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General election 2019: What happened in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire has seen no change to its party representation but there are two new MPs - unless you count Richard Fuller who has returned to Parliament in a new constituency, making it three.

  • In Bedford, Mohammad Yasin has been re-elected as the Labour MP for Bedford, with a decreased majority. There were just 145 votes between Labour and Conservative candidate Ryan Henson
  • Labour still has two MPs in Luton with Sarah Owen elected MP for Luton North after Kelvin Hopkins stood down and his daughter, Rachel Hopkins, elected for Luton South. She replaces Gavin Shuker, who left the Labour party in February and became "convener" of the Independent Group
  • The Conservatives have held North East Bedfordshire, with Richard Fuller elected after Alistair Burt stood down. Fuller has previously been MP for Bedford until he lost his seat on 2017
  • Elsewhere, Nadine Dorries has been re-elected as the Conservative MP for Bedfordshire Mid and in Bedfordshire South West, Conservative Andrew Selous has been re-elected - both with increased majorities

Analysis: Bedfordshire seats contested

Andy Holmes

BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

Bedfordshire is split between the Conservatives and Labour. The Tories tend to hold on to more rural seats like Mid Beds, South West Beds and North East Beds, although there will be a new MP in the latter, following Alistair Burt’s decision to stand down.

Luton's Park Square
Geograph/Robin Stott

In Luton, (pictured) the North and South seats are both Independent currently for different reasons. Kelvin Hopkins in the North, who won’t stand again, was suspended by Labour over sexual harassment claims that he denies, while in the South, Gavin Shuker has been Independent since leaving Labour in the Spring and will stand again.

Labour have held both seats since 1997, and Kelvin’s daughter Rachel, stands in the South. Which leaves Bedford and Kempston, which Labour hold by just 789 votes from the Tories after 2017.