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  1. Leeds marathon man helped blind runner finish race

    BBC Radio Leeds

    A blind marathon runner has thanked a Leeds man for helping him get over the finish line after his guide suffered an injury during a race.

    Haseeb Ahmad, who is an Ironman triathlon world record holder from Leicester, was taking part in the Manchester Marathon at the weekend when his guide was injured 18 miles into the 26.2-mile race.

    The pair had to stop, which is when Stuart Whitehouse from Leeds stepped in.

    Mr Ahmad says: "Stuart ran past us and shouted in his lovely Leeds accent, 'go on lads keep going' and I said, 'well my guide's injured, so how about you take me to the end of the race?'"

    Have a listen to what happened next:

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    Video caption: When Haseeb Ahmad's guide was injured, a man from Leeds came to the rescue.