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  1. M6 reopens after long closure following crashes

    The southbound M6 has reopened in Cheshire after being shut since Tuesday afternoon due to two crashes.

    The tanker after the crash

    A fuel tanker hit a bridge and was torn open, spilling half its 28,000 litres across the motorway.

    The other crash saw a van collide with a lorry carrying vodka and gin which spilt onto the road.

    Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said the road reopened just before midday on Wednesday.

  2. Stretch of M6 could be closed through the morning

    BBC Radio Stoke

    Highways England is warning that the southbound M6 in Cheshire could be closed through the morning.

    Junction 17

    It follows two crashes yesterday afternoon between junction 17 for Sandbach and 16.

    One of the crashes involved a tanker, which hit a bridge and was torn open.

    It was carrying 28,000 litres of fuel. Half of that ended up on the road.

    The other crash involved a van and lorry. The van driver suffered serious injuries.