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'Do not travel to London', Network Rail warns

Rail passengers have been advised not to travel to London on the East Coast Main Line this weekend as upgrade works take place, Network Rail has said.

Train at Kings Cross

No train services will enter or exit London King's Cross station on Saturday or Sunday as work to upgrade of the line is carried out.

Network Rail say the £1.2bn project will allow for faster, more frequent services, increased capacity and improved reliability.

A spokesperson for train operators along the route, said: “We urge passengers to follow the travel advice issued and not to travel to or from London this weekend on these routes. Passengers should travel on alternative dates."

Watch: Friday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Katerina Christodoulou

Look North weather presenter

After a chilly and cloudy start we are going to start to see the effects of Storm Jorge across the region.

There will be heavy outbreaks of rain throughout the day and overnight, and there may be some wintry showers on higher ground.

Temperatures will get up to about 8C or 9C:

Watch: Thursday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Katerina Christodoulou

Look North weather presenter

It's another cold and frosty start to the day with a touch of ice in some places.

It'll be largely dry and bright for most, though there may be one or two wintry showers in western parts.

Temperatures will get up to about 6C or 7C but with the wind it'll feel a lot cooler:

'Keep sense of proportion' over coronavirus - Health boss

A public health official in Lincolnshire is urging caution over the risk of coronavirus, saying the bigger danger at the moment is people overreacting to it.

Coronavirus graphic
Science Photo Library

Across the UK, tests for the virus are being increased to include people displaying flu-like symptoms at 100 GP surgeries and eight hospitals.

And more schools, including four in Lincolnshire, have closed after pupils and staff made trips to Italy, which has more than 300 cases.

Isolation pods have also now been set up at hospitals in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham for people suspecting they have symptoms to isolate themselves from A&E departments.

However, health officials in Lincolnshire have sought to reassure people to not be overly concerned.

There's probably more of a risk to local services in Lincolnshire during this outbreak from people overreacting than there is from the virus itself, particularly in this early stage. It's really important people keep a sense of proportion."

Tony McGintyAssistant director of public health, Lincolnshire County Council

Boston rough sleeping plan results 'encouraging'

A new strategy to tackle rough sleeping in Boston is showing progress after just a few months, a charity says.

Rough sleeping in Boston

Homeless Centrepoint Outreach say a new government-funded plan to tackle the issue began this winter.

The new homelessness plan provides rough sleepers help with short-term accommodation, mental health problems and addiction issues.

Nationally more than 28,000 people were found to be sleeping rough.

BBC Figures show at least 240 were in Lincolnshire, but those figures don't include the Boston or South Holland areas.

Liz Hopkins, from Centrepoint in Boston, says their data showed 19 rough sleepers in the town last year.

That's down from the year before when the figure was 22. I would hope the figure might continue to come down. The Rough Sleeper Project is aiming at reducing the number much further...So far, initial signs are encouraging."

Liz HopkinsChief executive, Centrepoint Outreach

Lincolnshire hospital's' 'coronapod' criticised

A Lincolnshire hospital's reaction to coronavirus has come under criticism on social media for looking like "something Bear Grylls would carry in his backpack".

Coronavirus "pod"

A tent, currently located near bins at Lincoln County Hospital, has been provided by NHS England for people suspecting they have symptoms to isolate themselves from the A&E department.

NHS England says similar "assessment pods" have also been placed outside hospitals in Boston and Grantham.

They are a "temporary measure" and should be replaced by a modular buildings by the end of the week, according to NHS England.

The measure has came under fire on social media, with one commenter describing the idea of putting it near bins as "awful", adding: "What happened to treating patients with dignity?"

Some remarked the tents don't appear to be very storm resistant or comfortable for people with flu-like symptoms.

Others defended the idea, saying people would be "pretty selfish" not to use it if they had symptoms of the virus.

Further school closures amid coronavirus concerns

Two more schools in Lincolnshire have been closed due to concerns over coronavirus.

Gedney Church End Primary school

Lutton St Nicholas and Gedney Church End primary schools had already been confirmed as closed due to concern over an individual who has been "isolated and tested" for the virus.

But nearby Shepeau Stow and Gedney Hill Church of England Primary School have also now been closed, though they've not confirmed if it's for the same reason.

Six schools across the county have also issued advice to pupils who've come back from skiing trips in Italy where there have been outbreaks of coronavirus.

One, Caistor Yarborough Academy, has told students returning from a ski trip in the area to stay at home for two weeks.

Tourists should contribute to flood defences - Councillor

A Lincolnshire councillor has suggested tourists could help pay for the county's coastal flood defences.

skegness  beach

Lincolnshire County Councillor Eddy Poll has suggested introducing a "tourism tax" for holidaymakers.

He told BBC Radio Lincolnshire: "If you ask for perhaps £1 per week from adults, or something like that, the amount of money we could raise is quite substantial.

"For example, we've got 30,000 caravans on the East coast of Lincolnshire so if you had two people in those caravans for 20 weeks of the year it would raise about £1.2m.

"The cost of the bills we're being faced with now means we have to look for extra sources of funding and, if we pitch it at the right level so it's not detrimental to anybody, it would help enormously to protect the places that we all come to love and visit."

Skegness (pictured) and other parts of Lincolnshire's coastline are at significant risk of flooding.

Some climate predictions estimate that if sea levels continue to rise most of Lincolnshire's coastline will be affected by annual flooding by 2050.

Watch: Wednesday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's another cold and frosty start to the day and we can expect some wintry showers in western parts this morning.

It will stay dry for a time this evening but we will see those showers returning overnight.

Temperatures will get up to about 7C or 8C:

Sickest patients 'facing hours stuck on trolleys'

The United Lincolnshire NHS Trust has one of longest trolley waits in England, BBC analysis shows.

Hospital bed
Getty Images

The BBC research - based on analysis of NHS England data - found the trust is among the ten worst performing in the country.

Nationwide nearly a quarter of patients admitted on to NHS wards during December and January in England faced delays of more than four hours before a bed could be found.

It has created a backlog outside hospitals with patients brought in by ambulance facing long waits too.

Experts warned there was "little in the tank" to cope with the coronavirus.

Hospital waits chart

Plane spotters back calls for onlookers to stay safe

Veteran plane spotters in Lincolnshire have criticised some enthusiasts for standing too close to the runways.

Red Arrows
RAF/MoD Crown Copyright via Getty Images

They spoke out after Red Arrows pilot Martin Pert said some people are putting themselves in danger while trying to get good view of jets landing at RAF Scampton.

Stuart Kirkham, who has been watching planes on runways in Lincolnshire for decades, said: "It's too dangerous. [What] if something goes wrong with the plane. It's happened that we've had crashes here before. It's a long time since, but things can go wrong.

"Sometimes, they make them go to another airport to land because there's people standing at the end of the runway. They've got to listen, otherwise they'll shut it down."

Another plane watcher said: "I think it's pretty irresponsible to be honest. Standing there, especially with a young child right on the very edge of the runway is not only dangerous but is off-putting for the pilots as well."

A third added: "People will go anywhere if they want to. When I come it's pretty quiet, but if it's policed heavily or stopped then it will ruin it for everyone."

Watch: Monday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's a cold and a wet start to the day with snow for many of us.

Most of the settling snow will be on the higher ground, though it may fall at lower levels; however, it will turn to rain as it clears away to the east.

This afternoon it will brighten up, though we will still see some blustery showers in places.

Temperatures will get up to about 13C or 14C:

Lincolnshire council tax on the up

Lincolnshire County Council says its share of council tax will increase this year.


Owners of a typical band B and D property will pay an extra £45 a year on average.

The authority says the extra money is needed to ensure vital services such as adult care and flood protection are maintained.

But the leader of the council's Labour group, Rob Parker, voted against the budget, saying the authority has cash in reserve which needs to be spent:

We have a significant of money, over £60m, available. We think it's unreasonable. £6m was put in last year and here we are a year later and it's still being unused."

Rob ParkerLincolnshire County Council Labour Group

Lincolnshire 'lowest giver' to Church of England

The Church of England in Lincolnshire says it's facing a £3m deficit in part because its parishes have the "lowest amount of giving in the country".

Lincoln Cathedral

The Diocese of Lincoln, which is currently embroiled in controversy of its handling of safeguarding issues, says its money problems are "unsustainable".

The amount of money parish churches give from donations by the public to the Diocese has been steadily decreasing.

In the past few years, the Church of England has sold off assets to plug the gap, which it says puts further pressure on its finances in loss of interest.

Dementia costs to rise by £360m

The cost of dementia care in Lincolnshire is expected to rise by 73% in the next decade, according to a study.

Elderly people
Getty Images

The London School of Economic and Political Science combined the costs to the NHS, Social Care and the value of unpaid work by family to come to the total.

Between now and 2030, it's expected the number of people with dementia will rise from 850,000 to 1.2m.

The Alzheimer's Society says the system is "unfair and unfit for people living with dementia".

It's calling on the government to invest more in this kind of care.

The government's partnership with Alzheimer's charities has led to the establishment of a UK Dementia Research Institute and with a £230m investment hopes to have treatments for dementia by 2025.

Cyber crime canine's training under way

A 10-month-old Springer Spaniel is being trained to sniff out digital storage devices to help combat cyber crime in Lincolnshire.

PD Flurry
Lincs Police

Police Dog Flurry is the first to undergo the 10-week training course.

When qualified, he will be able to sniff out hidden phones, hard drives, memory cards and computers.

Lincolnshire Police say he'll be able to help with child exploitation, child sex offences, economic crime and so-called "county lines" investigations.

The force is only the fourth to use the idea, which has proved successful in other counties.

This training course lasts around 10 weeks and is similar to training a dog to find drugs. I am really excited to see how Flurry does once he is fully operational. I am sure he will be a fantastic enhancement to our Dog Section."

Assistant Ch Con Kerrin WilsonLincolnshire Police

Ambulance service fails in 11 out of 12 key criteria

Terminating the contract of an under-performing ambulance contractor in Lincolnshire would leave patients in a worse position, health bosses have warned.

Thames Ambulance Service vehicle

Thames Ambulance Service provides non-emergency transport for patients to get to and from hospital, but it has failed in all but one of its key success criteria.

Health bosses in charge of providing the service said it was "unfortunate" it was under-performing but that it would be risky to cancel the contract during winter.

Councillors in charge of scrutinising the local health service said the service was "not acceptable".

In November, Thames Ambulance Service was stripped of its contract in Hull, after North Lincolnshire stripped it of its contract in 2018.

The service does not in any way shape or form seem to be performing for our residents."

Councillor Carl MaceyChair, Lincolnshire Health Scrutiny Panel

Over 100 new frontline officers for Lincolnshire force

Lincolnshire's police force is to recruit an extra 120 frontline officers, it's been confirmed.

police in boston
Paul Green

Police chiefs say it's "one of the force's largest ever recruitment drives".

A central government grant and a rise in council tax will pay for the extra officers.

Ch Con Bill Skelly says the force will start recruiting straight away.

At least 50 officers will start this year, he pledged.

Cocaine and cannabis confiscated from school pupils

An 11-year-old girl had cannabis in her possession while at school in Lincolnshire, a BBC investigation has revealed.

Getty Images

It's also been revealed that cocaine was confiscated from a teenage pupil, according to police figures uncovered by BBC Podcast, The Next Episode.

A total of 75 similar drug-related cases have been recorded at Lincolnshire Schools over the last five years.

Lincolnshire Police officers say they find the data "particularly concerning", but they provide extra assistance to children affected by drugs.

Lincolnshire's weather

BBC Weather

There'll be some rain around to end the day in Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:

Weather forecast

Lincolnshire's afternoon weather forecast

It will be a windy afternoon in Lincolnshire with the risk of a shower.

Here's the latest forecast:

Weather forecast

Lincolnshire charity ready to support farmers

As farmers count the cost of the recent wet weather, a Lincolnshire charity says it's on standby to help.


Forage Aid, set up by Leadenham farmer Andrew Ward, supports farmers whose livestock has been caught up in extreme weather conditions by providing forage and/or bedding.

There are cases and there are areas where there are lots of floods, so it's not a question of if, it's a question of when we get the call."

Andrew WardFounder, Forage Aid

Lincolnshire's Tuesday weather forecast

There's the risk of a shower in Lincolnshire this afternoon.

Here's the latest forecast:

Weather forecast
The Red Arrows create a Valentine's treat in the skies above RAF Scampton
The display team created the romantic symbol in the skies above their home base.
Building the Boston barrier
Timelapse video of construction on the £100m flood barrier in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Springer spaniel to detect digital crime in Lincolnshire

Meet Flurry, Lincolnshire Police's latest recruit. He's been trained as a digital detection dog and can sniff out mobile phones, hard drives and other digital devices.

Flurry the springer spaniel
Lincolnshire Police

Assistant Ch Con Kerrin Wilson said: "Criminals are becoming more tech savvy and hiding evidence on sim cards etc.

"We needed to develop a system to be able to find those who, are very sneaky, hide them in the most obscure places.

"The scent the dog is searching for is a digital scent which comes off all digital devices," he added.

Dogs working for other forces around the country have discovered devices behind sockets and under floorboards.

Appeal for help in tracing missing Boston woman

Have you seen Ruth Zwaan? Lincolnshire Police have made an urgent appeal for help in finding her:

Ruth Zwaan
Lincolnshire Police

Ms Zwaan, who's 54, was reported missing from her home on Wyberton Low Road in Boston, earlier this afternoon.

Anyone who knows of her whereabouts is being asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Storm Dennis: Train company asks people not to travel

People planning to use train services in parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire over the weekend are being asked not to travel as the country braces itself for Storm Dennis.

An Azuma train

Operator London North Eastern Railway (LNER) is asking passengers to defer their travel until Monday, with disruption expected.

High winds and heavy rain are forecast for much of the region over the next two days.

Speed restrictions could be imposed, LNER said, with reduced services being operated.

Warrick Dent, from LNER, said: “We are encouraging our customers with tickets dated for Saturday 15 February or Sunday 16 February to defer travel to Monday 17 February, where possible.

“We expect services to be extremely busy throughout the weekend and will have extra staff on duty to help.”

'When it rains we get scared' - Wainfleet flood victim

On the day a new report is published into last year's flooding in Wainfleet, some of those hit hardest say they've been badly affected by the experience.

River Steeping

The town, close to Skegness, saw two months' worth of rain fall in two days.

The report concludes there were a number of reasons why the River Steeping burst its banks last June.

They included the amount of vegetation, silt levels and grazing cattle which may have weakened the river bank, the report suggests.

It also says the river should be regularly dredged in the future.

The Environment Agency insists dredging wouldn't have made much difference because of the "significant rainfall".

Wainfleet resident Jean Hart, whose home was flooded, says she's been badly affected by what happened in June.

"When it rains, I think everyone in Wainfleet who got flooded actually gets quite scared. We get out of bed, shoot up to the river to see what's happening.

"All the furniture we're buying for the house now is stuff we can pick up quickly and take upstairs because we never want to go through this again."

Harry Miller: 'This is a watershed moment for liberty'
Ex-police officer Harry Miller reacts after a court finds Humberside Police's actions against him were "disproportionate".

Police probe into 'transphobic' tweets unlawful

The police response to an ex-officer's allegedly transphobic tweets was unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

Harry Miller
PA Media

Harry Miller, from Lincolnshire, was visited by Humberside Police at work in January last year after a complaint about his tweets.

He was told he had not committed a crime, but it would be recorded as a non-crime "hate incident".

The court found the force's actions were a "disproportionate interference" on his right to freedom of expression.

Speaking after the ruling, Mr Miller said: "This is a watershed moment for liberty - the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to 'check my thinking'."

Watch: Thursday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Abbie Dewhurst

Weather Presenter, BBC Look North

We're in for an unsettled start to the day with some heavy rain in places but that should clear up as the days goes on.

This afternoon will be cloudy with some isolated showers but it should become drier with top temperatures of 7C or 8C:

Watch: Wednesday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's a cold and windy start to the day and we may see some scattered, wintry showers in places this morning.

But, those showers will become less frequent as the day goes on and most of us should have a dry afternoon.

Temperatures will get up to about 6C or 7C:

Lincolnshire's weather forecast

It will be a dry but cold night in Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:

Weather forecast