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'The madam in the flat was whacking a Nigerian girl with a stick'

Angus Thomas explains why he is on a mission to help Nigerian victims of sex trafficking.
Angus Thomas describes how a family holiday to Dubai has turned into a mission to help Nigerian women who are the victims of sex trafficking. 

He and his wife from Reading in Berkshire, have paid for one woman's flight back home and are now crowdfunding to free others.

Covered Market NHS exhibition showcases 'ground-breaking' research

NHS exhibition
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

A photography exhibition has been set up inside Oxford's Covered Market which showcases some of the pioneering research undertaken by the NHS.

The Body Unlocked: How Research is Changing Lives has life-sized photographs of the people involved in the studies, as well as microscopic images of cells and bacteria.

In 2018/19 there were 1,930 studies involving 39,129 participants at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Director of research and development Professor Keith Channon said he hoped the exhibition would showcase the "ground-breaking research", highlight the "contributions of patients and members of the public" and encourage people to "get involved in research studies that can lead to new and improved treatments in the NHS".

The exhibition will run until 15 April, and then travel around the Thames Valley at museums, libraries and town halls.

NHS exhibition
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Brontë King has set up a group to help support female graduates leaving university.
Brontë King is trying to help women who are graduating deal with the change into post-university life.

Why is it still so dark in the mornings?

Bill Buckley hears how the orbit of the Earth affects our daylight hours.
Have you noticed that it still seems pretty dark in the mornings when we're waking up, even though it's getting considerably lighter in the afternoons as we leave work?

Does the whole period of daylight shift later in the day even whilst it extends, or not?

It turns out it really doesn't, and to find out why, Dr Samantha Rolfe, an Astronomer from the University of Hertforshire spoke to Bill Buckley.

"She had her own royal carriages"

Historian Tim Dunn discusses Queen Victoria's underground journey from Windsor to London.
If you ever get the chance to delve into the black at white archives of British Pathe you'll find plenty of films covering the nation's transport revolution.

Well long before that you could actually catch a tube train to Berkshire, with lines going as far as Slough and Windsor.
Brexit explained: Can I still bring back booze from the EU?
BBC reporter Tom Hepworth explains what rules will change for people bringing alcohol back from the EU after Brexit.
Brexit explained: Can I still get healthcare in the EU?
BBC reporter Tom Hepworth takes a look at what Brexit could mean for how we access healthcare in the EU.