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Live Reporting

By Mal Siret, Yaroslav Lukov and Francesca Gillett

All times stated are UK

  1. 'Yankee go home!' - Maduro supporters rally in Caracas

    Maduro supporters rally in Caracas, Venezuela

    Meanwhile, supporters of Nicolás Maduro held a rally in Venezuela's capital of Caracas.

    Maduro supporters in Caracas with a poster that reads "Yankee go home!"

    Demonstrators carried posters that read "Yankee go home!", accusing the US of intervening in Venezuela's affairs.

  2. VIDEO: Border bridge protests

    Diario La Opinión, a newspaper in Cúcuta on the Colombian side of border, has tweeted this video of protests continuing at the Simón Bolívar bridge.

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  3. Guaidó: 'I've made a clear call to army'

    Speaking to reporters earlier in the Colombian border city of Cúcuta, Juan Guaidó called for the Venezuelan military to abandon their support for President Maduro.

    He said: "I've made a clear call to the armed forces.

    "Welcome to the right side of history. Welcome to those soldiers that today have moved to the right side of the constitution. Welcome.

    "There is a clear sign today that the amnesty and guarantees are there for all those soldiers who are willing to take in and help the Venezuelan people and, above all, to respect our constitution."

  4. Another Venezuelan policeman defects - reports

    Another member of Venezuela's special police force has defected, reports say.

    Live footage showed the officer crossed into Colombia via the Simón Bolívar bridge - to loud cheers from crowds.

  5. Aid 'will be transported by human chain'

    Venezuelan opposition politicians and their supporters march towards he Simón Bolívar bridge

    A convoy of trucks with humanitarian aid will be unloaded at the Simón Bolívar bridge on Colombia's side and the aid will be then transported by a human chain across the border, Colombia officials are as quoted as saying by Reuters.

    Latest pictures from the area showed Venezuelan opposition politicians and their supporters on the bridge, urging Venezuelan troops to let the aid through.

  6. More images of clashes

    A bus is set on fire by demonstrators as security forces take their positions in Urena

    Demonstrators earlier set a bus alight as security forces took their positions in Ureña, Venezuela.

    Protesters demonstrate as tear gas is used to disperse the crowds

    Venezuelan troops fired tear gas at protesters and those seeking to receive the humanitarian aid in the city, witnesses said.

    Venezuelan security forces take position while clashing with demonstrators in Urena, Venezuela
  7. VIDEO: Moment troops defected

    Video content

    Video caption: Venezuela crisis: The moment troops crash through border

    People disperse as two Venezuelan armoured vehicles drive from the Venezuelan side of Simón Bolívar bridge towards Colombia.

    Two armoured vehicles cross a bridge in Venezuela to Colombia

    According to Colombian authorities, a number of Venezuelan national guard troops deserted after crossing two border bridges that have been closed on the orders of Mr Maduro's government.

    Venezuelan soldiers were reportedly detained by Colombian police after crossing the border to Cucuta.

    Venezuelan soldiers are detained by Colombian police after crossing the border to Cucuta
  8. Aid convoy heads to Colombia border

    Following Mr Guaidó's tweet suggesting that the first humanitarian aid truck has crossed into Venezuela from Brazil, reports are emerging that a convoy of trucks has left from several warehouses in Colombia for the border, and should be arriving shortly.

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  9. Guaidó pictured on aid truck

    Paraguayan President Abdo Benítez has posted footage showing Juan Guaidó on a truck with humanitarian aid.

    Mr Guaidó earlier said (see our 15:50 entry) that the aid was on its way to Venezuela in a peaceful manner.

    The self-declared president was speaking at the Colombia-Venezuela border.

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  10. BreakingFirst aid shipment enters Venezuela - Guaidó

    Juan Guaidó says the "first shipment of humanitarian aid" has now crossed into Venezuela from Brazil.

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  11. Aid trucks due at Cúcuta bridge

    An earlier tweet by BBC producer Haley Thomas, at the Colombian border, suggests that trucks carrying humanitarian aid are due to arrive shortly at the Simón Bolívar bridge in Cúcuta.

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  12. Aid will save lives - Guaidó

    Mr Guaidó also says the humanitarian aid is on its way to Venezuela in a peaceful manner, adding that it will "save lives".

  13. Breaking'Welcome to the right side' - Guaidó

    Juan Guaidó arrives in Cucuta, Colombia
    Image caption: Juan Guaidó arrives in Cucuta, Colombia

    Self-declared interim President Juan Guaidó has just spoken on the Colombia-Venezuela border.

    "Welcome to the right side," he told defected Venezuelan soldiers.

    He said any soldiers who joined the opposition would receive “amnesty and guarantees” from his interim government.

  14. Venezuelans 'mobilised' - Maduro

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro says people are "mobilised" in the capital Caracas and across the country.

    "Let us all go to the streets to defend our independence," he urges the nation.

    Mr Maduro adds that "there will be no war" in Venezuela and that peace will "triumph".

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  15. Who's in charge in Venezuela?

    Video content

    Video caption: Venezuela crisis: Is Maduro or Guaidó in charge?

    As a political crisis in Venezuela escalates, many people ask who is really in charge in the country?

    Here's our explainer with the BBC's Paul Adams.

  16. 'Why are you serving a dictator?'

    Guillermo Olmo, BBC Mundo, Ureña, Venezuela

    A protester on the Venezuelan side of the border with Colombia

    It's been a difficult day here on the Venezuelan side.

    We found locals getting angry because they found the border was closed - these people normally make a living across the border. Then it turned ugly in Ureña.

    We witnessed protesters lunging to break one of the barriers, but the national guard started firing tear gas and pellets.

    People were shouting at the national guard asking them why, in their words, they were serving a dictator and not serving their own people.

    We had to run away to avoid being hurt but there is still a lot of tension in the air, with a heavy military presence everywhere.

  17. Images show fierce conflict

    A member of Venezuela's security forces aims his shotgun while clashing with demonstrators in Urena, Venezuela

    As demonstrators take to the streets in the Venezuelan city of Ureña near the Colombian border, images reveal the severity of the clashes with security forces.

    In a series of photos, one protester can be seen running into a strip of barbed wire as debris burns in the road, causing him to fall to the floor.

    Clashes in the Venezuelan city of Ureña
    A protester runs into barbed wire on the streets of Ureña

    Demonstrators were also seen throwing rocks at the security forces.

    A protester throws rocks at Venezuelan security forces

    Crowds also gathered at the Simon Bolivar bridge on the border with Cucuta.

    Venezuelans gather at the Simon Bolivar bridge on the border with Venezuela, in Cucuta, Colombia
  18. Tensions flare

    In the city of Ureña, where the Tienditas bridge connects Venezuela to the Colombian city of Cúcuta, there have been fierce clashes between civilians and Venezuelan security forces.

    A reporter with the UK's Telegraph newspaper, Harriet Alexander, has travelled to the area and is tweeting as events unfold.

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  19. Civilians urge troops to allow aid through

    With news that several Venezuelan soldiers have now left their posts at the Colombian border, the BBC's Orla Guerin has tweeted an image from the scene of civilians urging troops to allow aid deliveries through.

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