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Nurses protest over pay at demonstrations in Scotland
Nurses from across Scotland have protested over pay at demonstrations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness.
Coronavirus: Coach procession through Edinburgh highlights ailing industry
About 200 coaches drove through Edinburgh to highlight the problems facing the industry as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

Coach procession through Edinburgh as drivers 'honk for hope'

Coach demo

About 200 coaches have been driven through Edinburgh with their horns honking to raise awareness of the struggling coach industry.

The "Honk for Hope" procession was set up by coach operators to call for more support from the Scottish government in light of coronavirus lockdown measures.

The procession left from Portobello, went through the city centre and ended with a rally in Kirknewton.

Three similar events have taken place elsewhere in the UK.

About 20 coaches in the procession drove past the Scottish Parliament building where a piper played a lament.

No Festival equals no late licenses

Angie Brown

Edinburgh and East reporter

Frankie Benham pours a pint
Frankie Benham
Frankie Benham, assistant manager of Malones in Morrison Street, said the extra revenue from the extra hours would have made a huge difference

The two-hour extended opening times given to pubs during the Edinburgh Festival have been cancelled this summer by licensing officials.

The late licences usually come into operation automatically in August, allowing pubs to stay open until 03:00 and nightclubs until 05:00 while the city hosts the international festival.

Pub owners told the BBC they were disappointed by the decision, saying it would have helped recoup some of their lockdown losses.

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Re-learning how to walk 289 days after surviving a deadly virus
Mekala Osborne, 22, wasn't expected to live. Now she’s learning to walk again.

Covid parking restrictions in Edinburgh are 'business genocide'

parking restrictions

Temporary parking restrictions across Edinburgh to make way for social distancing measures have prompted a backlash from businesses.

One shop owner said streets looked like a "war zone", while another described the plan as "genocide" for businesses.

City of Edinburgh Council suspended parking places apart from loading bays and disabled spaces on a number of roads on Monday.

The council said it was trying to create "welcoming spaces" for shoppers. But some business owners said they had already noticed a drop in customers.

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Hundreds receive free computers to help cope with lockdown

Computer monitors
People Know How

Hundreds of vulnerable people in Edinburgh have received free computers to help them stay connected during the coronavirus crisis.

People Know How, a social innovation enterprise, has been operating its computer delivery project since lockdown began in late March.

It has so far refurbished and distributed around 400 devices - from donations received from different companies – which have helped people look for work, home-school their children, access support and reduce loneliness.

Joan Robertson runs a women’s mental health support group, which swiftly lost several members because they didn’t have the right technology after face-to-face meetings stopped and went online.

“People were already coping with isolation and some had health concerns that made them very vulnerable,” she said.

“Some had reached the edge in lockdown and this has been so important in helping them cope – just being able to join a group meeting, see other people and talk about their issues.”

The project, which also provides ongoing technical support, aims to re-distribute at least 1,000 devices, with co-ordinator Nigel Gallear anticipating the service could continue beyond the end of the year.

There are a significant number of people out there who are still not online. It’s just not as high a priority for them as eating and heating.”

Nigel GallearComputer delivery project co-ordinator

Scottish museums confirm reopening dates

Stuffed lions
PA Media

The reopening dates for three of Scotland's major museums have been confirmed.

The National Museum of Scotland, the National Museum of Flight and the National Museum of Rural Life will open their doors again in August.

The museums have been closed for five months because of the Covid pandemic.

The reopening of the National War Museum, which is located inside Edinburgh Castle, will be announced at a later date.

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Coronavirus: 'Quarantine could drive me back into depression'

Angie Brown

Edinburgh and East reporter

Mirjana Gavrilovic Nilsson
Birgitta Nilsson

A student visiting her mother in Spain fears she will relapse into depression on her return to Scotland following the reintroduction of quarantine for travellers from the country.

Mirjana Gavrilovic Nilsson, 28, said she struggled during the four-month lockdown and could not do another two week-stint in her Edinburgh home.

She said she felt anxious when the rule change was announced on Saturday.

The PhD student is currently staying with her mother in Mallorca.

Care home

Marc Ellison

Data journalist, BBC Scotland

When the BBC's Marc Ellison set out to map Scotland's 1,950 care home deaths he found the task surprisingly difficult.

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'It’s the fear of when is this going to end?'

Drivetime with John Beattie

BBC Radio Scotland

More than a quarter of people in the UK are estimated to have experienced mental distress in the first month of lockdown.

A study of more than 17,000 people, published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal, found mental health had shown a marked decline by the end of April, although the longer term impact of the pandemic remains to be seen.

Mike Staley is a radio DJ for the Stafford Centre, a community resource for people experiencing mental ill health in the Edinburgh area run by Support in Mind Scotland.

He says he started "becoming very anxious and very isolated" himself, although is "beginning to come out of it” as more things reopen.

It’s the fear of when is this going to end? How is it going to end? Are we going to have a second lockdown? When you’re in lockdown, you can’t keep moving, you almost come to a halt.”

Mike Staley

Mr Staley says Zoom chats three times week with fellow members helps keep people in contact, and are "a stairway to bringing out things that are troubling them".

"The key is to keep moving, and keep thinking positive," he adds.