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Live Reporting

Paul Blake, Ashley Gold and Tim Swift

All times stated are UK

  1. Goodnight!

    That concludes our coverage of tonight's GOP debate. Be sure to stick with us throughout election season for updates and continued coverage.

  2. Secret Service code names

    The candidates have been asked a playful question: If you're elected President, what would you want your Secret Service code name to be?

    • Christie: True Heart
    • Kasich: Unit One 
    • Fiorina: Secretariat 
    • Walker: Harley 
    • Bush: Everready 
    • Trump: Humble
    • Carson: One Nation 
    • Rubio: Gator 
    • Huckabee: Duck Hunter 
    • Paul: Justice Never Sleeps
    • Cruz: Cohiba
  3. Jeb Bush would put Margaret Thatcher on the $10 bill

    Margaret Thatcher

    Jeb Bush is probably going to regret this later: Asked which woman he'd put on the $10 bill, he responded "Margaret Thatcher." That's not an American!

  4. Post update

  5. Trump: "Autism has become an epidemic"

    Donald Trump and Ben Carson

    Mr Trump says he is pro-vaccine, but wants them administered over longer periods of time. He said he thinks giving babies vaccines can make them sick and lead to autism. 

    Ben Carson responded that Trump's assessment makes him "an OK doctor" and said there is no link to autism from vaccines.

    Rand Paul agreed that people should be able to give children vaccines in smaller doses at once.

  6. Fiorina gets personal

    Carly Fiorina
    Quote Message: My husband Frank and I buried a child to drug addiction. So we must invest more in the treatment of drugs from Caryl Fiorina candidate
    Caryl Fiorinacandidate
  7. The debate shifts to gun rights

    "I think we need to do this state-by-state," Mr Bush says of gun control legislation, in contrast to calls for federal gun laws that would be applied uniformly to the states.

  8. Is marijuana a major issue?

  9. Rand Paul talks marijuana

    Rand Paul

    "The war on drugs has had a racial outcome," said Rand Paul. States should decide for themselves what drugs are legal, he argued, and said it's not fair to want to put poor people in jail for smoking marijuana. 

  10. Bush on marijuana

    Jeb Bush
    Quote Message: So 40 years ago, I smoked marijuana, and I admit it. My mom is not happy that I just (admitted this) from Jeb Bush Former Florida Governor
    Jeb BushFormer Florida Governor
  11. Take a deep breath and carry on

    The candidates don't get to sit during the entire debate, but it's not just those on stage who are antsy.

  12. Another view on foreign policy

    Rand Paul
    Quote Message: "There will always be a Bush or Clinton for you if you want to go back to war in Iraq from Rand Paul Senator
    Rand PaulSenator
  13. Existential Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee
    Quote Message: We can't afford another eight years of having a president who doesn't know what he doesn't know from Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas governor
    Mike HuckabeeFormer Arkansas governor
  14. #FactCheck

    Chris Christie

    Not so fast on that US Attorney factoid, Christie.

  15. Left hanging

  16. Trump on "Arab names"

    Donald Trump defends his lack of knowledge about "Arab names."

  17. George W Bush 'kept us safe'

    A huge applause has erupted in the auditorium after Jeb Bush said his brother kept America safe in the years following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

  18. Jibes at Hillary

  19. The elusive Ben Carson

    Ben Carson and Donald Trump

    There's a bit of confusion about his responses, from viewers and Carson himself.

  20. Different debates, different hosts

    How do Fox and CNN compare?

  21. Trump on taxes

    Quote Message: I know people making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no taxes and it's not fair from Donald Trump candidate
    Donald Trumpcandidate
    Donald Trump
  22. Who aren't we hearing from?

    On Twitter, some note it's been a while since we've heard from Governor Scott Walker and Senator Rand Paul.

  23. Executive v executive

    Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina are trading jabs.

    Mr Trump said he'd never let his opponent run one of his companies, while Ms Fiorina has said that her opponent filed for bankruptcy four times.

    Carly Fiorina
  24. About that New York Times ad...

    Carly Fiorina maintains she performed well at HP, despite reports claiming otherwise. Here is the New York Times ad her defenders took out to hold up her name.

  25. Rubio hits his stride with immigration

    As immigration continues to dominate the Republican debate, Senator Marco Rubio has had a chance to step into the spotlight.

    Marco Rubio
    Quote Message: My family are immigrants, my neighbors are immigrants from Marco Rubio senator
    Marco Rubiosenator
  26. The debate in Google searches

    On the internet, five candidates are standing out among the pack of 11.

    Google trends data on searches for candidates
  27. English v Spanish

    "To have a country, we have to have assimilation," Mr Trump said, noting that to assimilate in the US immigrants have to learn English.

    Mr Trump has repeatedly bashed Mr Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail.

  28. Post update

  29. Early praise for Fiorina

    With the debate not even half-way over, praise for Carly Fiorina's performance is already pouring in on Twitter.

  30. Post update

  31. Awkward!

    Carly Fiorina addresses Donald Trump's comments about her face made in Rolling Stone magazine. She said it sent a strong message to the women of America. He awkwardly responded that she "has a beautiful face and is a beautiful woman." She glared stoically onward.

    View more on twitter
  32. Fiorina fits her points in, gets applause

    Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina is managing to respond to Jake Tapper's questions quickly, making her points clearly before running out of time. She garnered the loudest applause of the night after answering questions on the Iran Deal and Planned Parenthood.

  33. Bernie and Hillary beg to differ

    The candidates slam Planned Parenthood and commit to de-fund it. Over in non-GOP land, Clinton and Sanders beg to differ.

  34. Big in Canada

    #GOPDebate is also trending in Mexico right now.

  35. Foreign policy is dominating...

    ...but the details don't seem to matter much

  36. Do the three senators share responsibility for Syria?

    Trump says other candidates bear responsibility

    Mr Trump said that the senators on the stage that voted against allowing President Obama to use greater force in Syria "absolutely" bear responsibility for conflict that is devastating the country.

    Trump on stage
  37. Too close for comfort?

    The candidates are quite cozy on the stage. We hope the air conditioning is blasting.

  38. Moving on to China

    Debate stays in foreign policy mode

    When asked if President Obama should cancel an coming state dinner for China's President Senator Rand Paul said "I don't think we need to be rash... I think we need to leave lines of communication open."

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker disagreed saying, it's "not just a visit. It's a a 21-gun salute...on the South Lawn" of the White House.

  39. Jeb v Trump v Casinos

    Some background information on what exactly happened with Trump and Bush and the casinos that never happened from CNN

  40. Iran Deal

    The Iran Deal has been raised in the debate.

    Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said that if he were elected president, he "will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian deal".

  41. Can hardly get a word in

    The BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan points out that some candidates have not had much of a chance to talk.

  42. Trump and Putin - Friends?

  43. Bush v Trump again

    Donald Trump and Jeb Bush

    Donald Trump denies that he tried to pay Jeb Bush off for casino gambling in Florida. Then tells him he likes that he is showing more energy tonight.

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  44. Outsiders

    All of the candidates are vying to claim the mantle of being a political "outsider".

    The idea of being a fresh face plays well in American politics - especially in the Republican party.

    Chris Christie of New Jersey cited the fact that he was a Republican in a heavily liberal state, while Carly Fiorina took a slightly more poetic approach.

  45. Did he really just say that?

    The reactions roll in to Trump's comments about Rand Paul's looks.

  46. Trump v Paul

    Rand Paul has called out Donald Trump for his personal attacks on others' appearances.

    Mr Trump responded by telling the moderator, "I never attacked him for his look, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there!"

  47. The Google 'vote'

    Google Trends

    Google Trends has tracked the search traffic for the first four candidates - showing major spikes for Lindsey Graham. The search giant hasalso noted what the top search for each candidate. Lots of people want to know how old or tall the candidates are. 

  48. Hello America

    The candidates are taking turns introducing themselves. 

    Donald Trump is already generating buzz by using the term braggadocious.

  49. What are Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton up to?

    Bernie Sanders is live-tweeting the debate. Hillary Clinton's team is fact-checking.

  50. Rules of the game

    Ground rules for the debate

    • One minute to answer
    • 30 seconds for rebuttals
  51. Democrats weigh in

    While this debate is between Republican candidates, the Democratic candidates are weighing in on social media.

    Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley just tweeted his assessment of what to expect on Thursday.

  52. Lindsey Graham stands out

    Lindsey Graham's campaign is very pleased with his performance in the early debate. Some political reporters agree that he stood out and "won."

  53. Candidates enter

    The 11 candidates have taken to the stage and currently posing for images.

  54. Pre-debate reading

    If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to read our preview of the debate - there's still about 10 minutes left.

  55. Post update

    Donald Trump holds his hand up seemingly to wave people away

    Hello and welcome to the BBC's live coverage of the second Republican presidential debate.

    Eleven of the Republican party's top contenders are squaring off at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in southern California, with real estate magnate Donald Trump both in the lead and preparing to come under attack.

    We'll be updating this page in real-time with the big developments, fast analysis and the top trends across social media.

    With just under a half-hour until the sparks fly, you can read our preview and prepare to be on the lookout for the following during tonight's debate:

    • Carly Fiorina's first main-stage performance, where sparks could fly between her and Donald Trump
    • Jeb Bush's attempts to be more lively and differentiate himself from the bombastic businessman
    • Increased scrutiny of Ben Carson who's popularity has risen since the last debate
    • Scott Walker to rebuild his popularity after a lacklustre debate performance last month