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  1. Aurigny considers technology for pilots to see through fog
  2. Jersey chief minister to explain policy plans to scrutiny panel
  3. Jersey to make free smear tests island-wide
  4. Open skies may lead to 'fewer flights'
  5. Driver 'verbally abused' in St Helier
  6. Updates for 17 July 2018.

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Weather: Staying clear and more sunshine

BBC Weather

Tuesday evening will be dry with some late sunshine and after dark it will stay dry with clear spells. Gentle westerly winds will turn south-westerly.

Minimum temperature: 12 to 15C (54 to 59F).

Wednesday will be largely dry with plenty of sunshine and just a few patches of cloud. However, the odd shower cannot be ruled out. Just a light wind of variable direction.

Maximum temperature: 17 to 21C (62 to 70F).


Jersey weather


Guernsey weather

New hospital neighbourhood meeting called

Rob England

BBC News Online

The first "neighbourhood forum" for those wishing to discuss plans for Jersey's new hospital will take place on Wednesday evening.

New hospital
States of Jersey

The States of Jersey said the meeting was a chance to consider any "practical issues" arising from the proposed works, which will see £466m invested to build new facilities on the existing hospital site.

An outline planning application has been submitted with plans for the new hospital - but are being scrutinised by a public inquiry, the findings of which will be submitted to the minister in charge of planning.

Last year, under the previous health minister, initial plans for the new facility were thrown out by the planning department, which said they were too big for the site.

Deputy Richard Renouf, the new Minister for Health and Social Services, said he hoped the meeting would "help forge good relationships" with people living and working in the area.

The meeting begins at 18:00 at All Saints Church Hall in Parade Gardens, St Helier.

Adam Sandler plays Happy Gilmore

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

BBC Sport meets Matt Nicolle, one of Europe's top long drive golfers, to find out how he hits a ball more than 400 yards.

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Calls to end 'ageism' in Jersey

BBC Radio Jersey

The UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee has called for more action to tackle ageism in employment across the UK and Jersey.

Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke, said she hopes Jersey's discrimination legislation is used to make sure businesses know ageism "isn't just wrong, it's against the law".

The committee's report says the talents of more than one million people in the UK over the age of 50 are being wasted because of discrimination and outdated practices.

Figures show out of 820 islanders who were out of work from June 2017 to June 2018, about 300 were aged between 50 and 64.

Graeme Smith from Jersey Business, a States-funded organisation which helps people set up businesses in the island, says out of the 200 companies helped last year about 40-60 were startups, and "quite a few" of those were formed by older people.

older persons holding hands
Getty Images

It’s just common sense. At 50 plus you’ve got huge experience. We can help in areas, such as digital, where they need to develop but that experience is invaluable and as an economy we need the economic benefits of that age group.”

Graeme Smith

A States of Jersey spokeswoman said the experience an older person can offer was "valuable to any employer", and companies with vacancies should get in touch with the States back to work scheme.

Princess Royal to visit Torteval Church

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey residents will be able to see Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal during her visit to the Bailiwick on Wednesday.

She begins her visit at Torteval Church, where Princess Anne will be shown the recent restoration work and unveil a plaque to commemorate its bicentenary.

The princess will meet parish officials and be given a tour of outdoor displays, which tell the story of rural and historic Guernsey, in the neighbouring glebe field.

Princess Royal
Getty Images

Members of the public can see Princess Anne from an area outside Torteval Parish Church or in the glebe field behind the church hall.

The princess will also be visiting Sark and Alderney.

Call to identify girls who carried out attempted robbery

BBC Radio Jersey

Anyone with information about an attempted robbery on Sunday is being urged to contact the States of Jersey Police.

Two teenage girls were unsuccessful in getting money from a 55-year-old man they assaulted "by the first lay-by on Victoria Avenue" between 22:45 and 23:00.

The girls are described as white, aged between 16 – 18 years of age, with blonde hair. One was about 5ft 8in tall, wearing jeans and a hoodie and had a mask similar to the ones used in the film series Scream. The other was about 5ft tall and wearing a white t-shirt.

Officers said a 17-year-old girl was arrested in connection with this incident and has subsequently been released on bail.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their Anonymous Online Form.

Guernsey speed limit review: Your views


We're still getting your comments after the States of Guernsey announced it would be reviewing the speed limits of 81 roads around the island.

Here's what some islanders had to say.

Getty Images

Julian: Pointless bureaucracy.

Bj Nicolle: Crazy idea, better to look at road direction e.g. one way systems so a safe cycle lane or pavement can be added, but that would cost money.

Phil: Get real, this will make virtually no difference to average journey time as how often do you actually hit 35 anyway?

Maureen: So ridiculous the Braye Road is a nice straight road.

Haley: Leave the roads alone.

Alain: If I wanted to live in Sark I would move there! Please stop ruining our island.

Jack: Good idea for the vast majority of our roads, though in many places 25 is still much too fast.

Tyler: Don’t agree with all but some would benefit.

Adgi: At last a good idea from the states.

French tax residence triggered by differing criteria

Guernsey Press

We are spending more and more time in our French holiday home. Are we going to be treated as French tax residents?

Egypt rejects French theory on air crash

Jersey Evening Post

Egypt's public prosecutor has dismissed claims from French investigators that a cockpit fire caused a plane crash which claimed the lives of 66 people, including an Islander.

Emergency 999 number 'can be used'

Rob England

BBC News Online

Islanders in Guernsey can still call 999 in an emergency, police have said, as a divert has been put in place on the number.

Earlier the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre said there was a fault with the lines connected to the number, and asked those needing help to use alternative numbers.

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Speed limit change around school 'a sensible idea'

BBC Radio Guernsey

The principal of a school in Guernsey which could see the speed limit in its area drop from 35mph to 25mph has welcomed the move.

The States of Guernsey is looking for the public to comment on the proposals, which would see 81 roads in eight parishes changed to 25mph.

Currently Blanchelande is the only school in Guernsey with a 35mph limit on the roads around its site.

We think speed limits should be uniform around the island, I don't know why Blanchelande has had the 35mph speed limit so the recommendation it goes down to 25mph is very sensible I think."

Robert O'BrienPrincipal, Blanchelande College

Man taken to hospital after assault

Rob England

BBC News Online

A man was taken to hospital on Sunday after an assault outside a cafe in Jersey, police have said.

It happened at about 22:00 outside 1st Stop Cafe on Cheapside in St Helier.

Two men were involved and officers say it is believed they knew each other.

A man, 19, was taken to Jersey General Hospital by police with minor injuries and the other "left the scene", police said.

Free smear tests hope to prompt more uptake

BBC Radio Jersey

More than a third of women in Jersey do not have regular smear tests, according to health officials, who hope the introduction of free tests from August will change this.

A smear test, or cervical screening test is a method of detecting abnormal cells on a woman's cervix, which can prevent cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer for women under 35, and two people die from it in Jersey each year.

About 9,000 women should be getting regular tests, according to the island's health department, but only 5,500 actually do.

Cervical cancer is preventable through screening and in addition to the sad fact of women dying, we have a lot more women needing treatment for cervical cancer surgery, so what we want to do is prevent it altogether.”

Dr Linda DiggleHead of preventive programmes

'Fault' with 999 number in Guernsey

Rob England

BBC News Online

Islanders have been advised not to dial 999 in an emergency as there is currently a "fault" with the lines connected to the number.

A spokesman for the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre said islanders should instead call 01481 725111 at first, or one of the following:

  • 07839 704000
  • 07781 162535
  • 07911 768180

Islanders urged to seek help over employment discrimination

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey air hostess, who won a case on maternity-related discrimination against her employer, says more islanders should question their employers and seek advice.

In June 2018 Jersey's employment and discrimination tribunal awarded Andrea Elcock £7,821 for being unfairly dismissed by airline Blue Islands.

The mother of three was sacked in August 2017 while she was signed off sick for eight weeks with a condition made worse by her pregnancy and breastfeeding.

She says she was not being paid at the time and was shocked at her dismissal, which the company put down to "poor health".

Blue Islands airline
Blue Islands
Blue Islands is a Guernsey-based airline operating in the Channel Islands

I was devastated, I couldn’t believe what was happening and that this was allowed to happen. I would urge anybody to go forward and question what your employer is doing to you or go and seek advice, but this is not an easy process, and you have to be strong and really fight for what you believe is right."

Andrea Elcock

A spokesman for Blue Islands said the company was "disappointed" with the findings of the tribunal, and added although it respects the process and the decision it would be inappropriate to make any further comment.

Works to restrict Jersey road until September


Aurigny considers technology for pilots to see through fog

BBC Radio Guernsey

An airline is considering buying three planes with technology which will allow pilots to see through fog.

The States of Guernsey owned airline, Aurigny, has signed a letter of intent to buy three new aircraft, each equipped with "ClearVision" technology, at a cost of more than $20m each.

The aircraft manufacturer ATR says Aurigny could be the first airline in the world to use its new planes.

Kjetil Astad, ATR's sales director for Europe, says if the States agree to the purchase, the first plane will be delivered next summer.

Across the UK hundreds of flights are disrupted or delayed by fog each year.

Guernsey Airport
Guernsey Airport concealed in foggy conditions in 2017

Jersey CM to explain policy plans to scrutiny panel

Chris Rayner

BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

Jersey's chief minister will be asked to explain how his plans to set up groups of politicians to work on policy areas will work, after fears they could undermine the scrutiny process.

Senator John Le Fondré is due to appear before the Corporate Services Panel later.

Like other chief ministers before him, Senator Le Fondré has reached out to backbench politicians, asking them to get involved in policy decisions, but it's ruffled feathers among those whose job is to hold the government to account.

Senator John Le Fondré

Part of the Corporate Services Panel's remit is to look at draft policies, legislation or matters of public importance relating to the work of the chief minister.

The Chairwoman, Senator Kristina Moore, has written to Senator Le Fondré and asked how his policy development boards will work.

She said instead of meeting the aim of making the government more inclusive, the opposite is happening.

Driver 'verbally abused' in St Helier

Rob England

BBC News Online

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man on a motorbike was "verbally abusive" towards a driver, and drove "without due care and attention" in Jersey.

Officers said the man was wearing a red helmet and riding a black "scrambler style" motorbike.

It started at the Minden Place traffic lights in St Helier on Sunday at about 09:30, but continued on to Bath Street, David Place, Stopford Road, Midvale Road and Rouge Bouillon.

Police said the focus of the man's attention "was on the other road user".

Your views on speed limits


We've been sent a lot of comments about the news that the States of Guernsey want to reduce 81 roads to 25mph.

It's fair to say it has been mostly negative so far...

Peter: This will create more problems - both safety and health - than it's worth. The slower you go, the more clogged your engine gets, the more nasty gasses it emits.

Lesley: Strongly disagree.

Phil: Fuel usage up, that means more tax paid indirectly.

Andy: Nonsense. It’s just more fine collection attempts. It takes long enough to get round this place as it is. Idiots.

Martyn: More people standing in court for speeding 28 mph.

There are a few positive comments though...

Tina: I’m happy with driving 25 mph anywhere to be honest. I feel safe at this speed.

Lord Bistua Nuova on Twitter: Not a day too soon!

Large cattle feeder stolen from field

Rob England

BBC News Online

An 8ft (2.4m) galvanised steel cattle feeder was taken from a field in Guernsey, police say.

It happened between 2-11 July in a field on La Rue de Giroutette, St Saviour.

A police spokesman said: "Due to the size and weight of the cattle feeder it would have taken a large vehicle and possibly lifting equipment to remove it."

Officers are looking to speak to anyone who may have been in the area when it was taken, or any drivers who may have seen it being moved.

Jersey to make free smear tests island-wide

Josephine Baker

BBC Radio Jersey, Reporter

Women in Jersey will be able to get a free smear test from their doctor from August.

The island started giving free smear tests at a family health centre in June and it's now being rolled out across all GP surgeries.

In Jersey, one or two women a year die of cervical cancer, but it can be prevented if women keep up with regular appointments.

Cervical screening in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is free to women under the NHS.

A doctor at the Island Medical Centre said making it free allows women to have their smear test when it's due, without having to worry about the cost, which can be as high as £62.

Depending on their age, women should get a smear test every three to five years.

Open skies may lead to 'fewer flights'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Removing Guernsey's airline licensing system may result in fewer flights to the island, according to the CEO of Aurigny.

In a letter to deputies, Mark Darby cites the example of the Isle of Man, which he said has suffered from reduced connectivity since it took away route licensing.

Airlines in Guernsey are strictly licensed by the States of Guernsey in an attempt to keep consistent routes and service levels, but that could soon change.


The Committee for Economic Development released a policy letter which aims to protect the Gatwick and Alderney routes while opening up the rest to competition.

However, the "open skies" approach has been criticised by the States-owned airline Aurigny and Blue Islands.

Blue Islands' Chairman Derek Coates has previously described the suggestion of moving towards an open skies policy as "highly perilous and destructive".

Speed limits: Take a look at the new zones

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Guernsey's speed limits are under review - and the environment committee wants to reduce 81 roads to 25mph.

Let us take you on a tour round the island...