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  1. A blizzard has hit the US north-east overnight, bringing wind gusts as high as 75mph (121km/h) and heavy snow
  2. Travel bans in New York City and New Jersey have been lifted after snowfall not as high as predicted
  3. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city "dodged a bullet" but a shutdown was in city's interests
  4. Snow is expected to continue to fall north of New York City and into Canada for most of the day
  5. Initial snow totals show the storm hit heavily overnight in Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts

Live Reporting

By Tom Geoghegan and Taylor Kate Brown

All times stated are UK

  1. Post update

    Thank you for joining us in our live page coverage of the US blizzard. As snow continues to fall in New England, follow our continuing coverage on and at @BBCNewsUS.

  2. Doggie delight

    A final canine-related blizzard update - a video of a flappy-eared dog from a local broadcaster in Boston, struggling to jump through mounds of snow.

    Dog video screenshot

    "I'd say there's about 1 & 1/2 dogs worth of snow in West Concord," James Smith tells WHDH. Whether he'd seen the BBC dog depth calculator or not, we don't know.

  3. Flights backlog

    Flights may have started again at some airports but look at at this backlog...

    5,111 cancellations Tuesday (after 3,265 Monday)

    Another 589 cancellations Wednesday

    At Boston Logan International, there were 681 Tuesday

    More on

  4. Power outages

    No sense of anything being over-hyped in Massachusetts, however. The island of Nantucket is without power and the coastal town of Scituate is flooded.

    Power lines in Scituate
  5. Post update

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has also found himself facing questions about the travel ban.

    But he defended the most as "absolutely the right decision to make" in light of the dire forecast.

  6. Post update

    Earth Cam has made a of last night's storm.

  7. Post update

    Aircraft writer Jason Rabinowitz tweets "The award for 1st flight out of the NYC area after #blizzardof2015 goes to.... @FedEx!"

  8. Post update

    Portland Press Herald writer Gillian Graham tweets: "A man clears snow from a driveway in Buxton, but roads are still untouched by plows."

    Maine snow
  9. Post update

    A Facebook post from Maine appears to show major flooding in the coastal towns of Marshfield and Brant Rock

  10. Post update

    Twitter user @bxiie tweets: "Dude, where's my car? Framingham, Mass"

    Cars in snow
  11. Post update

    Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is lifting the statewide travel ban at 2pm local time (19:00 GMT). It's been in place since 9pm (02:00 GMT) last night. It was lifted in two counties earlier on Tuesday.

  12. Broken snowploughs

    Froma Harrop

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Every now and then, the wind bangs on the windows to keep us from getting used to it. Worcester, Massachusetts, just north of Providence, is apparently the absolute bulls-eye. By 9am it had 25 inches with no let-up. The weather people are predicting three feet. Trucks there are reportedly returning to the municipal garages with broken ploughs.

    Read Froma's full account from the eye of the storm.

  13. Snow update

    The National Weather Service now says Framingham, Massachusetts has received 30 inches of snow. Blizzard warnings are still in effect in parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

  14. Post update

    A wider view of the clouds bringing snow to the north-east.

    A sat view of the storm
  15. Post update

    Franz Strasser

    BBC News

    Can you still see your dog? All but the tallest of pooches would be under the snow in Boston by now.

    See your dog
  16. Post update

    The BBC's Paul Blake has just been to a press conference by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, who says a lot of snow is still falling in the east and snowdrifts are as high as as 4-6ft. He partially lifted the travel ban for four counties but it's still in effect in other parts of the state.

  17. Post update

    Families also played in much deeper snow in Boston's Copley Square.

    family plays in the snow in Copley Square during the blizzard on January 27, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.
  18. 78mph winds

    Very blowy in Massachusetts. The National Weather Service said a 78mph (126kmh) wind was recorded on Nantucket, and a 72mph one on Martha's Vineyard.

    "It felt like sand hitting you in the face,'' Bob Paglia told Associated Press after walking his dog in Whitman, about 20 miles south of Boston.

  19. Under 25ins of snow

    While the New York mayor is on the defensive about the storm, it's a different story for Mayor Joseph Petty of Worcester, Massachusetts. He's been telling CNN that his city is under 25 inches of snow and the clean-up operation is flat-out today and will continue into Wednesday.

  20. Post update

    Laura Trevelyan

    BBC News, New York

    New York City
  21. Post update

    Stuart Ferguson emails: "These are the New Jersey Shore conditions. I took the picture out of my front door window. It's still coming down here and the winds are up."

    These are the New Jersey Shore conditions. I took the picture out of my front door window. It's still coming down here and the winds are up.
  22. Post update

    Martha Kearney

    Presenter, BBC's WATO, New York

    I cancelled plans for going out for the evening and watched TV, alternating between the News of Doom, Twitter with the hashtags #Snowmageddon and #Snowapocalypse, with a showing of Irma LaDouce for light relief.

    From my window high up, I could see the streets gradually clearing of traffic. Around 10pm my mobile phone starting making a very loud siren style noise and I got an emergency message saying that the roads and subway would be closed and no one should go outdoors from 11pm.

    After a restless night, I woke early with a sense of trepidation. But pulling the curtains, it was clear that the blizzard hadn't reached Manhattan. There had been some snow but according to one local doorman no more than normal for a New York winter.

    I decided to venture outside to see the city as never before and at 6am, the streets were practically deserted. The city that never sleeps certainly seemed pretty dozy. The only vehicles about were police cars and snow ploughs. It was still freezing, though, so I headed back indoors for a cup of tea and the TV news where politicians were being grilled about their decisions to close the streets and public transport.

  23. Post update

    Nantucket Police tweet: "Significant flooding in the Francis St & Washington St area"

    Significant flooding in the Francis St & Washington St area
  24. 'No-brainer'

    My job is to make decisions and I will always err on the side of caution, he said. "For me it was a no-brainer."

  25. 'Lucky' NYC

    "The bottom line is: We got lucky," Mr de Blasio said.

  26. Post update

    The mayor said his son Dante's attempts to lobby for school to be closed tomorrow did not work. New York schools will reopen on Wednesday.

  27. Post update

    Mr de Blasio is still speaking. He has cautioned New Yorkers who live further east in the city to be more cautious.

  28. Snowboarder towed

    From our colleagues at PRI's the World: Seen from the newsroom windows - a snowmobile towing a snowboarder

    Seen from the newsroom
  29. Post update

    Colder temperatures would slow some of the work, the New York City mayor said.

  30. Post update

    The clean-up is going well but it will take the rest of the day and part of Wednesday too, he said.

  31. Post update

    "There's no question how serious it was and how serious it was predicted to be," he said.

  32. Post update

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is giving a press conference now.

  33. Post update

    Simon Curtis emails a photo of ghost town New York last night. The mayor today has been defending his travel shutdown.

    These are my pictures taken on my phone this evening in NY. It was after the 11 pm traffic curfew came into affect. I live right in the heart of Manhattan so would be happy to speak about the effects of tonight's storm. All public transportation has shut down, tunnels and bridges are closed so it's going to be interesting in the city tomorrow. It already feels like the apocalypse with the city so abandoned
  34. Post update

    Cleyton Tierney emails: "Having arrived yesterday in Boston, I woke to this scene outside the hotel I'm staying at. It's eerie, beautiful and extremely cold."

    Having arrived yesterday in Boston, I woke to this scene outside the hotel I'm staying at. It's eerie, beautiful and extremely cold.
  35. Knee-high snow

    Froma Harrop

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Thousands of Rhode Islanders are without electricity. (My neighbourhood has been spared so far.) Things are tougher on the coasts. The island of Nantucket is entirely without electricity.

    Nobody's out on my street but a man with shovel clearing a path to a doctor's door. He gives up, and half an hour later, frankly, you can't tell he'd been there. I step out my front door into a knee-high drift.

  36. Post update

    In Cheshire, Connecticut, Mystic the dog puts our dog snow depth chart to the test.

    Mystic looks at the snow
  37. Post update

    Snow continues to pile up - with totals of 20 inches in Baltic, Connecticut, 26 inches in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and 22 inches in Windham, New Hampshire, as of 10:00 local (15:00 GMT) A blizzard warning is still in effect for most of coastal New England.

  38. State of play

    Just to recap where we are, the morning after a huge snowstorm strikes the US north-east...

    While people in New York City and Philadelphia are saying city officials over-reacted by shutting down travel, snow and high winds have paralysed parts of Long Island, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine.

  39. Post update

    A photo of a snowy suburban street in Arlington, Massachusetts.

    Photo from Arlington Mass
  40. Post update

    Sudhir Sivakumaran emails: "I took these in Cambridge, MA at around 6am this morning in Central Square, in between Harvard University and MIT. It's piling on here. Early this morning, I was in at least 2 feet of snow, buried well above my knees (and I'm 6ft 3inch tall)."

    I took these in Cambridge, MA at around 6am this morning. Location of the pictures is in Central Square, in between Harvard University and MIT. It's piling on here. Early this morning, I was in at least 2 feet of snow, buried well above my knees (and I'm 6ft 3inch tall).
  41. Post update

    The Boston Globe has an hourly-updating graphic of how much snow has fallen across the north-east in the past 72 hours.

  42. Post update

    Paul Blake, BBC News, Boston

    These cross-country skiers, coming down Boylston St in downtown Boston, say that clean-up crews are handling the snow so well that they're worried they won't have enough of the fluffy stuff to get around.

    Cross country skiers
  43. Post update

    Laura Trevelyan

    BBC News, New York

    Snowy Central Park, New York City

    Central Park
  44. Travel update

    What closed? What's still closed? Here are a few travel restrictions that happened across the north-east because of the storm.

    Data card
  45. Post update

    National Weather Service


    tweets: [930a] Wind gust recorded a few minutes ago at 65 kts = 74.8 mph at the Chatham Upper Air site, hurricane force!

    Hurricane wind reading
  46. Post update

    Port Authority NY&NJ

    tweets: All Port Authority Bridges and Tunnels have reopened.

  47. Post update

    See more pictures of the US shutting down last night - and waking up this morning - in our picture gallery.

    NYC subway
  48. Post update

    And on the subject of snow shovelling, be careful if you're clearing your driveway - it can be a dangerous activity, as the BBC News Magazine explains.

  49. Post update

    Men carry snow shovels in Hoboken, New Jersey.

    Men carry shovels as they walk on a snow covered road after an overnight snowstorm, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in Hoboken, N.J.
  50. Post update

    NPR's Jeremy Hobson in Boston tweets: "Poor Cars #bostonblizzard"

    Boston's Back Bay
  51. Post update

    Data website Five Thirty Eight tweets: Alcohol-delivery app @Drizly said orders were up 477% yesterday in NYC and Boston compared to a typical Monday.

  52. Eye of the storm

    Froma Harrop

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Daylight of sorts near the eye of storm Juno. The white gusts have been hammering the windows all night. And the snow keeps coming - sideways.

    A state of emergency has been called. The local newsman says it's been picking up. Parts of Rhode Island already have over 20 inches.

  53. Post update

    Gary O'Donoghue

    BBC News, Boston

    Some parts of the north-east were spared the worst predictions of the weatherman. However, Boston has had a foot of snow, and is expecting another foot in the next three hours.

    Gary O'Donoghue reporting
  54. Post update

    As of 09:00 EST (1400 GMT) Bostonians' chihuahuas and terriers have disappeared beneath the snow - check out our progression of the city's snow total here.

    Snow totals at 09:00 EST
  55. Post update

    What's the cost to the US economy of a storm like this? NBC News has been asking some experts for early estimates.

  56. Flights chaos

    With major airports like Boston's Logan Airport and JFK Airport in New York still shut down, more than 4,600 flights have been cancelled to or within the US on Tuesday alone, according to FlightAware.

  57. Under water

    The storm also brought flooding - including in the coastal town of Scituate, Massachusetts.

    Water floods a street on the coast in Scituate, Massachusetts 27 January 2015
  58. Post update

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says subway, bus and rail services will start up again at 09:00 local time (14:00 GMT) but expect a Sunday schedule when it gets up and running at noon.

  59. 25ins of snow

    A blizzard warning is still in effect for the rest of the day on Tuesday from southern Connecticut and northwards to Maine. Total precipitation could be as high as 25in, with snow falling two to three inches an hour during parts of the morning. In Boston, snowploughs have worked through the night.

    Snow plows work during a blizzard to clear the streets in the Back Bay neighborhood in the early morning on January 27, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.
  60. Post update

    Boston media reporter Emily Riemer tweets: "The National Guard says Nantucket is completely OFF the grid right now."

  61. Post update

    According to the latest National Weather Service figures, Boston has seen 14.5ins of snow so far - with snow still falling.

  62. Post update

    National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Szatkowski tweets " My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public."

    "You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn't. Once again, I'm sorry."

  63. Unusual commute

    A man uses a snowmobile to travel through Boston this morning.

    A man uses a snowmobile to travel along a street before dawn during a winter snowstorm 27 January 2015
  64. Post update

    More than 20,000 people are without power in Massachusetts, CBS reports.

  65. Post update

    In Massachusetts, snowfall totals were much higher - 13in in Sandwich, 11in in New Bedford, 15.8in in Plymouth and 14.8in in Shrewsbury.

  66. Empty station

    The transport authority in New York has released some photos of what the transit system looks like shut down - including Grand Central Terminal - where trains to Connecticut and upstate New York depart.

    A shut down Grand Central Terminal 27 January 2014
  67. Post update

    New Jersey has now lifted its travel restrictions.

  68. 'Dodged bullet'

    "This is a better safe than sorry scenario," Mayor Bill de Blasio tells CNN. "We dodged the bullet."

  69. Post update

    New York City resident Victor LaValle tweets "I prefer that my city was over prepared than under prepared."

  70. Back to work

    Medical researchers and other hospital staff returned to work early on Tuesday morning in Boston, despite the snow.

    Medical researchers Chris Dubois, of Boston, left, and Caitlin DuBois, of Rochester, N.H., behind, not related, walk to work early 27 January 2015
  71. Post update

    The driving ban in New York City has been lifted but "Long Island is a different story", New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tells CNN. Islip Airport, in the middle of the island, received 15in (38cm) of snow.

  72. Eerie Manhattan

    New York city closed roads to non-emergency vehicles at 23:00 local time (04:00 GMT) on Monday night.

    People cross a car-free snow covered seventh avenue in midtown Manhattan in New York City early on 27 January 2015
  73. High winds

    But the Massachusetts coastline saw wind gusts of over 75mph - and more snow is forecast for later today across New England.

  74. Post update

    After a day of warnings and forecasts of up to 30in (90cm) of snow, snow totals in New York City and further south appear to be lower than expected.

  75. Post update

    Welcome to our live page coverage of the the blizzard in the north-east US.