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    Video caption: London Underground: Machete attacker guilty of attempted murder

    Ricky Morgan set upon a complete stranger in an unprovoked attack on a train in central London last summer.

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    Video caption: London Fire Brigade: Inspiring young women to become firefighters

    In the male-dominated world of firefighting, Chloé Cassar wants other young women to consider it as a career.

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    Video caption: Metropolitan Police give Partygate staffing and cost details

    The Metropolitan Police's Helen Ball says the Partygate investigation, with a full-time team of 12 detectives supported by others, cost £460,000.

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    Video caption: Sir Keir Starmer on police ending Downing Street parties inquiry

    The Labour leader says the prime minister is responsible for the culture that led to 126 fines over lockdown parties in Downing Street.