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  1. Ambulance service expands electric fleet

    West Midlands Ambulance Service has added more electric vehicles to its fleet as it works towards targets to cut emissions by 80%.

    The electric fleet at West Midlands Ambulance Service

    In October last year, the trust's first electric ambulance was revealed, followed by two electric response vehicles in March.

    The latest additions to its fleet includes four electric vans for the IT support team, with a range of more than 60 miles.

    "[We] are continually assessing our support fleet to make changes where possible," Tony Page, from WMAS, said.

  2. Your weather: Another clear and sunny day

    BBC Weather

    It will be a dry and fine day with clear skies and highs of 15°C (59°F).

    This was the scene earlier in Solihull as captured by BBC Weather Watcher BC1981.

  3. Weather: A duller day

    Shefali Oza

    BBC Midlands Today

    The changes today are fairly obvious - it's cloudier, damper and also cooler.

    Expect a little bit of rain but a lot of cloud throughout the afternoon, with temperatures around 12-13 C.

    But never fear - there's more sun on the way tomorrow to look forward to.

    West Midlands weather
  4. Father's 'second chance at life' after Covid recovery

    BBC Midlands Today

    A Worcestershire father who spent 70 days in intensive care with Covid-19 says he feels like he's been given a "second chance at life".

    Forty-three-year-old James Stevenson, from Kidderminster, was in hospital for 100 days after getting the virus in December.

    At one point his condition got so bad doctors told his partner Kate to come in and "say goodbye".

    James Stevenson and Kate

    Mr Stevenson is urging people under 50 to get vaccinated.

    "I was having a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I wasn't going to get home, so I'm over the moon," he said.

    "Just thankful that I am here, I've got a second chance at life."

  5. Around the web: 'Students have behaved well throughout the pandemic'

    Worcester News

    Here are some of the stories on the Worcester News website today:

  6. What's the weather got in store?

    BBC Weather

    It is set to be a dry and bright day with plenty of sunshine and highs of 16C (61F).

    This was the scene earlier in Shrewsbury in Shropshire as taken by BBC Weather Watcher JemmaMarianne.