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Car in sinkhole 'was being driven'

A car fell into a sinkhole in Essex
Ricci Fothergill

It is believed that the car that fell into a sinkhole in Essex was being driven when the hole opened up, although the driver is said to have escaped uninjured.

Gordon Humphrey, who lives nearby, told the PA news agency he and his wife heard a bang.

He told the Press Association they initially believed a fence panel had popped out, before seeing a car in the hole.

"You could hear the water bubbling, see the taillights and there was a smell of gas," he said.

Mr Humphrey said his wife Lesley, 59, called the emergency services and they were told to leave their house before it was later declared safe to return.

The fire service said they made the scene safe by about 04:00 GMT before handing the scene over to Anglian Water.

Anglian Water said it was working out whether any of its pipes had been damaged.

Car falls into Essex sinkhole

A car fell into a sinkhole in Essex
It has not been confirmed if anyone was in the vehicle at the time it dropped into the sinkhole

A car has fallen into a sinkhole in Essex and six homes have been evacuated due to "unstable ground".

The car became trapped in Hatch Road, Pilgrims Hatch after the collapse in the early hours of Monday.

The fire service said there had been reports a sewer had partially collapsed but the exact cause of the sinkhole is not yet known.

Fire crews worked for more than two hours at the scene before handing over to Anglian Water.

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Jeremy Bamber at beginning of his trial in Chelmsford

Doug Faulkner

BBC News

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Your questions: Get in touch

As the results of the 2019 general election sink in, we want to know what you've made of events overnight.

What do you think of the result? Have you got any questions that we might be able to answer? What are your hopes for the future?

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'The non-surprise, surprise' Tory wins

Simon Dedman

BBC Essex political reporter

The non-surprise, surprise.

Every seat in Essex has stayed Conservative.

Their vote is up across the county.

Thurrock, one of the marginalist of marginal seats in the country, has gone from a majority of 345 to 11,500.

The Tories got more than half the vote in Colchester, with the Lib Dems a distant third.

Their chances of winning this seat back seems as distant as the next general election is now with Boris Johnson on course for the biggest Tory majority since Margaret Thatcher.

Tories retain all seats in Essex

With John Whittingdale's return in Maldon, that means all 18 Essex constituencies remain blue.

Jackie Doyle-Price in Thurrock and Will Quince in Colchester were among the bigger winners, solidifying their majorities.

In Ms Doyle-Price's case, she has increased her majority from 345 to 11,482.

'Dire' night for Labour in the East of England

Analysis from Andrew Sinclair, BBC political correspondent for the East of England.

Analysis: 'It's mainly Corbyn'

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

The debate is already under way among Labour members about why the party has done so badly in the East.

One senior figure in the regional party told me: “It was partly Brexit but mainly Corbyn.

"I lost track of the number of people who said to me: 'We like your candidate, they’ve been a good MP but I don’t want Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.'

"Another told me we offered too many policies and the public stopped taking us seriously.“

Analysis: The bellwether county that's now Tory stronghold

Simon Dedman

BBC Essex political reporter

For years all eyes had been on Essex. How the home of “Mondeo man”, “Essex Man” and the bellwether - that was once Basildon - votes, was seen as the key to winning a majority and the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Geograph/Robin Lucas

But not in 2019. The focus on the Midlands and the North has born a new target voter: “Workington Man” and with frankly a lack of interest and a lack of high profile politicians coming to the county to campaign.

Granted the three main party leaders have been here – but other than Jeremy Corbyn (pictured below) only once.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservatives are confident of keeping all 18 seats here and that their majorities will go up in most. Thurrock is the most marginal seat, the Tories won by just 243 votes in 2017.

While one veteran Labour campaigner told me it is still close there, the Tories say they have been getting their best response on the ground.

Chelmsford (pictured top) was the shock of the summer when the Lib Dems surged from holding five council seats to winning 31 and taking the county’s city from the Tories in the local elections.

They have been campaigning hard with one resident showing me they received eight pieces of literature through their door in a week.

But the Conservatives are defending a decent 13,572 majority here, even with the Greens standing aside to help the Lib Dems in the remain alliance it’s a tall ask. One Tory said if they lost here they would be in big trouble.