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  1. World powers agree comprehensive deal with Iran on its nuclear programme
  2. Iran limits its sensitive activities in return for lifting of sanctions
  3. Iran hails "historic deal" and EU welcomes "sign of hope for the entire world"
  4. But Israel's Netanyahu condemns "historic mistake"
  5. US Congress must still approve deal
  6. All times in BST (GMT+1)

Live Reporting

By Tom Geoghegan, Mike Hills and Ashley Gold

All times stated are UK

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  1. Thanks for reading

    That's all for our live coverage of today's historic nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers. We'll leave you with this video clip of celebrations getting under way in Tehran. 

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  2. 'Arms race hindered'

    The BBC's Orla Guerin has been speaking to Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry about the agreement.

    He said he hopes the deal will hinder an "arms race" in the Middle East.

    For peace and security to be predominant in the region, he added, all states must "apply themselves in a responsible manner".

  3. The 2016 hopefuls

    Marco Rubio tweet
    Image caption: Marco Rubio tweeted this image to show his disapproval

    Nearly all the US presidential candidates, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio, have tweeted their feelings about the deal. Here's a neat summary of their tweets.

  4. Selfies all round

    Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was obviously in a good mood as he boarded the plane back to Tehran. Here he is posing for photographs with Iranian journalists.   

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  5. Military options

    US defence secretary Ash Carter called the deal "comprehensive" but warned the US military is prepared to take action in case of "Iranian malign influence".

  6. Russia: Deal helps IS fight

    BBC Monitoring

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said in a statement that reaching an agreement on Iran makes it possible to remove barriers, including artificial ones, to the formation of a broad coalition to fight terror groups like the Islamic State.

  7. Praise from Khamenei

    Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has thanked the country's negotiators in his first reaction to the nuclear agreement with world powers. 

    According to his official website, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei met President Hassan Rouhani and the cabinet and thanked "the honest and hard-working negotiating team".

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  8. Iran assets unfrozen

    BBC Monitoring

    Iran's Tasnim news agency has quoted chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi, saying that under the deal, $700m (£450m) of the country's frozen assets will be released every month.

  9. US Israel lobby 'deeply concerned'

    America's most prominent pro-Israel lobbying organisation, AIPAC, said it is "deeply concerned" the deal does not meet its requirements.

    "This proposed agreement... would fail to block Iran's path to a nuclear weapon and would further entrench and empower the leading state sponsor of terror," the group said in a statement.

  10. Wheels up for Kerry

    US Secretary of State John Kerry is finally heading home after nearly three weeks of talks. 

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    Remember, Mr Kerry is still recovering from breaking his leg in a cycling accident in the French Alps in May. 

    The 71-year-old was in good spirits when he left for Vienna last month, posing with his crutches on board the plane to Austria. 

    US Secretary of State John Kerry on board a flight to Vienna - 26 June 2015
  11. Hopes raised for jailed reporter

    Ali Rezaian, Jason Rezaian's brother

    There are hopes that the fate of an American imprisoned in Iran could be improved by the deal.

    Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and his journalist wife Yeganeh Salehi were arrested by Iranian authorities on 22 July 2014.

    "The outcome of the nuclear deal does not change Jason's cruel and illegal imprisonment for the past 356 days," Ali Rezaian, Jason Rezaian's brother, said in a statement to the Washington Post.

    "We are hopeful that with agreement now in place the Iranian courts will conclude this process swiftly and affirm Jason's innocence so we can bring him home and make our family whole once again."

  12. Iran advantage

    On Capitol Hill in Washington, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, Senator Bob Corker, has been expressing his scepticism to the BBC's Suzanne Kianpour.

    "It's amazing to think Iran - a country that had a boot on its neck two years ago - got six countries to move from focusing on dismantling its nuclear programme to managing their nuclear proliferation."

    The P5+1 had very different interests, he says, and Iran was able to take advantage of those differences to get the best deal.

  13. Obama reassures Netanyahu

    President Obama has spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone.

    He told Israel's leader that the deal with Iran doesn't lessen US concern over the country's support for terrorism, according to the White House.

    "We remain vigilant in countering the Iranian regime's destabilising activities in the region," Mr Obama is reported to have said.

    Earlier, Mr Netanyahu called the deal a "stunning historical mistake".

  14. Sanctions 'tough to lift'

    US sanctions against Iranian oil exports will be tough to lift because some came from the White House and other came from Congress, says Scott Lucas, a professor of international politics at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

    "Don't expect that to occur for months after the deal is signed," he said.

    "The US will wait until the last possible moment for Independent Atomic Energy Agency verification of Iranian compliance. Some sanctions may take up to a year to be fully removed."

  15. British thanks

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken to President Obama about the deal, a spokesman in Downing Street tells the BBC.

    Both leaders thanked each other for the leadership and work of their teams which had been critical to a successful outcome, the spokesman said.

    They agreed that the deal would ensure that Iran is unable to develop a nuclear weapon, but noted that differences would remain with Iran over its role in the region.

  16. US Congress vote

    Republican Senator Bob Corker, the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said a Senate vote on the deal will not happen before September.

    President Obama has said he would veto any legislation that rejects the deal. It would then require a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives to overturn the presidential veto.

  17. Israeli PM tells Obama his 'concern'

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed concern over the deal in a telephone conversation with President Obama, an Israeli government source quoted by Reuters says.

  18. More Iranian oil on the market?

    An oil pump in motion

    A Reuters poll of 25 economists and oil analysts last week forecast 250,000 barrels to 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of extra Iranian crude oil could come onto the world market by the end of this year as a result of the deal. The poll predicted an extra 500,000 barrels to 750,000 bpd on the market by mid-2016. However Reuters on Tuesday says that some analysts say that this may be an over-estimate.

    Swiss energy markets analyst Olivier Jakob told Reuters that it will "take a few months before Iran can start to export at full blast", while New York based commodities research expert Edward Morse said that sanctions "have clearly impaired Iran's ability to maintain its mostly mature oilfields, let alone develop new projects".

  19. 'Win-win solutions'

    International Rescue Committee Chief Executive David Miliband

    Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband - who was involved in trying to negotiate a deal with Iran for three years - says the agreement has benefits for both sides and is a step towards a safer world.

    "The alternatives to this nuclear deal are extremely grave indeed, because if this deal had failed today we would have seen the end of the current pause in the Iranian nuclear programme, and the kind of nuclear arms race in the Middle East that is absolutely the last thing that not just that the Middle East needs but that the rest of the world needs.

    "This nuclear deal is one piece of evidence that diplomacy can actually produce win-win solutions."

  20. Iran businessman spells out opportunities

    Tehran-based businessman Alidad Varshochi says his company had to downsize under the impact of sanctions. He told the BBC he is now optimistic.

    "We are very much looking forward to what the removal of sanctions will bring us, everything from foreign investment that the country's so been looking forward to, to improving relations with our former business partners in the Middle East and of course beyond."

  21. Who has made the most concessions?

    Analysing who has made the most concessions in securing the deal, The Daily Telegraph's David Blair says that both sides have given away a great deal.

    "Iran will sacrifice two-thirds of its capacity to enrich uranium for at least 10 years, placing thousands of centrifuges - all of them obtained in the teeth of international pressure - into monitored storage," he writes.

    "America and its allies, meanwhile, have conceded the vital principle that Iran will be allowed to have enrichment technology - and most restrictions will expire after a decade or so.

    "They will also lift the most effective sanctions. In truth, this is a balanced deal, involving big concessions from all concerned."

  22. Russia: 'Large-scale plans with Iran'

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the talks in Vienna

    Another hint of what the agreement means for Iran's economy. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that his country has big plans to help Iran build its nuclear industry now that a deal has been agreed. Speaking in Vienna - where he attended the negotiations - he said preparation was already at an advanced stage.

    "We have large-scale plans with Iran on the development of its nuclear power industry," Mr Lavrov said.

    "I would like to mention that this co-operation between Iran and Russia is absolutely secured against any kind of negative influence from external factors... It will take place according to this new agreement."

  23. Peugeot 'eyes Iran tie-up'

    A Peugeot carmaking plant in France

    French carmaker Peugeot could be set to benefit from the nuclear agreement. The company is in advance talks over a venture with another manufacturer, Iran Khodro, Reuters reports.

    The deal struck between Iran and western powers "should clear the way for significant progress in our discussions", Peugeot Africa and Middle East chief Jean-Christophe Quemard told Reuters.

  24. 'Historic breakthrough'

    Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

    Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has welcomed the deal as a "historic breakthrough" that will strengthen global security, but at the same time has urged Tehran to comply with its terms, AFP reports.

  25. Syria: Deal a 'major turning point'

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has praised key ally Iran for making the deal, calling it a "great victory", AFP reports, citing the Sana news agency.

    In a message to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Assad said that the agreement would be a "major turning point in the history of Iran, the region and the world".

    It provided "clear recognition on the part of world powers of the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear programme, while preserving the national rights of your people and confirming the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran", he said.

    "We are confident Iran will continue, and with greater momentum, to support the people's just issues and to work towards establishing peace and stability in the region and the world," he added.

  26. Money could go to terror groups - Kerry

    US Secretary of State John Kerry

    US Secretary of State John Kerry in an interview with the BBC has accepted that some of the money that will now enter Iran because of the the lifting of sanctions may be diverted to sponsor terrorist organisations. But he said the amount would not be enough significantly to affect events on the ground in the Middle East.

    "First of all what Iran is doing in Yemen right now does not depend on money," he said. "What Iran has done for years with Hezbollah does not depend on money.

    "And by the way they are fighting [Islamic State] and helping Iraq in many ways but that has not depended on money.

    "So sure something may go additionally somewhere, but if President Rouhani and his administration do not take care of the people of Iran they will have an enormous problem."

  27. 'Appeasement' says Jeb Bush

    US Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush

    Jeb Bush, in the running to be Republican presidential candidate, has attacked a "dangerous, deeply flawed, and short-sighted deal".

    He writes: "The people of Iran, the region, Israel, America, and the world deserve better than a deal that consolidates the grip on power of the violent revolutionary clerics who rule Tehran with an iron fist.

    "This isn't diplomacy - it is appeasement."

  28. Full Israel statement

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    Here's a link to the full statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he called the deal a "stunning historical mistake".

  29. Deal could spur greater cooperation - Zarif

    Iran's Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, speaks to the BBC

    Iran's Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, has told the BBC that the agreement over his country's nuclear programme could be a first step in improving relations between Iran and the West. He said greater cooperation is needed to combat the threat posed by Islamic State militants:

    "This is not a threat that can be contained to Syria or Iraq. This is a threat that would not even recognise regional borders and will go beyond our region, as we have seen in Europe, in Africa, elsewhere. This is a global threat and we need to set aside those previous positions and start dealing with these real issues. And I think the smokescreen of Irano-phobia hopefully is coming aside so that we can deal with these realities."

  30. Cautious welcome from Turkey

    Turkey has welcomed the deal, describing it as of vital importance for the stability of the Middle East, Reuters has quoted Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying.

    However the minister cautioned Iran to rethink its policies on issues from Syria to Yemen.

    "We have to abandon sectarian-based policies and place particular emphasis on political dialogue. We need to contribute to resolution of these issues through dialogue. This is what we expect from brotherly Iran," Mr Cavusoglu told a news conference.

  31. 'Important step' - Clinton

    Hillary Clinton talks with a supporter

    Hillary Clinton, the front-runner to be the next Democratic presidential candidate, has called the deal an "important step in putting a lid on Iran's nuclear program".

    She added: "This agreement will have to be enforced vigorously, relentlessly."

  32. "Mixed judgement"

    President Obama will be long out of office before any reasonable assessment can be made as to whether his "roll of the dice" in relation to the deal with Iran has paid off, David Sanger writes in the New York Times.

    "The best guess today, even among the most passionate supporters of the president's Iran project, is that the judgment will be mixed," he writes.

  33. UN calls for immediate lifting of sanctions

    President Obama has said that the relief of sanctions against Iran will be gradual, but a senior UN official says they should be lifted immediately. Idriss Jazairy, the special rapporteur on human rights and international sanctions, has said:

    "The stockpiling of sanctions and unilateral coercive measures against Iran, some of which went well beyond what was required by the Security Council, has had a significant adverse effect on the country's economy, its population and ultimately on the enjoyment of human rights of the people of Iran, including its right to food, its right to health and its right to development."

  34. Obama's tough sell

    Jon Sopel

    North America editor

    There will be some tough questions ahead for President Obama from Congress, many of whom are deeply sceptical.

    It will take all the president's persuasive powers to make them come round to the view that it's a deal worth backing.

    You will see a huge concentrated selling operation to the American people and to Congress over the coming days and weeks.

  35. 'The deal could stop Iran turning into a hell'

    Get Involved: BBC Persian on Facebook

    "Let’s be realistic. The Dollar rate against Rial was rocketing up, and the country was going down the route of war. This deal we may not necessarily turn Iran into a paradise, but at least it stops it from turning into a hell. Mismanagement and sanctions against Iran have taken the inflation rate up to about 40%. So please be fair and don’t say that the deal is making no difference to your lives" -  Azar

  36. #IranDeal trends

    The hashtag #IranDeal has been among the top trends worldwide on Twitter. Today, 150,000 tweets have included the term #IranDeal. Other hashtags in relation to the deal have also been popular. This brings the total number of tweets so far to over 202,000. 

    Tweet @BBCWorld 

  37. 'Game changer' says UK

    Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif (l) and the British Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond

    The British Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond - that's him on the right next to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif - has hailed the deal as a breakthrough.

    "The removal of the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon is a game changer in terms of our ability to engage with Iran, the lifting of the sanctions means that our businesses will be able to invest in Iran, our companies will start to trade with Iran, Iranians will start to travel again and engage in the world.

    "Those are important changes in themselves but the future brings the tantalising possibility of Iran being a more engaged, more transparent, more consistent and constructive partner in the regional relationships in the Gulf as well working with us to deal with the shared challenge of ISIL (the Islamic State group) and its extremist ideology."

  38. Why aren't Iranians partying?

    With the mood music coming out of Iran that many are welcoming the deal, the streets are mostly empty according to reporters on the ground.

    However, this is likely due to it being Ramadan. Rallies are expected across the country once the sun goes down

    Iranians are posting "popular celebrations of the nuclear deal" guides on social media. 

  39. 'We will always defend ourselves' - Netanyahu

    This is how Mr Netanyahu concluded his speech:

    "Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran, because Iran continues to seek our destruction. We will always defend ourselves."

  40. Netanyahu press conference

    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking for the first time since the deal was announced. His previous statements were made before the deal was officially announced.

    "This deal hopes Iran's terrorist regime will change while removing any incentive for it to do so. This deal gives Iran every incentive not to change."

    "Amazingly this bad deal has not forced Iran to stop its aggressive behaviour in any way."

  41. 'A bad deal' - McCain

    Republican senator John McCain

    Republican senator John McCain, a persistent critic of the Obama administrations approach to Iran, has said "all signs point to this being a bad deal". 

    Quote Message: I fear this agreement could undermine the very goals we have maintained for 35 years – weakening the Islamic Republic, constraining its threatening influence, strengthening Israel and our Arab partners, lessening regional tensions, and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.
  42. Tango in Tehran

    When they said this could lead to closer ties between the two countries, we don't think they quite meant this...

  43. 'Obama and Netanyahu to talk'

    Israeli media reports that the Israeli Prime Minister and US president could talk tonight. Given that Mr Netanyahu has described the deal as "a historic mistake" it could be a frosty conversation.  

  44. The view from Tehran

    A woman walks down the street in central Tehran

    The BBC has been hearing reaction on the streets of the Iranian capital Tehran.

    "It's good for many aspects - military, economic, cultural, socially - there's no difference, it could be very good for our country" - Shahla Mohammadi

    "We have a way of behaving in Iran that is unique to us, that is to say, we can talk politely with others and make them feel good. With God's will, we hope to have the same affect on America as well" - Alireza Sadeghi

    (On the US) "Friends? I don't think so" - Masumeh Hosseini

  45. Israel 'not ruling out' military response

    As we have been reporting, some of the strongest criticism has come from Israel, with President Netanyahu calling it a "historic mistake". Newshour, on the BBC World Service, asked Danny Danon, a cabinet minister and member of Mr Netanyahu's Likud Party, what Israel's next step might be.

    Quote Message: First of all we are not part of this deal and we do keep all options on the table. It means we do have the capability to defend ourselves. We understand that we can only count on ourselves. When I see the Iranians sponsoring terror activities in Lebanon, in the Sinai peninsula and in other parts of the Middle East, I understand what will be the next step that they'll take and if we see or feel that we are in danger we do keep our right to defend ourselves.
  46. White House makes its case

    website screengrab

    The Obama administration has posted a detailed explanation of the deal on its website. It has several graphics making the argument that the deal stops Iran developing nuclear weapons.

    This can be seen as an early attempt to win over the US public, given the opposition the deal will probably face in Congress.

  47. Russia on arms deliveries

    Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov

    Under the deal, a UN embargo on arms sales to Iran will remain in place for five years. But  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who had wanted the restrictions lifted, said they could resume sooner in the right circumstances:

    Quote Message: In the end, a compromise between the Iranians and the Western colleagues has been reached, which we naturally supported along with China, bearing in mind that Iran was fine with it - five years, but within that five-year period arms deliveries to Iran are possible by complying with a procedure of notifying and verification through the U.N. Security Council.
  48. Zarif: 'Deal is a foundation'

    Iran's chief negotiator has just tweeted about his hopes for further progress

  49. 'Another big win for Obama'

    Freelance journalist in Karachi, Pakistan, tweets:

  50. Deal 'could fuel nuclear arms race'

    John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House

    Republicans are lining up against President Obama now. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, echoes his colleagues in his response, saying the deal helps a "terrorist" nation.

    "Instead of making the world less dangerous, this 'deal' will only embolden Iran - the world's largest sponsor of terror - by helping stabilize and legitimize its regime as it spreads even more violence and instability in the region. Instead of stopping the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, this deal is likely to fuel a nuclear arms race around the world."

  51. Will the deal last?

    Tweet: @BBCWorld

    Translation: This deal will not last for long, even though Obama, Rouhani, the Supreme Leader and the P5+1 are supporting it. The US congress and Iran Parliament will block it.

  52. 'Deep scepticism'

    Bob Corker, a leading Republican

    More strong words from some of President Obama's Republican critics. Bob Corker, who chairs the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says the organisation will conduct a "rigorous review" of the agreement.

    Quote Message: I want to read the agreement in detail and fully understand it, but I begin from a place of deep skepticism that the deal actually meets the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran continues to be the lead sponsor of terrorism in the world and relieving sanctions would make the Tehran regime flush with cash and could create a more dangerous threat to the United States and its allies.
  53. 'Influence President Rouhani's future'

    Tweet: @BBCWorld

    Translation: This deal will influence the political future of president Rouhani. It can work both for and against him. Only time can tell.

  54. Republican attacks 'evil' Iran

    Mike Huckabee, who is running to be the Republican presidential candidate, has denounced the deal. His comments are just one sign of the stiff resistance President Obama is likely to face in Congress.

  55. Link to Syria

    Warning from France's Hollande

    French President Francois Hollande

    French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday major powers had to be vigilant about how Iran used any financial resources it gained from sanctions relief and urged Tehran to help find a solution to the Syrian crisis, Reuters reports. 

    "Now that Iran has a greater financial capacity, we need to be extremely vigilant on what Iran will be," Mr Hollande said. "Iran must show that it is ready to help us end the conflict," he added.

  56. 'A significant success'


  57. Rouhani's dig at Israel

    In one of the last points in his televised address, Mr Rouhani had a dig at Israel, saying: "Today the people of Gaza, Lebanon, Qods [Jerusalem] and West Bank are also happy because the endeavours of the Zionist regime were defeated."

    "Neighbouring countries! Do not be deceived by the Zionist regime," he went on.

  58. 'I've been waiting for this day'


  59. 'Potential for dispute'

    There is certainly is a lot of potential for disputes in the deal, says Mark Fitzpatrick - director of the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. And he says he anticipates plenty of disputes over the next 15 years.

    But he says the negotiators have built in robust dispute resolution mechanisms. Mr Fitzpatrick, who has been a critical observer throughout the negotiation process, says it's a good deal.

  60. Obama must-watch in Tehran

  61. 'Happy day' - or havoc?

    The deal will mean a "happy day" in the region if it stops Tehran obtaining a nuclear arsenal, an unnamed Saudi officials tells Reuters. However, it will be bad if a reduction of sanctions allows Iran to "wreak havoc in the region". Saudi Arabia has previously been a fierce critic of the rapprochement between the US and the West.

  62. Get Involved

    Do you think the Iran deal is a good deal? You can discuss it with others around the world on the BBC World Service's World Have Your Say. Take part on the Facebook page or use WhatsApp: +447730751925. The programme is live here from 1400GMT.

  63. 'Step away from conflict' - Kerry


    US Secretary of State John Kerry has echoed President Obama in welcoming the agreement, calling it "a step away from conflict and the possibility of nuclear proliferation", according to Reuters.

    However, he warns that if Iran fails to keep its commitments, US, EU and UN sanctions "can and will snap right back into place".

  64. Rouhani: sanctions will be lifted

    The Iranian president is continuing his marathon statement

    I would like to announce to the Iranian people, that all sanctions will be lifted. All financial and banking sanctions will be lifted on the day of implementation of the deal.

  65. 'Vital contribution to peace'

    ban-ki moon

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also welcomed what he calls an "historic agreement".

    "I hope - and indeed believe - that this agreement will lead to greater mutual understanding and cooperation on the many serious security challenges in the Middle East. As such it could serve as a vital contribution to peace and stability both in the region and beyond.

    "The United Nations stands ready to fully co-operate with the parties in the process of implementing this... agreement," Mr Ban said in a statement.

  66. Rouhani: Four goals

    We were pursuing four goals.

    1. Nuclear activities to continue in our country
    2. To lift the insane sanctions
    3. All UN resolutions, which we believed were illegal, to be ended.
    4. The UN Security Council to end its resolution on the Iranian nuclear programme.

    Today all of those goals have been successful.

  67. Rouhani: respect

    Mr Rouhani says the deal was achieved by avoiding threats and fostering respect in the negotiations between Iran and the world powers.

  68. Rouhani: fair negotiations

    "We didn't ask for charity. We asked for fair, just and win-win negotiations"

  69. 'Unnecessary crisis'


    Mr Rouhani says an "unnecessary crisis" has been resolved. He concedes that sanctions have affected everyday life.

    Update: Mr Rouhani used the term "unnecessary crisis" earlier in a tweet, not in his televised statement

  70. Rouhani welcome

    "A new chapter has started," Mr Rouhani says.

  71. Final thought from Obama


    "Our differences are real, and the difficult history between our nations cannot be ignored. But things can change.

    This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction, we should seize it."

  72. Rouhani press conference

    And just as Barack Obama stops speaking, the Iranian president begins his press conference in Tehran.

  73. Obama veto threat

    "It would be irresponsible to walk away from this deal. I welcome a robust debate in Congress," Mr Obama says.

    However, he goes on to say: "I would remind Congress that you don't make deals like this with your friends. I will veto any legislation that prevents the implementation of this deal."

  74. 'Verification not trust'

    "This deal is not built on trust - it is built on verification," Mr Obama adds.

  75. More Obama

    "This deal meets every single one of the bottom lines when we started negotiating," Mr Obama says.

    "Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off. Iran will remove two-thirds of its centrifuges.

    "Iran will get rid of 98% of its nuclear material.

    "Iran will modify its reactor so it cannot enrich uranium.

    "For the first time we will be in a position to ensure all these commitments."

  76. Obama statement

    US President Obama speaks, saying that "the US and its international partners have achieved something that that decades of animosity has not, a comprehensive deal.

    "Today, because the US negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of weapons in this region."

  77. Zarif on podium

    jupiter grab
  78. Post update

    Iran FM Javad Zarif: "We are committed to ensure that this programme will be completely implemented relying on the assistance of the IAEA and we want the international community to support this endeavour."

    Press applause ends the news conference.

  79. Zarif says the same thing...

    but in Persian

    Iran's Javad Zarif is talking now. He warns the audience he is going to read the same statement as Federica Mogherini but in Persian.

  80. More Mogherini quotes

    Today is a historic day. It is a great honour for us to announce that we have reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. We delivered on what the world was hoping for, a shared commitment to peace.

    No one ever thought it would be easy, historic decisions never are. We have always been aware we have a responability to our generations and future ones.

    We have today agreed on the final text for the joint cooperation plan for action.

    What we are announcing today is not only a deal, its a good deal for all sides.

  81. Iran pledge

    EU's Federica Mogherini tells the news conference: "Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons"

  82. The negotiators are on stage

    Press conference to begin (at last)

  83. UN resolution

    "It's a matter of days" before the UN Security Council considers a resolution approving the deal, France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says according to AFP.

  84. What this means for oil

    A bit of reaction to market moves from BBC Business

    Nick Edser

    Business reporter

    News of the deal sent the price of Brent crude down $1.15 to $56.70 a barrel, while the price of US crude fell $1.05 to $51.15.

    I don't think it's a particularly significant reaction - it's entirely expected that prices would fall on the deal.

    Increased output from Iran = increased supply of oil on global markets = lower prices.

    I doubt also that there will be much change when the US wakes up as commodities tend to be traded 24 hours now, so I suspect it's already priced in.

  85. More Putin

    President Putin says the countries negotiating the Iran nuclear deal made a "hard choice for stability and co-operation", reports Reuters.

  86. Berlin Wall moment

    As we wait for the negotiators' news conference to begin, our BBC Persia colleague Bahman Kalbasi reflects on the significance of this deal.

  87. Putin 'relief'

    Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes the Iran nuclear deal, saying "the world can breathe a sigh of relief", reports Reuters

  88. 'This is wonderful'


  89. Warning from history

    Some more reaction from the Iranian papers. The reformist daily Aftab-e Yazd also has a cartoon, this time casting Mr Zarif as Amir Kabir - a famous 19th-Century reforming prime minister. But it warns that Mr Zarif's efforts may - like Amir's - still be disrupted by those whose interests are harmed by them - a nod to possible future opposition to the deal from Iran's hardliners.

    Image from iranian daily Aftab-e Yazd
  90. Deal confirmed

    In case you needed any more confirmation that the deal is done, the EU's negotiator has tweeted that it's all wrapped up.

  91. 'I hope peace prevails'


  92. Negotiators speak

    Looks like the full news conference on the deal is due to begin shortly.

  93. Seven happy nations

    group shot 15 July 2015

    The US Secretary of State John Kerry seems to be particularly pleased with Tuesday's deal...

  94. Talks finish

    A spokeswoman for European External Action Service (EEAS) says the final plenary meeting of foreign ministers in Vienna has concluded. It is expected to be followed by a news conference.

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  95. Thanks to Zarif

    Tweet: @BBCWorld

    Translation: As long as the world and Iran exist, we will always be in debt to [Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad] Zarif

  96. The Iranian Churchill?

    This picture comparing Javad Zarif and Winston Churchill is doing the rounds on the Iranian Twittersphere.

  97. 'This is bad for the world and the region'


    I think the deal is bad for the world and the region. All inspections should be done without exceptions and all money or sanctions should be returned if violated 15-30 days and should be automatic. Up to Iran to prove to the world and its neighbours that they have not violated sanctions - after three strikes they should be hit with harder sanctions lasting much longer.

    Mark J Donahue, USA

  98. Obama to speak

    US President Barack Obama is to make a statement on the Iran deal at 07:00 (11:00 GMT)

  99. 'Evil Never Sleeps'

    It doesn't seem like Iran's hardliners are going to tone down their foreign policy rhetoric, as Washington Post Beirut correspondent Hugh Naylor notes...

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  100. Non-proliferation regime

    Kelsey Davenport, director for non-proliferation policy at the US-based Arms Control Association, notes that the UN arms embargo will reportedly remain in place for five years and the ban on buying missile technology for eight. This appears to be different to what Iranian state media is reporting. 

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  101. Iran's hero

    Iran's moderate and reformist papers are hailing Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as a hero, reports BBC Monitoring.

    The Qanoon newspaper carries a front-page report depicting Mr Zarif as Arash, a heroic archer from Iranian folklore. According to myth, an ancient Iranian shah and a foreign king made a peace deal under which the border would be determined by an arrow shot - and Arash's heroic effort made sure Iran gained huge swathes of territory.

    Yanoon grab
    Quote Message: From Arash to Zarif - We endured great suffering so that Iran can transform into a shining jewel.
  102. Oil prices drop

    Oil prices have dropped nearly 2% on news of the deal - which is expected to see increased supplies of Iranian crude on world markets as sanctions are lifted.

  103. Hello world! Goodbye sanctions!

    Tweet: @BBCWorld

    Quote Message: Translation: Hello world! Goodbye sanctions! After 12 years the nuclear talks case has been closed, Iran and the P5+1 made a deal.
  104. 'Street parties'

    New York Times Iran correspondent Thomas Erdbrink says people will be celebrating in Tehran, but maybe not until Tuesday evening.

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  105. Hans Blix on the deal

    blix stock shot
    Quote Message: I think it is very welcome... It has the potential to effect a tectonic change in the Middle East. What is the alternative? The risk of a war in the Middle East. I think this gives the chance for co-operation in the Middle East, on [Islamic State], Syria.... It is like the Cuban agreement that Obama made - it's a big change in foreign policy. from Hans Blix Former head of the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog
    Hans BlixFormer head of the IAEA, the nuclear watchdog
  106. Iranian deal details

    Some details from the Iranian state news agency Irna.

    They say:

    • Iran's arms embargo will be lifted but some new restrictions will be brought in. Iran will be able to export and import arms on a case by case basis.
    • EU and US economic and financial sanctions on Iran will be lifted when implementation of the deal starts.
    • Iran will continue enrichment process. It will continue to use centrifuges for research and development.
  107. 'Unmistakable threshold'

    Concerns from the states

    Quote Message: I do think it's very important for the United States and others to establish an unmistakable threshold here: that if the Iranians move towards nuclear weapons that could trigger the use of force against them, because I think we need to re-establish the terms on the issue of Iran not having nuclear weapons from Dennis Ross Former advisor on Iran to US President Barack Obama
    Dennis RossFormer advisor on Iran to US President Barack Obama
  108. Iranian flower power

    Iranian senior nuclear negotiator Hamid Ba'idinejad has just posted this on Instagram.

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    Quote Message: With the grace of God, the nuclear talks have ended successfully, and the negotiating teams are off to the venue for the official press conference to officially announce the deal. May this deal have auspicious and sustainable effects for the Iranian nation.
  109. More from Iran's president

  110. A historic briefing

    bbc grab
  111. Zarif: 'New chapter of hope'

    Iran's Javad Zarif expresses appreciation to all those who helped reached "a win-win solution in what was our view an unnecessary crisis.

    "I believe this is a historic moment - we are reaching an agreement that is not perfect but it is what we could accomplish and an important achievement.

    "Today could have been the end of hope but now we are starting a new chapter of hope."

    Those statements opened the final plenary of negotiators with a full news conference expected later.

  112. EU's Mogherini speaks

    The EU's negotiator Federica Mogherini is speaking:

    "I think we all know that the decision we are going to take is on the arms programme, but is much much more than this. This decision can open a new chapter in international relations... this is a sign of hope for the entire world."

  113. Press conference beginning now

    Smiles between Iran's Zarif and the EU's Mogherini as we wait for them to begin speaking.

  114. 'Family photo'

    Negotiators are posing for a so-called "family photo" ahead of the formal announcement of the deal

  115. Deal to be announced

    Lyse Doucet

    Chief international correspondent

    in Vienna says the deal - which runs to more than 80 pages, with five very technical annexes - will be announced by EU's chief negotiator Federica Mogherini and Iran's chief negotiator - Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

  116. Doucet: deal done

    The BBC's Chief International Correspondent tweets...

  117. An Iranian-American view

    Get involved -

    Alex, California:

  118. Netanyahu condemnation

    This full statement has just arrived from Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu - made before the deal was officially announced. As expected, he has condemned the deal and its negotiators.

    "Later I will speak on the details of the agreement, but before that I want to say here and now: when you are ready to reach a deal at any price, this is the result.

    "From preliminary reports it can already be concluded that this agreement is a historic mistake for the world. In all the fields that were supposed to prevent Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons, far-reaching concessions have been made.

    "In addition Iran will receive billions of dollars with which it could fuel its terror machine, expansionism and aggression in the Middle East and the entire world. It is not possible to prevent an agreement when the negotiators are willing to give more and more concessions to those who call 'death to USA'. We knew very well that the desire to sign a deal is stronger than anything else and therefore did not commit to prevent the agreement.

    "We did commit to prevent Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons and that commitment still stands. I tell all the leaders in Israel now is the time to put petty politics aside and unite in the most crucial issue for Israel's security and future."

  119. 'They never had any interest in WMDs'

    Get involved -

    David, London:

  120. Rouhani tweet

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has tweeted

  121. Deal signed

    The IAEA's Mr Amano confirms that a deal has been signed. "A text has been signed on behalf of Iran by the country's Vice-President Ali Akbar Salehi. This is a significant step forward towards clarifying outstanding issues regarding Iran's nuclear programme."

    Mr Amano says he has also signed.

  122. 'Massive celebration on the streets tonight!'

    Get involved -

    Alidad Varshochi, Tehran:

    Quote Message: I'm expecting massive celebration on the streets tonight!
  123. 'Ready to go'

    The press officer for the EU's chief negotiator Federica Mogherini has just tweeted this picture.

  124. Deal details

    Yukiya Amano, the director general of the UN's nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency, has been speaking to reporters. He says he will provide a report on the military aspects of Iran's nuclear deal by the end of the year.

    "The roadmap sets out a process under the November 2013 framework for co-operation to enable the agency, with the co-operation of Iran, to make an assessment of issues relating to possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear programme by the end of 2015.

    "It sets out a clear sequence of activities over the coming months, including the provision by Iran of explanations regarding outstanding issues.

    "It provides for technical expert meetings, technical measures and discussions, as well as some separate agreements regarding the issue of the Parchin [military complex]. This should enable me to issue a report setting out the agency's final assessment of possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear programme for the action of the board of governors by 15 December 2015."

  125. 'Comparing notes'

    The BBC's reporters are raring to go...

    BBC News producer Stuart Hughes, who is outside the Austria Centre in Vienna, tweets:

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  126. Life under sanctions - in Lego

    Sanctions on Iran have come just short of a total trade embargo. 

    Amir Paivar from the BBC's Persian Service explains their impact  - with the help of some Lego.

  127. Appeal to US Congress for help

    More reaction from Israel, this time from Minister of Science, Technology and Space Danny Danon.

    He calls the deal "dangerous for the whole world" and makes an appeal, presumably aimed at the US Congress, for national parliaments to block the deal.

    "Now that the talks are over, it is time for action. I call upon our friends and allies in the relevant parliaments tasked with reviewing this agreement to reject this bad deal," Mr Danon said.

    "If the elected leaders in the P5+1 allies who have democratic parliaments refuse to remove the very sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiating table, there is still a chance of forcing the Ayatollahs to agree to a deal that will truly block their path to a nuclear weapon."

  128. 'Iran will build a bomb right under our noses'

    Get involved -

    Ed Kraiza:

  129. Reporters briefed

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (fourth from left) briefs French journalists at Palais Coburg, the venue for nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria, on Tuesday

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (fourth from left) briefs French journalists at Palais Coburg, the Vienna venue for the nuclear talks.

  130. 'Nixon-to-China' moment

    British journalist Peter Oborne writes in an analysis piece for Middle East Eye  that having accomplished a nuclear deal with Iran, US President Barack Obama may finally be worthy of his Nobel Peace Prize.

    Quote Message: If this deal can be bedded down I believe it could be as momentous as the historic reconciliation between the US and China in the early 1970s, which ended three decades of Chinese isolation and was one of the defining events of the twentieth century.
  131. Netanyahu: 'Mistake of historic proportions'

    The deal is a "bad mistake of historic proportions", Reuters quotes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying.

  132. 'Iran-led axis of evil'

    More Israeli reaction, this time a tweet from its deputy foreign minister.

  133. 'Put in storage'

    The New York Times says it has a few more details on the deal, including that it leaves "in place most of Iran’s infrastructure at the country’s main nuclear sites, though much of it would be disassembled and put in storage". 

    You can read the full piece here. 

    It also includes details on how long the agreement will last.

    Quote Message: Some restrictions limiting Iran’s program begin to phase out after 10 years. Then, after 15 years, Iran would be free to produce as much enriched uranium as it wanted.
  134. Statement 'within the hour'

    Iranian state TV is reporting that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, US Secretary of State John Kerry and the EU's Federica Mogherini will make a joint statement at 08:30 GMT.

  135. First Israel response

    Israeli cabinet minister Miri Regev has told AP that the deal gives Iran a "licence to kill".

    The culture and sports minister adds that the deal is "bad for the free world and bad for humanity."

  136. 'Iran president assembles journalists'

    The BBC's Persian service correspondent has tweeted...

  137. No anytime, anywhere inspections

    James Robbins

    Diplomatic correspondent, Vienna

    We do not know all the details but we do know that the deal will set firm limits on Iran's programme. It will allow for intrusive inspections from the IAEA. In return, there will be the phased lifting of international sanctions as Iran proceeds to comply with its obligations.

    There is no chance that inspectors will be given anytime, anywhere rights. The inspectors will have to justify their visits. They will have a general right of access to nuclear sites.

  138. Iranian diplomat: 'Sealed a deal'

    Reuters have spoken to an Iranian diplomat who has confirmed the deal.

    "All the hard work has paid off and we sealed a deal. God bless our people."

  139. Could US Congress scupper deal?

    Although the deal has been agreed, it will be months before it starts to come into effect. Firstly, the US Congress will have 60 days to review the document, during which time President Barack Obama will not be able to lift the sanctions it has imposed on Iran. Congress could reject the deal, and keep the sanctions in place, but Mr Obama would be able to veto that. Congress would need a two-thirds majority to overturn a presidential veto. The BBC's Barbara Plett Usher has looked at whether that might happen.

  140. 'Things are moving'

    The BBC's Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet reports that the press are being assembled...could there be an announcement shortly?

  141. 'Compromise on military inspections'

    The Associated Press say they have been told by a senior Western diplomat that a deal is done.

    The diplomat says that negotiators have reached a compromise allowing UN inspectors to press for visits to Iranian military sites, but access would not be necessarily granted.

  142. Good morning

    Good morning on what looks like a historic day as world powers and Iran reportedly agree a comprehensive comprehensive nuclear deal on Tehran's nuclear programme.

    We will be bringing you the latest news, insights from BBC correspondents, some of your emails and Twitter, and the best of the blogs, TV and press.