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All North West results declared

It's been a very strong night for the Conservatives in the North West. They have gained 10 seats from Labour:

  • Bury North
  • Bury South
  • Bolton North East
  • Leigh
  • Heywood & Middleton
  • Burnley
  • Blackpool South
  • Hyndburn
  • Crewe & Nantwich
  • Warrington South

None of the region's other 59 seats changed hands, although many Labour-held seats featured slimmed down majorities.

Analysis: Labour suffer in Leave-voting Lancashire

Mike Stevens

Lancashire political correspondent, BBC News

There was talk of Labour losing support in pro-Leave seats here in Lancashire and that’s definitely been the case.

Each of the three Conservative gains - Burnley, Blackpool South, and Hyndburn - have come in areas where two-thirds of people voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

Lancaster and Fleetwood remains red, albeit with a reduced majority, and for that there will be some sighs of relief.

Analysis: 'Worried looking Labour faces in Lancashire'

Mike Stevens

Lancashire political correspondent, BBC News

At a number of Lancashire’s 16 counts, you can see huddles of worried-looking people wearing red rosettes.

The Conservatives tried to brand this as the ‘Brexit election’ and it seems that might have been the case.

In seats where around two-thirds of the electorate voted to Leave the EU in 2016, the Tories are hoping to make gains.

Blackpool South and Hyndburn look particularly vulnerable as does Burnley – where there hasn’t been a Conservative MP for more than 100 years.

Lancashire's estimated declaration times

There are 16 seats in Lancashire. We're expecting the first results to come in at about 02:00. Maximum kudos to you if you're still with us when the good people of Morecambe and Lunesdale find out who will be representing them at Westminster.

Here are the all-important times you need to know.

  • 02:00 Blackburn, Burnley, Fylde

  • 02:30 Chorley, Ribble Valley

  • 03:00 Blackpool North and Cleveleys, Blackpool South, Hyndburn, Pendle, Preston, South Ribble

  • 04:00 Lancaster and Fleetwood, Rossendale and Darwen, West Lancashire, Wyre and Preston North

  • 05:00 Morecambe and Lunesdale

Where the battle for the North West will be won and lost...

The North West is represented by 69 seats in the House of Commons. Breaking it down a bit, we have 27 from Greater Manchester, 16 from Lancashire, 15 from Merseyside, and 11 from Cheshire.

You'll no doubt have noticed that some constituencies have been talked about a lot more than others during the election campaign.

A lot of constituencies, including many on Merseyside and in Greater Manchester, rarely if ever change hands.

So the party bosses concentrate their time and resources on those which they think are genuinely up for grabs - the marginals.

We've got a couple of dozen or so here in the North West and the chances are that if you live in one of them you'll have seen a lot of leaflets, Facebook ads, and maybe even some candidates knocking on your front door in recent weeks.

No expense spared here at MediaCityUK

I know our esteemed colleagues in London pride themselves on their snazzy 3D graphics on election night.

Here in the North West we prefer to keep things old skool...

Whiteboard containing a list of all the North West seats
Our high-tech general election scoreboard

Sincere thanks to the gaffer for shelling out on not one but two dry wiper pens in suitably festive colours.

With 69 seats across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside for us to keep tabs on, having this board will be invaluable!

We're in for a long night...

At the BBC we are all encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle - everything in moderation and all that.

All that goes out of the window on election night though... as our colleague Gina from Radio Lancashire is only too ready to acknowledge... fair play for the apple though!

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Man who killed his father sent to secure hospital

Neil Smith

South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

A man from Barrow has been sent to a secure hospital for "a very, very long time" for killing his own father days after being wrongly released from a mental health unit.

Jonathan MacMillan, 28, had previously admitted the manslaughter due to diminished responsibility of his father John on Provincial Street in Barrow in June.

Preston Crown Court
PA Media

Today two expert psychiatrists told Preston Crown Court that Jonathan MacMillan was severely mentally ill and neither could understand why he'd been let out of the Cygnet Health private hospital in Kent.

The Recorder of Preston, Judge Mark Brown, handed down an order detaining him in a secure hospital, saying MacMillan should never have been released into the community.

NHS England says an independent Investigation is under way but is "in its very early stages", and expressed its condolences to John MacMillan's family.

Judge to rule on man who killed father after discharge

Neil Smith

South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

A man from Barrow who admits killing his father just days after being wrongly released from a mental health unit is due to be sentenced today.

Jonathan MacMillan
Cumbria Police

Jonathan MacMillan, 28, had been in Cygnet Health's private hospital in Maidstone, which takes in NHS patients.

At a previous court hearing MacMillan denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, and the case was adjourned until today.

The judge, the Honorary Recorder of Preston, Mark Brown, told the court the defendant was not due to be discharged until July, but had been sent home early in error, something the judge said was an "appalling state of affairs".

NHS England has commissioned an independent investigation into what the judge called "a serious failing by the mental health services".

Passenger describes eight-hour journey ordeal

Simon Mabon, from Lancaster, was travelling from Macclesfield to Lancaster, a journey that should have taken about 90 minutes.

It ended up taking about eight hours.

When he finally arrived at Lancaster, he kindly spoke to BBC News.

Commuter stuck for eight hours on West Coast Main Line train.
One of the passengers stranded by the line's suspension tells the BBC about his nightmare journey.

Virgin Trains 'sorry' for disrupted customers

The overhead power lines came down on a section of track between Preston and Lancaster, following the failure of a train in the area.

Three Virgin Trains services were caught up in the ensuing disruption. Network Rail were unable to immediately fix the problem.

A rescue locomotive was sent to retrieve two Virgin trains, whilst the third involved a "train to train" evacuation.

We’re very sorry for the experience of customers affected by today’s disruption. We’re working closely with our partners to get customers from the affected trains to the nearest station so they can continue their journeys.

Virgin Trains

'My 90 minute journey has taken me eight hours'

We have just spoken to a passenger who was on board one of the trains stuck between Preston and Lancaster.

Simon Maybon, from Lancaster, said his 90-minute journey ended up taking about eight hours.

We got to Preston and were told the train was cancelled so we were instructed to get onto a different train and we got onto that train and we sat there for about two hours waiting because there was a broken down train in front of us.

Then we eventually started moving and we made about 10 minutes progress and then it stopped and they put some announcements over the tannoy saying there were some technical issues, that there was no power, that we were stuck here for the foreseeable. That was about 11 o'clock and then we were stuck on that train for the following three, three-and-a-bit hours with no air conditioning, no toilets really – they stopped working very quickly.

We got a little bottle of water which I guess was very nice of them, the card machine wasn’t working in the food carriage. There were kids there, families, lots of people who were pretty frustrated. I guess I was lucky because I got on later because there was a chap next to me who set off at 5:30.

At about 2:15 we were told we were getting on a different train, we were evacuating from one train to another, that took about an hour. We got evacuated onto another train. And then we were just left, we didn’t really know what was going on, the staff didn’t know what was going on or they didn’t tell us very much. We were 2 miles out of Lancaster, but the train was going to go back to Preston. Fortunately, we started moving just after that and I’ve just pulled into Lancaster now.

'Thousands are stranded', says passenger

"Thousands of people" are stranded at Preston railway station after overhead lines came down between Preston and Lancaster, one affected passenger has said.

Sharon Breward she said the queue for replacement bus services was "so far out of the station you cannot see the end".

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Lancashire Woman wears fake moustache for charity
Sophie Black hopes wearing everything from a handlebar to a horseshoe will help raise money for charity.

Kendal couple accuse hospital where son 'starved'

The NHS has been accused of a catalogue of errors by the parents of a Kendal man who died in the Royal Blackburn Hospital waiting for a delayed operation.

Mark Stuart
Family photo

Mark Stuart needed urgent surgery but had to wait for five days and was told not to eat or drink anything,

Staff failed to give him any nutrition or enough fluid through the drip in his arm and records suggest at one point he went 20 hours without fluid.

The East Lancashire Hospitals Trust has apologised, saying it acknowledges the care fell below its usual standard, but Mark's father, Richard Stuart, says he won't be satisfied until some of those who failed him face prosecution.

Mark said he was in the worst pain he had ever had in his life but took over an hour to get a hurse to see him, they were extremely cruel to him, they made him suffer."

Richard Stuart

Why was our son left starving for five days?

Janet and Richard Stuart

An investigation into the death of a young, autistic man - left starving and desperately thirsty in hospital while waiting for a delayed operation - is to be reviewed.

Mark Stuart spent five days in agony and died following a catalogue of failings by NHS staff. His parents say they have been battling for answers for four years.

Read: Our son's final days