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  1. What does tier 3 mean?

    So the North East is heading for tier thee when lockdown ends on Wednesday 2 December, but what does that mean for us all?

    Health Correspondent Laura Foster uses cake to explain what you can and can't do in the new system.

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    Video caption: After lockdown: What is the new three tier system?
  2. BreakingParts of North East to go into tier 3 after lockdown

    Parts of the North East will face the toughest local Covid restrictions after the end of the national lockdown, it has been confirmed.

    Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland, County Durham and Darlington will all be placed under tier three rules, when lockdown ends on Wednesday.


    The news, while not unexpected, will come as a devastating blow to the hospitality industry – with pubs, bars, and restaurants having to stay shut.

    And, unlike some other parts of the country, spectators will not be allowed back into football stadiums or to other large events.

    Residents will still be banned from socialising indoors with anyone outside their household or social bubble, though people will be allowed to meet in groups of up to six in outdoor public spaces and non-essential shops will reopen.

    The system will be regularly reviewed and an area's tier level may change before Christmas - the first review is scheduled for 16 December.

    Shoppers wearing masks

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "I know for those of you faced with tier 3 restrictions this will be a particularly difficult time but I want to reassure you that we’ll be supporting your areas with mass community testing and extra funding.

    “By following the rules together we can get out of these tough measures.”

  3. North East Conservatives ask for pay rise to be scrapped

    A number of North East Conservative MPs have asked for an expected pay increase to be stopped.

    Bishop Auckland MP Dehenna Davison, Redcar MP Jacob Young, Stockton South MP Matt Vickers, North West Durham MP Richard Holden and Paul Howell, the MP for Sedgefield, have all signed a letter to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority asking for the 3% increase to be scrapped.

    They say they do not consider a pay rise appropriate or justifiable at a time when their constituents face uncertainty.

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  4. North East weather: Cloudy skies, feeling milder

    BBC Weather

    Tonight will be a much milder night than last night, under mostly cloudy skies.

    There will be some patchy light rain or drizzle, followed by a spell of more persistent rain later in the night.

    Temperatures overnight will climb to 12C (53F) in the early hours.

    You can follow the latest BBC Weather forecast for your area, by searching for your location here

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  5. North East weather: Cloudy and damp, becoming milder

    BBC Weather

    This afternoon will be mainly cloudy and damp with rain and drizzle at times.

    There will be a brisk south-westerly breeze, introducing milder air.

    Tonight will be a much warmer than last night, under mostly cloudy skies, with temperatures climbing to 9C to 11C (48F to 52F).

    You can see the latest BBC Weather forecast where you are, by searching for your location here.

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  6. North East weather: Dry and bright, feeling colder

    BBC Weather

    This afternoon will remain dry and bright with an easing north-westerly breeze.

    Temperatures will peak around 5C to 6C (41F to 43F)

    It will turn cold after sunset with mostly clear skies.

    Cloud cover will slowly increase from the west, and winds will be mostly gentle.

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  7. North East weather: Mild, dry and cloudy

    BBC Weather

    Tonight will stay fairly cloudy, although a few clear breaks may develop locally in the early hours.

    It will stay largely dry, with a brisk south-westerly wind.

    Another mild night with temperatures dropping to around 12C (53F) in the early hour.

    And you can check the latest BBC Weather forecast where you live, by searching for your location here.

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  8. Coronavirus: Plasma donation centre opens on Teesside

    A new plasma donation centre has opened in Stockton.

    NHS Blood and Transplant has asked anyone who has had Covid-19 to register as a donor, as plasma collected at the centre will be used in clinical trials to see if it could be used as a treatment.

    The plasma is transfused into patients who are struggling to develop their own immune response.

    Around 150 people have received plasma transfusions in hospitals across Teesside.

    Blood plasma donation
    Quote Message: Donation is safe and easy, and you could save lives. Your body quickly replaces the antibodies afterwards." from Prof Dave Roberts NHSBT
    Prof Dave RobertsNHSBT

    Anyone aged 18 years or over and who has had Covid-19 can offer to donate plasma and the service is appealing for male and BAME donors to come forward as their plasma is more likely to contain the higher levels of antibodies required.

  9. North East weather: Cloudy and windy but dry and mild

    BBC Weather

    This afternoon will be mostly cloudy and blustery but dry with only the odd spot of rain locally.

    It will be unseasonably mild for November albeit with a fresh to strong south-westerly wind, and temperatures of 14C (57F).

    This evening will stay fairly cloudy and largely dry. Another mild night with a brisk south-westerly wind.

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  10. North East weather: Blustery with cloudy skies and possible showers

    BBC Weather

    Today will be a blustery day with a few rather hazy bright spells.

    Cloudier skies and patchy rain may spread from the south-west later towards evening.

    Temperatures falling to 9C (48F) this afternoon.

    Showers or spells of rain in the evening should taper off although it will remain windy.

    You can follow the latest BBC Weather where you are, by searching for your location, here

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  11. Man in hospital after Stockton attack

    A man remains in hospital after being attacked in Stockton on Friday 13 November.

    The incident took place at about 17:30 outside the Buffs Social Club on Norton Road in Stockton, when the 46-year-old victim received several injuries to his face.

    It is believed he also had money stolen from him.

    A 40-year old-man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and was interviewed, then later released under investigation while inquiries continue.

    Buffs Social Club