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  1. Sark tourism 'on a knife edge'
  2. Pair in difficulty on inflatable prompts RNLI warning
  3. Guernsey speed limit review 'not to discourage drivers'
  4. Top civil servant has residential status 'fast-tracked'
  5. Double national swimming titles for Dodds
  6. Updates for Monday 30 July 2018

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Weather: Cloudy overnight before a fine Tuesday

BBC Weather

Clear spells at times on Monday night but with some large areas of cloud as well, bringing a few light showers. It should turn drier again by morning. Light or moderate south-westerly winds.

Minimum temperature: 14 to 17C (57 to 63F).

A fine day to come on Tuesday. There will be plenty of sunshine with just some patchy cloud at times. Winds will remain light and it should turn pleasantly warm.

Maximum temperature: 18 to 21C (64 to 70F).


Jersey weather


Guernsey weather

Panel to investigate 'pay gap' in Jersey public sector

Rob England

BBC News Online

A panel has been tasked with investigating whether men are paid more than women in Jersey's civil service.

The Gender Pay Gap Review Panel will also look at why there is a high proportion of men in the top jobs.

There is currently no equal pay legislation in Jersey and employers are not required to publish information on their gender pay gap, according to the panel.

Currently 86.7% of directors are male, as well as 66.9% of senior managers - whilst 63% of the overall public sector workforce is female.

The panel's chair, Deputy Louise Doublet said it is important to know if there is a pay gap in the island so the States can come up with policies to tackle it.

Pay gap
Getty Images

Currently there are very limited statistics in this area and having reliable data is paramount in helping us make evidence based, well informed policy decisions in future - we can’t address what we don’t know."

Deputy Louise Doublet

Roman settlement confirmed beneath Alderney sands

Rob England

BBC News Online

Archaeologists in Alderney have uncovered a sizeable Roman settlement beneath the island's sands, confirming the suspicions of academics.

Digs at the site began after evidence of an old gate known locally as the Nunnery was found to be of Roman origin.

Excavation site
Philip De Jersey

At excavations across July researchers expected to unveil a "mystery building" in the area, but instead found evidence of further buildings, a stone courtyard, imported Roman pottery and coins.

States of Guernsey Archaeologist Phil de Jersey says the sand in the area could be responsible for "protecting" the site - thought to be the largest Roman settlement find in the Channel Islands.

Alderney is believed to have been part of the Roman Empire for more than 400 years. It was one of the islands called the Insulae Lenuri and was known as Riduna.

Former RBC building to become new States HQ

BBC Radio Jersey

The States of Jersey's civil service will be uprooted later this year as staff move to another office in St Helier.

RBC building

More than 500 States employees will move to the former Royal Bank of Canada building in Broad Street as part of plans to restructure the island's public sector.

Charlie Parker, the Chief Executive of the States of Jersey said the existing headquarters buildings, Cyril Le Marquand House and South Hill, could be demolished and the land redeveloped for housing.

The States will pay £1m a year to rent the new facility at numbers 19 to 21 Broad Street, which the government claims will come "from existing budgets".

The first staff will move to the building in November whilst a purpose built office is developed as a permanent base, according to the States.

No one else to receive Charlie Parker 'residency perks'

BBC Radio Jersey

A politician in Jersey has defended the island's top civil servant being given a special residency status as a perk of his job, but says nobody else will get a similar deal.

Constable Chris Taylor, an Assistant Chief Minister, said the current government did not make the decision to give Charlie Parker entitled status when he was recruited.

The move has been criticised by Deputy Kirsten Morel, who says it demeans teachers, nurses and other essential workers who do not get similar treatment.

He is the single, top man and that very different to someone else who is further down the pecking order. As the single, top man we have to get the top man for that job. So far he has done more in the last six months of modernising the workforce and bringing Jersey’s civil service into the 21st Century than the previous eight or nine years.”

Constable Chris Taylor

Islander targeted in fraudulent cheque scam

Rob England

BBC News Online

Guernsey Police are warning islanders about a scam targeting people who sell things online.

crime filing cabinet concept image with fraud folder
Getty Images

Officers said a person was recently contacted by a fraudster who agreed to buy goods from them, but sent a cheque for "a substantial amount more than the agreed price".

The buyer then asked the seller to reimburse them with the excess amount.

A spokesman said: "The result would have been that the cheque would be cashed, and the excess money paid out. The cheque would then bounce and the excess money would be lost along with items if they had been posted."

Police said the seller's bank blocked the transaction in this case, but said islanders should "remain vigilant and cautious" and contact the police, their bank or Action Fraud for further advice.

Speed limit review 'not to discourage drivers'

BBC Radio Guernsey

A review of speed limits in Guernsey is not intended to put drivers off using their cars, but to encourage people to walk or cycle, a politician says.

Deputy Barry Brehaut, President of the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure, said the review of speed limits has been carried out to follow through with strategies signed off by previous States' assembles.

He said slower traffic would make it safer for people to leave their cars at home.

Getty Images

What we're hoping happens is that - if families can be secure in the knowledge that traffic going past their front door is moving at a slower pace - it might get people over that obstacle of ‘Is my child safe to walk?’ or ‘Is it safe for myself or my child to cycle?’.”

Deputy Barry Brehaut

St Helier ratepayers 'should not pay more for events'

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's largest parish is looking for more sponsorship for events being held around St Helier throughout the year so locals do not have to subsidise them.

The Constable of St Helier says his parish ratepayers should not have to contribute more towards events such as the Portuguese and Polish food festivals and the Fete de St Helier, as they benefit the whole island.

He also said the States should contribute towards the costs of employing an organiser for these events, as well as a town centre manager.

St Helier

We could really do with that revenue funding to make sure these events continue to grow and continue to make St Helier a place where tourists are going to want to come and visit."

Constable Simon Crowcroft

Two 'near misses' as drones fly close to jet and plane

Rob England

BBC News Online

A commercial passenger plane and a large corporate jet both had "near-misses" with drones flying close to Jersey's airfield recently, according to Ports of Jersey.

A spokesman said: "Both pilots reported a drone only a few hundred metres from the aircraft while on the final approach to the airport."

The authority is urging drone operators to adhere to official guidelines on their use.

It is currently an offence to fly a drone within two nautical miles of the airport or higher than 400ft (121m) without permission from the island's air traffic control.

Jersey Airport

Both of these near misses have been reported to the Civil Aviation Authority, the director of Civil Aviation and States of Jersey Police which are investigating. While it is not known if the intrusion was deliberate, drone users should be aware of the potential catastrophic impact as a result of their inappropriate actions."

Stephen DriscollChief operating officer and airport director

The Ports of Jersey spokesman added the approach period of a flight was "one of the most challenging" for pilots, as aircrafts were "vulnerable due to low speed and proximity to the ground".

"Therefore, anything that can cause disruption to this process, whether it’s a bird or a drone could potentially be catastrophic," they said.

Pair in difficulty on inflatable prompts RNLI warning

BBC Radio Guernsey

Beachgoers in Guernsey are being asked to avoid using inflatables in the sea after two people were left "struggling to get back to shore" on Sunday.

Getty Images

The swimmers were in an inflatable kayak at Pembroke Bay and volunteers were called to assist them they got into difficulty.

"Thankfully, the wind died down and the kayakers were able to return safely to dry land," according to Peter Gill, RNLI operations manager, who added: "It could have been a very different outcome."

"Never take inflatables out in big waves, and never use them when the winds which will blow you further out to sea," he said.

The charity claims there has been a rise in the number of people across the UK being rescued from inflatables including footballs, unicorns, flamingos and boats.

Wildlife impact tests for potential waste sites

Edward Rowe

BBC Radio Guernsey

Wildlife impact assessments will take place at two quarries in Guernsey which are being considered to store inert waste.

The disused quarries in the Vale, called L'Epine and Guilliton will have a collective lifespan of three years and, if approved, will hold construction and demolition waste.

Letters have been sent to all residents who live near the two sites, which are being considered as alternatives to existing waste facilities at Longue Hougue South.

The UK Environment Agency defines inert waste as: "Waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations."

Project Manager Denice Carling says when looking at potential sites flora and fauna was "less of an issue" at the quarries.

Guillton and L'Epine
Guillton (left) and L'Epine (right) quarry sites in the Vale

This next stage Will be looking at undertaking environmental impact assessments involving a number of studies hydrological, bird studies, looking at the flora and fauna. Around the end of next year we’ll be reporting back to the States on our findings.”

Denice Carling

The proposals are subject to planning permission and being passed by politicians in the States Assembly.

Future uncertain for Jersey's 'best kept secret'

Sarah Bailey

Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio Jersey

The future of a "secret" church in Jersey, which was closed because of dwindling congregation numbers, could be decided soon according to its warden.

St Simon

St Simon Church in St Helier was built in the 19th Century and used up until three years ago, when the decision was made to cease regular services.

It is now only used once a fortnight by the island's Romanian Orthodox community.

Dave Ellis, the church warden, says it is almost impossible to keep the building in good repair because it does not generate any money, and still has to pay parish rates and utility costs.

"We'd like to see life poured back into it, but it's very difficult to see that happening as an actual place of worship," he said.

He added the site, once called "Jersey's best kept secret" would be a good place for a community building.

St Simon's Church

Double national titles for Dodds

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

Jersey's Isaac Dodds has won an unprecedented two national junior titles.

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The 14-year-old Tigers Swimming Club racer smashed his lifetime bests to win the 800m freestyle and the 200m backstroke at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

His success took the island club's tally to six medals for the event - their best haul in more than a decade - and making him just the second islander to win a national junior title.

Residential status should not be 'perk' of Parker's job

Rob England

BBC News Online

It has emerged Charlie Parker, the head of Jersey's civil service, has been given "entitled housing status", bypassing the usual requirement to live in the island for 10 years.

But an island politician, Deputy Kirsten Morel, says this decision "sets a precedent" and is the equivalent of saying Mr Parker's job is "more important" than doctors, nurses or teachers, who do not get the special status.

Being entitled allows Mr Parker to buy, sell or lease any property​ in Jersey and means he can work anywhere, without needing permission to be employed​.

A spokeswoman for the States of Jersey said: "Between January and June 2018, a total of 71 staff have joined the States of Jersey either on a licence, or with a ‘registered’ residency status.

"Of the 71 new starters, 46 are health professionals (nurses, midwives and doctors). The remainder are made up of teachers, head teachers and deputy heads, lecturers, residential child care officers, police employees and civil servants.

"Of the 22 appointments made to senior civil service roles this year, 18 are internal and only four are external and require a licence."

Man attacked outside clothes shop

Rob England

BBC News Online

A man was "assaulted" outside a clothes shop in St Peter Port on Saturday, police have said.

It happened at 16:15 on Smith Street, close to the Superdry store.

Officers did not comment on whether the man suffered any injuries, but are looking for witnesses.

Sark tourism 'on a knife edge'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Tourism in Sark is "on a knife edge", according to the island's Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President Tony Le Lievre believes the recent Manche Iles ferry cancellations have had a "huge impact" on local businesses.

The company said the vessel has been experiencing "technical difficulties".

Mr Le Lievre said passenger numbers are running at more than 5% lower than last year on visitors from Guernsey.

Sark Avenue

The direct service from Granville, through Jersey, to Sark provided by Manche Iles has been cancelled these last two weekends. We're on a knife edge as far as our visitor economy is concerned and I don't think we can stand those losses for much longer.

Tony Le LievrePresident, Sark Chamber of Commerce

Crash causes delays on Jersey road


Top civil servant has residential status 'fast-tracked'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Fast-tracking residential qualifications for Jersey's top civil servant "sets a precedent", according to one of the island's deputies.

It's emerged that the States of Jersey's Chief Executive, Charlie Parker, has been given entitled housing status - bypassing the usual requirement to live in the island for 10 years.

Charlie Parker

Under fast-tracking rules, ministers can grant the status on an exceptional basis, and if it's thought to be in the best interest of the community.

But Deputy Kirsten Morel says the decision is the same as saying the chief executive's job is more important than the doctors, nurses or teachers who are working in the island on license for five years.

The States has reassured islanders that no-one else could or would obtain a similar arrangement.

Safety warning for bikers wearing shorts and T-shirts

Jersey Evening Post

A senior States police officer has issued a warning after seeing a high number of islanders riding motorcycles during the warm weather without appropriate clothing.

Sunny spells with showers possible

BBC Weather

Sunny spells this morning across the Channel Islands but there is the chance of a passing light shower. Through this afternoon, it will be generally dry with periods of sunshine. Moderate to fresh south-westerly winds.

Maximum temperature: 18 to 21C (64 to 70F).





'Jean Cattlewasher's Assisted Pieing Machine'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

It's a classic summer event in Guernsey.

The 15th Scarecrow Festival took place at Torteval Church this weekend, with 60 displays raising money for upkeep and repairs.

Here's a look at some of the creations...

Jean Cattlewasher's Assisted Pieing Machine


Bear Grills


Cher Crow