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Harry Dunn death: Police withheld information from family
Northamptonshire Police's chief constable says he was complying with a request from the foreign office.

Harry Dunn's parents say they feel let down by the government and police

They're campaigning for Anne Sacoolas to return to the UK to discuss Harry's death

Trump accused of 'ambush' over Harry Dunn case

President Trump accused of 'ambush' over Harry Dunn
The case of Harry Dunn has rarely been out of the headlines for the past few weeks - the 19 year-old was killed in August when his motorbike collided with the the car of Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American diplomat, outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire. She left the country a few days later citing diplomatic immunity. The Foreign Secretary came to the Commons to update MPs  - Chris Wimpress was watching.
Harry Dunn: 'Not right' to meet Sacoolas at White House
Harry Dunn's parents refused the US president's offer to meet a woman who was involved in his death.
Trump 'spoke with Boris' before meeting Dunn's parents
The president said the PM asked him to arrange a meeting between the 19-year-old’s parents and Mrs Sacoolas.

Mental health absences rise among ambulance staff

The number of East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) staff taking sick leave due to poor mental health is on the rise, new figures suggest.


The figures released to the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act show 431 members of EMAS staff took leave due to issues such as stress, anxiety and depression between 2014-19.

Ambulance service bosses say it's partly down to the level of abuse workers receive while doing their job.

The government say it's funding a number of initiatives for emergency workers to tackle stigma around mental health.

The Reverend Kev Charles, chaplain and staff support lead at EMAS, says support is in place:

We became the first ambulance service in the country to sign the 'Blue Light Pledge' which is to fight the stigma of mental health in the workplace. We also use a ambulance service charity which offers one-on-one counselling."

The Reverend Kev CharlesChaplain and staff support lead, EMAS
Harry Dunn: Donald Trump meets with parents at White House
Harry Dunn's mother said Mr Trump held her hand and said he would "try to push this from a different angle".
Harry Dunn suspect 'should do the right thing'
The teenager's mother made an emotional appeal to the woman suspected of being involved in a crash in which her son died.
Harry Dunn mother's Charlotte: Foreign office letter a 'breakthrough'
The parents of Harry Dunn spoke to the BBC on a plane to the US, where they hope to meet the US diplomat's wife who was involved in the crash that killed their son.