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'The 'trolley dolly' perception is far from the truth'

'The 'trolley dolly' perception is far from the truth'
A new state-of-the-art aviation suite has been installed at Belfast Met's Castlereagh campus. 
The mock cabin is designed to enable students, studying cabin crew and aviation operations, to get hands-on experience. 
Course co-ordinator Sharon Rolt has worked in the aviation industry for 27 years. 
She says while there has been "some turbulence" in recent weeks, "there are still plenty of future careers prospects". 
"You have to wear many hats when you're a cabin crew member," said Ms Rolt. 
"Health and safety, disruptive passengers - the perception that you are just a 'trolley dolly' is not true at all."
'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'
Lucinda Graham, who experienced various mental health issues, wants others to speak out and seek help.
'He could have been easily shot dead'
A family recounts the ordeal of a gun attack at their home in the Waterside in Londonderry.

'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'

'You'd seek help for a broken leg, so why not mental health?'
Lucinda Graham has experienced various challenges with mental health. 
During her time at university, the impact increased to an extent that she felt unable to leave her home for days. 
The 23-year-old from County Down is passionate about encouraging others who are having a difficult time to speak out and get the help they need. 
Queen's University (QUB), Ulster University (UU) and their students' unions are working together to help students access mental health services. 
Information is also available on the QUB and UU wellbeing websites.

Severe accident: M1 Antrim northbound

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M1 Antrim northbound severe accident, before J1 for A12 Westlink.

M1 Antrim - One lane blocked and it's slow on M1 belfast bound in County Down before J1, A12 (Belfast), because of an accident involving two cars.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

'To be turfed out is total madness'
An employment tribunal rules an officer was discriminated against for refusing to shave his beard.

Two Minute Masterpiece 2019

Get involved with 2019's second round of Two Minute Masterpiece.
We want to help emerging filmmakers in Northern Ireland the chance to have their voices heard.

Could H&W build ships again?

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H&W yellow sign

Belfast's Harland and Wolff, best known for building the Titanic, has been bought for £6m by the London-based energy firm, Infrastrata.

That's after it went into administration in August, putting about 120 jobs at risk, after the collapse of its Norwegian parent company.

Infastrata's main project is a gas storage project at Islandmagee in County Antrim where it hopes to begin construction enabling works before the end of the year. It can store enough to provide 14 days supply for Northern Ireland.

John Woods, chief executive of Infrastrata, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that it now intended to use Harland and Wolff to provide the infrastructure for that project.

“We were looking to build it overseas and bring it in, with Brexit and the implications that may have, it made a lot of sense with Harland and Wolff being only 23 miles away to do it on barges and bring it onto site," he said.

And could it get back to shipbuilding? "We’re happy to explore [options] and [have] already had some inquiries since we made the announcement yesterday".