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One teenager says he is speaking out to show you can hit "rock bottom" and still work your way up.

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As the results of the 2019 general election sink in, we want to know what you've made of events overnight.

What do you think of the result? Have you got any questions that we might be able to answer? What are your hopes for the future?

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Suffolk turns completely blue

If you're just joining us, here are the election headlines from Suffolk:

  • Newly-elected Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has helped turn Suffolk blue after ousting Labour's Sandy Martin
  • Conservative MPs have all been re-elected, all with an increased majority
  • South Suffolk's James Cartlidge secured a record majority for the seat since its inception in 1983

Tom Hunt

'Dire' night for Labour in the East of England

Analysis from Andrew Sinclair, BBC political correspondent for the East of England.

Analysis: 'It's mainly Corbyn'

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

The debate is already under way among Labour members about why the party has done so badly in the East.

One senior figure in the regional party told me: “It was partly Brexit but mainly Corbyn.

"I lost track of the number of people who said to me: 'We like your candidate, they’ve been a good MP but I don’t want Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.'

"Another told me we offered too many policies and the public stopped taking us seriously.“

Analysis: Labour and Tories contest marginal Ipswich seat

Ben Parker

BBC Suffolk political reporter

All eyes in Suffolk will be on Ipswich tonight. Just 836 votes saw Labour’s Sandy Martin take the seat in 2017.

Mr Martin’s main competitor this time around is the Conservative’s Tom Hunt and he’s received considerable party support during the campaign.

Ipswich Town Hall
Geograph/N Chadwick

Tory cabinet ministers including Priti Patel, Michael Gove and Matt Hancock have all been seen in the town, compare that with Labour who sent just one shadow cabinet member.

Elsewhere in Suffolk, it would be a huge surprise to see anyone apart from a Conservative giving a victory speech. Many are defending majorities of more than 15,000.