernsey's first referendum.

    Option C is for one island-wide district to elect 10 island-wide deputies and a separate election across seven districts to elect the remaining 28.

    Elections would held every four years with island-wide held before district elections.

    Deputy John Gollop and Mr Rhoderick Matthews both served in the States when the conseiller system was in place - conseillers were elected island-wide and deputies on a parish basis.

    Mr Gollop said he had previously fought for a return to this kind of system and thought full island-wide elections were a "more radical option, an all or nothing".

    He said: "I believe the most sensible and pragmatic option for Guernsey is to go for change more gradually.

    "The 10 would stand before the rest so it would give everyone the chance, if they wished, to go for island-wide.

    "The point of an island-wide campaign is to see key issues, concerns and leadership to emerge and the winners of the island-wide campaign would hopefully have a leading role in a future assembly."

    The referendum on 10 October includes five options and three groups have applied to campaign - their submission will be considered by a panel, which will rule on whether or not they will become the official campaign group.

    Referendum chart
  3. Current system bid supported by 'strong' team

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    The team behind a bid to become the campaign group for option B in Guernsey's first referendum are waiting to see if it becomes official before starting to campaign.

    Option B is the status quo so seven electoral districts, elections every four years with each district electing five or six deputies.

    Fergus Dunlop, the media representative of the bus user group, and Caroline McManus, a former teacher and union representative have submitted the bid to the referendum panel.

    "It's what I believe in," said Mrs McManus, who has previously stood for election under the district system.

    She said: "The campaign hasn't begun yet and we don't even know if we're going to be selected as the campaign group, it's up to the group to determine who they want to put forward if anybody.

    "I think it's the best system and I have a very strong group working with me, if we are selected we will campaign on behalf of that system."

    Referendum options
  4. Islanders Association backs all island-wide campaign

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Two members of the Guernsey political group - Deputy Carl Meerveld and Deputy Peter Ferbrache - have bid to be the official campaign group for option A in the island's first referendum.

    Option A is for all 38 deputies to be elected on an island-wide basis and the group has previously said it supports a move from district-based elections to island-wide.

    Mr Meerveld said this option - in the poll to be held on 10 October - was "the most straight forward island-wide voting configuration".

    He said: "It will change the nature of politics in Guernsey, it will create a level playing field where all people are equal and hopefully the best candidates will float to the top and be elected.

    "I think we'll move away from popularity or personality politics towards debating the policies and implementation."

    The group's bid will become the official campaign group if approved by a panel made up of former bailiff Sir de Vic Carey, Jurat Stephen Jones and Graham Daldry.

    The referendum options are:

    • Option A: One island-wide district, elections held every four years. All 38 deputies elected at same time
    • Option B: Seven electoral districts, elections every four years. Each district elects five or six deputies
    • Option C: One island-wide district to elect 10 island-wide deputies and seven districts to elect remaining 28. Elections every four years with island-wide held before district
    • Option D: Four electoral districts, with elections every four years. Each district elects nine, 10 or 11 deputies
    • Option E: One island-wide district with successful candidates serving six years. Elections held every two years for a third of deputies so 12 or 13 elected each time
  5. 'Heartbroken' family rallying round after death

    Mark Inchley

    BBC Channel Islands News

    The family of a man who died following an industrial accident in a shop unit at the Bridge on Sunday say they're "heartbroken".

    Barry Challen, 50, was left in a critical condition after suffering head injuries when it's understood a refrigerator unit he was installing landed on him.

    His family travelled from Lowestoft to be at his side during treatment at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. He was transferred to a UK hospital on Wednesday, but died yesterday.


    His sister-in-law Kay Carlisle described it as a "very tragic accident".

    She said he suffered "terrific head injuries" and was announced brain dead on Sunday.

    Ms Carlisle said the family had rallied round after his "shock" death.

    Mr Challen's children laid tributes outside the site of the accident on Wednesday before leaving the island.

    Mr Carlisle praised hospital staff and local authorities for their help and support.

    She said a funeral will be arranged once the body has been released by the coroner.

  6. Three overnight burglaries linked by police

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey Police are linking three break-ins, which took place in the early hours of yesterday and today.

    The Kiln Restaurant at Oatlands was broken into at about 03:00 yesterday - thought to be through an unsecured window - the till was ripped out and £100 float was stolen.

    At about 03:30 today the Cobo Tea Rooms were entered through an unsecured window and a can of Coke was stolen.

    About half an hour later someone entered the Rockmount Pub - the tills were damaged and eight charity boxes were stolen, together with tobacco and a quantity of cash.

    Police are appealing for anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area to contact them.

    Officers are urging businesses and property owners to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked when their premises are unoccupied.

    Advice and personal review of security can be arranged through the Crime Reduction Adviser Andy Goodall on 725111.

  7. New bus information office opens

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A new Guernsey bus information office has opened to the public.

    The old kiosk has now closed, and the services have been moved to a "more spacious and comfortable premises".

    A spokesman said: "The second phase will provide much improved rest facilities for drivers and other staff working at the terminus on the first floor of the premises."

    "Further transport related services are planned on the ground floor at a later date, including the hire of folding cycles which can be taken on the scheduled buses."

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  8. Inquest into death 'in due course'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    An inquest into the death of a man who was involved in an "industrial accident" on the Bridge will be held "in due course".

    Quote Message: Guernsey Police can confirm that the man who was injured in an industrial accident on the Bridge on Sunday 20 May has passed away. Barry Challen, 50, who was from the UK died in hospital yesterday.
    Quote Message: Guernsey Police will continue to support the Health and Safety Executive with their investigations and will assist with the ongoing coronial enquiries in the UK. An inquest into the death of Mr Challen will be held in due course." from Statement Guernsey Police
    StatementGuernsey Police

    A spokesman for Guernsey's Health and Safety Executive said it couldn't comment at this stage as its investigation is ongoing.

    More on this story:

  9. Mikus Alps: Forensic examination complete

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The forensic examination of the remains of Mikus Alps is complete - but Guernsey Police might not get the results until the end of June.

    A shotgun and "other items" were found along with human remains in a burnt out car on Guernsey's south coast.

    The remains were later identified as Mr Alps, 33, a Latvian national who was a supporter of a pro-Ukrainian movement and had visited the country.

    Guernsey Police said due to the nature of the remains there were very few experts in the UK who could carry out the required additional examination - although it is now complete.

    Mikus Alps
    Quote Message: We are aware that Mr Alps’ Facebook account has been active since his remains were found; it is not uncommon for people to share their social media log-in details with others. There is no evidence linking Mr Alps’ activity in Ukraine with his remains being found in a burnt-out car in Guernsey. Investigating officers continue to have an open mind pending further forensic results." from Patrick Rice Guernsey Police Chief Officer
    Patrick RiceGuernsey Police Chief Officer
    Burnt out car
  10. Tributes left for man who died installing refrigerators

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A man injured in an industrial accident in a retail unit in Guernsey on Sunday has died.

    Barry Challen from Lowestoft was working as a contractor, installing fridge units at the Co-op's new "En Route" store at the Bridge, St Sampsons.

    Mr Challen was carrying out work for the Bradford-based company George Barker which supplies refrigerator units to retailers across the UK.

    The Cooperative store

    He was working at the site when it's understood he sustained a head injury and was transferred to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in a critical condition. Health and Social Care said he received treatment there until Wednesday morning when he was flown back to the UK.

    Later that day, flowers appeared outside the shop with tributes from his wife, children and other family members.

    Death tribute

    Today, Guernsey Police confirmed Mr Challen died in hospital on Thursday as a result of his injuries - although the tributes appeared at the site of the accident the day before.

    A joint investigation is under way, coordinated by the Health and Safety Executive and Guernsey Police. Work at the Co-op-owned site has stopped.

  11. BreakingMan in 'industrial accident' dies

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A man who sustained a head injury in what was described as an "industrial accident" in Guernsey on Sunday morning has died in hospital in the UK.

    More to follow,

  12. States carrying out review of nurses pay

    The States of Guernsey has commissioned a "strategic review of the terms and conditions of nurses and midwives.

    Dean Royles, Director of the Inspiring Leadership Network, will take on the role of independent chair of the review - he will be assisted by his colleague and fellow Director, Kirstie Stott.

    A States of Guernsey statement said: "Mr Royles has more than 20 years’ experience of board-level working as a human resource professional and has been a strong advocate for partnership working with trade unions having been involved and instrumental with regional and national social partnership forums."

    Members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in Guernsey are currently being asked to vote on their 2017 and 2018 pay offers, after what's described as "months of negotiation".


    Earlier this month the RCN said: "Agreement by the States of Guernsey to a complete review of the nursing pay system is something its members have been raising as vital to addressing the imbalance between the value of nursing roles in comparison to other public sector roles in the States."

    All nurses employed by the Committee for Health and Social Services will be eligible to vote on pay offers up until 3 June.

  13. Specsavers refurbish global headquarters

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Specsavers unveiled their newly-refurbished headquarters yesterday.


    Specsavers employ 536 staff in Guernsey, and claim to have raised £500,000 for 30 local charities in the last year.


    I'm sure I'm not alone in being hugely jealous of their offices.

  14. Big political turnout at Specsavers refurbishment

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Nearly every deputy went to the global headquarters of Specsavers for the opening of its newly-refurbished office and the release of its first community report.

    It shows all the community work the company has achieved in the last year - it claims to have raised £500,000 for local charities.


    The large political turnout - 35 deputies in total - was to demonstrate the "close working relationship" between business and Guernsey's government.

    Charles Parkinson, President of the Committee for Economic Development, said the company's success demonstrates an alternative to the finance sector.

  15. Volunteers needed for parole panel

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey's Committee for Home Affairs is looking for volunteers to serve on a panel that decides whether to release people from prison.

    The Parole Review Committee is an independent body that "protects the public" by considering reports from "experienced professionals" and then considers whether prisoners be be "safely released" into the community on parole licence.

    "The committee is not made up of any one particular type of person, rather members are appointed for the qualities and experience they can bring to the role from their own lives."

    Guernsey prison

    The committee is also looking for volunteers to be Independent Custody Visitors.

    They are responsible for making unannounced visits to the Police and Guernsey Border Agency to "observe, comment and report" on the conditions of detention.

    Anyone interested in either role should email

  16. Three referendum options to have official campaign groups

    John Fernandez

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Only three of the five options in Guernsey's first ever referendum will have official campaign groups.

    The Guernsey public will go to the polls on 10 October to vote on island-wide voting, which could result in a new way of electing politicians.

    Options A, B and C have got official campaigns, meaning that the nominated officials of each group can spend up to £5,000 of public money, and £5,000 of their own to persuade the public to support their view.

    Campaign officials:

    • Option A: Deputy Carl Meerveld and Deputy Peter Ferbrache
    • Option B: Mr Fergus Dunlop and Mrs Caroline McManus
    • Option C: Deputy John Gollop and Mr Rhoderick Matthews

    The deadline for applications passed at midday today.

  17. Refurbished Syvret House offers glimpse of 1940s life

    Jersey Evening Post

    Jersey Heritage have recreated a 1940s farmhouse at Hamptonne Country Life Museum that has been designed to show what farming life was like immediately after Liberation.

  18. Funds in Guernsey drop £8bn

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The value of investment fund business in Guernsey has dropped by 2.8%.

    The net asset value fell by £8bn to a total of £262.5bn, but Guernsey Finance said it's seeing "a number of new inquiries" and expects to see a rise before the end of the year.

    "The underlying trend is positive, with £40bn growth over the past three years."

    Quote Message: Work is currently being done that will bear fruit in the future. The longer-term trend over the last three years shows we are on the right track and Guernsey funds are in a healthy and positive position. We remain a stable jurisdiction of substance able to offer solutions to the uncertainty of Brexit." from Dominic Wheatley Chief Executive, Guernsey Finance
    Dominic WheatleyChief Executive, Guernsey Finance
  19. Twenty officers to work on murder case

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A 54-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a body that was found at Le Pulec beach in Jersey last week was confirmed as missing woman Zsuzsanna Besenyei, 37.

    Jersey Police confirmed the identity of the body as Ms Besenyei after the results of DNA analysis.

    They also said that up to 20 officers are now working on the investigation, and inquiries include "elements of forensic, search, passive data, house-to-house and interviews".

    Ms Besenyei's car was found on the beach about 100m from La Haule slipway last week.

    Zsuzsanna Besenyei
    Quote Message: Our main appeal remains in respect of Zsuzsanna – where was she and her blue Ford Fiesta between Thursday 10 May and Monday 14 May? We are asking anyone with information about Zsuzsanna to please get in touch. They can call us on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111." from Det Supt Stewart Gull States of Jersey Police
    Det Supt Stewart GullStates of Jersey Police