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  1. Flood warnings and alerts on Yorkshire rivers

    A total of 26 flood alerts are now in place on rivers across North, South, East and West Yorkshire.

    Flood sign

    A flood alert means "flooding is possible, be prepared".

    Meanwhile, four flood warnings - meaning immediate action should be taken as flooding is expected - are in place for parts of the rivers Derwent, Seven and Ouse.

    The Met Office has issued an amber "be prepared" weather warning for rain in Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West, East Midlands and the east of England over the next two days.

    A "major incident" has been declared in South Yorkshire in response to the forecast rainfall.

    Ros Jones, mayor of Doncaster, said: "I do not want people to panic, but flooding is possible so please be prepared."

  2. Job fears and mental health concerns among young - Report

    More than half of young people in Yorkshire said their mental health had got worse during the Covid-19 pandemic, a report has found.

    Woman with head in hands

    A survey by The Prince's Trust said 56% of 16 to 25-year-olds questioned reported a mental decline.

    Half said they felt anxious, with 18% saying they were "unable to cope with life", the survey showed.

    Meanwhile, two-thirds also reported feeling like they were "missing out on being young" due to lockdown restrictions.

    Clare Crabb, from the trust, said the pandemic had taken a "devastating toll on young people's mental health".

    "They face a disrupted education, a shrinking jobs market and isolation from their friends and loved ones, and as a result, too many are losing all hope for the future," she said.

    The report also found that one in five young people in Yorkshire did not feel confident about their future work prospects.

    More than half, 53%, said getting a new job felt impossible because there was so much competition.

  3. Yorkshire's wet Tuesday weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Mild but unsettled with outbreaks of persistent rain throughout the day and a blustery wind

    Rain will continue through this evening and overnight.

    An amber "be prepared" rain warning has been issued for Yorkshire as Storm Christoph approaches.

    Weather graphic
  4. Storm Christoph: Amber alert for northern England

    An amber rain warning has been issued for parts of northern England as Storm Christoph approaches.

    Car in flood water

    The Met Office told people in Yorkshire to expect heavy rain and potential floods.

    Up to 70mm of rain is forecast to fall within 48 hours in the worst-hit areas.

    The Met Office said the downpours, set to last throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, were likely to cause flooding when combined with melting snow on higher ground.

    A major incident has been declared in South Yorkshire, where Doncaster Council staff have been out delivering sandbags.

    Flood warnings graphic

    The Environment Agency currently has four flood warnings in place for Yorkshire.

    A flood warning means "flooding is expected and immediate action should be taken."

    Warnings have been issued at:

  5. Villagers concerned after rise in visitors causes access problems

    Villagers have raised concerns after a large number of visitors parking there caused access problems.

    Residents in Hutton near Guisborough said it meant delivery drivers had been unable to get through and they were also concerned if there was an emergency, fire engines or ambulances wouldn’t be able to pass the vehicles parked on the verges.

    Vehicles parked on verge of Hutton village

    Police officers put up notices reminding people of Covid restrictions.

    Cleveland Police neighbourhood Insp Neil Deluce said: “The sheer number of people we’ve seen visiting the Hutton village area recently has led to serious issues for residents and we acted swiftly to address these.

    “Villagers rely on solid fuel deliveries and many are using online food and medical deliveries while the government advice remains to stay at home as much as possible."

    Covid restrictions on a traffic sign
  6. North Yorkshire 'stay local' Covid lockdown signs defaced

    A road sign in North Yorkshire urging people to only make essential journeys during the current coronavirus lockdown has been vandalised, police say.

    Damaged sign

    Red paint was daubed over the sign, which asked drivers "is your journey essential?", at Cross Hills in Craven.

    Supt Mike Walker, from North Yorkshire Police, said the vandalism was "disappointing".

    He said: "While the majority of residents are sticking to the rules and staying home, someone has chosen to go out of their way to vandalise a sign placed with the intention of keeping them safe and stopping the spread of a deadly disease.

    "I realise a minority of people may be feeling tired of seeing coronavirus messages or feeling frustrated about being asked to stay at home. It’s not the way any of us would choose to live our life under normal circumstances.

    "However, that does not give any one the right to deface a sign which warns the wider community of the risk of catching a virus."

    Louise Wallace, North Yorkshire’s director of public health, said: "It’s very disappointing to hear such acts of vandalism are happening and that a minority of people aren’t taking seriously the great danger to life that the virus poses."

  7. Flood and weather warnings issued for Yorkshire

    Five Environment Agency flood warnings have been issued for parts of Yorkshire.

    Flood warning graphic

    A flood warning means "flooding is expected, take immediate action".

    Warnings have been issued for the following locations:

    Meanwhile an amber "be prepared" weather warning for rain in parts of Yorkshire has been issued by the Met Office.

    It covers the period between 06:00 on Tuesday 19 January to 23:59 Wednesday 20 January.

    The Met Office warns "heavy rainfall combined with some snowmelt across the hills is likely to lead to some flooding".

  8. Yorkshire's Monday weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Bright spells in places today, but largely cloudy with some rain at times.

    Tonight it will remain cloudy and it will turn increasingly wet throughout the evening and into the night:

    Weather graphic
  9. Critical care wards full at three Yorkshire NHS trusts

    Three hospital trusts in Yorkshire are among 10 across England which have reported having no spare critical care beds, latest figures show.


    The Airedale, Calderdale and Huddersfield and Harrogate and District trusts were included in a list of NHS Trusts with full critical care wards in the week to 10 January.

    It comes as hospital waiting times, coronavirus admissions and patients requiring intensive care are rising.

    Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, despite having nine critical care beds overall, said it did not normally experience full occupancy at this time of the year and the ward had both Covid and non-Covid patients.

    "We are experiencing normal winter pressures across the trust, combined with an increasing number of Covid-19 patients, particularly over the last week," a spokeswoman said.

    The total number of critical care beds available across all England's acute trusts is 5,503, with 4,632 in use on 10 January.

    An NHS England spokeswoman said hospitals had "tried and tested plans in place" to manage pressure from increased Covid-19 and non-Covid patients, including mutual aid practices where hospitals work together to manage admissions.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: Ambulance and police staff open up to royals about bereavement on the frontline

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hear from emergency workers about how the pandemic has made them feel.

  11. Lockdown debate clouds effort against Covid - Police boss

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    An “obsession” with debating the coronavirus lockdown rules is “getting in the way” of the aim to bring coronavirus infections under control, North Yorkshire’s police boss has said.

    Julia Mulligan

    Julia Mulligan, the county’s police, fire and crime commissioner, said some people were spending too much time debating how far rules - such as those about "essential" travel - can be stretched rather than playing their part in controlling the pandemic.

    She told a North Yorkshire County Council meeting: "This isn’t about the rules. This is about a virus and stopping the spread.

    "Sometimes the debate and our obsession with the rules gets in the way of that overall thing that we need to do, and that is just to stay at home."

    Mrs Mulligan added: "If you are in any doubt about whether your journey is essential or not, it probably isn’t."

    Since the new national lockdown began on 6 January, North Yorkshire Police has issued 107 fixed penalty notices for breaches of the coronavirus regulations.

    That figure is more than double the amount issued during the first week of the first national lockdown last year.

  12. Covid breaches 'left, right and centre' - Police

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    A Yorkshire police force responsible for an area featuring two national parks and one of the country’s top tourism destinations needs extra powers to help stop the spread of Covid-19, it's being claimed.

    Police car and North Yorkshire sign

    Supt Mike Walker, from North Yorkshire Police, said there continued to be "blatant breaches left, right and centre" of lockdown rules despite the situation facing the county and the city of York, where the seven-day infection rate has risen to 670 per 100,000 people.

    At a meeting of the North Yorkshire and York Police and Crime Panel, Supt Walker highlighted how the city and the wider county had been surrounded by areas in higher tiers and he said there was evidence people had travelled into the area before infection rates soared.

    He said: “When we come out of a national lockdown and go back into tiering, we will continue with that message: stay in your own tier. But it’s not helpful for the police that it’s only guidance.

    "We want to persuade whoever it is - the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, public health, whoever is making the decisions over tiering - that it must be stronger to not allow people to travel from high infection rate areas to North Yorkshire and the city of York."

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    Video caption: York Hospital: Covid intensive care 'my scariest ever experience'

    A Covid-19 patient who has been cared for at York Hospital for 48 days says intensive care was the "scariest thing" he'd ever experienced.