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Live Reporting

Edited by Emma Owen and Brandon Livesay

All times stated are UK

  1. Thanks for joining us

    Video content

    Video caption: The Pennsylvania manhunt... in 100 seconds

    We're going to finish up our live coverage of this story now - but there is plenty more on the website.

    Our main story covers the two-week manhunt, and today's arrest. You can also see a map showing the key locations of the search.

    You can see the moment police posed for photos after his arrest and read more about who he is and his violent history here.

    And if you haven't seen it yet - you can watch the video of Cavalcante escaping prison two weeks ago here.

    Thanks for joining us.

  2. Cavalcante's recapture 'brings a lot of relief'

    Sílvia Brandão, the sister of Deborah Brandão – the woman Danelo Cavalcante stabbed to death – has been speaking to Brazilian news website G1 about his recapture.

    Brandão recounted a difficult past two weeks, saying her mother fell ill after Cavalcante escaped, and the family “stayed away from the news to calm down”.

    She added that they were afraid he would "seek revenge against my family”.

    Cavalcante’s recapture has made headlines in Brazil, and many social media users are celebrating his arrest.

  3. Cavalcante's history of abuse and violence

    Stills from security camera video

    Cavalcante escaped prison just a week after being sentenced to life for the violent murder of his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandão.

    In an interview with CNN, Brandão's sister Sarah said the pair met shortly after he moved to the US.

    She said Cavalcante was initially "nice to her" and to her two children and "seemed normal", although he was often "very silent, observant and reserved".

    Eventually, a darker side emerged. "She kept saying that he was extremely jealous, that when he drank he became a different person, that he kept going through her phone," she told CNN.

    In December 2020, Brandão filed a protection from abuse order against Cavalcante. Prosecutors later outlined a history of abuse, including one incident in which Cavalcante was said to have bit Brandão and chased her from her home.

    Investigators believe the attack took place after Brandão learnt that there was a warrant for Cavalcante's arrest back in Brazil, in relation to the shooting dead of a man in 2017.

    Read more here

  4. The events leading to Cavalcante's capture

    Police giving press conference

    Lt Col Bivens gave this outline of the events leading to Cavalcante's capture, which began in the early hours of the morning.

    • 00:00 Burglar alarm sounds within the police perimeter that had been set up, alerting forces to the specific area
    • 01:00 Helicopter heat signal shows a person that turns out to be the escapee. Tactical teams begin to converge on the area
    • Thunderstorm forces the helicopter to leave the area, leading to a pause in the operation
    • 08:00 Tactical teams converge and are able to move quietly, with the "element of surprise"
    • Cavalcante tries to escape, crawling through thick underbrush with his rifle
    • Taken into custody - one of the team releases a dog to subdue the escapee. He is then taken "forcibly" and sustains what police call a minor bite wound
  5. Cavalcate to be imprisoned in state facility - attorney general

    Danelo Cavalcante will be transported to a Pennsylvania correctional facility where he will remain “for the foreseeable future”, according to a press release from the Pennsylvania attorney general Michelle Henry’s office.

    Henry congratulated the law enforcement officers for successfully recapturing him.

    Cavalcante is expected to be charged for escaping prison - potentially adding to his sentence.

    He has, of course, already been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao.

  6. NFL fan who had hoodie stolen will be given a new one

    In the process of fleeing police, Cavalcante stole a .22 calibre rifle, a van, and... a grey Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt.

    Some might say it's on brand for the NFL team, which bills itself and its fans as the scrappier among American football.

    Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro couldn't ignore the opportunity to nod at the coincidence.

    "Folks, whoever had their Eagles hoodie stolen, if you could let us know. I'll do my best to get you one of those new Kelly Green ones," Gov Shapiro said at the press conference on Wednesday.

    Danelo Cavalcante was arrested on Wednesday wearing a Philadelphia Eagle's hoodie
  7. Who are the vigilantes police have warned off?

    Mitch, a local resident, joins others in keeping watch over the fields on the perimeter of a search zone for an escaped prisoner on September 08, 2023 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
    Image caption: Some local residents, like Mitch pictured here, told local media they were compelled to join the search for Cavalcante

    During this morning's press conference, Lt Col Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police said he had heard reports that vigilantes had also been searching for Cavalcante.

    Bivens asked members of the public to refrain from trying to help, saying they could risk getting hurt and ultimately slowing the search.

    But who are these vigilantes? In news reports from southeast Pennsylvania, some residents said they had begun scouring their local area for Cavalcante - some arming themselves before setting out.

    Resident Ryan Stiles told ABC 6 he had begun trekking along the Brandywine River looking for Cavalcante.

    "He [Cavalcante] needs water. You can't live without water," Stiles said.

    Some may have been motivated by the reward - $25,000 (£20,000) promised for those who offered tips that led to Cavalcante's arrest.

  8. Cavalcante’s sister 'being deported', police say

    Danelo Cavalcante’s sister “is in the process of being deported”, Pennsylvania State Police said on Wednesday.

    Lt Col George Bivens confirmed that Cavalcante’s sister had attempted to help him evade police.

    Earlier, she had been detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement after she did not cooperate with authorities in their search, Lt Col Bivens said.

    "She is an overstay. That is a process that would play out for anyone in her same circumstance... She has failed to cooperate, so there was no value in law enforcement keeping her here at this point," Lt Col George Bivens said at a press conference on Monday.

  9. Map highlights key sites after Cavalcante escaped

    Danelo Cavalcante was on the run for nearly two weeks. After escaping from prison, he stole a gun and a van, and was spotted multiple times near the US city of Philadelphia.

    A map showing the key sites in the Cavalcante story
  10. A quick recap of the press conference

    Emma Owen

    Live reporter

    The press conference has now ended. We heard a lot more detail about how Cavalcante was captured - which we have summarised for you here.

    • Danelo Cavalcante was taken by surprise when he was surrounded by police in a wooded area
    • Helicopters with heat signal technology had detected him around 01:00 local time on Wednesday, but the helicopters were called off because of lightning storms
    • Calvalcante was not asleep but was 'proned out', police said, and tried to crawl away through the undergrowth when he realised he had been found
    • He was finally 'subdued' after being bitten by a dog - they did not say where he was bitten. Images of his arrest show him with a bloodied face.
    • Senior officers are not at all bothered that police who arrested him posed for pictures
    • One of the first calls made was to the family of Deborah Brandao, the woman Cavalcante stabbed to death

    It was also notable that police, governors and senior officers were all full of praise for how the search was conducted, despite the fact that he was on the run for two weeks.

  11. Police discourage 'vigilante' search teams

    Lt Col Bivens responds to a question about reported vigilantes - civilians who tried to get involved with the manhunt.

    Bivens asks the public not to get involved in any future searches, saying they could get hurt and possibly take resources away from the manhunt.

  12. Cavalcante travelled through creeks and woods

    Bivens says the police picked up on some of the ways Cavalcante seemed to prefer to move, as they were trying to track him down.

    The escapee liked to travel through creek beds, he liked other paths of least resistance such wood lines, power lines and gas lines, Bivens says.

    "That's fairly normal, no-one wants to have to force their way through heavy underbrush.

    "All of that combined with some outstanding work and technology is what brought it to a successful conclusion."

  13. Border patrol agents helped with tracking

    Agents from US border patrol were also involved in the hunt, we're told. They have access to technology designed to help with tracking people.

    They are usually assigned to the US southern and northern borders and are used to "all sorts of terrain".

  14. Police asked about Cavalcante's wounds

    Cavalcante with blood on forehead

    Bivens is now being asked about a picture of Cavalcante with blood on his forehead.

    Bivens says the blood was from a scalp wound, it was not particularly significant.

    We heard earlier that he was bitten by a dog but the police didn't say if it was the same wound.

  15. Cavalcante didn't move much during daylight 'unless police pushed him'

    Police said Cavalcante had a pattern of travelling in the early evening, early enough to utilise remaining daylight to navigate wooded areas, but late enough to avoid broad daylight.

    "He typically did not travel during the day unless we pushed him," Lt Col Bevins said.

    "He doesn't have night vision or anything like that. Traversing rugged terrain is difficult to do. I believe it was just easier for him to do in the late evening hours."

  16. Police doubt how 'skilled' Cavalcante was

    Despite Cavalcante "crab walking" his way out of prison, evading police, police dogs, helicopters and gunfire for two weeks, Lt Col Bevins said: "I don't know that he was particularly skilled.

    "He was desperate and I've said that all along. You have an individual whose choice is go back to prison and spend the rest of your life in a place you don't want to be, or continue to try and evade capture. He chose to evade capture."

    Throughout the press conference, police officials have described the execution of the manhunt as something done with "excellence".

  17. Two dozen officers helped with the capture, says Bivens

    Lt Col Bivens says that roughly 20-25 officers were in the immediate vicinity for Cavalcante's ultimate capture.

    These officers were part of a tactical team, he says, including border patrol officers and Pennsylvania's special emergency team, dressed in camouflage with full body armour and armed with long rifles.

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch: Lt Col Bivens describes the moments leading to the arrest
  18. Stripping Cavalcante was 'normal procedure'

    Responding to questions, Lt Col Bivens says stripping Cavalcante was "normal procedure" - we have seen images of him having his sweatshirt cut off him before he was put in the police van.

    He's also asked if Cavalcante was asleep when he was found - Bivens says he wasn't asleep but was "proned out".

    "It's never easy to find someone who doesn't want to be found in a very large area," Bivens continues.

    There were people who intended to assist him, he says. But police were successful in preventing that assistance reaching him.

  19. Police chief 'not bothered' by officers taking pictures

    Now we're on to questions, and Bivens is asked about a picture that was apparently taken by police with Cavalcante.

    Bivens says he is aware, but says the men and women worked "amazingly hard" through trying times – and he's not "bothered at all" about the photo.

    "I say thanks to them and good job" for keeping the community safe.

    You can see the photo being taken below.

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch police pose for photo after dramatic arrest
  20. The family of Cavalcante's murdered former girlfriend have been contacted

    Chester County district attorney Deb Ryan

    Deb Ryan, Chester County district attorney, said one of the first calls made was to the family of Deborah Brandao, the former girlfriend of Cavalcante whom he stabbed to death.

    "(They) had been living in a complete nightmare," Ryan said.

    "They are so grateful to the men and women who helped with his capture. They can now finally sleep again."