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Covered Market NHS exhibition showcases 'ground-breaking' research

NHS exhibition
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

A photography exhibition has been set up inside Oxford's Covered Market which showcases some of the pioneering research undertaken by the NHS.

The Body Unlocked: How Research is Changing Lives has life-sized photographs of the people involved in the studies, as well as microscopic images of cells and bacteria.

In 2018/19 there were 1,930 studies involving 39,129 participants at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Director of research and development Professor Keith Channon said he hoped the exhibition would showcase the "ground-breaking research", highlight the "contributions of patients and members of the public" and encourage people to "get involved in research studies that can lead to new and improved treatments in the NHS".

The exhibition will run until 15 April, and then travel around the Thames Valley at museums, libraries and town halls.

NHS exhibition
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Could football fan fever be real?

A study into football fans' behaviour suggests the stress they endure could be dangerous
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Researchers at the University of Oxford here in the UK have found that the most passionate football fans are more likely to experience potentially dangerous levels of stress whilst watching the game they love. 

When we get stressed, cortisol levels in our blood rise. Too much of this hormone over time can lead to all kinds of health issues like heart attacks. 

Dr Martha Newson from the University of Oxford led the research, which studied Brazil fans during the men's World Cup in 2014.

Photo: A Brazil supporter shows his frustration after their 7-1 defeat to Germany in the 2014 semi-final (Getty Images)
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