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  1. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    Areas of mist will clear early to reveal sunny spells.

    It will continue to be mostly fine and dry into the afternoon with highs of 21C (70F). Some areas of cloud will develop in places.

    Swan in Colwick
  2. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    David Pittam

    BBC News Online

    It's a dry and sunny start to the day with a little bit of cloud developing in the afternoon.

    Temperatures should reach about 21C.

    Looking ahead to the weekend, there is the chance of showers on both Saturday and Sunday.

  3. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    It's going to be a much drier day, and hopefully a bit brighter.

    There is some cloud about as we go through this morning which will steadily break up as the day progresses.

    In the afternoon, there will still be patchy cloud, particularly in eastern parts of the region, but there will also be some sunshine at times and highs of up to 20C.

    Church Broughton, Derbyshire
  4. Weather warning: Heavy rain brings risk of flooding

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC News

    The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for rainfall across the East Midlands.

    The warning, which is in place until midnight, highlights a risk of flooding for some homes and businesses.

    Weather warning map

    There is also a chance it could cause power outages and disruption on the roads and railways.

  5. Today's weather for the East Midlands

    BBC Weather

    We are expecting to see some heavy, fairly persistent rain today.

    It will be dry to begin with but there is rain pushing up from the south and there could be a rumble of thunder too.

    It will eventually turn drier later in the afternoon but it will linger in some places as we head into the evening.

    Temperatures will reach highs of 17C.

    There is a yellow weather warning for rain in place for a large part of the country, including the East Midlands meaning the heavy rainfall could lead to disruption.

  6. Tributes to police dog who helped to save boy

    Heather Burman

    BBC News

    Nottinghamshire Police have paid tribute after a police dog who once helped to save a child's life passed away.

    Razor, who was paired with handler PC Stu Hazard, helped to secure hundreds of arrests and locate dozens of missing people, officers said.

    Razor and handler PC Stu Hazard

    One of his greatest achievements was finding a missing nine-year-old boy who had gone missing from his home in rural Nottinghamshire on a freezing cold night in winter.

    Razor picked up his scent and he was found huddled under a hedgerow.

    Mr Hazard said: “There is absolutely no way on earth we would have found him without Razor, and with the weather the way it was he potentially saved his life that night.

    “I remember how grateful his parents were at the time and it’s a really proud memory to look back on. But ultimately it was just another example of the dog making me look good. It was really never the other way around.”

    Razor who retired from the force in 2018, died last month.

  7. A&E warning issued after false nails removal request

    Liam Barnes

    BBC News

    Health bosses in Nottinghamshire have asked the public to avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals as medics continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire clinical commissioning group (CCG) said there were 200 people with Covid-19 in hospital beds in the area, with 26 in a critical condition.

    At the same time, accident and emergency teams are seeing rising numbers of patients, with more than 1,100 in one day this Monday at King's Mill Hospital and the Queen's Medical Centre, the CCG added.

    Dr David Selwyn, medical director of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust - which runs King's Mill Hospital - said: "People turning up at hospitals with minor illnesses are waiting a very long time for treatment.

    "We have seen people who have attended A&E with coughs and colds, which can be easily treated by a pharmacist or at home, as well as someone asking for their false nails to be removed which isn't a medical issue."

    He asked people with minor and non life-threatening illnesses to instead consider attending an urgent treatment centre or visiting 111 online.

    King's Mill Hospital
  8. Thunder warning for Nottinghamshire

    Gavin Bevis

    BBC News

    The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms in Nottinghamshire later.

    The alert runs from 14:00 BST to 22:00 and also covers Lincolnshire along with much of the east coast of England.


    The Met Office said: "A few heavy showers and thunderstorms may lead to localised travel disruption and flooding today."

  9. 'Ambitious' East Midlands freeport plans revealed

    David Pittam

    BBC News Online

    Full-scale plans for a freeport in the East Midlands have been revealed for the first time.

    The proposals, described by two Nottinghamshire MPs as "extremely ambitious", show an estimated boost of 25,789 direct jobs and a possible uplift to the region's economy of £8.4bn across 25 years.

    Another 30,000 indirect jobs are also estimated off the back of the project.

    The East Midlands Freeport Board submitted its outline business case to the government today, with three anchor sites at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, East Midlands Airport and Toyota Island.

    In an interview with the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Conservative MPs Ben Bradley and Ruth Edwards told of the plans to make the region a "hotbed of innovation".

    "The great thing about the freeport is it plays to our strengths, with sites across Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire," Ms Edwards said.

    "It's brought together local government across all three counties, the public and private sector, and it's really important that we do work together to maximise the region’s potential."


    Freeports are designated areas where the normal tax and tariff rules of the country in which they are based do not apply.

    They allow goods to be imported, manufactured and re-exported without being subject to checks, paperwork or tariffs.

    However, concerns have been raised by think tank UK in a Changing Europe, which fears freeport plans could move jobs rather than create new ones, and may not be a "magic bullet" to fixing local economies.

    Following the approval of today’s outline business case, the full freeport plan is expected to be lodged in November ahead of an estimated government approval in December or January.