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  1. All change in Wokingham as Tories lose control

    Patrick O'Hagan

    BBC Berkshire political reporter

    The Liberal Democrat councillor who had his best pair of shoes resoled three weeks ago, so he’d look his best when knocking on residents' doors, will no doubt be giving them an extra polish tonight.

    The Conservatives are still the biggest party in Wokingham but for the first time in two decades they’ll have to work with their opponents to get things done.

    As you’d expect, the politicians are making all the right noises about being happy to work as one united council on behalf of residents, promising to put their egos aside for the greater good.

    The first big test of how well everyone gets on will be where to put all the thousands of new homes which Wokingham needs. The Conservatives had planned to put 4,500 of them at Hall Farm.

    Hopes will be rising among angry locals there that their green fields may now remain that particular hue, rather than turn brick red or concrete grey.