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  1. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    There will be some clouds this morning but we can expect to see sunny spells develop later on.

    It will be cool for the time of year with highs of 18C, and tonight we can expect lows of 6C overnight.

    Here's the beautiful sunrise over Grindleford in Derbyshire this morning.

    Grindleford, Derbyshire
  2. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    Today will be cloudy but largely dry with the chance of the odd shower and sunny spells.

    There will be highs of 17C (63F) during the day and tonight we can expect lows of 8C (46F).

    Breedon on the Hill
  3. East Midlands Railway announce cuts to services

    Samantha Noble

    BBC News Online

    East Midlands Railway (EMR) is reducing its regional services from tomorrow.

    The operator said it "has become clear" the new timetable, which was introduced last month, "is not performing as well as we, or our customers, expect".

    "This has led to short notice cancellations and difficult journeys," EMR added.

    The company apologised for the disruption and inconvenience caused.

    A spokesman said: "We are acting swiftly to implement changes which will improve performance and provide a reliable experience across our network."

    EMR said the reduced timetable only affects EMR Regional, with EMR Intercity and EMR Connect services to and from London unaffected.

    East Midlands Railway Regional train

    The firm said reducing the regional timetable "will allow us to protect our most used services, such as summer services to Skegness and allow us to fix the underlying problems so we can reintroduce the full timetable".

    Earlier this week a further eight days of strike action were announced by conductors working for EMR in a row over contracts.

    The 24-hour strikes are scheduled to take place in June, July and August.

    EMR said it did not anticipate the action would cause much disruption to timetables.

  4. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    We're starting off with grey and cloudy skies this morning and there will be heavy, persistent rain later.

    There's still also a yellow weather warning in place for thunderstorms and it will feel pretty cool with highs of 16C.

    This evening, the wind will pick up and the rain will linger through the first part of tonight but as we go to the the early hours it is due to turn a little bit drier and clearer.

    Weston on Trent in Derby
  5. Police officer hit in face with brick

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC News

    A police officer has suffered a fractured cheekbone, nose and eye socket after she was hit in the face with a brick.

    It happened shortly after 07:00 on Wednesday when three officers approached three teenagers who were threatening to damage cars on Linden Street in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Police said.

    The force said all three officers were assaulted: One was spat at, another was bitten on the arm and the third was attacked with a brick.

    She sustained a deep cut to her face which needed stitches.

    Linden Street in Mansfield

    A 16-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and a 13-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.

    Police patrols have been stepped up to reassure the local community.

    Det Sgt Matt Dumbrell said: “Police officers go out every single day to keep the public safe from harm.

    "They have the right to go about their work without being assaulted and abused."

  6. Weather forecast for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    We'll see largely cloudy skies throughout the day with scattered showers or spells of rain, especially during the afternoon.

    Turning drier into the evening. A maximum temperature of 19°C (66°F).

    Flowers in Cropwell Bishop
  7. Topless teenager's bike seized by police

    Liam Barnes

    BBC News

    A teenager has had his off-road bike confiscated by police after he was caught riding it without tax and insurance.

    Nottinghamshire Police said he had been seen "bare-chested" and "helmetless" around Hibbert Road in Mansfield at about 20:00 on Thursday.

    After being stopped by officers his bike was taken away and the rider was also handed a fixed penalty notice for using the vehicle without a licence.

    Nick Butler, from the neighbourhood policing team in Mansfield, said residents had been complaining about off-road bikes being used in and around the estate "for some time".

    Off-road bike

    "We understand the appeal and the excitement that can come with riding a motorcycle," he said.

    "We don’t want to stop people from riding their bikes; we just want them to ride them in a safe and legal way.

    "Sadly this young man was not riding in a safe and legal way. He was bare-chested and not wearing a helmet – making the consequences of an accident all the more serious."

  8. Weather forecast for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    Today will be a dry and warm day with plenty of sunny spells and just some patchy cloud during the afternoon.

    Cloud will become more widespread later in the evening. A maximum temperature of 28°C (82°F).

  9. Thunderstorm warning for East Midlands

    Dave Wade

    BBC News

    The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms for the next four days.

    The warning covers a large part of England, including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, from 18:00 on Wednesday and lasts until Saturday.

    It said there is a small chance of flooding and a risk of damage to buildings from lightning strikes, hail and strong winds.

    Met Office thunderstorms warning map
  10. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    Get ready for another lovely day.

    Although there is some cloud around this morning, by this afternoon there will be a full blue sky and sunny spells, with temperatures up to 23 or 24C.

    Later, we will continue to have some bright spells through the early parts of the evening and it's expected to stay largely dry and clear overnight with temperatures remaining mild at 11 or 12C.

    Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire
  11. Delay to restrictions easing 'huge disappointment'

    Sandish Shoker

    BBC News

    The East Midlands Chamber, which represents businesses in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, has responded to the prime minister's announcement that the lifting of lockdown restrictions has been pushed back to 19 July.

    Chief executive Scott Knowles said: “Today’s announcement that coronavirus restrictions will no longer end on 21 June is a huge disappointment to everyone and means businesses will have to stagger on for four weeks longer than they’d anticipated.

    "Without proper support, for some this may prove to be one setback too many."

    He called for enhanced support in the form of grants for businesses in the hardest-hit sectors until everything can fully re-open.

    Crowded pub

    “Every week that goes by in which restrictions are in place has a real-life impact on the owners of hospitality, events and leisure businesses in particular as they must operate significantly under capacity," he added.

    “Many of these companies, already tight on cashflow, will have spent lots of money on marketing, staffing up and perishable stock in preparation for a milestone that is no longer happening."

    He urged the government to extend the furlough scheme which had been due to end on 1 July and said the four-week extension must be the "final delay".