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'It was cold, it was callous'
Police renew an appeal for information on the murder of a police officer shot dead by the IRA in 1993.

'It's a very frightening thing'

Living with COPD: 'It's a very frightening thing'
Queen's University is carrying out ground breaking research into the incurable lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
The disease affects three million people in the UK.
Reggie Duff, who has had the disease for 18 years, tells BBC News NI about his experience. 
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Irish government steps up no-deal plans

Ireland's no-deal Brexit plans 'now being implemented'
The Irish government is now putting plans in place should the UK leave the EU with no deal, Leo Varadkar has said.
The taoiseach (Irish prime minister) said he would do everything he could to avoid no deal, but had to ensure the Republic of Ireland is fully prepared after MPs in the House of Commons rejected Theresa May's deal.
"These are no longer contingency plans, they are being implemented," he said.

'What's next?' I just don't know.'

Brexit deal rejection: NI voters give their views
So what is next in the Brexit process? Where does the government go from here?
BBC News NI's Kevin Sharkey took to the streets of Belfast to gauge reaction after Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected by MPs in the House of Commons.
Air ambulance lands at Newry crash scene
Footage shows the arrival of the air ambulance at the scene of a serious crash on the A1 near Newry.
"Thousands of pounds worth of damage"
George Richmond's family have been forced from their west Belfast home after a number of attacks.