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'If it doesn't look right, don't trust it'

Online scamming: 'If it doesn't look right, don't trust it'
Young people in Northern Ireland have been learning the dangers of online scams thanks to a new initiative. 
The 'Scamwise Champion' scheme helps them learn how to spot scams, report them and educate their family and friends.
It is currently being run in collaboration with Girlguiding Ulster, The Scouts, The Boys’ Brigade, The Girls’ Brigade, Scouting Ireland and Catholic Guides. 
Supt Ch Supt Simon Walls says the project is "not about scaring our young people, but empowering them to safely use the internet".
Culture Night Derry: From Stroke City to Stitch City
Crochet City is a knitted artwork created to mark the 400th anniversary of Derry's famous walls.

Could you live plastic-free?

Could you live plastic-free?
Anna Leckey is one of thousands of people eager to cut down on their use of plastic. 
From the start of this year, she has tried to live as plastic-free as possible.
Any plastic she has used, she keeps in a cardboard box. 
While Ms Leckey says her approach would not suit everyone, she would encourage others to make small changes to reduce their overall plastic use.
Video Journalist: Tori Watson
Brexit 'could lead to organised crime expanding in Northern Ireland'
The Organised Crime Task Force has warned gangs could seek to exploit any new tariffs or other arrangements.

'I want to buy a cake for a total stranger'

'I want to buy a cake for a total stranger'
To celebrate his daughter's first birthday, Hannah's daddy bought a cake for a total stranger in her memory. 
Watch his story about why he hopes a random act of kindness can help others. 
Read more about the Brontë's story here.

Man arrested in connection with Strabane bomb

The 33-year-old was arrested on Tuesday and remains in police custody.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a mortar bomb which was found in Strabane, County Tyrone at the weekend.

The device was found on a wall near houses in Church View on Saturday.

Police described the bomb as "a deadly device" and have blamed the dissident republican group the New IRA.

The man remains in police custody.

Motar bomb
The device was found on a wall near houses in Church View on Saturday
Creggan violence: Stones and petrol bombs thrown at police
A bomb was found after up to 80 police officers took part in a security search targeting the New IRA on Monday.
Strabane mother says young son is traumatised by mortar bomb left outside home.
Aileen Mullan says her young family is traumatised after a mortar bomb was found in the street outside their home.
District commander says dissident republicans showed no regard for public safety
A police district commander says the New IRA was responsible for leaving a mortar bomb in County Tyrone.
PSNI's Simon Byrne: Children 'not weapons' in fighting crime
NI's police chief denies suggesting children could be used as "weapons" to fight paramilitary crime.