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River Teign bursts its banks

The River Teign has burst its banks alongside the A38 and B3344 near Chudleigh in Devon and may flood the road, police have warned.

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River Teign

Coastguard issues wave watcher warning

These wave watchers in Meadfoot, Devon, got a bit more than they bargained for this morning.

Torbay Coastguard said it had issued advice to those caught in the onslaught of a wave breaking over a wall.

“Even with high tide slacking off, there’s lots of debris in the water including large rocks,” the coastguard added.

People on wall next to sea
Torbay Coastguard
wave breaks over people
Torbay Coastguard

Flooding in Looe and Fowey

The high tide and stormy weather has caused flooding in Looe and Fowey.

Looe Community Fire Station posted a video on social media of the flooding.

The fire station said it had not received any call outs to flooded properties, but the road to the station was flooded.

Staff said anyone in danger and in need of assistance should call 999.

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There's also flooding on the A386 near Sourton and the Torpoint Ferry crossings are suspended "due to extreme flooding".

There's also flooding along the river in Kingsbridge.


Stormy weather continues to disrupt power and travel

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Further disruption is expected as stormy conditions continue to batter the South West.

A yellow warning for wind is in place.


Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said it had dealt with several incidents since Sunday including a trampoline which had blown over a fence and on to a house, and a number of signs and roofs which had been damaged or loosened.

Western Power Distribution said about 500 properties were without power in Devon and Cornwall this morning.

There are reports of a large tree down on the A390 at Grampound and another on the A390 at the top of the St Mewan dip.

On Sunday winds gusted to more than 70 mph. Some trains and ferries didn't run, while Flybe cancelled most flights in and out of Exeter and Newquay.

Devon MP jokes 'man flu' is worse than coronavirus

Adam Durbin

BBC News Online

Johnny Mercer

Defence Minister Johnny Mercer has joked to MPs his "man flu" is worse than coronavirus.

The Plymouth Moor View MP's voice was strained when addressing Parliament at defence questions.

During some confusion over who was to reply to a question from an opposition MP, Mr Mercer told the Speaker he was "not very well" .

"It's not coronavirus, it's worse - it's man flu," he said.

The coronavirus epidemic has killed more than 361 people and infected 17,000 in China since the beginning of the year.

Man 'slammed' into pavement in unprovoked attack

Rebecca Thorn

BBC News Online

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man in his 30s suffered a broken cheekbone and nerve damage when a stranger "slammed" him into the pavement.

The victim was knocked unconscious following the assault in Queen Street, Barnstaple on 12 January.

The attack happened between 00:50 and 01:00 GMT near to the Beats Working Shop and Fever nightclub.

Officers said the offender - a white man - was with one woman and two other men. The woman is described as white with long brown hair and wearing bright, flowery trousers.

The two white men are said to have blonde/mousey-coloured hair.

Det Con Sarah Richards said: "This is a seemingly unprovoked attack on the victim by a complete stranger.

"Police would like to hear from anybody who witnessed the attack and particularly anyone who can identify the offender."

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Fly-through reveals new Dawlish rail plans
The new designs include keeping "most of the beach" as well as a new footpath.

Airline Flybe 'at risk of collapse'

Andrew Segal

BBC News

Flybe plane

Exeter-based airline Flybe is at risk of collapse, according to reports.

The airline is reportedly in talks over potential emergency financing after suffering rising losses, Sky News reported.

It reported that Flybe has been holding talks with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Transport (DfT) on whether the government could provide or facilitate any emergency financing to the company.

Some 2,000 jobs are said to be at risk at the carrier, which is Europe's largest regional airline, a main operator at both Exeter and Newquay airports, and major provider of flights for the Channel Islands.

Last February, the airline was bought by a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic, Connect Airways, following poor financial results.

Flybe said it was continuing "to focus on providing great service and connectivity for our customers, to ensure that they can continue to travel as planned".

It added: "We don't comment on rumour or speculation."

Lack of "steady" pilot caused plane to hit hedge

A plane crashed into a hedge during takeoff at Branscombe Airfield, Devon, because the pilot did not have "steady" control in a strong crosswind, a report has concluded.

A flight between Branscombe Airfield and RAF Henlow ended up in the privet because the plane had become "weathercocked" in a 9 knot, 180 degree crosswind, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said.

There were no injuries to the pilot and the Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II aircraft was "substantially damaged" by the impact.

The report said the strongest crosswind aircraft of the same model had safely taken off in was 17 knots.

Proper technique and practice are vital to achieve a safe cross wind takeoff, especially when the wind speed is close to the demonstrated maximum."

AAIB report

The report described the crash as happening after the nose of the aircraft lifted during takeoff at low speed, became briefly airbourne and was turned by the wind towards the airfields boundary hedge.

This happened because the "pilot’s directional control of the aircraft was not steady", the AAIB said.

The nose of the plane continued the rise, while at the same time sinking into its wheels until the tail crashed into the ground.

After becoming airbourne in a "nose-high, low speed" position, the pilot attempted to turn back to the runway but ended up "mushed" into the hedge.