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  1. Calls to axe 'uneconomical' Guernsey bus route
  2. Jersey blood donation service could reopen soon
  3. Proposals for new 25mph speed limit areas in Guernsey
  4. Blue Islands plane diverted after fault on flight
  5. Is Guernsey set for a 4C temperature rise?
  6. Updates for 16 July 2018

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Weather: Sunny spells with chances of showers

BBC Weather

Monday night looks set to be dry with clear spells, along with variable amounts of cloud. There will be a gentle westerly wind.

Minimum temperature: 14 to 17C (57 to 63F).

Tuesday will see sunny spells, along with variable amounts of cloud. However, there is also the chance of the odd shower moving in from the west. Gentle westerly winds.

Maximum temperature: 17 to 20C (63 to 68F).


Jersey weather


Guernsey weather

'Uneconomical' bus route 'important to passengers'

BBC Radio Guernsey

The amount of passengers on Guernsey's P2 bus route is increasing, according to a politician who has slammed calls to axe the route.

Deputy David De Lisle said the service was too expensive considering the average passenger numbers were about seven on the route.

The service started in November 2015 and was estimate to cost about £130,000 per year to run. It connects St Peter Port with Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Les Bourgs hospice, L'Aumone surgery and the Bridge.

Deputy Barry Brehaut, head of the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure, said the service was being reviewed but was unlikely to be withdrawn as passenger numbers could rise.

Mr Brehaut said the P2 route was important for those who used it, and passenger numbers could be built on.

For the seven people who use the P2, whether to go the hopsital, to go to Les Bourgs or whether to go to the blood clinic that was, these people are using the service. If we're reaching out to get those people, and those people can participate, then that's a good thing."

Deputy Barry Brehaut

Farmers look to stop flies feeding on Guernsey cows

BBC Radio Guernsey

Farmers in Guernsey say they are working hard to reduce the impact of huge numbers of flies among their herds.

It is the thought the hot weather has led to more flies attacking cattle. The flies can feed up to 30 times a day, which farmers say can cause significant weight loss for a cow.

James Watts, from the Guernsey Farmers' Association, said they expected flies every year, and sprayed their livestock and their enclosures with insect repellent.

Guernsey cow
Guernsey cows produce about 6,000 litres of milk per cow, per year

The flies will go for moisture really, so they’ll hang around their eyes, or if there’s any open sores it's very difficult for them to heal because the files won’t leave it alone. They’ll also hang around the cows’ teat, going for a droplet of milk. All these things could lead to the illness of a cow.”

James Watts

For a comparison with humans about a perceived increase in insect bites, calls to the NHS helpline in the UK about bites are almost double the rate they normally are at this time of year. The increase in calls chimes with records of a heatwave.

Guernsey speed limit proposals: Forest

Rob England

BBC News Online

Widespread changes to the speed limits on roads in Guernsey could impact on the southern parish of Forest, according to the States.

Politicians want to change some roads to 25mph to make them safer for "vulnerable road users".

Forest road changes
States of Guernsey

Roads in Forest affected by the plans include:

  • Le Bourg
  • Rue des Auberts
  • Rue du Presbytere
  • Vue de L’Eglise
  • Rue des Landes
  • La Rue du Mont Marche
  • Rue de la Villiaze
  • Route de Farras

Theft from flat after forced entry in Guernsey

Rob England

BBC News Online

Cash and personal belongings were taken from a flat in St Peter Port, police say.

It happened between 02:30 and 19:30 on Tuesday 10 July along Le Bordage.

Officers said the suspect "forced entry" into the flat, and have appealed for witnesses.

Developers snubbed over flats' poor parking provision

BBC Radio Jersey

The Constable of St Helier has told a major developer to think again after it put forward plans for 52 flats with no parking spaces allocated.

Dandara wants to knock down the old Kleinwort Benson House at Wests Centre to build a six-storey block.

But while the planning application says it would have storage for bikes, there would be nowhere for residents to put cars.

Constable Crowcroft said the parish roads committee considered the application recently, but sent the developer away to reconsider this part of the proposal.

We think that St Helier residents have the same right of car ownership as those who live in St Mary. Why should we suffer when we want to use the car to go to France or to go out for the weekend? We don’t use our cars to commute but we still have a right to have them."

Constable Simon Crowcroft

Guernsey speed limit proposals: St Pierre du Bois

Rob England

BBC News Online

Roads in the western parish of St Peter in Guernsey are being looked at as part of a speed limit review.

The States have put forward initial plans to change some speed limits to 25mph.

St Peter
States of Guernsey

The roads affected include:

  • Route de Lihou
  • Rue de L’Eglise
  • Rue des Caches
  • Rue des Messuriers
  • Rue des Raies
  • Rue de la Vallee
  • Route des Sages
  • Rue des Grandes Rues

Guernsey speed limit proposals: St Martin

Rob England

BBC News Online

A speed limit review looking to bring in 25mph speed limits on roads around Guernsey includes several from St Martin.

Islanders can comment on the plans put forward by emailing the Environment and Infrastructure Committee.

St Martin
States of Guernsey

The roads in St Martin which are part of the plans include:

  • La Route des Camps
  • Les Camps du Moulin
  • La Route de Sausmarez
  • La Route de Blanches
  • Old Mill Road
  • Le Hurel
  • Ville Amphrey
  • Ruette Rabey
  • La Rue des Frenes
  • Les Merriennes
  • Les Traudes
  • Rue de L’Eglise
  • La Bellieuse
  • La Vequesse

Guernsey 'needs to understand Alderney dependency issues'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Politicians from Guernsey and Alderney have clashed again over how dependent the islands are on one another.

The vice president of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee, Lyndon Trott, said Alderney's dependency on Guernsey was growing, but James Dent, chairman of Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee, said the argument about the island costing Guernsey too much wais a "tired mantra".

Guernsey are looking to review the 1948 agreement, which sets out the relationships between the two islands and was established in the years following the occupation of the Channel Islands during World War Two.


Alderney does extremely well from the arrangement. The amount of outflows from social security contributions exceed the amount of inflows by over £2m a year. The dependency on Guernsey is growing, and that is something we need to understand.”

Deputy Lyndon TrottGuernsey Policy and Resources Committee

Guernsey speed limit proposals: St Sampson

Rob England

BBC News Online

A number of roads in St Sampson have been earmarked to be made 25mph zones as part of Guernsey's latest speed limit review.

The States has put forward plans for public consultation.

St sampson
States of Guernsey
States of Guernsey

The roads in St Sampson include:

  • Longue Hougue Lane
  • Church Lane
  • Brock Road, Robergerie
  • Rue Jacques, Rue Queripel
  • Ronde Cheminee
  • Saltpans Road
  • Roland Road
  • Commercial Road
  • Route Carre
  • Maladerie Road
  • La Marette Road
  • Les Tracheries Road
  • La Route de L’Islet
  • Picquerel Road
  • Les Petites Mielles
  • Sandy Lane
  • Sandy Hook

Weather watchers: Monday morning in Guernsey

BBC Weather Watchers

Weather watchers in Guernsey have been capturing views from the island this Monday morning.

weather pic
Chris Cumulus
St Andrew
weather pic
St Peter Port

Have you any pictures you want to share with us? If so, please email them in.

Motion sensor to be used to detect L’Ancresse snake

Guernsey Press

A motion-activated camera will be going up on L’Ancresse Common this week as the hunt for a snake continues.

Jersey blood donation service could reopen soon

BBC Radio Jersey

New blood donation facilities at Jersey's hospital could be opened sooner than expected, according to health bosses.

The donation service in Jersey was suspended in February because the space it was using at the hospital was found to be too damp.

Getty Images

Since then, the island has relied on supplies being flown in from Southampton twice a week.

On at least one occasion, an emergency helicopter was called to Jersey when the airport was fogged in to deliver further supplies.

Health authorities said plans to get the local donation scheme running again had been delayed, and it was not expected to open again until October.

But now a hospital spokesman said they were putting the finishing touches to the new facilities, and had called some donors in to make sure it all ran smoothly.

The site will be inspected later this month and, dependent on the results, could begin accepting regular donations soon after, the spokesman added.

Guernsey speed limit proposals: Vale

Rob England

BBC News Online

Roads in the Guernsey parish of Vale have been included in a speed limit review.

Politicians have put forward plans to make some roads 25mph in the island.

The roads include:

  • La Route du Braye
  • Les Mares Pellees
  • Sohier Road
  • Rue Coutance
  • Rue de L’Essart
  • Le Petit Essart
  • Carriere Lane
  • Rue du Tertre
  • Tertre Lane
  • Rue des Barras
  • Les Rocques Barrees Road
  • Le Picquerel
  • Houmet Lane

Guernsey speed limit proposals: St Peter Port

Rob England

BBC News Online

Plans to change the speed limits of some roads in Guernsey will affect two roads in St Peter Port.

Salter Street and Glategny Esplanade could be made 25mph if the plans, set out by the island's government, are passed.

The plans are currently open for public consultation.

St Peter Port speed limit
States of Guernsey

Guernsey speed limit proposals: St Andrew

Rob England

BBC News Online

Proposals to change speed limits in Guernsey include plans to put in place a 25mph speed limit around the central parish of St Andrew.

The roads affected include:

  • La Mare
  • Rue Frairies
  • Route de St Andre
  • Route des Blicqs

Guernsey speed limit proposals: Castel

Rob England

BBC News Online

A number of roads in Castel will be given a 25mph speed limit under proposals from the island's government.

speed limit Castel
States of Guernsey
Speed limit Castel
States of Guernsey

These roads include:

  • Ruette de la Tour
  • Rue des Varendes
  • La Neuve Rue
  • Ruette de la Croix
  • Rue des Cauvains
  • Rue de la Perruque
  • L’Aumone

Committee puts forward 25mph speed limit proposals

Rob England

BBC News Online

A 25mph speed limit has been proposed in Guernsey on roads thought to have a "higher concentration of residential properties, schools or amenities".

The Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure said this will make roads safer for "vulnerable users" and encourage islanders to walk and cycle.

The plans are the first stage of a "wider review" of existing speed limits, according to Deputy Barry Brehaut, the committee's president.

Those looking to comment on the plans have been asked to contact Traffic and Highway Services.

Which parishes will be affected?

The States says, if passed, the 25mph limit would be applied to roads in:

  • St Peter Port
  • St Sampson
  • Vale
  • Castel
  • St Martin
  • St Peter
  • St Andrew
  • Forest

Electricity cable fault closes Guernsey road

Rob England

BBC News Online

Electricity supplies could be disrupted in parts of St Andrew due to a cable fault, according to Guernsey Electricity.

A spokesman for the States' Traffic and Highways Services said Rue Du Tertre had been closed to allow crews to work on the issue.

The fault was just past Les Bourg Hospice, which is only accessible from the top end of the lane.

The electricity disruption is estimated to last between two and three hours.

Islands' politicians 'reassure Brussels' amid Brexit chaos

Rob England

BBC News Online

Following turmoil over Brexit negotiations in Westminster, politicians from the Channel Islands say they have "reassured" EU officials about the islands' future relationship with the union.

Guernsey Chief Minister Gavin St Pier, and Jersey External Relations Minister Ian Gorst took part in a "joint visit" to Brussels on 11 and 12 July.

A spokesman for both governments said the politicians discussed key issues with representatives of the EU's three main institutions: the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

EU/Channel Islands

It is critical that our European neighbours understand the value we place on the contribution their nationals make to our island. Up to 20% of our population is comprised of EU nationals who provide an invaluable contribution to our community and economy. I was able to reassure our interlocutors that we have developed the Jersey EU Settlement Scheme to ensure their nationals have continued ability to remain in Jersey after Brexit."

Ian Gorst

The visit to Brussels was very well-timed, given political developments in the UK this week. We discussed with representatives from the EU27 the value we place on the ongoing relationship between Europe and the Channel Islands. We were able to provide reassurance about the work that we are undertaking in Brexit planning, as well steps to meet the commitments made to the EU Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation."

Gavin St Pier

More on Brexit:

'Technical issues' delay Jersey bus


Aurigny moves to buy new ATRs with fog-beating tech

Guernsey Press

Aurigny has signed a letter of intent to buy three new ATRs with fog-busting technology.

Blood donor centre reopens for testing

Jersey Evening Post

A small number of donors are due to give blood this week in the newly refurbished blood donor centre.

Man makes history with first double round Jersey swim

BBC Radio Jersey

An endurance athlete from Jersey became the first person to swim twice around the island on Saturday and Sunday.

Andy Truscott made an impressive time of 22 hours and seven minutes in the non-stop event, which totals between 36 and 40 miles (57 and 64km).

He began at about 06:45 on Saturday.

He was raising money for marine turtle conservation and research, as well as local beach cleans.

Mr Truscott said he "went through hell and back" during the swim, but was "extremely proud" of the achievement.

Andy Truscott

With these swims, 80% of it is mentality. You go through every single emotion from happy times to when you are literally crying to yourself and saying: 'What am I doing?'."

Andy Truscott

Developer proposes 52 new flats in six-storey building

BBC Radio Jersey

A property development company wants to knock down an office block in St Helier and replace it with a six-storey building which will include 52 new flats.

Dandara has submitted plans for Kleinwort Benson House at Wests Centre, on the corner of Hilary Street and Peter Street.

In its planning statement, Dandara said it wanted to demolish the "redundant" building, which it claims gives the area a "desolate appearance".

In its place, the development company wants to build 13 one-bedroom and 39 two-bedroom flats over six storeys. The application includes room for bike storage - but no car parking.

Dandara said it has paid almost £50,000 make the application.

People have until 7 August to comment on the proposals.

Rugby: Preparations begin for Guernsey Raiders

James Rabey

BBC Radio Guernsey

The Guernsey Raiders have begun preparations for their first season in the National Two South division after being promoted in April.

Guernsey raiders
Guernsey Raiders celebrate after winning promotion to National Two South

They won the promotion after a tense play-off with Bournemouth where the Raiders fought for a convincing 38-23 victory.

Chris Gnapp, from the Raiders, said the play-off was a "huge turning point" for rugby on the island.

He said the club had seen more interest and support following the match, as well as excitement for the coming season.

Hydraulic systems fault causes plane to divert

Rob England

BBC News Online

A technical fault on board a Blue Islands plane travelling from Guernsey to Southampton caused it to be diverted to Jersey on Saturday.

Blue Islands

The aircraft, carrying 40 passengers, landed safely after a "technical issue" was found with one of its hydraulic systems.

Emergency services met the plane at the airport "as a precaution", a spokesman said, adding that passengers were transferred to a spare aircraft to continue their journey.

A Blue Islands spokesman added: "Blue Islands’ engineers are conducting a full investigation into the cause of the technical fault.

"The safety of our passengers and crew is Blue Islands’ highest priority and we apologise for the inconvenience experienced."

Heater sparks bedroom blaze

Rob England

BBC News Online

A house had to be evacuated in St Saviour, Jersey, after a heater was accidentally switched on caused a small fire early on Monday.

Fire crews were called to a house in Grand Vaux where the fire had started in a downstairs bedroom at about 04:10.

Two adults and a child were evacuated from the house, firefighters said.

"The smoke detector had woken the occupants up and they had safely evacuated the building," according to Jersey Fire and Rescue Service.

Chalmers takes bronze in athletics championships

Jack Murley

Channel Islands Sports Producer

Guernsey's Alistair Chalmers was part of the British squad that won bronze over the weekend in the 4 x 400m relay at the Under-20s World Athletics Championships in Finland.

The team ran a season's best time to finish third, behind Italy and the United States.

Chalmers - who also reached the final of the 400m hurdles - said it was a fantastic way to end the competition.

Running track
Getty Images

It’s a dream come true, coming out with these boys. It was always going to be a battle to the end, but we knew deep down our preparation and our skills. We were going to get a medal and we really showed that."

Alistair Chalmers

Burst water main causes temporary lights on Jersey road


Passenger plane diverts to Jersey after suffering 'technical fault'

Jersey Evening Post

A blue Islands flight diverted to Jersey on Saturday evening after suffering technical issues.

Weather: Mainly dry with sunny spells

Alex Osborne

BBC Weather

Monday will be mostly dry with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. The odd shower cannot be ruled out though, mainly during the afternoon.

There will be a moderate westerly wind but it will not be as warm as yesterday.

Maximum temperature: 19 to 22C (66 to 72F).

Alex Osborne

Tonight looks set to be dry with clear spells, along with variable amounts of cloud.

There will be a gentle westerly wind.

Minimum temperature: 14 to 17C (57 to 63F).

Is Guernsey set for an overall temperature rise?

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey could be set for warmer summers and wetter winters over the next 100 years, a former environment adviser to the States of Guernsey has said.

Andrew Casebow said islanders could see an overall rise of 4C, but with that would also rising sea levels and harsher winter storms.

Getty Images

Over a long period of time, we can expect temperatures are going to increase. [At] The present time we are going towards something like a four-degree temperature increase over the next 100 years or so, and, to put that into perspective, if you reduced the temperature by four degrees we’d be back in an ice age.”

Andrew CasebowFormer agriculture and environment adviser

We'll have a full weather forecast later.

Calls to axe 'uneconomical' Guernsey bus route

BBC Radio Guernsey

A bus route in Guernsey has been dubbed uneconomical by an island politician due to the subsidy it receives from the States.

CT Plus

The P2 service, run by CT Plus, connects St Peter Port with Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Les Bourgs hospice, L'Aumone surgery and the Bridge.

Deputy David De Lisle said he had seen no evidence the service, which receives a £13 per passenger per journey subsidy, has changed since concerns were raised about it last year. He has called for it to be discontinued.

He said although he was not fully against subsidising bus routes, the P2 service was "losing heavily" and increasing overall costs.

Guernsey's Committee for Environment and Infrastructure said the P2 route "provides an important community role".

Shopkeeper looks to new development for footfall rise

BBC Radio Jersey

A housing development in St Helier is hoped to provide more footfall to the east side of town, according to a shop owner.

It comes as Jersey celebrates St Helier Day.

Rachel Concannon, who owns a textile shop, said trade would increase when people moved in to flats at the site of the former Metropole Hotel on nearby Roseville Street.

Three years ago Jersey's States aimed to breathe new life into the eastern side of town.

We’ve got quite a few new shops opening and it’s really quite vibrant. The Metropole Hotel was a shame - we were really sad to see that [close]. But actually the new build is coming to fruition, and I believe people are going to be moving in there very soon so that will bring more footfall into the area.”

Rachel Concannon