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Police attacked close to Londonderry polling station
Police were at the scene of a security alert close to a polling station in Londonderry when they were attacked with petrol bombs.

'Everest taught me to keep things simple'

'Mount Everest taught me to keep things simple'
Robby Kojetin's world turned upside down at the age of 28, when he fell from an indoor climbing wall and broke both of his ankles. 
The damage was so severe that his left foot was almost amputated. 
Following numerous surgeries and over 700 hours of physiotherapy, the South African set his sights on conquering the highest peak on Earth. 
During his first visit to Northern Ireland, Robby joined accountants from Baker Tilly Mooney Moore on a snowy climb up Slieve Donard in County Down. 
You can read more about his story here.

'There's a lot of suffering, but it's worth it'

CrossFit: 'There's a lot of suffering, but it's worth it'
Emma McQuaid is the the first Irish woman to qualify for the CrossFit Games - the sport which claims to be for the "fittest people on Earth". 
She took up the extreme fitness regime six years ago. 
Although the 29-year-old is ranked fifteenth in the world, fitness is about more than winning a spot on a podium. 
Check out Emma's story here. 

Video Journalist: Tori Watson

Living off-grid for almost 80 years

Living off-grid for almost 80 years
Margaret Gallagher has lived in an off-grid cottage near the Irish border in County Fermanagh since 1942.

Visitors often expect to find her "sitting in the corner wearing a long black dress and a white apron" but Margaret, 77, refuses to be stereotyped.

"I am my own person, I have my own identity," she said.

"I am doing it because I like doing it, not because I am a hippy, that I think it's new and fashionable."

Watch Margaret explain how her family missed the opportunity to update their home in the 1950s - and why she never caught up with the modern world.
PSNI offers advice on rural crime to farmers at the Balmoral Show
The PSNI has been speaking to farmers at the Balmoral Show, offering advice on preventing rural crime.

'We grew up in areas of flags and colour associations'

'We grew up in areas of flags and colour associations'

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That's the end of our coverage on this live page. Thanks for sticking with us over the past two days.

The election has produced an intriguing set of results. Stay tuned to the BBC News NI website over the coming days for more reaction and analysis.

Election 2019
Election 2019

The final result of Northern Ireland's council election for all parties

Election result

Final results in Northern Ireland's council election

Alliance - 53

DUP - 122

SDLP - 59

Sinn Féin - 105

UUP - 75

Others - 48